Best of the Worst: Merry Kick-mas!


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  • Joseph Nash
    Joseph Nash 16 hours ago

    I just realized that Snoke is played by Lurch. Thank you, guys!

  • Rocket Lawnchair
    Rocket Lawnchair 3 days ago

    "I need you tonight, cuz I'm not breathin'."

  • Chugargonfan
    Chugargonfan 5 days ago

    I always thought it was pronounced like "inks"

  • Aurora Uplinks
    Aurora Uplinks 6 days ago

    they must have run out of expectations.... how sad :(

  • Stephen Hassen
    Stephen Hassen 7 days ago

    MH choke jerked himself to death

  • Jonathan Rogers
    Jonathan Rogers 9 days ago

    23:27 It's Scientist Woman!

  • DefenderofFuture
    DefenderofFuture 10 days ago


  • DefenderofFuture
    DefenderofFuture 10 days ago

    Len Kabasinski, can you confirm that Andy Tooney was world kickboxing champion in '97?

  • Oda Swifteye
    Oda Swifteye 11 days ago

    What will this year's theme be?

  • Daniel Richards
    Daniel Richards 14 days ago

    Okay, but why the fuck did Kickfighter have a zombie title? Were they literally trying to bring in the karate fans along with the "Night of the" fans?! I guess when you're a hack action movie producer, you might as well go full hack!

  • Charles
    Charles 15 days ago

    25:56 That juicy Shaq meat

  • Cody Mireles
    Cody Mireles 15 days ago

    @13:12 Looks like Horatio Sanz from an SNL bit

  • A___Tailor
    A___Tailor 15 days ago

    I'm only commenting because Rich Evans told me to.

  • Skull Fragments
    Skull Fragments 16 days ago

    Lurch from MIB

  • Viron
    Viron 19 days ago

    Dying while jerking off is how I want to go, I can't really think any other way would be that great tbh

  • Pudding Osu
    Pudding Osu 24 days ago

    good stuff

  • Morphy Us
    Morphy Us 25 days ago

    Also, Blood Debts last scene is fuckin' awesome. the **(SPOILERS)** explosion that killed the bad guy - made me laugh so much, a little bit of poo came out...

  • Morphy Us
    Morphy Us 25 days ago

    Where do all the knitted sweaters come from? I love 'em!

  • Ethan Fetterly
    Ethan Fetterly 27 days ago

    ooohhhhhh, Fantastic

  • AlucardsQuest
    AlucardsQuest 28 days ago

    On this video.

  • Oversight85
    Oversight85 29 days ago

    That karate cop girl is a serious babe, even today. *slow clap*

  • Thane Of Lions
    Thane Of Lions Month ago

    I got the INXS joke...🦁

  • Ethan
    Ethan Month ago

    Kickfighting? Isn't that that thing they do in England where they just kick the crap out of each other's shins until someone gives up?

  • DarylPell
    DarylPell Month ago

    I got the joke.

  • Maxime Amyot
    Maxime Amyot Month ago

    That ending sure subverted my expectations.

  • Starbite Productions

    Carel Struycken is too good for that horseshit spy film

  • RubberPunchDK
    RubberPunchDK Month ago

    Got the joke... made me feel old

  • Shi
    Shi Month ago

    The carpet commercial was part of my childhood, goddamnit.

  • Zetetik -
    Zetetik - Month ago

    Awww, guys.... _"Emergency Groin Surgery"_ Should have been on a crappy miniature!

  • Crimson Phoenix
    Crimson Phoenix Month ago

    I got the joke

  • Refined Wood Designs

    I miss VHS tracking problems sooo much!

  • Paul Maloney
    Paul Maloney Month ago


  • AreThey Mad
    AreThey Mad Month ago


  • Frogborn
    Frogborn Month ago

    I want The Christmas Light played at my funeral

  • Mr Buinov
    Mr Buinov Month ago

    I like how this episode begins with Rich Evans trying to kill himself via autoerotic asphyxiation

  • rjromanowski
    rjromanowski Month ago


  • Jackie Treehorn
    Jackie Treehorn Month ago

    Annoying laugh spoiled the shit outta this.
    Please punch its owner in the face

  • Okatha
    Okatha Month ago

    I got it! I got the joke!

  • Alice Plautz
    Alice Plautz Month ago

    3:07 rich is cute af

    Also that inxs joke was πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

  • James Beckmann
    James Beckmann Month ago

    INXS is a great 80's band.

  • Jon Sondiego
    Jon Sondiego Month ago +2

    Was rich doing a David carradine impersonation?

  • Robert K.
    Robert K. Month ago

    i got that joke.

  • James Gandy
    James Gandy Month ago

    Just got the INXS joke.
    Nearly a year later.
    Completely worth it.

  • Martin Nielsen
    Martin Nielsen Month ago

    Got the INXS joke. :-)

  • Deonle Juan
    Deonle Juan 2 months ago

    I got the joke, Rich.

  • Thread Bomb
    Thread Bomb 2 months ago

    15:11 Where can I find this wonderful video?

  • Mike Harris
    Mike Harris 2 months ago +1

    I'd love to see their unedited discussions. I bet there are some great jokes hidden in there

  • Green Lantern
    Green Lantern 2 months ago


  • Epic Memes
    Epic Memes 2 months ago

    (GRELOAT) Greatest Rich Evans Laugh Of All Time

  • Gabe Moreland
    Gabe Moreland 2 months ago

    INXS πŸ‘πŸ‘Œ

  • Innocent Clarke
    Innocent Clarke 2 months ago

    Just to point out as someone who knows karate quite well... Ron Marchini *is* good at karate. Or was, once upon a time. Was once a well-known fighter in the US. Shame his skill in acting doesn't match his skill in karate.

  • sad Lambo
    sad Lambo 2 months ago

    where do i cop jay's gremlins cardigan?

  • EvaPilot1
    EvaPilot1 2 months ago +1

    I got that joke.

  • aaron mendoza
    aaron mendoza 2 months ago +1

    i got the joke

  • Fledder Maus
    Fledder Maus 2 months ago

    I love you guys hahahahah

  • Moldy Dog Unlimited
    Moldy Dog Unlimited 3 months ago

    The INXS joke was sooooo gooooodddddd. And I know that it's funny becouse he died. :D

  • somerbilliards
    somerbilliards 3 months ago +1

    How did it take me 4 viewings of this video until I noticed that the cover of "Night of the KickFighters" features a boot with a goddamn circular saw on it?

  • Providence
    Providence 3 months ago

    Bringing the sign back full circle. Well done

  • Spartan155
    Spartan155 3 months ago

    Holy shit did dirk gently rip off their premise from this movie for that hippie cult?? XD

  • Todd Wesley Hellems
    Todd Wesley Hellems 3 months ago

    The only things better than Rich's laughs are Mike's reactions to Rich's laughs.

  • lampini
    lampini 3 months ago

    This review subverted my expectations

  • Cleon Givergies
    Cleon Givergies 3 months ago +1

    i got the inxs joke

  • Infinite Loop
    Infinite Loop 3 months ago

    Brett Crady?! I'm pretty sure they meant *Slade Craven*

  • Cody01112
    Cody01112 3 months ago

    I got the joke, Rich

  • Ferval Lankman
    Ferval Lankman 3 months ago

    The world's largest midget.

  • Fluoride Jones
    Fluoride Jones 3 months ago

    David Carradine, Dan Haggerty, Adam West. *Legends.*

  • Fluoride Jones
    Fluoride Jones 3 months ago

    AIP Studios was attempting to create the Kickfighter Cinematic Universe (KCU), before it was the hip thing to do.

  • maddforit maddforit
    maddforit maddforit 3 months ago

    I got the joke

  • Max Lown
    Max Lown 3 months ago

    I JUST got the INXS joke.

  • Pinki Mietz
    Pinki Mietz 3 months ago

    What joke?

  • Swift Nimblefoot
    Swift Nimblefoot 3 months ago

    Wait, what? David Carradine died... while masturbating???

  • James Pallotta
    James Pallotta 3 months ago


  • Lucien Hicks
    Lucien Hicks 3 months ago

    Oh god that INXS joke killed me

  • TheVerySeriousLewis
    TheVerySeriousLewis 3 months ago

    Kick-mas should definitely be the holiday season gimmick

  • John Moser
    John Moser 3 months ago

    Oh my god. I thought that Empire carpet shit was just local... horrible commercials.

  • Adam Pixel
    Adam Pixel 3 months ago

    Karate Cop is actually made by Rockstar.

  • BuddhaBebop
    BuddhaBebop 4 months ago

    Even worse than christmas vacation 2? What? You guys loathed it. You shredded the disc AND SENT IT BACK TO THE PRODUCTION HOUSE!

  • Riley Helms
    Riley Helms 4 months ago

    Heyyy.... I love INXS

  • wotaj
    wotaj 4 months ago


  • MrMoneyclips
    MrMoneyclips 4 months ago +4

    The thumbnail reminds me of David Carridine killing himself via auto-erotic asphyxiation.

  • Liam Foskett
    Liam Foskett 4 months ago

    Rich; "Fuck my life"

  • Aurora Uplinks
    Aurora Uplinks 5 months ago

    kill bill, all you need to say for David Caredine is kill bill, and his wonderful speech slurring towards the end, wonderful person.

  • mckyliex
    mckyliex 5 months ago

    I'm from Arkansas you hack! Your statement is not wrong though....

  • MrAluminumJacket
    MrAluminumJacket 5 months ago

    2018 should be Christmas or Bust. Christmas movie, or a movie with boobs on the cover.

  • Nomad Jim
    Nomad Jim 5 months ago

    I am Rich's huge bouncing breast.

  • Mark Bada-Bing
    Mark Bada-Bing 5 months ago

    i got di joke

  • apherrmann
    apherrmann 5 months ago

    Jim Sterling: #1 Boglin Boy

  • Tyler Jackson
    Tyler Jackson 5 months ago

    I actually thought they would destroy that tape, but they subverted my expectations, best video I've ever seen!

  • Jason Dulin
    Jason Dulin 5 months ago

    I love that when the Innuit Isreali woman gets explodinated, you can clearly see several frames of her not explodinated boat.

  • Elijah Golding
    Elijah Golding 5 months ago

    Mike and rich evans' chemistry is honestly half of what makes rlm so good

  • Hmmm
    Hmmm 5 months ago +1

    I got that joke.

  • Kovu Lion
    Kovu Lion 5 months ago +2

    Star Wars, the Last Subverted Expectation

  • Jason Reid
    Jason Reid 5 months ago

    Apparently "uncle andy" is "cousin cody" from step-by-step

  • Shane Stevens
    Shane Stevens 5 months ago +1

    I got the joke

  • Lemeres
    Lemeres 5 months ago

    this subverted expectations by being an episode about family.

  • TheAxeGrinder
    TheAxeGrinder 5 months ago

    Thie was horrible.

  • Adam Cheek
    Adam Cheek 6 months ago

    Everyone go read Ron Marchini and Karate Cop's Wikipedia pages. They sound 100% like they were written by Marchini himself; the film's page even says "extensively choreographed and researched action sequences" lmao

  • Chase Carter
    Chase Carter 6 months ago

    Rich β€œmacaroni man” made Karate Cop but you made Space Cop 😳

  • Gargie396
    Gargie396 6 months ago

    my favorite from the knife survival training video was the spook house arm that came Thur the tiny window in the door.

  • Turtles
    Turtles 6 months ago +2

    These guys reference the commercials I hear on my grandparents' tv.