Death Stranding too "Difficult" for America? - Inside Gaming Daily

  • Published on Nov 12, 2019
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Comments • 2 830

  • ubermench3000
    ubermench3000 2 days ago

    This nonsense that if you don't like some piece of art then you don't understand it is the mentality of ineffective artists trying to goad their audience into protecting their ego. Did it occur to Kojima that his inability to express his ideas in a manner that would be appreciated by a large swathe of the gaming population was actually a failure of his manipulation of the medium and not an indictment of American sensibilities? He can stay his ass over there with his self-indulgent art house crap. It's real easy to make some esoteric work but a true artist knows how to effectively manipulate the medium in a way that everyone can appreciate regardless of culture and nationality. Even I were to accept this backwards idea that you need a high IQ to enjoy this game, that only highlight the fact that the game is limited and does reach the basic threshold of what a game is meant to be: fun. If you can't even make a game fun, who the fuck are you to tell anyone about what they understand or not?

  • Adam Mott
    Adam Mott 3 days ago

    >"Metal Gear Solid series also got perfect scores, which none of them deserved"

  • F Off
    F Off 4 days ago

    I don't play shooters but played Eve ,elite dangerous ,various MMOs, visual novels and yet I think death stranding is boring as hell with crappy writing.

  • Matthew LaSalvia
    Matthew LaSalvia 5 days ago +1

    To be fair, you need to have a pretty high iq to understand Death Stranding.

  • Alpha Killer
    Alpha Killer 5 days ago

    Disappointed that there were only bola guns, pistols, & assault rifles
    but no shotgun

  • Joanna Murakami
    Joanna Murakami 6 days ago

    Appreciate hearing the opinions. I have yet to play this game. Really wanted to watch my younger brother play this game, but I moved across the country. Guess I can play this one, since it's not a FPS. Not too sure if Texas is still really considered the real "America", since it's being overrun with people moving out of California.

  • Sam Porter Bridges
    Sam Porter Bridges 7 days ago


  • Bio 19 s 81
    Bio 19 s 81 7 days ago

    Im from germany and i dont like stupid shooters and what ever this shit fridgerator backpack game is srry

  • elwingy
    elwingy 7 days ago

    I am sorry but what Kojima said definitely does not apply to every american, but looking at the statistics, he simply is not wrong about it. First Person shooters are the shit in the US. A generic grunt killing shit is far more engaging than a game like death stranding that tries to do something different and tell an engaging story.

  • Pedro Lopes
    Pedro Lopes 8 days ago

    I know this is News for you guys.
    But IPhones are overpriced shit.

  • Bossa Nova
    Bossa Nova 9 days ago

    Kojima is right, a lot of my friends have been shitting on the game even tho they have no ps4s to play it with.
    They been playing fortnite almost none stop for a year. The other games they played were battlefront2 and cod.

  • Bossa Nova
    Bossa Nova 9 days ago +1

    I like the part where the guy starts doing the french, british, australian and italian accents but refuses to do the Japanese accent.
    Classy ! I really hope they chew you out for that.

  • ForeverKnight
    ForeverKnight 10 days ago

    I was actually thinking about getting this game, looked interesting, even with the buggy controls. But now I absolutely won't be getting itjust because kojima said that.

  • grey fox
    grey fox 10 days ago

    The story is about america how divided we are and its sort of metaphor.

  • FearOgre
    FearOgre 11 days ago +1

    Kojima seems like the type of person that would fart into a glass and then enjoying slowly sniffing it.
    Also there is NO WAY this game is a "masterpiece" or "perfect" but neither is it terrible.

  • Michael S
    Michael S 11 days ago

    I'm not surprised American reviews are negative; the game is rather critical of America despite its optimism.

  • Solid Snake Fox
    Solid Snake Fox 12 days ago

    Indeed.American is stupid, they play only first person shooter. Nothing more

  • Kenai 93
    Kenai 93 14 days ago

    I mean, his not wrong, America is a lot more anti social and a lot more individualistic so of course a game about unifying is going to be a difficult thing for Americans to understand, just look at every American game they are all about Me, I and Myself (and this is coming from an American living in America) and hell you are pretty much prooving him right

  • I Made An Atom Bomb In My Parents Basement

    Very true. Americans cannot play it because they have a huge lack of thought process. Plus they need the player interaction with others only to kill every other player on the map- Lifeless Imbeciles

  • Alandrei Santos
    Alandrei Santos 14 days ago

    Actually it's so easy that is boring

  • Matfen815
    Matfen815 15 days ago

    Must not have had enough Fortnite dancing or press f to pay respect moments

  • Ong's Jukebox Channel
    Ong's Jukebox Channel 15 days ago

    Difficult? Of course it is. It's because it was made by a genius. And simple people, like most Americans, won't find geniuses as interesting, let alone understand them. Death Stranding is a *simple* game made by a genius. Simple-minded people, who only look at 'shooting something' as the only thing that should be called as 'games', would absolutely look at Death Stranding as a *difficult* game.

  • LilBabyCakes •
    LilBabyCakes • 17 days ago

    Tbh I’d enjoy the game because of the scenery

  • Ian Lennon
    Ian Lennon 17 days ago

    I Love Death Stranding Play The Game With A Open Mind Don't Compare it To Others And You Will Love It Too...

  • justin gallimore
    justin gallimore 17 days ago

    Well I'm British and I find this game boring as he'll I watched my friend play it for 2 hours and I fell asleep because it was so boring

  • Daniel Dennis
    Daniel Dennis 17 days ago

    Um metal gear solid deserves a perfect score

  • Daniel Dennis
    Daniel Dennis 17 days ago

    Machinama esk?

  • Maluzius Network
    Maluzius Network 17 days ago

    I dont like shooters. Having said that I also dont like Death Stranding

  • manu m
    manu m 18 days ago +1

    I mean for America, there's shooters everywhere.
    Just idk, look at the school and shiet.
    Great stuff yo

  • A F
    A F 18 days ago

    Love you Hideo but i dont like walking games

  • Snakeye Plissken
    Snakeye Plissken 18 days ago +1

    Italian and French are a nationality, not a race. So not racist for bad accent impersonation.

  • manybalby
    manybalby 18 days ago

    Lol I've never heard of this game but why would I buy it when he's insulting me? I heard the game is basically just a walking simulator anyway.

    • TaffyVenom
      TaffyVenom 16 days ago

      manybalby Look I agree, but how can you never hear of this game and then say you heard it was a walking simulator?

    • Amaking10000
      Amaking10000 17 days ago

      Lol you can use bikes within a few hours in the game

  • CJ 10
    CJ 10 18 days ago

    This dude wrote princess beach and has the nerve to call anybody stupid?

  • Hitman Latvija Plays
    Hitman Latvija Plays 19 days ago

    Hideo Kojima is actually Racist thinks USA stupid ,and only French and Italians get it. (Kinda outdated view) I think he has never been outside Japan.

  • Daniel Lovegreen
    Daniel Lovegreen 19 days ago +1

    I don’t get anyone talking down on the game. It’s amazing to me. The mechanics, the story, the graphics, everything is perfect to me

  • Nick Brock
    Nick Brock 19 days ago +11

    Everyone : we hate delivery quests, they are lazy
    Kojema : here's an entire game about delivery quests!
    Everyone : this.. this is exactly what we didnt want
    Kojema : you just dont get it

    • Kyle
      Kyle 9 days ago

      It's true though. It's not about making fucking deliveries but then again you're an American so what could I expect. Your idiocy just shows it.

    • Luigi Thebaud
      Luigi Thebaud 10 days ago

      Everyone? Speak for yourself xD, I'm having a blast playing the game. I got tired of open world looter shooters with lazy story and almost non existent interesting characters riddled with bullshit microtransactions

  • Christopher Rafferty
    Christopher Rafferty 19 days ago

    Yes us ppl are very dumb

  • Becky Kali
    Becky Kali 19 days ago

    Maybe Americans are more critical of the game because it takes place in America and is a commentary on America.

  • Justin Pfister
    Justin Pfister 19 days ago

    Couldn’t agree more with Kojima

  • Dieter другliever
    Dieter другliever 19 days ago

    Kojima is way up his own butt... which he has no right to be given the quality of his games lately. That stick and rope crap sounds like oversimplified bs he made up on the spot.

  • MeldThe Steel
    MeldThe Steel 19 days ago +1

    You know I would assume the reason it didn't sell well in America (even though it's sales in general aren't that great) was because most people weren't looking forward to mostly just walking around doing fetch quests

  • Rush Ibrahim
    Rush Ibrahim 20 days ago

    You guys are hilarious lmao. And the Aussie accent was actually pretty decent I'd say!

  • Espacio Psicológico Eos

    For people who complains about being called stereotypically american, you did a very whitty american coment over being criticized

    • kenway leviathian
      kenway leviathian 17 days ago

      So we can't respond back ? I played death stranding and the writing and dialogue is awful . Him and his cult of video game hipsters love the smell of there own farts .

  • P D H
    P D H 20 days ago +11

    Kojima clearly has quite a big head at this point

  • jeroen godding
    jeroen godding 20 days ago


  • Paul Franks
    Paul Franks 20 days ago

    What do people mean by it's not for everybody? I like story based games Should i buy it?

  • Arthur Morgan
    Arthur Morgan 20 days ago

    This could've been a mistranslation. Kojima shouldn't have called Americans "stupid" if he literally made a game ABOUT America.

  • rushingnothing
    rushingnothing 20 days ago

    It won't be your thing if you're an idiot who can't read into things. I love how different it is. Most games now are the same recycled trash like COD which I play but are still recycled trash. Game developers to afraid to do anything new or try to do something new by listening to fans as if they know what they are talking about i.e. Anthem/ Fallout 76. Just make the games you want everyone has a stupid opinion that doesn't matter anyway. Play what you want.

  • Goobadash
    Goobadash 20 days ago +1

    Inside gaming, just as a heads up, when you make valid and reasonable points, don't go and shoot yourselves (pun not intended) in the foot by being incredibly racist. I like your journalism, but this video just became more and more annoying and cringy. Do better next time, especially when you're trying to defend America's image.

  • Taiyoroku
    Taiyoroku 21 day ago

    This game is a masive example of that little tale call the new emperor clothes, its crap, but is kojima crap, so critics are gona be super bias about it...

  • Dylan Bruhhh
    Dylan Bruhhh 21 day ago

    Talk shit bout staya.. come here and say that

  • Majima Goro
    Majima Goro 21 day ago

    Hate that im lumped in with American gamers..I fucking hate shooters, especially First Person, this game was my favorite game of the year and it saddens me that we will likely never get a sequel or anything innovative

  • The Fuzz
    The Fuzz 21 day ago

    Who uhh.... who are these twinks and where are my boys

  • Bruno Henrique Moro
    Bruno Henrique Moro 21 day ago

    *North America

  • Karl Miller
    Karl Miller 21 day ago

    I get it. I give it a 9

    CHICKEN KURRY 21 day ago

    He just said its not a shooter game. Nothing big here.

  • eneseus M4
    eneseus M4 21 day ago

    America loves call of duty

  • jephi
    jephi 21 day ago

    I don't think it's about the "artistic appreciation" that Americans don't like it. I think it's mostly because they don't like to be preached to.

  • Josh Martin
    Josh Martin 22 days ago

    The game is not garbage but it not a masterpiece either. It’s visual and auditory experience is right on point. The multiplayer aspect is cool and innovative. It is missing something though. It’s not the fact that you are a simple delivery guy. Kojima could have used some help from naughty dog. He doesn’t convey main character emotion often enough and that is exactly what a almost boring game like this needs. I feel like I need to be more invested in the sam character but really I just get cutscenes to push the story along. The vr cutscenes are basically like just taking orders. The game could have been a 9-9.5 if it got those things right

  • Gene Wes
    Gene Wes 22 days ago

    This game could be the easiest game to be ever made.. hardest part of game is patiently getting through all the headcrap that these game is