Stick of Truth on PS4 and Xbox One

  • Published on Feb 14, 2018
  • For the first time ever, the stand-alone version of South Park: The Stick of Truth is on Xbox One and PS4! Play this South Park classic now.
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  • Potato Belah
    Potato Belah Year ago

    I want to be on Xbox 360

  • zayJax
    zayJax Year ago

    why not a remaster? the game looks a little bit ugly, the lack of colors makes me sad... but the game is good anyway!

  • Special Loser
    Special Loser Year ago

    Stick of truth is coming to switch September, it’ll be better than fractured but whole as the game originally ran at 420p or something and the switch handheld screen runs at 944p while TV mode runs in 1080p, loading times will be a bit smaller since the switch has more processing power than Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Just my hopes that I’m correct in this. Also question for the creators, what’s gonna happen to us who’ve already got the fractured but whole on switch, will we get stick of truth free or at a cheaper price?

  • Special Loser
    Special Loser Year ago

    Any chance you’ll port stick of truth to switch or have you capped Nintendo’s limit?

  • Paul
    Paul Year ago

    Don't touch him, he's ginger !

  • Thunder
    Thunder Year ago

    On nintendo switch plis :'v

  • Friskafist
    Friskafist Year ago

    This should be released for the Nintendo Switch.

  • Wolf Lover
    Wolf Lover Year ago

    don't toutch him his ginder

  • Thy Shalt Smite
    Thy Shalt Smite Year ago


  • Christian Deleon
    Christian Deleon Year ago

    This Re-Release Was Very Recent and “The Fractured But Whole” Just Now got Announced for the “Nintendo Switch” Hopefully this comes to that Platform as well.
    I’d LOVE To see these “South Park” MASTERPIECES come to a Portable Nintendo Console (Yes I’m Aware it’s not just Portable), it’s a little crazy to think about. I’d DEFINITELY Re-Buy this.

  • That Guy
    That Guy Year ago +1

    Can y’all make a team America sequel.

  • Shadow Boy
    Shadow Boy Year ago

    Well atleast its gonna be AWSOME

  • AsianRamen69
    AsianRamen69 Year ago

    After 4 years

  • Particle
    Particle Year ago

    watch my south park amv

  • Ryan Keller
    Ryan Keller Year ago

    Thanks for the Switch port guys! Now how about this game?

  • Creep970
    Creep970 Year ago

    Already doing my four playthroughs with all the classes lol! xD

  • Dash Davis
    Dash Davis Year ago

    Can you make more south park mini figure series toy or tell the people who made the toys make more

  • Katlyn Dobransky
    Katlyn Dobransky Year ago

    I love how it’s called a “classic” now. I remember when this game was all over the internet back in 2014

  • MexCZ
    MexCZ Year ago +1

    Kyle or Cartman? I'm with Cartman.

  • Mojo Jojo
    Mojo Jojo Year ago

    Should do the video when butters break up with the raisins girl and he does the crying but happy quote

  • Top Leaf Entertainment. Co

    I want a copy for the switch.

    • Thomas Zhao
      Thomas Zhao Year ago

      The Fractured But Whole will be on Nintendo Switch in April

  • I can’t live without Twice

    Where are Japanese people?

  • Doomguy44
    Doomguy44 Year ago

    The fractured but whole was a pretty good game but here are some pros and cons of the fractured but whole (I know this is really late and the whole thing is done but here we go)
    1. there were no perks or weapons or armor so there was really nothing to add on to your character to really customize your play style
    2.there was not much replay ability in it because towards the end of the game Timmy gives you all the class abilities so once you've beaten the game there was literally nothing to do, in the stick of truth you could play again as a different class, try out all the perks, play with different equipment etc.
    3.the ending was very anticlimactic which was funny but in the stick of truth you felt like a badass when you saved the entire town of South Park by finishing off princess Kenny, but in TFBW your just finding a cat and that's it.
    4.all the attacks and abilities were "imaginary" this isn't anything serious but I just liked it when in the stick of truth most of your abilities were real things like dragons breath is a Roman candle, assault and battery, the sling of David, stink bombs etc. and it just made the stick of truth even more charming because we all new it was just kids playing and it was a fun way to interpret "magic" into the game

    1. The introduction was awesome it really got me pumped in the beginning and made me want to play the game
    2. The combat system was pretty good and there were more abilities/party members that you could mess around with
    3.there were more creative fights like the peppermint hippo, sober towley, butters dad,mrs cartman's "competition" and more, it was Cool to change up the combat to match the situation and made for some funny moments.
    4.there were some pretty funny fights and events that happened and there was way more weird battles throughout the campaign

  • Not a Idiot
    Not a Idiot Year ago

    Already got it for pc and beat it more than 20 times

  • Luis south park
    Luis south park Year ago

    And switch version?

  • DeadAss
    DeadAss Year ago

    there has to be an episode about Nicholas Cruz in the school shooting

  • gjonezy9
    gjonezy9 Year ago

    The Islamic State of Sweden


  • Jacob Arcand
    Jacob Arcand Year ago

    Thank you

  • OddBoysTv
    OddBoysTv Year ago

    I got mine with the fractured but whole

  • Daniel Larmour
    Daniel Larmour Year ago

    If you buy fractured but whole on the platstation store you get stick of truth for free

  • RealFact 346
    RealFact 346 Year ago

    It old game but it on consol

  • jonisnotameme
    jonisnotameme Year ago

    Notice everyone is clamoring for the switch

  • Ross Lynch
    Ross Lynch Year ago


  • Pc Game
    Pc Game Year ago

    Is this the official one?

  • Jacob The New Kid
    Jacob The New Kid Year ago +1

    Plz port stick of truth and fractured but whole to switch, it’ll be South Park on the go, and it will make things like long car trips fun. #switchoftruth #fracturedswitchwhole p.s. we haven’t had a South Park game for Nintendo consoles for about10-14 years

    • Thomas Zhao
      Thomas Zhao Year ago

      Jacob The New Kid The Fractured But Whole will be on Nintendo Switch in April

  • lazy human
    lazy human Year ago

    I played like 1000 times

  • ᴅɪᴢᴢʏᴛᴜɴᴇs

    i miss stick of truth

  • Soren Sablan
    Soren Sablan Year ago

    Why not on the Nintendo Switch?

  • Rangers Fan From Jersey

    This game was amazing. Matt and Trey should use this game as a format for the third game.

  • lol
    lol Year ago

    This is such a good game

  • bc86tbl
    bc86tbl Year ago

    I got mine a few days before Christmas with TFBW. Got the platinum trophy on both. Fucking amazing games. I hope I one day meet the geniuses behind South Park.

  • Potato Chip
    Potato Chip Year ago +1

    Wait, wasn't this backwards compatible? Wasn't this a lead title in backwards compatiblity, right next to things like the black ops series? Ffs I beat it again 2 days ago using a 360 disk, to then see this later on.

  • JBJblaze & TFA!!!!

    Will this be in 60 FPS on PC too? (If this wasn't, then my eyes deceived me.)

  • gangsterfatguy
    gangsterfatguy Year ago +1

    is it censored

    • Niff Sniff
      Niff Sniff Year ago

      I’ve played it on pc 2 years ago. They didn’t censor words or balls.

  • Alex McGillvrey
    Alex McGillvrey Year ago

    Very nice, now tell us about Stan and Wendy's official current relationship status. The Fractured But Whole and the episode "Aw, Jeez" should be hints that they are dating again.

  • Arne Verwaaijen
    Arne Verwaaijen Year ago

    I am too shit for this game, my weapons somehow vanished and now I can't beat Jimmy, co' s I have a level 1 weapon

  • Isaac Van
    Isaac Van Year ago +1


  • Ranna Owieczka
    Ranna Owieczka Year ago +2

    Oh I member

  • Koeke Loere
    Koeke Loere Year ago

    Why do they upload an ad 4 years after release

    • Koeke Loere
      Koeke Loere Year ago

      Niff Sniff it was already for ps4

    • Niff Sniff
      Niff Sniff Year ago

      Koeke Loere cuz now it’s for ps4

    EPICGOD Year ago


  • DDown
    DDown Year ago

    There not dead

  • Raytjietie
    Raytjietie Year ago +2

    ‘And, let’s beat up Clyde.’

    • Niff Sniff
      Niff Sniff Year ago

      dab these memes are old and dead.

  • booty2k
    booty2k Year ago

    Remove the backwards compatible 360 version of the EXACT same game from the store and replaced with this "version" but £10 more expensive?
    I own fractured and stick but for anyone who doesn't........this is a bit cheeky to say the least.

  • 火kwon
    火kwon Year ago

    i want to thank TFBW for giving me this for free before it became official

  • Not A Ectobiologist

    Lmao I've had mine for like last month

  • Sanae - kun
    Sanae - kun Year ago

    I got it from buying the fractured but whole but it was censored, damn you Europe xd

  • 春櫻草莓
    春櫻草莓 Year ago

    I like the stick of truth customs

  • ミッフィーちゃん


  • Rand o
    Rand o Year ago

    So does this version not have the annoying black banners at the edges of the screen

  • KingOfToons
    KingOfToons Year ago