Buying An Entire Outfit In 3 Minutes (feat. Jessie Paege)

  • Published on Jan 17, 2018
  • We bought entire new outfits in 3 minutes or less! I call it the mad dash clothing pass style challenge... we put our fashion instincts to the test and bought a 5-item outfit in 3 minutes, going to 5 different stores at the mall, to see what we would choose when forced to make a quick style decision!
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  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard  Year ago +5032

    HELLO FRIENDS!! happy hump day! what did you all think of our ~instinctual~ outfits? ALSO, you can vote for me to win TheXvidr of the Year at the Shorty Awards here, if ya want!: 🖤🖤🖤

  • Malak Fateh
    Malak Fateh 3 days ago

    the alarm sound made my whole skeleton panic

  • Ss Rena sS
    Ss Rena sS 4 days ago

    YOU SHOULD DO SPEED SHOPPING WITH MAKEUP!! Please like this so safiya can see this!

  • Space Rat
    Space Rat 6 days ago

    i thought it was wine mom.. wow

  • Xx wolfplay Xx
    Xx wolfplay Xx 8 days ago

    It is jessyee

  • cookie lev
    cookie lev 9 days ago +1

    Looking back at some old videos. I feel like Jessie was kinda flirting with safiya...just me?

    • Beatrice Quaglieri
      Beatrice Quaglieri 5 days ago

      Yeah, also she has a boyfriend, I don't think she would flirt with saf in front of him

  • Sleepy Panda
    Sleepy Panda 10 days ago +1

    this is how the whole video went:
    Saf: *makes an analogy*
    Jessie: Yessss!
    Idk I just thought it was funny how similar they are

  • Mohammed Ali Muslim
    Mohammed Ali Muslim 11 days ago +1

    You to look like sisters

  • Christian McCabe
    Christian McCabe 12 days ago

    Do this again with a theme and only 30 seconds per item

  • Molly Moss
    Molly Moss 12 days ago

    I Think My Dignity Is SAFED Get it?

  • youtuber Tea
    youtuber Tea 13 days ago

    I loved safiyas outfit besides for the jacket

  • iiXxBaileyXx Carolynstan

    I think that Jesse won i

  • Reem Alkaff
    Reem Alkaff 15 days ago

    good job saf

  • Natassia Di
    Natassia Di 16 days ago

    hahaha.. I actually love your outfit!!

  • Laneybugie124
    Laneybugie124 16 days ago


  • Random User
    Random User 17 days ago

    Hey look, it’s Jessyee Paege!

  • Rose Turnbull
    Rose Turnbull 18 days ago

    11:50 seeking attention

  • Rose Turnbull
    Rose Turnbull 18 days ago

    She sounds like Siri

  • Annika Harms
    Annika Harms 19 days ago

    Jessie looks like Lizzie McGuire and Safiya looks like comfy Cruella De Vil

  • lendmeyourbones
    lendmeyourbones 20 days ago +1

    Safiya : Turns out I’m also going on a date later today. Right, Tyler?
    Tyler: WUT

  • Acçkttnñeè
    Acçkttnñeè 21 day ago +1

    I thought I crashed at 11:28 lol

  • Taltzi
    Taltzi 22 days ago

    awww its blue haired pre-coming out baby jessie💓💓

  • Tae_Tae_Boi
    Tae_Tae_Boi 22 days ago

    RIGHT TYLER!?!?!?!?

  • Mikella Shoup
    Mikella Shoup 23 days ago

    It’s cute how you’re wearing matching skirts throughout the video

  • Cooltabby 13
    Cooltabby 13 23 days ago +1

    Boycott urban outfitters

  • Hello Hannah
    Hello Hannah 24 days ago

    You should do exquisite corps but with articles of clothing
    EDIT: it's a game visual artists usually play, basically it's where you would start the head of a drawing, and then fold the paper so no one can see what your head looks like. Then you pass to the next artist and they draw the torso (and the next and so on). For clothes, I guess it would be you start the outfit with the head (example you buy a hat) then a new person would buy the next part (top), then a new person buys the next part (bottoms), then next (footwear).
    I think it would be fun, maybe if you had a budget or a category to set some sort of parameters it could turn out interesting.

  • Mezzana
    Mezzana 25 days ago

    I would never buy shoes from H&M, except for sneakers. Come on, they are so uncomfortable and so fast fashion.

  • savannah joiner
    savannah joiner 26 days ago

    i have the skirt jessie got

  • Skyler Hennion
    Skyler Hennion 26 days ago

    My shoes are a size 10 1/2... not that you need to know.

  • Meh itz Eh
    Meh itz Eh 29 days ago

    You look great!
    Jessie: you look comfortable

  • Woo&Chunk
    Woo&Chunk 29 days ago +1

    Sis your track is showing.

  • 문 쿵민 MKMKR
    문 쿵민 MKMKR Month ago

    Lol is she Grimes?

  • Gaby Perez
    Gaby Perez Month ago +1

    Turns out I’m going on a date later , *right tyler*
    Tyler - wut

  • Sun Flower
    Sun Flower Month ago

    “I saw sparkles and I ran”
    ~Jessie paege 2018 3:25

  • smol gacha tuber
    smol gacha tuber Month ago

    The face she made when she said "right Tyler" XD

  • Miss Moon
    Miss Moon Month ago

    Right Tyler?!?!


  • ClickBearr
    ClickBearr Month ago


  • Regan B.
    Regan B. Month ago

    Can we get another vid like this?

  • Eden Hesse
    Eden Hesse Month ago

    Idk if anyone commented this
    But what if they did this at goodwill

  • richy pig army 7
    richy pig army 7 Month ago

    Make a week eating buzzfeed/tasty food plz xoxo

  • Natasha Davis
    Natasha Davis Month ago

    I actually want to steal jessie's outfit

  • Zahrah Noor
    Zahrah Noor Month ago

    Jessie has a 1940 brit look

  • Thea Anthony
    Thea Anthony Month ago

    Vil du ikke nok lave en video hvor du snakker dansk. Er du ikke halv dansk? Jeg håber fordi at jeg ser altid dine videoer. Og da jeg fandt ud af at du var halvt dansk, blev jeg helt vildt glad.

  • cerealkillerrxD
    cerealkillerrxD Month ago

    I loved Jessie’s skirt

  • Alisha Fairbairn
    Alisha Fairbairn Month ago

    Early 2018 Saf: I said yes to the bag
    Later 2018 Saf: I said yes to the ring

    Congratulations you two!❤️❤️

  • Limabeanjellybean
    Limabeanjellybean Month ago


  • Lorelei
    Lorelei Month ago

    Is this gal a meth head?

  • AW
    AW Month ago

    Jessie’s would have been nicer without the hat and boots.

  • Sia K
    Sia K Month ago

    Jessie or Grimes?

  • Taiya Hogberg
    Taiya Hogberg Month ago

    I saw a test and I ran away

  • Crista Busse
    Crista Busse Month ago

    2:06 put in slow motion and look at Safiyas face lol

  • Oonacorn Unicorn
    Oonacorn Unicorn Month ago

    For both outfits I wouldn’t wear a jacket

  • Mayra Mecca
    Mayra Mecca Month ago

    I watch this literally 2 years after the video has been posted

  • Stacey
    Stacey Month ago

    I'm ten and I have the same should size as you

  • XxKawaii-VianaxX
    XxKawaii-VianaxX Month ago

    Why does jessie remember me of Hannah Montana ;-;

  • Janice Huang
    Janice Huang Month ago

    Just pick up everything and choose at the end

  • That One Girl
    That One Girl Month ago

    I haven't watched Jessie Ina long time and she lost so much weight!!!!!!!!!

  • Maomi Makama
    Maomi Makama Month ago

    I loved this video!

  • Zhumsel Yoezer
    Zhumsel Yoezer Month ago

    They both got the same shirt but different colord

  • lillie grace
    lillie grace Month ago

    this was a fun video

  • heyyitshoney
    heyyitshoney Month ago

    right tyler?!!! hahahah

  • Pumpkin Bunny
    Pumpkin Bunny Month ago +5

    Saf's outfit was more matching so i kinda like hers more

  • Minamii Lucatorta
    Minamii Lucatorta Month ago


  • Jody Hakala
    Jody Hakala Month ago

    I’d like to do this. But I’d need a mediator person. Like TY

  • Jody Hakala
    Jody Hakala Month ago

    Sat: ha! Your funny. I feel like the outfit looks really good together. You could definitely wear more prints and color. Think fire 🔥 and flowers 🌺

  • Iris Cairns
    Iris Cairns Month ago

    13:21 that pose tho!

  • ØreØ*Aqua Foxy
    ØreØ*Aqua Foxy Month ago

    I think I like Jessie’s outfit but I don’t like the blazer I think it would go good with a short white/gray cardigan
    And I like Safiya’s outfit with a like long black loose cardigan and like a pretty fishtail braid in her hair
    Just my thoughts

  • This name is very Creative

    Is it weird that I have seen all of your videos so many times that I feel like I know you personally?

  • Potato Person
    Potato Person Month ago

    part 2?!!

  • Jaycey Hartle
    Jaycey Hartle Month ago

    It would’ve been cool if they shopped for each other 😂

  • Pomelo Girl1
    Pomelo Girl1 Month ago

    Jessie’s outfit is kinda french

  • qlossy
    qlossy Month ago

    omg I have the same shirt as Jessie’s wearing in the intro from forever 21!

  • That øne pig Is emo

    Jessie:”I like color”
    Safiya:”ah that’s where we diverse”

  • Sierra H
    Sierra H Month ago

    They both have the best cat eye eyeliner

  • Elsa Double
    Elsa Double Month ago +1

    Wait? This is a challenge? This is how my shopping usually goes

  • Zaara Khan
    Zaara Khan Month ago

    6:28 lmao sounding so nice to hear her say my name

  • Jamie_Jewel
    Jamie_Jewel Month ago +1

    I wasn’t feeling Jessie’s outfit

  • Ava Mitten
    Ava Mitten Month ago

    Where are we going today Tyler? “Lets put it this way, I’ll be wearing Jim shorts”. Safiya ok so a fancy restaurant

  • Anna Volpe
    Anna Volpe Month ago

    2:06 keep.... clickingggg

  • Fox Angel Girl
    Fox Angel Girl Month ago +1

    Safiya: RIGHT TYLER
    Tyler: wut?

  • audrey caron
    audrey caron Month ago

    Lats be real, jessie probably wanted to go to hot topic



  • Charlotte Day
    Charlotte Day Month ago

    I saw the overalls when they first walked in and I was disappointed that neither of them checked them out

  • Charlotte Day
    Charlotte Day Month ago

    Saf. You sound like her mom mainly in the intro.

  • Unicorn Potter Cupcake 2

    why does it say jan 17 2018????

    • Maria Schwartz
      Maria Schwartz Month ago

      Unicorn Potter Cupcake 2 that’s the day she uploaded it.

  • oof
    oof Month ago

    i loved safiya's jacket tbh it was a perfect one for the ouffit in my opinion lol

  • ArcticWolf
    ArcticWolf Month ago

    I like Jessie’s outfit I mean I like both

  • Tatum Dangerfield
    Tatum Dangerfield Month ago +3

    I LOVED Jessie’s outfit! Saf, not as much, sorry 😐 I liked the pants and the shirt was ok but the jacket, shoes and the bag weren’t as appealing to me. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • Camila Jusino
    Camila Jusino Month ago

    Welll... they picked a better outfit in 3 minutes than what I do in 20 minutes😢😂

  • Logan Reidy
    Logan Reidy Month ago

    This is a little weird but Safs outfit was giving me major phoebe buffay vibes and I’m living for it

  • i am crazy Kelly
    i am crazy Kelly Month ago

    when I wear all black people say
    sorry for your loss and I'd be like what and they be like I thought you're going to a funeral at least you're dressed like it

  • Haruka Kire
    Haruka Kire Month ago

    And she never knew that she would be engaged in December

  • Razzi Rhi
    Razzi Rhi Month ago

    I don't like forever 21 cuz they just don't have anything that's me

  • Razzi Rhi
    Razzi Rhi Month ago

    She looks kinda like Miley Cyrus 😮

  • Saule Bu
    Saule Bu Month ago

    1.42 😂😂😂😂😂 i love you

  • LauraOvalle25
    LauraOvalle25 Month ago

    I would use both outfits! Without both jackets :D but they’re real,y cool and cute tho

  • Twirly Tulip
    Twirly Tulip Month ago

    sorry Safiya but I prefer Jessie's outfit 😜😜

  • lps Starie Drawz
    lps Starie Drawz Month ago

    I like how Safiya just starred off into the distance (to probably where Tyler was) and just told him that they are going on a date.
    And Tyler had no idea what was happening 😂

  • somwhereoverthrainbow

    do it again! do it blindfolded!

  • Alivepets 161
    Alivepets 161 Month ago

    I think the magenta skirt would look really pretty with the glitter top