Death of Apartheid: The Whites' Last Stand. 4/6

  • Published on Aug 16, 2010
  • Documentary about the doomed attempt of Eugene Terreblanche's AWB to stop the 1994 elections which brought the ANC to power in South Africa.

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  • James Mallon
    James Mallon Day ago

    Mac Maharaj you p..s!

  • William Hand
    William Hand 7 days ago

    Fuck you salvages how can you destroy a finest mercedes benz with bullets

  • Devisi
    Devisi 9 days ago

    6:20 good riddance

  • Concerned SA
    Concerned SA 13 days ago

    It is interesting that the commentator claims that the AWB members shot people randomly in the street but they only show the bodies of the victims. However they have video footage of how the AWB members were murdered.... Is this the truth? If you truly want to understand African violence in South Africa, you should view this video,

  • My Gmail
    My Gmail 15 days ago

    2 wrongs don't make a right . they murdered those men

  • mazter monzter
    mazter monzter 18 days ago +1

    if the guys were black and the police white, the will be a international condemnation...

    but you know, we live in a very hypocritical world

  • Jager Sempai
    Jager Sempai 25 days ago

    AWB are nazi..

  • Matias Velázquez
    Matias Velázquez 29 days ago +6

    _And that moment Jimmy and Gordon realized that the evil negro communists also knew how to use weapons._

  • Inney Rale
    Inney Rale Month ago +3


  • Bonga
    Bonga Month ago +1

    I love how you bleed boy!!!

  • Orefile Molaakgosi
    Orefile Molaakgosi Month ago

    We got our lands back

    • IslamicTerd2
      IslamicTerd2 28 days ago

      And tuned them into shitholes 😂 well done 👌

  • Omar Ali
    Omar Ali Month ago +1

    I love white south African it's TRU them the economy of south africa is stable

  • Mr Herbert
    Mr Herbert Month ago +1

    When you go around shooting innocent people and then act surprised when you are shot........

  • Jessi love
    Jessi love Month ago

    What language are those idiots speaking?it sure does not sound like English

    • Bader
      Bader Month ago

      Jessi love who care about english idiot? every nation has their language .. stick your english language up your ass!

  • Charity Olongo
    Charity Olongo 2 months ago +1

    For a moment I thought yoh i hate white people because they killed a lot of people that would still be alive today. But yoh my dad comes.
    Dad: darling forgive and forget just thank God that u were not alive in that time
    Me: okay🤔

    • Jocelyn Eva Seagreen
      Jocelyn Eva Seagreen Month ago

      We are not all like this. I have hatred for these white people too but I can only imagine how much hatred a black person would feel. The AWB were clearly trying to get their greedy dirty paws on that state and tried to do it by playing the good guy and when they didn't get their way they murdered innocent people. They're disguisting, evil and inhumane and have no place in this country.

  • Edson Ramos
    Edson Ramos 2 months ago

    "Sheer bloody murder"! Who shot those blacks dead?

  • Wesley Cragun
    Wesley Cragun 2 months ago

    “We we’re willing to die for black people, for an independent black state.” No, you were shooting wildly at any black person you saw in an attempt to preserve a glorified reservation that was meant to stop Africans from having land and citizenship in SA.

  • Garfuck
    Garfuck 2 months ago +1

    When you treat other people like dogs, it's only fair when those people kill you like a dog.

    • Edson Ramos
      Edson Ramos 2 months ago +1

      Garfuck they cynically ignore the horrors of apartheid. Well, now they are paying.

  • kabzaify
    kabzaify 2 months ago

    Mafikeng, the Capital of the Unified Botswana

  • No.
    No. 2 months ago

    I am disgusted by the fact that these people share the same skin colour as I do.

  • Mkhanyiselwe Dlamini
    Mkhanyiselwe Dlamini 2 months ago +1

    I lyk what Bob sodeis dan

  • Edson Ramos
    Edson Ramos 2 months ago

    Let me get it straight. The lads in the blue shot first,right?

  • Edson Ramos
    Edson Ramos 2 months ago +7

    If you give out hatred,that's what you get back. Fair enough.

    • Edson Ramos
      Edson Ramos 2 months ago

      Sam Wilson that's kind of what I said. By the way, I'm not Mexican.

  • Boere Seun
    Boere Seun 3 months ago

    My hart cries for their deaths

  • Hasan x
    Hasan x 3 months ago +5

    can you believe the arrogant cheekiness of those pale heartless devils? Demanding help, complaining about how long it's taking for "help" to arrive after they just murdered 3 people." we've been waiting for up to 20 minutes"???? Yes right away Mr. White man, so you can resume your shooting of black people. I'm glad help came soon after.

  • ZICO G
    ZICO G 3 months ago +2

    Nothing better than a fascist getting shot

  • CytotoxinK
    CytotoxinK 3 months ago +2


  • Vusi Mthalane
    Vusi Mthalane 3 months ago +2

    I watch this execution of racists every week and I like it.

  • Pitt Brad
    Pitt Brad 3 months ago

    Well ... whatever ... Bophuthatswana ceased to exist very quickly and South Africa is going down the drain like Zimbabwe and the rest of the African continent or you can say ... South Africa is adapting to the traditional African way hahahaha, corrupt and vindictive as was to be expected of the ANC terrorist organisation who without hesitation wil kill their own to gain power and profit, what's left of this beautiful first world country is deteriorating faster and faster in to the dark ages, a shame the educated youngsters in South Africa wil be too late.

    • Pitt Brad
      Pitt Brad 3 months ago

      @Hasan x very good arguments (?) man shows the way to go as expected and you just confirmed it you stupid fuck, i fucked off a long time ago and i am enjoying the view dickhead. hahahahaha

    • Hasan x
      Hasan x 3 months ago

      look here bottom shelf Brad. South Africa will do much better when all you devil types would go back to been talking that doomsday talk for over 20 years now. piss off.

  • ⲈⲘⲒⳐ ϝᚱⲀ ⱌεᚣⳚϟⲯssέᛇ

    Just came here to enjoy the executions of those awb militia dudes, the only proper way to deal with fascists

  • the e
    the e 3 months ago +3

    "Sheer bloody murder." or y'know, karma.

  • TheKnightWho SaysNi
    TheKnightWho SaysNi 3 months ago

    "we need an ambulance for this guy", and that another guy whingeing that he'd been lying in the sun for 20 mins, should have thought about that before shooting at innocent civilians the evil bastards.

  • George MacDonald
    George MacDonald 3 months ago

    (Terblanche :)" I said to him 'that's bleddie nonsense'..." well holy shit big Eug... that argument will surely stand up in court, right? : "...well your honor in spite of your logical arguments I postulate 'that's bleddie nonsense'..." "...oh ok mr terblanche, I think we can close the debate on that point... gentlemen what is next on the agenda?..." duh. wat n verleentheid vir die Afrikaner nasie...

  • Diana Connors
    Diana Connors 3 months ago

    Mmmm, how the mighty have fallen.

  • Schloss Heiss
    Schloss Heiss 3 months ago +1

    Carl Benz School Germany FHWS Schweinfurt MIT

    What volume of wheat have you actually contributed to French Croissants for golden Delicatashes of Austerlitz.

  • Jacques South Africa
    Jacques South Africa 4 months ago

    it is ok too be white !!!

    • Jocelyn Eva Seagreen
      Jocelyn Eva Seagreen Month ago

      It's okay to be white. What's not okay is to oppress and kill other people because they're not.

  • Joe Day
    Joe Day 4 months ago +2

    ......aaaaaand if you know anything of the race based government enabled farm murders going on in South Africa as of 2019 you will see Terrablanche was not at all wrong.

  • MTA Quill Fan
    MTA Quill Fan 4 months ago +1

    These Europeans Are Always Lookin For Trouble.

  • Francois Steyn
    Francois Steyn 4 months ago +1

    Moenie kak praat nie, the whites did not have a last stand, they decided everybody is equal. Not like the blacks in south africa today, still RACIST !!

  • Hasan Mohammed
    Hasan Mohammed 4 months ago +2

    I find it quite remarkable how the honorable comrades of the ANC maintained a calm, cool composure whilst bringing genuine freedom to all people blessed enough to cross its path. There will always be troublemakers and I believe that the honorable police officials would not raise a rifle at an unarmed civilian unless their lives were in danger. The AWB has proven itself worse than the other parties involved in that it's approach was aimed at sowing discord and violence. May Allah prevent any more such individuals such as Eugene Terreblanche from attaining a position of influence in a society as unified and cohesive as what the ANC has so long struggled to maintain. Amandla comrades

  • Zane Orton
    Zane Orton 4 months ago

    All the foreigners here commenting as if they were here during Apartheid. You have no idea what this country's history truly is or the state of it now.

    • Susan M
      Susan M 4 months ago +1

      I was there, I left in 98, still have family there and follow the situation as closely as possible.

  • Hubo Le Afrika
    Hubo Le Afrika 4 months ago

    Where can i watch the whole documentary?

  • Hauk I Am Sipho
    Hauk I Am Sipho 4 months ago

    Frightening that both Leon Wessels and Roelf Meyer are faggots.

  • Jeandre Philip Malherbe

    Even for a white like me this is just to much

  • EndtheEu NFG The courtown 3

    The eu,un all Zionist banks media media, Marxist collages, ngos and borderless charities must be destroyed for all European countries to keep European cultural,heritage,identity and for OUR children to have a safe peaceful future.

  • Redwolf Media1
    Redwolf Media1 4 months ago

    You would have to be blind or low I.Q as to not see these guy's were assassinated like sheep!!! You've got to look for the truth despite all the propaganda! If all you want to do is satisfy your own biases then your lost already! It's was made clear to them through the night they were not welcomed and if they stayed they would be attacked!!! The fact they were leaving showed they was out-gunned and was leaving as soon as possible and certainly wouldn't start killing indiscriminately! The Bop Army was given orders to go alert the residents the Racists were in town and would be trying to flee soon. Do you really believe all those people just happened to group up on their exit or do you think they shot a few people to make it appear the White's murdered innocent blacks walking down the streets? Think about it! They were hated by these people,they knew they had them outnumbered and had them in their territory so they set them up to get rid of them! They weren't racist,they were proud of being White and proud Patriots and was trying to save everyone from the Communist(Russians)(U.K. Criminals) that have fleeced that Country ever since! Hell Mandela was a Commie Terrorist!

  • BeatniKkers
    BeatniKkers 5 months ago

    Sad to see Africa under black and communist rule.

  • MohawkDriver
    MohawkDriver 5 months ago +1

    And now, South Africa is enjoying the most wonderous black government. Witness the so-called 'parliament' proceedings. Just give the EFF and the rest a bunch of spears and machetes and you'll witness the only form of government that works in Africa, thanks to the blacks.

  • tee brinner
    tee brinner 5 months ago +1

    Eugene Terre’Blanche Is a hero and we salute you sir!!

  • juschu67
    juschu67 5 months ago

    white farmers murdering is just a funny game huh since Mandela is gone SA is going the way any other african nation did go since they can rule themselfs good luck africa but you will not get any help for free anymore

  • Jan Pearson
    Jan Pearson 5 months ago +1

    I support the AWB fully in defense of their homeland it is too bad the western nations and the south Africa government sold out the white south Africans to black rule.

  • zutrue
    zutrue 5 months ago +1

    BEAUTIFUL!!! I could look at these WHITE animals getting smoked all day long. The pity is that it was just this remnant. I wished it had been the whole lot of the scum that came in. It would have been excellent if the Bop soldiers had exterminated every last one of these ANIMALs!

  • Kefiloe Nkosi
    Kefiloe Nkosi 5 months ago

    Is a good thing Terre blanch died

  • Mbongeni Ndaba
    Mbongeni Ndaba 5 months ago

    Terreblanche killed many black people even in anc government but was sentenced to 6years
    The sodomised boys killed him but get life sentence is unfair really

  • acuna matata
    acuna matata 5 months ago

    u get rid of a diseased dog. and that is what happened. 😑

  • Ginza
    Ginza 5 months ago +2

    They got exactly what they deserved. I have no sympathy for them.

  • Piet Mtshweni
    Piet Mtshweni 6 months ago +2

    don't provoke u will set what u want

  • Patrick Kazan
    Patrick Kazan 6 months ago +1

    Boer boys talk tough on youtube, but out on the street they will be asking for ambulance

    • Hasan x
      Hasan x 3 months ago

      they even said please. such polite devils face to face--before getting lit up by a sub machine gun.

    • Asshat Zeppeli
      Asshat Zeppeli 5 months ago

      @Patrick Kazan Your lying I've never really seen that what I have seen is the leader of one of the biggest parties in SA the EFF Malema threaten white people and saying he doesn't want us dead YET

    • Patrick Kazan
      Patrick Kazan 5 months ago +1

      @Asshat Zeppeli ....the difference is they don't talk tough on youtube about how they are going to start a war and crush black people.

    • Asshat Zeppeli
      Asshat Zeppeli 5 months ago

      calm down chill with the racism this was almost 30 years ago and a very tiny group of extremists, you wanna see some video's of black people striking and getting shot to death ? And YES they were asking for ambulances who wouldn't.

  • Gert van Wyk
    Gert van Wyk 6 months ago

    The whole incedent stink of Cia

  • dj Zamora
    dj Zamora 6 months ago +1

    Fuck them