Andrew Neil 'destroys' Ben Shapiro in BBC interview

  • Published on May 11, 2019
  • Shapiro has said he was 'destroyed' by Neil during a debate on Politics Live in which he accused the veteran broadcaster of being a 'lefty'. Neil subjected Shapiro to a robust interrogation about previous controversial remarks and highlighted Shapiro's support for new hardline abortion laws in the state of Georgia.
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Comments • 5 873

  • Derek W
    Derek W 2 minutes ago

    I didn't see much destroying going on lol

  • Khanh Nguyen
    Khanh Nguyen 2 minutes ago

    Well, why was Cortez afraid to interview with Ben. Ben is just human. He will fall to emotion.

  • G Summy
    G Summy 4 minutes ago

    Shapiro is so under pressure . # when you meet a real journalist

  • Andy Davies
    Andy Davies 2 hours ago

    Taxi for Ben Shapiro the Blubbing Baby

  • Dark Side
    Dark Side 3 hours ago +1

    Ben you still are the Man, looks like this little piece was taken out of context. It’s not showing the whole interview.

  • Nicolas Ibaceta
    Nicolas Ibaceta 3 hours ago

    Facts didnt care about his feelings.

  • yyst yyst
    yyst yyst 3 hours ago +1

    Nah ben won for sure 😊 trump 2020

  • RadicalPack 1
    RadicalPack 1 4 hours ago

    Idk why people are saying Ben lost when nobody lost anything. Ben just got mad at the journalist because he didn’t admit to be a leftist. Even if he did brake his character he’s only human and the stuff Ben been thru throughout his life. With all the hate, I’m sure he has hella more patience than a lot of us

  • littlemissmello
    littlemissmello 4 hours ago

    Wants women to carry out a nine month pregnancy but can't even carry out one single interview himself..

    • David Gilmour
      David Gilmour Hour ago

      No correlation...? Also, I’m 100% sure that he has carried out one single interview. This interview here is the exception. Life begins at conception. Aging begins at conception. Abortion is ending a life, even if the women gets an abortion the first day she is pregnant, a life is ended.

  • Tim Vande Bunte
    Tim Vande Bunte 5 hours ago

    Andrew Neil is a pompous lefty. Shapiro destroys this guy!!

  • hal jordan
    hal jordan 5 hours ago

    Honestly I think they both were wrong

  • Israel Cuevas
    Israel Cuevas 5 hours ago

    Ben Shapiro for president 2024, right after Trump 2020.

  • The Raymond Show
    The Raymond Show 5 hours ago

    Andrew Neil: "Your book is a criticism of how angry America is and how America has to do better"

    Ben Shapiro: "I am popular and no one's ever heard of you"

    Andrew Neil: "Thank you for your time and for showing that anger is not part of the American political discourse"

  • N N
    N N 5 hours ago +3

    Ben did not even lose this debate. He just didn’t want to talk to the dude. There was no debate. No one got destroyed

  • Ay-Ay-Ron
    Ay-Ay-Ron 5 hours ago


  • Timbobway oh'dangaruze

    Not answering return questions is not destroying, now go find his statement on this.

  • Caden Brust
    Caden Brust 5 hours ago

    Ben 1000000-1

  • Phil Coulson
    Phil Coulson 5 hours ago

    Tbh Ben made more points than the stupid Brit did. Ben destroyed him

  • BP IS FIR3
    BP IS FIR3 6 hours ago

    Ben shapiro : im so ignorance and arrogant and i can speak fast to make you speechless

  • The jupiter
    The jupiter 7 hours ago

    It’s true what Ben says here. Why keep the questions coming about his dumb tweets from THE PAST, which are on bens own website that he apologises for and admits he was dumb at the time instead of proper questions of things and events NOW.

  • James Hatfield
    James Hatfield 9 hours ago

    Still waiting to see when Ben got destroyed.

  • Wayne Bruce
    Wayne Bruce 9 hours ago

    Release the Snyder Cut

  • nh142891
    nh142891 10 hours ago

    What a nasally pitched wimp. This is what passes for an intellectual conservative?

  • Dred Fork
    Dred Fork 11 hours ago

    Still though who the hell is Andrew Neil?

  • Bay Goal
    Bay Goal 11 hours ago

    first of all no one “slammed” nobody, it wasn’t a debate.

  • zimbabwe Brudda
    zimbabwe Brudda 13 hours ago

    Andrew is most likely a nonce.

  • liam edwards
    liam edwards 13 hours ago

    Still waiting for the 'destroying' any idea when it's going to arrive?

  • Sietse Van Overstraeten

    He doesnt seem to be smart enough to take up a man with years of Interviewing experience

  • vivek chemmannoor
    vivek chemmannoor 13 hours ago

    Virgin destroyed by bbc 😂😂

  • Cynic
    Cynic 14 hours ago +1

    Rich spoiled brat vs Witty old chap.

    Well done educating this kid Neil.

  • danyjr
    danyjr 14 hours ago +1

    Does this guy need hormone therapy? Looks like someone's puberty went wrong...

  • R Sheridan
    R Sheridan 14 hours ago

    I seen the full video in what way this guy destroyed Ben besides ben getting tired of some old man that couldn't even answer one of Ben Shapiro's questions? You leftist are so funny that way it's like a bad joke!

  • Arron Nash
    Arron Nash 17 hours ago +2

    Nice edit. He didn't destroy him at all. He was on the attack the whole time just trying to catch Ben somewhere by quoting endless things like his tweets.

  • Lenard Twum
    Lenard Twum 17 hours ago +3

    This shows nothing, the title is misleading

  • thicc moist chicken
    thicc moist chicken 17 hours ago

    This video is a joke becouse if you have common knowledge of punctuation you would see that 'destroyed' is in quotations so therefore I believe that it was a draw

  • Odd's Nightcore
    Odd's Nightcore 17 hours ago

    Who do we give bodily autonomy to a CORPSE and not a WOMAN?

  • That One guy
    That One guy 19 hours ago

    To be fair, Ben went into the interview expecting to talk about the book but then was told his beliefs where going to
    “Bring back the stone age”. Basically the interviewer was attacking Ben and not asking questions about the book.

    • Daniel
      Daniel 16 hours ago

      Ben: why don't you quote my book for a change
      Neil: I have several times and I'm about to again if let me finish......
      Ben: your a leftist, I'm out!!
      **For those not familiar the interviewer is a conservative and hence laughs at being told he is "the left"**

  • Scott
    Scott 19 hours ago

    I'm sure we are seeing everything that happened and not some cut down version.

    • Daniel
      Daniel 16 hours ago

      You choose what you click. The full version is just as easily accessed.

  • Dean Rockwell
    Dean Rockwell 19 hours ago

    "But Mr. Shapiro you preach Nationalism for Israel and Classical Liberalism for America, isn't that hypocritical?"
    1:30 to 1:42

  • JP Moore
    JP Moore 19 hours ago

    Ben totally just got destroyed!!! Wait no he didn't! Guardian News just said he did and spliced clips together to make it seem that way. The only thing that was revealed was that BBC is a left wing news organization and when called that the reporter says that is stupid without basing that off any facts

  • skinny scrambler
    skinny scrambler 20 hours ago +1

    Watch the whole interview before you think Shapiro was bested by this hack

  • I Fight BEARS
    I Fight BEARS 20 hours ago

    Ben talks so fast I have to rewind the video

  • Tuesday and Thursday
    Tuesday and Thursday 20 hours ago

    Leftists are so excited. They got 1 win so they blow it out of proportion.

    • LegendaryDN
      LegendaryDN 18 hours ago

      Excited? Not really just funny because not he asked real questions. He didn't like it and lost it. The left are usually the ones that get asked the hard questions while the rights get soft balls. It's common nowadays.

  • Keenan Scutchfield
    Keenan Scutchfield 20 hours ago

    Highly edited, fools.


    was supposed to be a interview about his book not a confused old man reading out past tweets from ten years ago lol

  • Anthony Vogler
    Anthony Vogler 21 hour ago

    Destroys??? Lmfao this is the best the left has I guess

    • Daniel
      Daniel 16 hours ago

      There is no ""left" in the video. Shapiro and Neil are both on the conservative side of politics. But don't let facts get in the way of your feelings.

  • shrek slayer
    shrek slayer 22 hours ago

    Literally switch the names

  • Anonymous User
    Anonymous User 22 hours ago

    They aren't discussing anything important anyways. NEXT!

  • Chase Pflueger
    Chase Pflueger 22 hours ago

    This clip cuts out the whole first half of the interview where the interviewer is clearly inserting his own views and then cites random tweets with out context from 10 years ago as proof to his claims.

  • The One And Only Me
    The One And Only Me 22 hours ago

    Ben's voice is so nauseating.

  • Surgé Land
    Surgé Land 22 hours ago +2

    I mean, I'm a socialist, and I'm Irish. But, I loved seeing this British conservative wreck Ben Shapiro without even trying to.

  • Andrew Dyer
    Andrew Dyer 22 hours ago +1

    I don’t think anyone got destroyed in that video. I do think people want to see Shapiro slip up in an argument because he does destroy so many leftist ideology.

  • Johnny Blaze
    Johnny Blaze 23 hours ago

    i think Ben destroyed the interviewer here

    LGSRIDE 23 hours ago

    Destroys?? Lmao is that destruction?

  • adven brave
    adven brave Day ago +3

    Well, I wouldn't say been Shapiro was destroy by Andrew. Ben could go all day if it was a SERIOUS debate

    • Johnny Blaze
      Johnny Blaze 23 hours ago +1

      i agree, Shapiro called him out on being non objective, i don't think a majority of people in the comments can see that.

  • ManBearPig
    ManBearPig Day ago

    this is why the left are mind numbly stupid, this wasn't a debate it was actually meant to be an interview about his book but instead it was this old fart asking questions about tweets from 7 years ago to try and get Ben in a gotcha moment and no Ben has not said he was destroyed another lie by the alt left news and u wonder why no one apart from the deranged left take guardian serious

  • Vunami
    Vunami Day ago

    I really don't think Andrew Neil knows what he's talking about sometimes. No wonder Ben left.

  • brandon hamson
    brandon hamson Day ago

    Ben Shapiro only has ad homonym arguments.

  • Blue Carobs
    Blue Carobs Day ago

    I have no idea what is going on.

  • Cory Stuffle
    Cory Stuffle Day ago

    I didn’t see any destroying of anything. Video seems chopped up and lacks context.

  • Ian Rodricks
    Ian Rodricks Day ago +1

    The illiterate people in the comment section trying to smear Ben need to educate themselves about him first - maybe actually watch a video or two about him. Even Bill Maher praised him for having the balls to step onto enemy territory on his own. He's been on debates with Cenk Uygur (whom he ripped to shreds) Sam Harris, he's constantly appeared on CNN, Vox and other news channels who oppose his views.

  • Surprise623er
    Surprise623er Day ago

    Did I miss where he destroys him?

  • Goober Mcgilicuty

    What "destroyed"?? Watch the entire interview, if you dare!!

  • Stormfox
    Stormfox Day ago +8

    This video shows something completely different from the original footage. Very selective cutting of the original content.

  • Lil Woadies
    Lil Woadies Day ago

    andrew neil is not destroying him

    • Commander Yeet
      Commander Yeet Day ago

      Lil Woadies it’s mostly just Ben has no capability of answering the questions

  • jrichmond75
    jrichmond75 Day ago

    Hahaha I think Ben actually destroyed him 😂

    • Commander Yeet
      Commander Yeet 23 hours ago

      jrichmond75 I did and neither person was destroyed

    • jrichmond75
      jrichmond75 23 hours ago

      Commander Yeet Watch the video and read the words that come out of there mouth. Subtitles help too.

    • Commander Yeet
      Commander Yeet Day ago

      jrichmond75 how?

  • Ariel Larin
    Ariel Larin Day ago +1

    If the collective IQ of the people that think Ben got destroyed could be channeled into electricity, it couldn’t even lightly toast a piece of bread. Ben is one of the most intelligent people in the sphere of politics and he simply didn’t want to answer questions to a guy whose intentions weren’t pure and objective. If you can’t see that, in the words of Darth Vader, “you are as clumsy as you are stupid.”

    • Commander Yeet
      Commander Yeet 21 hour ago

      Ariel Larin I wish fett had more dialogue

    • Ariel Larin
      Ariel Larin 22 hours ago

      Commander Yeet His character arc makes him one of the greatest villains of not the greatest villain in all cinema. Empire Strikes Back is my favorite SW film.
      Though, I gotta say, Boba Fett is awesome too; a walking Swiss Army knife.

    • Commander Yeet
      Commander Yeet 23 hours ago

      Ariel Larin indeed, he has killed the most Jedi in history and completed what an entire sith order could not

    • Ariel Larin
      Ariel Larin Day ago

      My bad, you’re right. Vader is the man.

    • Commander Yeet
      Commander Yeet Day ago

      I’m hating your comment because the Darth Vader quote is wrong, it’s actually “he is as clumsy as he is stupid” and it’s in reference to an officer who quite frankly was an awful tactician. Also no one actually thinks Ben was “destroyed”. Also whether the questions were backed by an ill intent or not he could’ve given an honest answer rather than getting heated over nothing

  • Rene Aensland
    Rene Aensland Day ago +2

    It's a bickering conversation that was going nowhere. You don't insult, or critique during an interview. You ask questions, answer and leave. It's not a debate.

  • Victor Wallec
    Victor Wallec Day ago

    yeah, the interviewer destroyed him, it was an interview, just get over the fact you both dont like each other but leaving without a real anwer? dude

  • Felipe
    Felipe Day ago

    Its funny how all of you libs had no way to counter Ben so when he slips all of you is like at an massive attack... but enjoy your 15 mins of fame

  • ZaneTheCaneYT
    ZaneTheCaneYT Day ago

    The entire "interview" was not an actual interview. This clip was taken out of context and Andrew Neil was blatantly attacking Ben Shapiro. Ben thought that this was an interview when in fact it was a debate. He did not get destroyed, he came unprepared.

    • Daniel
      Daniel 16 hours ago

      It was an interview that Ben tried to turn into a debate. He failed, claimed the conservative was on "the left", tried to insult the interviewer by saying that he hasn't heard of him, had it turned around on him, got angry and then left.

  • Braiden Brooks
    Braiden Brooks Day ago

    Ben "taken out of context" Shapiro

  • Eduardo Lobo
    Eduardo Lobo Day ago

    How do you own a guy like Ben Shapiro? Be deliberately obnoxious.

  • Alessia Turcotte

    How is this owned

    ARKHAM KNIGHT OP Day ago +1

    The only problem Ben has was not looking into who he interviewer was.
    He’s been doing speeches on his book and the editor and interviewer took the whole 14minutes to actually ask something about the book from a snarky way, of course Ben reacted this way when told one thing then was interviewed in a completely different way

  • MeetTheWorld
    MeetTheWorld Day ago

    How was he destroyed? I don't get it.

    • Daniel
      Daniel 16 hours ago

      Not everyone will get it. Hint: The audience for the BBC is British and know the interviewer.

  • Aek Sinsang
    Aek Sinsang Day ago

    This is cut footage and shows an old limey trying to make a debate- it was to be discussion on his book

  • Joshua McLean
    Joshua McLean Day ago

    Don’t see where Ben Shapiro was owned?

  • Bella EXE
    Bella EXE Day ago +5

    It was supposed to be over the book, he caught him off guard by turning it into a debate.

  • J.SeKour Cage
    J.SeKour Cage Day ago +1

    What a pipsqueak!!! Please, I implore everyone to watch the entire interview - hell, I'm still trying to understand what unraveled him so.... That little chump could talk tough about a innocent teenager being gunned down for nothing, but couldn't withstand a few lukewarm questions from a - wait for it - *CONSERVATIVE BRITISH JOURNALIST* !!
    EDIT: Hey, you 2500 downvotes, if this is your _"intelligensia"_ I hope you understand that your country is going to die soon... cheers

  • J.SeKour Cage
    J.SeKour Cage Day ago +1

    2500 downvotes.... hm, curious.....
    Question: What didn't you like?

  • Larry Jones
    Larry Jones Day ago +3

    Amazing how this could be looked at as destroying Ben. Seems quite the opposite. But I am not a liberal snow flake...

  • Mridul Sharma
    Mridul Sharma Day ago

    BBC is a left leaning media. That is true. And the title should be ben shapiro destroyed neil.

  • Edward
    Edward Day ago

    I’ve seen left wing journalists come down hard on the likes of Shapiro and Peterson for having videos on TheXvid with titles such as ‘Peterson DESTROYS feminist’ etc. The counter argument by Peterson being a valid one “I can’t control what people do when they edit and upload content of me and give it their own title”. Once again we see the hypocrisy of left wing media.

    • Edward
      Edward Day ago

      And I’m referring to The Guardian here btw, not Andrew Neil.

  • ZuKuTo / OFWModz

    If you bois actually listened carefully, you'd notice Ben did not know who he was, and was under the impression the interview was only about his book, not misc things included.

    Also, check Steven Crowders new video with Ben Shapiro, he explains what happened here quite well, I'd suggest skipping far ahead as there are a bunch of skits from Steven for fun at the beginning / mid-through.

    He only fully addressed the book from malice to his notoriety, never did he let Ben ask any questions formally.

    He ignores the argument of BBC being major bias'd, just dodges it.

    It also seems a lot of context was cut out here.

  • Owl Gaming
    Owl Gaming Day ago

    He never really did destroy ben shapiro he asked a question but the interviewer never answered it and he kept asking but he never answered so he was basically avoiding the question and if hes never heard of ben why js he interviewing him I mean😂😂

  • Nigoula
    Nigoula Day ago

    You basically show the two only moments Shapiro said things that could be held as questionable. For the rest of the time mr.Neil has been annoyingly repetitive and unbalanced, with no apparent interest for getting to know the person he was interviewing.

  • sharon h
    sharon h Day ago

    Destroys him ? How exactly did he destroy him? What he asked was a fair question. Imagine if Shapiro claimed to be down the middle but only questioned the left like this man only questions the right

    • Daniel
      Daniel 16 hours ago

      See the problem is this is an interview of Shapiro, not the interviewer. The interviewer (who is a conservative) is only asking questions to Ben that are based on factual records of what Ben said and wrote in his book. He made up zero lies and nothing was out of context or misrepresented. The fact is Ben didn't like admitting he was wrong many times in the past and then tried to blame the interviewer because he is "a leftist" when is fact the interviewer is comfortably right-wing. The only question Ben tried to ask was based on absurdity as he was told.

  • Nick
    Nick Day ago

    The dark ages ended hundreds of years ago. Abortion has only been legal in most western countries for several decades.

  • stellario82
    stellario82 Day ago

    When confronted with British rigour and clear thinking Ben Shapiro fails miserably!

  • Jan Bednář
    Jan Bednář Day ago

    “Andrew Neil destroys Ben Shapiro”? It seems to me it was the other way around

  • Strewth88
    Strewth88 Day ago +2

    Wouldn't say he destroyed him just wouldn't answer anything nor didn't research who he was interviewing very well

  • Plate 2 Plate
    Plate 2 Plate Day ago

    Liberal regression is real! I would hardly say that Shapiro was destroyed. Irritated yes.

  • ElShmiablo
    ElShmiablo Day ago +3

    For somebody who hates socialism Ben sure gets publically owned a lot.

  • maverick792
    maverick792 Day ago +1

    The man was on the left.

  • Jan Asamoah
    Jan Asamoah Day ago +3

    isn't it funny that in a 16 minute interview, only 1 minute of edited clips showed ben being "destroyed"

  • The Rind of Zayo Da Dong

    Interviewer: *ask questions*

    Ben Shapiro: Is that like a personal attack or something?

    • Aesthetic Sheep
      Aesthetic Sheep Day ago

      The Rind of Zayo Da Dong I mean it kinda was bc the interviewer brought up old tweets that Shapiro had already addressed many times in the past

  • The Rind of Zayo Da Dong

    If Ben Shapiro was a restaurant owner, he'd be on an episode of Kitchen Nightmares with Gordon Ramsay using insults that have never been heard before.

  • OTN mma
    OTN mma Day ago

    I thought he was indestructible

  • Yuvraj Singh
    Yuvraj Singh Day ago

    He did not DESTROY Ben he barely let him speak

    • declan is declan
      declan is declan Day ago

      Yuvraj Singh well he’s interviewing him, and Ben wouldn’t let him finish asking questions