Dimpho Aborts Her Baby - The River | 1 Magic

  • Published on Oct 18, 2019
  • After much confusion, Dimpho makes a final decision about her pregnancy and has an abortion.
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Comments • 76

  • Mandisa Mandys
    Mandisa Mandys Month ago +1

    Dimpho's situation 🤔

  • Thando Mofokeng
    Thando Mofokeng Month ago +17

    I think we have been sleeping on Dimphos character, this girl is a tswana gem... she needs to win an award

  • My NewPhone
    My NewPhone Month ago

    While they are doing this deed she might like to join her fetus ... no one would care anyway lol

  • Tshepiso Isabella Mhlanga

    Tumi 🙄🙄

  • Aggy Maka
    Aggy Maka Month ago +5

    Malefu and Dimpho one person

  • tlotlego mokalake
    tlotlego mokalake Month ago +5

    She did well by aborting. A baby is just too much work, not a baby even, a fetus. I'm proud of Dimpho.🎉👏👏

  • Lavondre Van Eden
    Lavondre Van Eden Month ago

    Shame arme kind💖

  • Melody Nellao
    Melody Nellao Month ago +4

    ... iyoh Dimpho can act 🙆🏼‍♀️

  • Bongeka Fazzie
    Bongeka Fazzie Month ago +12

    One of the things I like about Dimpho is that she speaks her mind and she doesn't sugarcoat the truth-that was not harsh at all..Tumi deserved that ✋

  • Sophy Maruapula
    Sophy Maruapula Month ago +59

    But Dimpho is a great actress🙆‍♀️🔥🔥🔥

  • Nombulelo Cholani
    Nombulelo Cholani Month ago +22

    Eish I wish Malefu was here man

  • Reserved Artist
    Reserved Artist Month ago +10

    I really feel for Tumi....the bitterness, and other effects, when a parent willingly abandons you is not easy to get over, some never do. Dimples is one of the few who can speak the uneasy truth with Tumi

  • thobival red
    thobival red Month ago +29

    I miss Malefu

  • filycia moyo
    filycia moyo Month ago +32

    Dimpho harsh but very very true tumi needed to b put in her place

  • Carol Letebele
    Carol Letebele Month ago

    I hate how these tv dramas would never teach young people about abstinence but preach a lot on sympathy and abortion.
    With this kind of mentality, we will never win this war against HIV/AIDS

  • Bradley Diale
    Bradley Diale Month ago +41

    The fact that People hate "Tumi" now means she executed her character well and her acting was convincing. Yanong those who claim she can't act can have reference when they at it

    • Assatta M
      Assatta M Month ago

      Nah hun, I hate her coz she can’t act at all not coz her character was executed very well for me to bealive gore she can act... nah ah

    • lesedi eliana Masola
      lesedi eliana Masola Month ago

      tumelo mothoa tsamo auditioner akere o better wena. O professional wena

    • dephine cee
      dephine cee Month ago +5

      I love her.i think ppl are jealousy of her

    • tumelo mothoa
      tumelo mothoa Month ago +1

      Leepile R it’s not about being “expert”dear it’s MY OPINION 🙄

    • Nomfundo Zwane
      Nomfundo Zwane Month ago +2

      @tumelo mothoa uyakwazi uku act(a) wena? 😕😕😕

  • Phumzile Sinorita Nyawose

    Sorry to say but I'm pro life

  • Blessed God is not dead

    Does it mean that when ur adopted u hv to support everything the family decides coz ur not blood.
    Almost everyone is saying Tumi is not blood.
    Which begs the question... Are adopted children ever really accepted or when they raise their voices they are told ... hey ur not family.suport us or shut up

    • mochaleaves
      mochaleaves Month ago

      @Mojadihloho KereMalome Dimpho is on busary. Tumi is the breadwinner.

    • Nthomeng Majara
      Nthomeng Majara Month ago +1

      @Reserved Artist it would be unfair to expect her to get over it. She shouldn't project it onto her siblings either.

    • Reserved Artist
      Reserved Artist Month ago

      @Nthomeng Majara I don't think she will ever get over what Lindiwe has done to her.

    • Lindy Maj
      Lindy Maj Month ago +4

      That's how a real family looks like that's sibling love nothing

    • Nthomeng Majara
      Nthomeng Majara Month ago +2

      Tumi is bitter and judgemental, not unsupportive.

  • Lawrence j
    Lawrence j Month ago +13

    😢😢this is so sensitive i feel her pain

  • Noma M
    Noma M Month ago +1

    Aowi Dimps🙆🏽‍♀️mara nana hle😭. Eish 9 months ke ngwaga befethu😂

  • Nono Seobakeng
    Nono Seobakeng Month ago +6

    I missed tonight's episode yho but that last part, I felt that

  • thabisile mtshweni
    thabisile mtshweni Month ago +36

    I like the way Dimples speak tsotsi taal

    • Bradley Diale
      Bradley Diale Month ago +8

      Is that tsotsitaal
      Edit: Isn't it just tswana with afrikaans🤷‍♂️

  • VickyM
    VickyM Month ago +22

    The biasness when Thuso and Dimpho do wrong is so sad there has to be justification. Tumi explained to Dimpho why she was against abortion because of her own situation.

  • Hellen Choga
    Hellen Choga Month ago +18

    Tumi is a child who came into the family via back door they are loud selfish and ungrateful such kids .

    • godess 716
      godess 716 Month ago

      @Hellen Choga 🙌100%.

    • Hellen Choga
      Hellen Choga Month ago

      @godess 716 at least someone understands me . Coz they think they have more rights than any of you .

    • godess 716
      godess 716 Month ago

      @Hellen Choga I totally agree with you Sis!!! And the other thing is when children from "outside" are part of your family later on when they are older it be comes a problem.Thats why alot of people don't accept step children into their families etc...

    • Hellen Choga
      Hellen Choga Month ago

      @Gcina Ncanywa I understand but have you thought about us who are forced to welcome such kids in our family. ? We can't even make an constractive criticism to them coz we are afraid to be labelled insensitive or abusive.

    • Gcina Ncanywa
      Gcina Ncanywa Month ago +5

      @Hellen Choga And you hellen what what. Mind the things you say some people are living with such problems. So the less you talk sensitive things the better.

  • nandi mugara
    nandi mugara Month ago +33

    The way i hate tumi

    • jolene adams
      jolene adams Month ago

      Bro fr I use to love her character now haaay she's just become the bitter, annoying one in the family I miss when she had a story line.

    • Zwoluga Kwinda
      Zwoluga Kwinda Month ago +1

      @Mojadihloho KereMalome dimpho has a bursary 🙄

    • Mojadihloho KereMalome
      Mojadihloho KereMalome Month ago +2

      Its funny when Thuso n Dimpho flop nobody say anything, mare Tumi a kenyang Dimpho skolo ka tjhelete ya Lindiwe is always being shamed

    • Bradley Diale
      Bradley Diale Month ago +5

      @Ms Lolah Her acting is okay. What is wrong with her?

    • Ms Lolah
      Ms Lolah Month ago

      Its bad enough that the girl who plays her character can't act🤦‍♀️

  • Bonnie Mosweu
    Bonnie Mosweu Month ago +87

    This is truly a sensitive issue,abortion has effects on the mother too.

    • Resego Nchuetsang
      Resego Nchuetsang 7 days ago

      I knew a girl who attempted suicide after having an abortion. She still hasn't gotten over it to this day

    • Langa Thanda2
      Langa Thanda2 Month ago +2

      @Tamaryans Mpho eish true

    • Tamaryans Mpho
      Tamaryans Mpho Month ago +2

      One thing that I like about many countries is that the only gender that is allowed to take a woman life is woman.
      If a pregnant woman is is killed the accused will be charged for killing two people.
      So logically speaking any woman who commits abortion is a legal murderer along with the doctors and nurses that is why I left the health care professional

    • Kgothatso Thatso
      Kgothatso Thatso Month ago +1

      Very true

    • Nomfundo V
      Nomfundo V Month ago +17

      It really does. Some women never get over it.

  • lwazi Mcnite
    lwazi Mcnite Month ago +49

    I don't like the way they were so unsupportive

    • lwazi Mcnite
      lwazi Mcnite Month ago +11

      @Perfectly Imperfect True. She even offered to adopt. Aahh Tumi,she is just bitter and horrible.

    • Perfectly Imperfect
      Perfectly Imperfect Month ago +15

      The only supportive person was the aunt.

  • DJ Vaughn
    DJ Vaughn Month ago +12


  • Teekay Maine
    Teekay Maine Month ago +54

    Dimpho's words to Tumi eix 😔 💔 😭 🤦‍♂️

    • Teekay Maine
      Teekay Maine Month ago +2

      @mochaleaves yeah o mmoditxe tsebe go kwa

    • mochaleaves
      mochaleaves Month ago +4

      O mo laile. O gana me go ba bread winner

    • Teekay Maine
      Teekay Maine Month ago

      @Refilwe Tlhaselo yeah eix 🤦‍♂️

    • Refilwe Tlhaselo
      Refilwe Tlhaselo Month ago +3

      Yooh,, my sister. I felt them too. Plis 😭😩