Buying An Entire Outfit In 3 Minutes (feat. Jessie Paege)

  • Published on Jan 17, 2018
  • We bought entire new outfits in 3 minutes or less! I call it the mad dash clothing pass style challenge... we put our fashion instincts to the test and bought a 5-item outfit in 3 minutes, going to 5 different stores at the mall, to see what we would choose when forced to make a quick style decision!
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  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard  Year ago +5296

    HELLO FRIENDS!! happy hump day! what did you all think of our ~instinctual~ outfits? ALSO, you can vote for me to win TheXvidr of the Year at the Shorty Awards here, if ya want!: 🖤🖤🖤

    • Ayden Diaz
      Ayden Diaz 10 days ago

      Safiya Nygaard ι ∂ι∂ σf ¢συяѕє уσυя му fανσяιтє уσυтυвєя

    • Dottie Harvale
      Dottie Harvale 27 days ago

      I don't know how but Jessie paege pulls that outfit off so well

    • Kitty Cata
      Kitty Cata Month ago

      My TheXvid has glitched...
      It says your comment says "Next do Waka Waka it unlocks death's touch which gives you Charley power."

    • Marilyn Razo
      Marilyn Razo 2 months ago

      U should do another

  • ShadowMoon Huntress
    ShadowMoon Huntress 21 hour ago

    1:45 YEAH TYLER?!?!?!??!?!!?

  • haylie robinson
    haylie robinson 3 days ago

    when i watched this i got excited that they were only half a size smaller than me in shoes. but then i remember im only 13.

  • Swathi Patnaik
    Swathi Patnaik 5 days ago


  • Queen Eevee
    Queen Eevee 6 days ago

    Jessie is so cute and I adore that outfit! Saf you always look good no matter what you throw on!
    Bet they could both put on a potato sack and look stylish!

  • Devin Erbaugh
    Devin Erbaugh 6 days ago

    Hey, its jessyee!

  • Angiepewpew
    Angiepewpew 6 days ago +1

    im going to the nutcracker!

  • Elise Lenertz
    Elise Lenertz 7 days ago

    Jessie’s outfit is actually sooooooooo super cute!!!!

  • Lena Yaussy
    Lena Yaussy 8 days ago

    Safiya's shoes match the other girl's shirt

  • Yin-Yang Studios
    Yin-Yang Studios 8 days ago

    I have to say while they were shopping i love Jessies outfit.

  • angeliy
    angeliy 9 days ago

    *something to match gym shorts*

  • Ayden Diaz
    Ayden Diaz 10 days ago

    "ωє'яє gσιиg σи α ∂αтє нυн тαуℓσя"тαу "ωнαт ιи ¢σиfυѕισи"

  • Theresa Nehnevaj
    Theresa Nehnevaj 11 days ago

    She should do a second round of these with a different youtuber

  • Imadethistocommentandstuff

    This is definitely just me but when i saw Jessies' top i thought Yuri on Ice

  • CaTs ArE CuTe JuSt LiKe YoU

    They look like sisters and I thought the whole comment section is gonna be filled with "OMG YOU BOTH LOOK SO SIMILAR" but came here to see not even a single soul commented that.....ok😒

  • Ricky Ricardo
    Ricky Ricardo 12 days ago

    ah yes, the glam transient look

  • Allison Thornton
    Allison Thornton 13 days ago

    I feel like Jesse could make anything work

  • vintagebird
    vintagebird 13 days ago

    jessie looks like grimes

  • vintagebird
    vintagebird 13 days ago

    jessie's jacket reminds me of dana scully

  • bro meh life
    bro meh life 13 days ago

    "Senses like fate and deductive reasoning..."~ Safiya Nygaard, 2018

  • Erika Hammond
    Erika Hammond 14 days ago

    That *"RIGHT TYLER"* was terrifying... I loved it.

  • jadie-May dredd
    jadie-May dredd 14 days ago

    Jessie is giving me like British sixties detective trying to blend into a acid swingers party

  • megan wood
    megan wood 14 days ago

    Both outfits are really nice 🙂👍

  • Hudson the yellow Labrador retriever

    “I’m also going on a date later today. Right Tyler?”

  • Greg Putnam
    Greg Putnam 16 days ago

    So I understand the rule of instinct and those two have very diverse styles but I feel like after they got a feel for their outfit they could have a) picked one of the items for the other person as a way of spicing it up or genuinely helping the other person or b) spend the time with the last object together finding the accessory/ bonus item together and getting moral support

  • TalaDoodles
    TalaDoodles 16 days ago

    Both of these look amazing

  • Jayne Davis
    Jayne Davis 17 days ago

    Jessie won

  • HappyMerLeigh
    HappyMerLeigh 17 days ago

    I just was watching some of her videos.

    I love when this happens

    It happens a lot..
    I love it though!
    Seriously it happens with so many TheXvidrs.

    I watched this a while ago when it came out but I never finished it.

  • Autumn Candlewatcher
    Autumn Candlewatcher 18 days ago

    uwu jessie looks like the little sister from gossip girl and its cute

  • Una Karen Guðmundsdóttir

    Safia :Turns out i’m also going on a date later today right Taylor
    Taylor: WhAT

  • Marlyn Gutierrez
    Marlyn Gutierrez 21 day ago

    "Right, Tyler?" "wut" I BURST OUT LAUGHING 😂

  • Liz Vargas
    Liz Vargas 21 day ago

    I like jessie's outfit

  • Mariam Rouby
    Mariam Rouby 22 days ago

    1:44 RiGHgt TYLEr. “Wut”

  • Megan Drover
    Megan Drover 22 days ago

    if anyone likes the the montage music, check out the band the dreadnoughts they be celtic punk

  • Miss Moka
    Miss Moka 22 days ago +4

    Ok, why do I live for these outfits? 😂
    They're so abstract but totally my current vibe lol. Love the choices

  • Alphys The Royal Scientist

    ITS JESSYEE (yeemos will understand)

  • Petite Pomme de terre
    Petite Pomme de terre 22 days ago +1


  • rachel szram
    rachel szram 22 days ago

    Who won? Like for jessie comment for Saf!!

  • DevilCreeper
    DevilCreeper 23 days ago

    love your vids

  • Abbie Singer
    Abbie Singer 23 days ago


  • Aida Ja
    Aida Ja 23 days ago

    I loved this colab! Do one again you guys 😍

  • Dana B
    Dana B 24 days ago

    Safiya: “other senses”
    Me: oh okay so like tou-
    Saf: FATE

  • Sam Show
    Sam Show 24 days ago +1

    Why am I just now seeing this?! 😱

  • Potato Person
    Potato Person 25 days ago

    Pt 2?!

  • Kamran Farinpour
    Kamran Farinpour 25 days ago

    I only clicked on the video because I saw Jessie’s face ngl I love a whole some face

  • Dom Shaheen
    Dom Shaheen 26 days ago

    Yes, Tyler, take me to the ballet.

  • Kassidy Emerson
    Kassidy Emerson 26 days ago

    The shirt Jessie picked looked like it would be used in a Disney bounding outfit for Cinderella

  • Kiara Polifka
    Kiara Polifka 26 days ago +1

    For some reason, Safiya’s outfit gave me Coraline vibes. Only without the jacket thought

  • Dottie Harvale
    Dottie Harvale 27 days ago

    Jessie pulls that outfit off like a champ

  • Celine
    Celine 27 days ago

    So apparently gym shorts are romantic

  • Lea Maria
    Lea Maria 28 days ago

    Literally put me in a single store that has all things and i could make a complete outfit in a minute😂 i am a clothes whore

  • Happy Hiring
    Happy Hiring 28 days ago

    I always wanted to figure out why u r so found on a video on As/Is vetting u hv a Indian mom :p

    Try Indian wedding outfits... It would b different and very oppo. u in terms colour choices
    Love,hugs, kisses from India

  • SleepyT
    SleepyT 28 days ago

    Not gonna lie, the longer I look at both outfits the more I love both of them. This is an amazing idea to try for anyone

  • Aesthetic Pinecone
    Aesthetic Pinecone Month ago

    This was a very fun video!

  • hannah mitchell
    hannah mitchell Month ago


  • reusslunar
    reusslunar Month ago

    saf looks like she's going to the airport.

  • Derpycheese11
    Derpycheese11 Month ago

    You and Jessie kinda make me think of me and my sister. I like bright colors and rainbow clothing and she likes to wear dark green and black.

  • S!nner •
    S!nner • Month ago

    *why do i love jessie so much*

  • Zoe Tobin
    Zoe Tobin Month ago +3

    mad dash clothing bash!!

    😸 aye

  • Lyssa Quinn
    Lyssa Quinn Month ago

    “Right Tyler” 😂

  • Zoey King
    Zoey King Month ago +2

    Saf:were not gonna sprint
    10 minutes later
    Saf:*Runs like a maniac*

  • Shouit
    Shouit Month ago

    I hate the jacket

  • What Ever
    What Ever Month ago

    A collab with my two queens Jessie and Safiya, yes please.

  • Eadeline Faith
    Eadeline Faith Month ago

    oh my gosh 1:57 not entirely sure but was that a How I met your mother reference? :>

  • Lacey Nicole
    Lacey Nicole Month ago

    With a black shirt Jessie’s outfit would be a 10 out of 10. Safs.... could do some work

  • Elisa Fuentez
    Elisa Fuentez Month ago

    Would have been cute at the end to see Jessie’s outfit she did choose for party! Great to see you both having so much fun!

  • Mary MacDonald
    Mary MacDonald Month ago

    She's kinda scary skinny to me. Like it looks creepy and unhealthy...

    • Mary MacDonald
      Mary MacDonald Month ago

      @Sayaka See oh that's so awesome! 💖 That makes me really happy. Good for her.

    • Sayaka See
      Sayaka See Month ago

      She was battling anorexia, she finally come out about it 💗 she’s recovering

  • Linda Ursin
    Linda Ursin Month ago

    You both look great :) I would not be able to find anything that fit me in a branded store in that amount of time

  • Megan Gaughan
    Megan Gaughan Month ago

    “ Turns out I’m also going on a date tonight. Right Tyler?”
    “I’ll be wearing gym shorts.”

  • Z0mbie
    Z0mbie Month ago

    Saf looks amazing in a high ponytail, can I get a hell yeah?

  • Lucy Hutchison
    Lucy Hutchison Month ago

    Jessie's looks so amazing. I would definately wear that to a party or out in the city.

  • Domestic Suga
    Domestic Suga Month ago

    I love both outfits. Would wear

  • D E P R E E S I O N

    Jessie was so calm in this video like in hers she's like *I STAN slams table PANIC! AT THE DISCO*

  • Gabrielle Gu
    Gabrielle Gu Month ago

    Sooo you can just grab everything that you like and then at the end you have a selection to choose from.

  • Gabrielle Gu
    Gabrielle Gu Month ago +1

    1:42 when she gives you that look Tyler, you just have to say yes. Safiya: Turns out I am also going on a date. RIGHT TYLER?
    Safiya: *death glare*
    Tyler: Wut?

  • x Sophie Goodman x
    x Sophie Goodman x Month ago +7

    Tyler: let’s put it this way... I’ll be wearing gym shorts!
    Safiya: so fancy restaurant then!
    Me: * dying inside *

  • Emma Grace
    Emma Grace 2 months ago

    This was such a fun idea. Love it

  • MaccountMJ Salma
    MaccountMJ Salma 2 months ago

    Turns out we’re going to have a date aswell. Right ty 😂😂😂


    Oh my god You should collab with EVA and then use new emo franken makeup and then put it on Frank

  • Shivani Parikh
    Shivani Parikh 2 months ago

    What is the name (kind) of the skirt with Jessie is wearing? I've been looking for something like that since forever! 😅

  • T Harmony
    T Harmony 2 months ago +2

    Is anyone still watching it in 2019?

    • carla gaines
      carla gaines 2 months ago

      yeah! i was looking for a comment pointing out where you can see jessie's tape in 2:07

  • kawaiiXpress
    kawaiiXpress 2 months ago

    Two of my fav people!!

  • Sophie Rockz
    Sophie Rockz 2 months ago

    6:42. Oooo

  • Theresa Rivers
    Theresa Rivers 2 months ago +8

    You should do an “internet shopping blind” where you only buy an outfit gauged by the description. Could even do Wish. 😂

  • KaiLea Miller
    KaiLea Miller 2 months ago

    This is where Jessie's dad brand got it's start 😆

  • Bxsic Bean
    Bxsic Bean 2 months ago

    Jessie’s is sooooo cute

  • Janie Diaz
    Janie Diaz 2 months ago

    You look like a wild grandma lol

  • Elysse Sanchez
    Elysse Sanchez 2 months ago

    Saf looks like a formal pheobe buffay

  • ᴊᴜsᴛ ᴍᴇ
    ᴊᴜsᴛ ᴍᴇ 2 months ago

    An older version of annie rose

  • Angeles Alvarado
    Angeles Alvarado 2 months ago

    Safiya-RIGHT Tyler?

  • Megan Katz
    Megan Katz 2 months ago

    "Right Tyler?"


  • Emma Gurl
    Emma Gurl 2 months ago


  • Mia DeAntonis
    Mia DeAntonis 2 months ago

    Love a good cullotte

  • I LOVE 5sos
    I LOVE 5sos 2 months ago

    Luke hemmings who at 9:48 ? (Sry its a 5sos ting lol)

  • I LOVE 5sos
    I LOVE 5sos 2 months ago

    Ok hi I'm watching a this and I'm a die heart fan of 5 seconds of summer right, and so anyway at 7:30 I think I hear 'shes kinda hot' by 5 seconds of summer so now I'm kinda freaking out rn lol😂

  • Divyadharshni Kandavel
    Divyadharshni Kandavel 2 months ago


  • Night Cat Gacha
    Night Cat Gacha 2 months ago +15


    Turns out i'm also going on a date.

    *Right Tyler*

  • Madeline Garcia
    Madeline Garcia 2 months ago

    I love every single video !!! 😁😁😁😜 where is this mall ???

  • Madeline Garcia
    Madeline Garcia 2 months ago

    I love every single video !!! 😁😁😁😜 where is this mall ???

  • Zianna Gaming
    Zianna Gaming 2 months ago +6

    I think if Jessie skirt was a different color like maybe blue it would’ve looked alittle better
    P.S just my opinion!