Childish Gambino Wins Song Of The Year | 2019 GRAMMYs Acceptance Speech

  • Published on Feb 11, 2019
  • Childish Gambino wins Song Of The Year at the 61st GRAMMY Awards.
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Comments • 282

  • kinethical
    kinethical 2 days ago

    That's right You tube! You didn't see it! Number 1 and it went overlooked in You tube rewind!

  • Bigg B
    Bigg B 2 days ago

    All you 14 yr old girls saying Shawn should of won go watch Disney channel or something or listen to what real music is Gambino is way better

  • DeScRiT
    DeScRiT 3 days ago

    That was the best acceptance speech i have heard. Change my mind.

  • Peter Donnelly
    Peter Donnelly 4 days ago

    Why didn't Ludwig Goransson accept the award? He was there and he co-wrote the song.

  • Btari Ratnakanya
    Btari Ratnakanya 5 days ago

    record of the year as well. HE BEATED SHALLOW. I don’t get how.

  • Daniel Maluenda
    Daniel Maluenda 5 days ago

    Sunflower shoulda won

  • Quinones
    Quinones 5 days ago +2

    that song was bad. I guarantee noone would have cared about this song if it weren't for the video. High social impact and controversy of a music video does not make the song attached to it great.

    HOMER DRUMPF 5 days ago

    Good job childish Gambino... You better shit to do then sit around and wait over an award. That to me is childish.

  • UzuMaki NaRuto
    UzuMaki NaRuto 6 days ago

    Music is so shit today thanks to 'artists' like Childish Gambino. Also its HILARIOUS that rich black people STILL have beefs with each other. I thought people said poverty was the cause of ghetto black behavior but apparently not when you have so many rich blacks still behaving like your average ghetto thug.

  • Casey Greyson
    Casey Greyson 6 days ago +1

    Disgusting. That monkey shit should not have won. Shallow was totally snubbed here

  • # Milton
    # Milton 7 days ago +1

    I mean, where's the line between Donnie G and Gambino

  • mexighosthunter 86
    mexighosthunter 86 7 days ago

    Again this is a joke of a show and awards🙄🙄

  • Samuel A
    Samuel A 7 days ago


  • GetGetGetGetGotGotGotGot

    This Is America deserved this and Record Of The Year. It's a song that very few in its time and ever have ever been as smart in execution and presentation. It makes comments about blind and rampant consumerism and entertainment, distracting from the true issues that lie at hand with America, with instrumentals showing how African American culture is intrinsically related with American pop culture, though black people are constantly being victimized and live a hard experience within the country. It would have been pretty antithetical of Gambino to show support for this award show. Simply put, this song is incredible and completely deserves its accolades, and if you disagree, you'll have a hard time backing that up. I also don't get the hype for In My Blood. It has some good ideas, but the lyrics aren't very special. The singing is nice, but the production is overblown during the chorus. It's not very interesting as a piece of sonic conceptualization. Better works have dealt with similar themes from the same year. Just listen to ye and Kids See Ghosts, Kanye (and Cudi's) vulnerability shines on those albums, and packaging of the themes is more interesting, and something if given the choice between that or In My Blood, I would rather listen to Kanye because the overall auditory experience is more layered and more rewarding to go back to.

  • Cesar Alonso
    Cesar Alonso 7 days ago


  • Vices & Madonna
    Vices & Madonna 7 days ago +1

    overrated, no one cared for the song only the video

  • Hassan Hassan
    Hassan Hassan 7 days ago

    He tired to show up to racist shit people who don’t appreciate to black American works I respect in what he did

  • Erik B
    Erik B 7 days ago +3


  • just jack
    just jack 7 days ago

    This is america

  • 릴리 T.
    릴리 T. 7 days ago

    LOL Gambino winning this award for THIS SONG is SUCH a slap in the face. It really did deserve to be song of the year but for reasons rebyond what the grammys promote. Loooollll STEP IT UP GRAMMY.

  • owen clarke
    owen clarke 7 days ago

    Sad should have won 100%

  • owen clarke
    owen clarke 7 days ago

    Let’s be honest the Grammys are jus awards for pg songs

  • Yo Dawg
    Yo Dawg 7 days ago

    What are the Grammys? *CHILDISH*

  • Renatojr Absalon
    Renatojr Absalon 7 days ago +1

    It would be dope if childish attend and perform half naked.. its awesome

  • Irene Cepeda
    Irene Cepeda 7 days ago +5

    In my blood deserved

  • Heaven Galvan
    Heaven Galvan 7 days ago +4

    in my heart, shawn is already a grammy winner ❤️

  • CédtaviousHernandezVEVO

    So proud

  • Emr Berlin
    Emr Berlin 8 days ago +1

    A joke

  • Jeff
    Jeff 8 days ago +2

    Shawn was happy for Donald you guys should be too lol

  • Brenda Vargas
    Brenda Vargas 8 days ago


  • kreed82
    kreed82 8 days ago

    Whats the difference between song of the year and record of the year?

    • kreed82
      kreed82 7 days ago

      +PopOff! Thx

    • PopOff!
      PopOff! 7 days ago

      one is for songwriters the later is for producers.

  • The Red Death
    The Red Death 8 days ago

    I know Donald Glover, he weak man he can't be

  • Iris 08
    Iris 08 8 days ago

    So this is the best song last year?

  • Caitlin McDonald
    Caitlin McDonald 8 days ago +2

    Sorry but you can’t allow John Mayer to present an award Shawn was nominated for and didn’t win criii

    • Flor Sapriza
      Flor Sapriza 7 days ago

      Caitlin McDonald yeah, it was really cruel

  • Luis Lopez Dominguez

    Lol thugga got a Grammy for song of the year now

  • Bedir Ascioglu
    Bedir Ascioglu 8 days ago

    Shallow deserved

  • Justin Levine
    Justin Levine 8 days ago

    Only reason I clicked this is Because of John Mayer 🤒

  • Michael De La Nuez
    Michael De La Nuez 8 days ago

    This event was nothing more than to appease the red-headed step children who kept crying “it’s no fair! wah! wah!”. All a joke.

  • Sketch McScribbles
    Sketch McScribbles 8 days ago

    For everyone thinking he didn’t care enough to show up, you are forgetting he does have other projects going on. Unless you see him live-streaming watching the Grammys home in his pjs, don’t make assumptions. He is not only involved in music.

  • nicky amazing
    nicky amazing 8 days ago


  • Michael Crawford
    Michael Crawford 8 days ago +3

    I think "Baby Shark" should have won Song of the Year!!

  • Sergio Martin
    Sergio Martin 8 days ago

    He’s a good comedian

  • John Deo Bongot
    John Deo Bongot 8 days ago +18

    my muffin😭😭😭 ur still my winner all the time❤️

    • John Deo Bongot
      John Deo Bongot 7 days ago

      laugeba i dont care..

    • No Name
      No Name 8 days ago +2

      +laugeba fax lol

    • laugeba
      laugeba 8 days ago +2

      You are a 40 yr old man stop calling him your muffin lol

  • gamer seit2008
    gamer seit2008 8 days ago

    This is america won for song of the year and record of the year

  • Ethan Travis
    Ethan Travis 8 days ago +1

    Honestly it wasn’t that great of a song. I mean it only won cause of the recent “white washing” of the award season so this is the only reason that this song won best music video and song of the year.

  • Vindy Waves
    Vindy Waves 8 days ago


  • B1ackout
    B1ackout 8 days ago +4

    That's so Childish Gambino of him to not be there lol

  • S.v.TaNvI
    S.v.TaNvI 8 days ago +14

    You john and alicia present this award ya know that shawn wasn't gonna win like why grammys??? It would be a dream for him to win a grammy and be presented by his two idols my poor muffin 😫 but no shade to this is america it was a gr8 song and it does deserves a grammy

    • S.v.TaNvI
      S.v.TaNvI 4 days ago +1

      +Flor Sapriza yeah true and also I ain't a muffin stan ( if u what I mean)

    • Flor Sapriza
      Flor Sapriza 4 days ago +1

      Mikaaa4614 in the fandom we called him like that, there's nothing wrong with it, he likes muffins🤷‍♀️

    • S.v.TaNvI
      S.v.TaNvI 4 days ago

      +Mikaaa4614 woah ok chill ik I don't call him that any more so chill ok

    • Mikaaa4614
      Mikaaa4614 5 days ago

      stop calling him 'muffin' he's not 15 anymore, its so cringy, he's a grown up man.

    • Flor Sapriza
      Flor Sapriza 7 days ago

      S.v.TaNvI yeah, it was really cruel

  • ayMONSTER 777
    ayMONSTER 777 8 days ago +18

    Shawn deserves 2 awards

  • Dhruvil Desai
    Dhruvil Desai 8 days ago

    the cringe is real 💀

  • Regina Espinosa
    Regina Espinosa 8 days ago +18

    Shawn deserved that grammy

  • Yulissa Salcedo
    Yulissa Salcedo 8 days ago

    I already knew it was going to be “This is America”

  • Lexi YT
    Lexi YT 8 days ago +5

    I can’t believe Shawn didn’t get anything like wtf I stayed up ALL NIGHT to see him winning for this??

  • Earz To The Streetz
    Earz To The Streetz 8 days ago +1

    Smart People don't watch this joke award show be woke folks this is propaganda at its finest. Fuck the Grammys They want you to respect them they have no talent they just have the right backing which includes funding they can create a star any day

  • Thisgirl whodis
    Thisgirl whodis 8 days ago +1

    He had better things to do

  • Joslyn Marqs
    Joslyn Marqs 8 days ago +32

    Bless shawn ❤️he really deserved it , but this year he got a nom, next year he'll win it. tbh I'm not that surprised "this is America" won and we've got to remember this category is to recognise songwriters.

    • Flor Sapriza
      Flor Sapriza 7 days ago +2

      Jsalcedo23 @Jsalsedo23 did you hear "In My Blood", it's not a simple pop song, it's a really beautiful song, very personal and so relatable for a lot of people. And it helped lots of people. I'm not saying "This is America" isn't a good song, I'm just saying Shawn deserved that award. And please don't say we wanted him to win because he's cute.

    • Joslyn Marqs
      Joslyn Marqs 7 days ago +1

      Jsalcedo23 that's. Exactly. Wht. I'm. Trying to say??? Tf? I JUST said " this category is to recognise songwriters" and this is America is a meaningful song but if I'm being honest I'm not convinced because if u take it solely for the lyrics it doesn't hv much of the impact as it is with the music deserves record of the year for sure don't know about song of the year. This also doesn't mean u have to disregard all the other talented nominees (not just Shawn). We've just got to trust the judges. And I'm saying he deserves it because he works soo hard , he's not just a pretty face, if only you knew.
      Edit: I'm also not "annoyed" Shawn didn't win, we r just as proud of him for getting a nom. And at no point in my initial comment did I say anything about his looks.😴

    • PopOff!
      PopOff! 7 days ago +1

      Eh? Shawn arrived on his looks. Just like ever other SM star looks first talent second. You never see an "ugly" social media superstars become famous pop stars. Not to discredit what talent he or may or may not have. I just know it is looks first talent later.
      As to Gambino winning SOTY my opinion was a political statement by the Grammys... the song is meh- nay NOTHING without the video really. If there had been no video nobody would be talking about this song. So it winning for songwriting is a miss for me. But The Grammys are always off base, especially when the get political.

    • Jsalcedo23
      Jsalcedo23 7 days ago +6

      +Andrea Petrova I never said he was talentless nor that I didn't like him, did I?

      That's you putting words in my mouth.

      I'm making the point that there's absolutely no way such a powerfully social conscious song like Donald Glover's loses to a pop song.

    • Andrea Petrova
      Andrea Petrova 8 days ago +5

      +Jsalcedo23 We get it,you paste this comment everywhere!
      And I get your point but he is not just "cute",you not liking him doesnt make him talentless

  • Ajax
    Ajax 8 days ago +5

    It's not even an enjoyable song to listen to, it's so boring

    • Jsalcedo23
      Jsalcedo23 8 days ago +5

      Have you ever bothered to read the lyrics to see what it’s about? Jesus Christ 12 year olds..

  • Tejas Mehta
    Tejas Mehta 8 days ago

    Alright Gambino is a mastermind

  • Ayesha Zafar
    Ayesha Zafar 8 days ago +16


    • Flor Sapriza
      Flor Sapriza 7 days ago

      Jsalcedo23 i see your coment everywhere and it really hurts how you think "In My Blood" its a simple pop song, when it talks about anxiety and feelings lots of people can relate, a really beautiful song. And a song that helped me and lot of people, and you don't imagine how it affects me you calling it "a simple pop song" because it isn't.

    • Gabriel Corkill
      Gabriel Corkill 7 days ago +2

      Nah, not really. Gambino actually has a message behind his song

    • lukas patterson
      lukas patterson 7 days ago

      Jsalcedo23 it’s not though

    • Jsalcedo23
      Jsalcedo23 8 days ago +2

      We get it, you think he’s cute! Doesn’t mean he should win for that reason.
      This is America is a once in a decade type of socially conscious song and on no planet should a simple pop song win over it.

  • Mujo Music
    Mujo Music 8 days ago

    Should’ve been Nice For What

  • Yll Hoxha
    Yll Hoxha 8 days ago

    young thug gets a grammy from this

  • Anthony Johnson
    Anthony Johnson 8 days ago

    This too funny the fact he don't care about that and then show up I know it was a lot of white people trying to profit off this mad that he didn't show up😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Iago Santos
    Iago Santos 8 days ago

    Shallow deserved better

  • chuck meister
    chuck meister 8 days ago

    Childish is my man. He don't give a F*** about this fake ass event. 😂

  • Ak_Fiq
    Ak_Fiq 8 days ago +8

    0:14 Shawn 😢

  • cli260
    cli260 8 days ago +6

    Lol they wrote acceptance speech in the title😋✌

  • xristina papadopoulou

    Shallow deserved it

  • Megan Ziggler
    Megan Ziggler 8 days ago +5

    I love John Mayer he is such a legend and amazing artist I like his old songs like waiting for the world to change and who you love and his song I don't trust myself, so is Alicia. I wish they did a song together.

    • Megan Ziggler
      Megan Ziggler 8 days ago

      +Sketch McScribbles Thank you I'm gonna listen to it.

    • Sketch McScribbles
      Sketch McScribbles 8 days ago +1

      Megan Ziggler John Mayer and Alicia Keys did a song together called “Lessons Learned” a few years ago.

  • Tawhamenator
    Tawhamenator 8 days ago +132

    Gambino has my respect for not showing up to this shite award show, congrats to him though.

  • Cheating Xpert
    Cheating Xpert 8 days ago +9


  • Jerry Lorosae
    Jerry Lorosae 8 days ago +1

    Unbelievable...Though Childish wasn't there, Ludwig Goransson who shared the winning for co-writing the song, should've accepting the award instead.

  • Sylvia Muela
    Sylvia Muela 8 days ago +23

    Shawn deserved 😭

    • Sylvia Muela
      Sylvia Muela 7 days ago +1

      Jsalcedo23 I’m not saying that just because he is cute the song is really relatable and lot of people feel the same way as he and what he express on the song . Also I’m not saying that this is America is not a good song or something but what I know is that Shawn’s song was the most favorite to won

    • Celica
      Celica 8 days ago

      Lost In Japan is pretty good to be honest. I wouldn't mind that winning but it wasn't popular enough, so...

    • Jsalcedo23
      Jsalcedo23 8 days ago +2

      Sylvia Muela We get it, you think he’s cute! Doesn’t mean he should win for that reason.
      This is America is a once in a decade type of socially conscious song and on no planet should a simple pop song win over it.

    • Aryn Min
      Aryn Min 8 days ago

      Bayanda Jele Shawn Mendes is a singer from Canada. Some songs from him you might know are Lost in Japan, Thers nothin holding me back, Stitches and treat you better

    • Bayanda Jele
      Bayanda Jele 8 days ago +2

      Who is Shawn?

  • Elisaaa🤹🏻‍♂️
    Elisaaa🤹🏻‍♂️ 8 days ago +32

    I stayed up all night to see Shawn win , fml

    • Flor Sapriza
      Flor Sapriza 7 days ago +2

      Jsalcedo23 we say he is talented because you said we wanted him to win because he is cute, and we don't. We wanted him to win because of his talent.

    • Jsalcedo23
      Jsalcedo23 7 days ago +2

      +Caitlin McDonald why are you girls so quick to tell me he's talented? Did I at any point say he wasn't? It's like you're self conscious and quick to defend something nobody made a comment about.

    • Caitlin McDonald
      Caitlin McDonald 8 days ago +1

      Jsalcedo23 ‘in my blood’ is about anxiety but I meannnn anyways Shawn is talented it’s not just the fact that he looks like a God his music is great lmao

    • D. Denson
      D. Denson 8 days ago

      Actually you stayed up all night to see Shawn lose lol

    • Jacob Suarez
      Jacob Suarez 8 days ago +3

      Jsalcedo23 his looks have nothing to do with wining. Im so glad childish Gambino won but “in my blood” is really good too and if he had won I wouldn’t have been surprised he is really talented.

  • Angelos Vlahos
    Angelos Vlahos 8 days ago +1

    It's what he deserves

  • Ari Mtz
    Ari Mtz 8 days ago +1

    Well deserved

  • Isaiah Sutton
    Isaiah Sutton 8 days ago +521

    Homie won 4/5 of his nominations including record & song of the year and didn't even show up. He on some G shit.

    • Eric Goebig
      Eric Goebig Day ago

      Isaiah Sutton homie if your bumping “This is America” then my ears are falling off & your grew out some new way never seen before. How can anybody kick it to this shit. I’d rather listen to old school 90s music. Wtf are these people thinking? The music sucks & the video sucked worse. I live in Chicagoland area and that shit don’t happen every goddamn day. Late millennial music sucks. What a joke.

    • michael zaker
      michael zaker 6 days ago +2

      +Chrisko1492 omg dont be narrow minded

    • Renatojr Absalon
      Renatojr Absalon 6 days ago

      He just want to party. Party just for you. Haha

    • _ben_
      _ben_ 7 days ago

      +No Name You shut your mouth

    • OnlyThePurpleFruitLoops
      OnlyThePurpleFruitLoops 7 days ago +8

      To me, the song is primarily about America being an allegory for rabid consumerism, desensitization to violence, and unabashed sensationalism. What we radically do to distract ourselves from the ongoing problems, even when they're happening _right in front of us._

      The song is about a lot of things, so make of it what you will, there's no need to argue about it. You're most likely right anyway.

  • Leticia Santos
    Leticia Santos 8 days ago +1


  • Tom Hutchcraft
    Tom Hutchcraft 8 days ago


    • Tom Hutchcraft
      Tom Hutchcraft 8 days ago

      +Reluctant_Fundamentalist I meant 'This is America', but yeah I guess the Grammys are sometimes good, most of the times overrated too.

    • Reluctant_Fundamentalist
      Reluctant_Fundamentalist 8 days ago +1

      When artist like Beyonce didn't even get album of the year once but undeserving once like Taylor already received 2 album of the year along with adele. Yup Taylor Swift is overrated yet people will make her something big win. So yes, Grammy's are overrated!!!

  • Simple Mac
    Simple Mac 8 days ago +109

    Ironic how a song talking about how messed up America is gets Song of the Year by an American award show
    nonetheless he deserved it

      HEIL TWITLER 6 days ago

      +lukas patterson did you choose COLOR over COUNTRY IN 2016? #TREASON

      HEIL TWITLER 6 days ago

      That video was "ART,depicting LIFE".... MASTERPIECE!

    • lukas patterson
      lukas patterson 7 days ago

      He did not deserve it. He fr ass and it was spitting on the image of America

    • The Red Death
      The Red Death 8 days ago +2

      Maybe that's why he didn't show up

  • José Daniel Montilla
    José Daniel Montilla 8 days ago +12

    oh wow the song about race and gun control won. Pretends to be shocked.

    • Xavier Smart
      Xavier Smart 8 days ago +1

      Is that irrelevant Lady Gaga song supposed to be the winner?

    • Reluctant_Fundamentalist
      Reluctant_Fundamentalist 8 days ago

      Nah whities wuz saints and shiett they dindu nuffin!!!

    • Jack Willis
      Jack Willis 8 days ago +10

      It wasn't about gun control it was violence against Black People.

  • Aishna Sharma
    Aishna Sharma 8 days ago +82

    You let John Mayer present the award to another artist when Shawn was nominated in the same category 💔

    • Ziyad Mubarak
      Ziyad Mubarak 4 days ago

      +Zan Ahmad couldn't agree more

    • Zan Ahmad
      Zan Ahmad 6 days ago +2

      Lol that "other artist" is one of the most talented artists of our generation, not just some guy that sings over generic pop beats

    • Aishna Sharma
      Aishna Sharma 7 days ago +1

      +Flor Sapriza Yeah, that's what I'm trying to say. Thank you so much!

    • Flor Sapriza
      Flor Sapriza 7 days ago +1

      Yeah, i know it was really ironic, and I would say the Recording Academy was a little bit cruel doing that, knowing they both were Shawn's idols. "In My Blood" really deserved that award

    • Aishna Sharma
      Aishna Sharma 7 days ago +1

      +릴리 T. This is America winning both Song of the year and Record of the year IS iconic. I'm not saying it wasn't deserving, it's just that I wanted In My Blood to win.

  • Brittany Sims
    Brittany Sims 8 days ago +42

    Shawn wasn't facing the camera because he was probably crying. TBH so was i. he deserved it

    • Flor Sapriza
      Flor Sapriza 6 days ago

      MichaelPrice okey, don't worry ❤️

    • MichaelPrice
      MichaelPrice 6 days ago

      +Flor Sapriza ok sorry I just called you white I believe your Latina or Hispanic but Childish Gambino is one of the most influential artists of our hip hip generation in MY opinion so sorry my girlfriend's Latina and I love her so much. My heart just jumped. Have a great night ♥️

    • Flor Sapriza
      Flor Sapriza 6 days ago

      James Arthur why are you talking if you don't know?? Who said I'm white?? And no, I'm the type of fangirl that' s happy when he seems to be happy and is with his family. I literally cry everytime I listen to some songs because they are really beautiful. And he is my inspiration, and i admire him so much because he is a great person. His music and the way he sees the world have helped me a lot. And "In My Blood" its a beautiful song that talks about things that lot of people can relate, and it also helped lot of people, it really deserved that GRAMMY. I literally cried when he didn't win. I'm not saying "This is America" isn't a good song, all I'm saying is that I preferred "In My Blood", just an opinion. And please stop with your stupid stereotypes of what a fangirl is.

    • James Arthur
      James Arthur 7 days ago

      There are a lot of artist in this music industry but the one’s who nominated ofc that means they’re all deserving but only one can take the trophy home and everyone has the right to say/write their opinions about who should win or not. But I’m just pissed/not happy about how TF cardi b won one of the main award when you have (Astroworld) ,(scorpion ),(kamakazi) the albums like this by fact or by numbers ahead compared to her and Travis should win album of the year

    • Flor Sapriza
      Flor Sapriza 7 days ago +1

      Brittany Sims yeah, he deserved it

  • Vanessa Trillo
    Vanessa Trillo 8 days ago +17


    • Flor Sapriza
      Flor Sapriza 7 days ago

      Jsalcedo23 why are you saying we want Shawn to win because he is cute?? Like i love his music, like, i didn't buy his albums to listening to his face. He is really talented and "In My Blood" its a beautiful song

    • spyridoula repanidi
      spyridoula repanidi 8 days ago +4

      +Jsalcedo23 she didnt even say anything about shawns song or his nomination she just said his name. Stop copy pasting that to every shawn related comment jeez

    • Jsalcedo23
      Jsalcedo23 8 days ago +1

      We get it, you think he’s cute! Doesn’t mean he should win for that reason.
      This is America is a once in a decade type of socially conscious song and on no planet should a simple pop song win over it.

  • Meg Trager
    Meg Trager 8 days ago +4

    Sorry but I literally would have been happy if anyone else in that category had won. He couldn’t even be bothered to show up to accept it!

    • Meg Trager
      Meg Trager 8 days ago

      +Karthik Davuluri I understand that and my heart breaks for him that he lost his father but for most artists this is the biggest night of their careers- their lives and it just seems a little odd to me he wasn't there. I don't know if that's ever even happened before where someone won two of the biggest awards of the night and wasn't there. Just weird to me, but hey that's my opinion and you are entitled to yours.

    • Karthik Davuluri
      Karthik Davuluri 8 days ago

      I mean his dad recently died so it makes sense for him to not show up.

    • LightWeyt
      LightWeyt 8 days ago +1

      So you're saying that someone who does NOT deserve the award should receive it just because he attended the show.

  • KreyzAim
    KreyzAim 8 days ago

    Fire the editor. I wanna see the nominations too

  • Monique SM
    Monique SM 8 days ago

    John Mayer é racista! Não deveria ter apresentado essa categoria.

  • Aaron Menzo
    Aaron Menzo 8 days ago +3

    That was far from his best song. The middle should have won

    • Flor Sapriza
      Flor Sapriza 7 days ago

      Aaron Menzo yes, The Middle its really good, also "In My Blood"

    • Iris 08
      Iris 08 8 days ago

      I want The Middle to win too.

  • ThatOneMeowth
    ThatOneMeowth 8 days ago +1

    What song won??

  • Roberto Montero
    Roberto Montero 8 days ago +3

    Really? There were way better songs, as always americans and their rigged shit, smh

    • Reluctant_Fundamentalist
      Reluctant_Fundamentalist 8 days ago

      You do know what the meaning of " Song of the year " right? It means " popular ", ofc " This is America" would win this easily!!!

    • Jaden Jones
      Jaden Jones 8 days ago +3

      How is this rigged?

  • m7madnabhan
    m7madnabhan 8 days ago +5

    lmao when a song like this wins a grammy and songs like these not u know grammys is a joke
    The Beatles - "I Want to Hold Your Hand"
    Michael Jackson - "Thriller"
    Backsteet Boys ''I Want It That Way''
    ect i can go all day

    • Kioxx
      Kioxx 10 hours ago

      This dude really said Backstreet Boys lmao. What's next? You want them to give a Grammy to Aqua for Barbie Girl?

    • Andrew Lopes
      Andrew Lopes 7 days ago

      @m7madnabhan Bruh Michael got 12 noms and won 8 grammies for thriller are you stupid??

    • Celica
      Celica 8 days ago +2

      You're being disingenuous
      Maybe the songs didn't win a grammy because the years those songs released in were more competitive for the music industry? 2018 was shit for music overall. I mean "I Like It" which is a sampled song from decades ago got nominated for song of the year and it isn't even original, more like a remix lol
      I can't think of any 2018 songs that deserve song of the year, no wonder This Is America won it. It was viral for weeks which something no other song could achieve this year

    • Jsalcedo23
      Jsalcedo23 8 days ago +1

      m7madnabhan wow your 12 year old is showing really hard right now.
      Have you ever seen the music video or read the lyrics to this is America?
      It’s an once In a decade type of socially conscious song.

    • Reluctant_Fundamentalist
      Reluctant_Fundamentalist 8 days ago +3

      Funny video? yup as expected, dumb fans. Yeah it created memes which is irony of what Glover was trying to explaining his point. Well in artistic point of view this music video was better in many expects. Not every music videos had to have perfect sunshine, perfect sunset, perfect love story to make it relevant for ages just like the videos you mentioned. If it has also convincing message and portrayed through artistic way then yes it will be relevant and unforgettable for many years. Glover really made his point perfectly clear in his " this is america " music video and he was right about people like you. People love safe bubble can't face the reality so they either make meme or stupid judgement out of it to avoid the reality. Gun violence is not going anywhere and so does the relevancy of this music video. Boy Im glad for once that grammy did gave one of the deserved ones. If you don't like it. Its fine. Deal with it!!!

  • Kevin V
    Kevin V 8 days ago +10

    The only song I actually liked from the mainstream ones that came out last year

    • Raul Gorun
      Raul Gorun 2 days ago

      You can't call shit something you can't understand.

    • lukas patterson
      lukas patterson 7 days ago

      Kevin V how do you like that shit song

  • h.g s.b
    h.g s.b 8 days ago +15

    Nobody was really jamming to that song all the time

    • Ant
      Ant 8 days ago +5

      Reply me a list of how many “this is (country)” songs there are

    • h.g s.b
      h.g s.b 8 days ago


    • Random rere
      Random rere 8 days ago +7

      h.g s.b ummmmm yea we was but y’all can jam to them bst or whatever they name is

  • Beee Tch
    Beee Tch 8 days ago +1

    Where is childish? Shouldn’t he at least speak some where?

  • Therese Jackson
    Therese Jackson 8 days ago


  • Aisharp Productions
    Aisharp Productions 8 days ago +60

    I’m confused. That song was only popular because of the Music Video. LOL It’s a good song, but Song of the Year? Okay. 🤷🏾‍♂️

    • PopOff!
      PopOff! 7 days ago +1

      Agreed nobody would be talking about the song if there had been no video. Which, kudos for making music videos relevant again. But to win for songwriting... clearly a political statement by the Grammy voters.

      DONNIMETROPOLIS313 8 days ago +1

      +Carter Shipman well it obviously didnt wake YOU up. .....but it obviously woke up SOMEBODY!

    • Carter Shipman
      Carter Shipman 8 days ago

      Because it was about some political B.S

    • Jsalcedo23
      Jsalcedo23 8 days ago +1

      Aisharp Productions have you bothered to read the lyrics to the song?

    • Mr. Scrooge.
      Mr. Scrooge. 8 days ago

      I would guess that song of the year would be the most popular song..

  • Sofia Zimmerman
    Sofia Zimmerman 8 days ago +48


    • Ray Ray
      Ray Ray 6 days ago


    • Flor Sapriza
      Flor Sapriza 7 days ago +2

      Jsalcedo23 did you hear "In My Blood", it's not a simple pop song, it's a really beautiful song, very personal and so relatable for a lot of people. And it helped lots of people. I'm not saying "This is America" isn't a good song, I'm just saying Shawn deserved that award. And please don't say we wanted him to win because he's cute.

    • The Lagging Cactus
      The Lagging Cactus 7 days ago +2

      Nah, unless you’re blind and deaf childish is the only song that should have won

    • Sofia Zimmerman
      Sofia Zimmerman 8 days ago

      Jsalcedo23 omg chill I was just saying my opinion

    • Sofia Zimmerman
      Sofia Zimmerman 8 days ago

      Artie Riesterer HAHAHAHAHAHA Amen

  • Irwan Shah
    Irwan Shah 8 days ago +199

    LOL the winner doesn't even wanna be there yet he's winning big, LOL to Grammy, always makes the best jokes every year with the winner

  • Henry Windsor Rurikovich

    great momento :D

  • S H
    S H 8 days ago +1

    Why does this have so many dislikes?

    • Flor Sapriza
      Flor Sapriza 6 days ago

      TheKevinFX there are fans who are boys, also

    • Flor Sapriza
      Flor Sapriza 7 days ago

      S H because there are people (like me) that think it shouldn't had win, but it's just an opinion

    • TheKevinFX
      TheKevinFX 8 days ago +3

      Shawn mendes fangirls

  • Sartre OW
    Sartre OW 8 days ago +92

    Okay, it's Childish Gambino, homegirl drop it like the NASDAQ

    • William LIU
      William LIU 2 days ago +1

      +Holy Lord move black girls

    • Holy Lord
      Holy Lord 8 days ago +10

      Sartre OW move white girls like there’s coke up my asscrack