Carmen - Ouverture

  • Published on Jul 9, 2008
  • Performed at the Metropolitan Opera
    Conducted by James Levine
  • MusicMusic

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  • Taii potatoie
    Taii potatoie 4 hours ago

    I love how the director looks like he became part of the music

  • 박인순
    박인순 Day ago

    Dianna Ross 의 hair style 사랑해요.
    I had my hair done like Dianna's in 80 , long time ago ......

  • Isabelle Trocmé


  • Cry Baby
    Cry Baby Day ago

    Only I go here because I have a test tommorow?

  • Friedrich Nietzsche


  • veronica ruiz
    veronica ruiz 2 days ago

    Wtf fnaf???

  • Lucas Pisarro
    Lucas Pisarro 3 days ago

    Tom y Jerry & Cinco noches en Freddy's

  • 蘇仁聰
    蘇仁聰 6 days ago


  • Outline
    Outline 9 days ago

    FNAF fans over here!

  • Creator Unreality
    Creator Unreality 10 days ago


  • Tails Doll
    Tails Doll 10 days ago

    Came here because of Mario and Sonic at the olimpic games

  • Warren Hoffman
    Warren Hoffman 15 days ago

    Was sent here by Morris Buttermaker.

  • _ Rishano-1909
    _ Rishano-1909 20 days ago

    1:24 Five Night at Freddy's anyone Else hear it

  • Augusto da Silva
    Augusto da Silva 21 day ago


  • Mathendro
    Mathendro 24 days ago +1

    Bientôt dans les 2020s et toujours aussi légendaire

  • alexander nl
    alexander nl 26 days ago

    I'm here for the fnaf

  • Around The World
    Around The World Month ago

    it is time for champaaaaaaaaaaaaagne!!!!!!!!!!

  • C.Mansilla Cia
    C.Mansilla Cia Month ago +3

    Mi opera favorita. Un like a este año 2019 I love opera fron Chile south

  • Gaetano Caliendo
    Gaetano Caliendo Month ago


  • Fyqu aly
    Fyqu aly Month ago +2

    Carmen l'opéra Français le plus connue . Fnaf 1 le jumpscare de Freddy porte la thématique de cette musique .❤️

  • duy quyen
    duy quyen Month ago


  • mariantonietta de domenico

    stupenda esecuzione

  • Susie
    Susie Month ago +1

    I came from Oggy and the cockroaches,
    Slay DeeDee my boi--

  • Essam Al Ashoush
    Essam Al Ashoush 2 months ago


  • Jim W
    Jim W 2 months ago

    Boy, did Jimmy get fucked over! I've always believed he was no different than any other horny genius, and so what. No body walked away or said no.

  • Simply David
    Simply David 2 months ago

    In the 70’s it became disco 🥰🥰🥰❤️❤️❤️

  • Chason’s crazy Animations

    1:24-fnaf Freddy’s music box 📦

  • Chason’s crazy Animations


  • Chason’s crazy Animations

    F -n-a-f

  • Chason’s crazy Animations

    Fnaf Freddy’s Music box 🥳😜

  • giuseppe marini
    giuseppe marini 2 months ago

    Meravigliosa esecuzione con il suono dei piatti adeguato.

  • Gordon Ferrar
    Gordon Ferrar 3 months ago +1

    Celebrating being alive and getting to look at beautiful woman and trees and blue skies and eating mangos and peaches and getting footrubs from somebody you love in the morning and getting away with bad grammar becuase the internet is pretty anonymous and watching your football team trounce your rivals and drinking beer and whiskey and eating pies with mash potatoes and having a glass of cool water before falling into a warm bed at night life is full of splendour and splendid persons.

  • Hipocrates MD76
    Hipocrates MD76 3 months ago

    get in there lewis!!!wow i was after lewis' podium celebration in hungaroring but instead ended up here:))))

  • Mc Ride
    Mc Ride 3 months ago +1


  • 陳繡惠
    陳繡惠 3 months ago


  • McCall
    McCall 3 months ago

    This music is the epitome of the Kingdom of Spain! I love it!

  • papalolo
    papalolo 3 months ago

    Escuchar esto,es la verdadera felicidad!!

    SCHEISS DFB und RB 3 months ago +1

    Allez Karlsruhe allez

  • Fonky Monkey
    Fonky Monkey 4 months ago +1

    Mon Dieu, quelle musique grandiose!
    Cette interprétation est puissante et sublime!

  • PietroSavastano PietroSavastano

    this is biutifull song me I"m love this song

  • EFH
    EFH 4 months ago +1

    Is there anything John C Reilly cant do(?)

  • Williams Toro
    Williams Toro 4 months ago +2

    Do you know what this music means?

  • papa malo
    papa malo 4 months ago


  • Ww2 Battleships
    Ww2 Battleships 4 months ago

    Who came here for the fnaf part

  • danort17
    danort17 4 months ago


  • Narinder Singh
    Narinder Singh 4 months ago +1

    I hate when people say rubbish like “I came here for FNAF/ F1”... this is a prelude of a french opera, not a meme!
    You should respect this peice of music instead of interpretating like a stupid trash that people invented for a car racing or a non-frightening monster...please, just enjoy this Bizet’s masterpeice

  • Josef Hörmann
    Josef Hörmann 5 months ago

    * * *

  • Zimatar
    Zimatar 5 months ago +5

    Beautiful music and electrifying performance by Maestro James Levine.

  • NGC
    NGC 5 months ago +1

    I am here because I am in Secondary school (HK)

  • eMBo twentyfour
    eMBo twentyfour 5 months ago

    Orchestra on auto pilot. LOL!

  • Giuseppe Giuseppe
    Giuseppe Giuseppe 5 months ago

    James Levine in pole position

  • Roger Auger
    Roger Auger 5 months ago

    I'm here because the Two Ronnies did a comic turn using this music. Sue me. :D

  • Generalbluethunder
    Generalbluethunder 5 months ago

    *FNaf intensifies*

  • jesterd14
    jesterd14 5 months ago +7

    I'm here because we studied this opera in high school. Yeah in a public school.

    • James Holt
      James Holt 2 months ago

      You must have gone to a fantastic public school!!!!!,

  • Jean Alain
    Jean Alain 5 months ago

    some idiot writes most people come for "fnaf," (?) I dont even now what fnaf is...I am French and I come for Carmen, all my llife it was a family classic, nothing to do with cartoons and other crap. My mom was even sing some arias...

  • Bluestar Aquamarine
    Bluestar Aquamarine 5 months ago

    When was fnaf even created?

    • Daniel: Animation Rookie
      Daniel: Animation Rookie 3 months ago

      2014, and suddenly the young demographic of fnaf fans comes to ruin this masterpiece.

  • JPPStillKillN
    JPPStillKillN 5 months ago +13

    The conductor is the reason this is my favorite version. It's just the perfect energy Carmen

  • JPPStillKillN
    JPPStillKillN 5 months ago

    Hey Arnold

  • Isael Elias Pereira de Lima

    James Levine é um dos melhores regentes da atualidade.