Is a Hydrophobic Knife a Perfect Murder Weapon?

  • Published on Aug 7, 2021
  • I test if blood can attach to a superhydrophobic knife
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  • The L-A-C-U
    The L-A-C-U 9 months ago +4457

    This dude is slowly becoming more and more like an average mad scientist

    • rope
      rope 4 months ago

      @Merciful 神 you also didn't watch it

    • Adek
      Adek 4 months ago

      Mad scientists always discover the best stuff

    • dagyッ
      dagyッ 9 months ago +4

      @Bill Bored KURISTINAAAAA

    • The L-A-C-U
      The L-A-C-U 9 months ago +1

      @Merciful 神 he did take his own blood though

    • Lixarion
      Lixarion 9 months ago

      @Aj Oh no.....

  • Ian Sertori
    Ian Sertori 4 months ago +1752

    - "Is this knife a perfect murder weapon? Lets test it out"
    - Murders someone :0

  • B Mod
    B Mod 4 months ago +19

    It took him way too long to say the blood was beef's blood. I was just sitting here trying to accept that he innocently has a pint of blood for testing murder weapons

  • Wyphern
    Wyphern 4 months ago +152

    Never ask:
    A man: his salary
    A woman: her age
    Action lab shorts: how he got the blood
    Edit: nvm I just finished the short.

  • Merissa Lapiz
    Merissa Lapiz 4 months ago +1289

    "what's the perfect knife for murder"
    Fbi: why are you watching this?

    • Adek
      Adek 4 months ago +3

      "I'm interested in common knowledge"

    • Jacob G.
      Jacob G. 4 months ago +12

      @Zoo Wee Mama ohh nah bro a menace

    • Zoo Wee Mama
      Zoo Wee Mama 4 months ago +39


    • Andrija Bogosavljević
      Andrija Bogosavljević 4 months ago +28

      They Are like "bro that Is sus"

  • shreya sinha
    shreya sinha 9 months ago +9233

    the way we've evolved from "does fried water taste good" to "is a hydrophobic knife a perfect murder weapon"
    i'm so loving this

    • shreya sinha
      shreya sinha 9 months ago

      @Lena B. M. It was absolutely disgusting 😂

    • Lena B. M.
      Lena B. M. 9 months ago

      but wait does it taste good?

    • toasterbath
      toasterbath 9 months ago


    • Qibbs
      Qibbs 9 months ago

      @•_____• Id rather have these short clips instead of stretched out videos

    • giridhari vaddavalli
      giridhari vaddavalli 9 months ago

      6.9k likes .... *_nice_*

  • Woke God
    Woke God 3 months ago

    Thank you for confirming with the microscope.
    You’ve done the community a great service

  • ForceBeWithYou77
    ForceBeWithYou77 4 months ago +91

    An icicle is still the most perfect murder weapon…

    • Feksander
      Feksander 4 months ago +2

      @r4 And I am afraid of these replies

    • Francesco Ragnoni
      Francesco Ragnoni 4 months ago +2

      Someone here plays hitman...

    • Jeanicia Sparkles
      Jeanicia Sparkles 4 months ago +2

      @ForceBeWithYou77 burying….putting them in an underground cellar….same thing right? 😂

    • ForceBeWithYou77
      ForceBeWithYou77 4 months ago +2

      @Jeanicia Sparkles what? For burying dead bodies?

  • Adrian Metzler
    Adrian Metzler 4 months ago +5

    Man he’s dedicated to science. Cutting ones self to F around and find out is admirable.

  • I'm friendly...
    I'm friendly... 4 months ago +424

    "I wanted to try something a little bit more realistic"
    ah yes -murders himself

  • Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    "I was using this beef's blood here"
    Don't let him deceive you, there's bodies in his fridge

    • bread
      bread 4 months ago

      Wow 😈😈💀💀💀💀☠☠☠☠☠☠☠

    • bread
      bread 4 months ago

      @hungar ya

    • Tree
      Tree 4 months ago


    • Lovely little thing
      Lovely little thing 4 months ago


    • Jonas Sturgeon
      Jonas Sturgeon 4 months ago

      With me it’s my own blood from my nose. Mixed with sink water so I don’t dirty the sink again…

  • Tyrique Dampier
    Tyrique Dampier 4 months ago

    From science experiments to tools for the perfect murder. Quite a stark difference in content

  • Artsy Husky
    Artsy Husky 4 months ago +1

    Never ask these two questions.
    How mothers know where your "lost" object is, and
    How and where did action lab get the blood

  • memepie
    memepie 4 months ago +595

    “I want to try something a little more realistic” murders somebody on camrea

  • James Van
    James Van 4 months ago

    You sir, have just helped many people clear themselves of murder. 😂

  • Kip Musto
    Kip Musto 9 months ago +19804

    “I wanna try something a little more realistic…” got me worried there ngl

  • redandblue101
    redandblue101 4 months ago +19

    Police investigation: “ah I see you are carrying a knife on you”
    “Yes officer, it’s for self defence”
    *Takes it in for investigation, not suspicious at all that you were carrying a hydrophobic knife*

  • Christian Anderson
    Christian Anderson 4 months ago +10

    "I'm going to try something more realistic"
    Cows: *unrealistic sad noises*

  • PenguinMan
    PenguinMan 4 months ago +47

    Serial killers: Write that down WRITE THAT DOWN!

  • Ace
    Ace 3 months ago

    - " We have the murder weapon , You're under arrest. "
    - " Impossible, I used a Hydrophobic Knife."
    - " Yeah and we used a microscope."

  • Lucky2d
    Lucky2d 9 months ago +5192

    “Sir we found the murder weapon”
    “Wait why is it Hydrophobic?”
    *Action Lab smiles in the distance*

    • kazien13
      kazien13 8 months ago

      @Safe Don't you have Gloves tho?

    • kazien13
      kazien13 8 months ago

      That seems...@Safe

    • kazien13
      kazien13 9 months ago

      @Derpeos I think we all know why😉

    • Derpeos
      Derpeos 9 months ago

      @kazien13 yea but why he storing blood in his fridge?

  • 𝖈𝖗𝖊𝖊𝖕𝖕𝖔

    Let's just respect this man for using his own blood for science

  • Daniyal Nayeemi
    Daniyal Nayeemi 4 months ago

    Thank you,I really appreciate what you have done for me

  • Alexs
    Alexs 4 months ago

    This man just risked his life to make this video, what a legend.

  • rosdi misrow
    rosdi misrow 4 months ago

    it's not a mistake ✨ it's a masterpiece ✨

  • Ricky Rubio
    Ricky Rubio 9 months ago +5684

    "Let's use something a little more realistic"
    Begins to go on a murder spree

  • SMM
    SMM 4 months ago

    Thank you for enlightening our minds now we know exactly what we need for "that".

  • Carlos Vibz
    Carlos Vibz 3 months ago

    When he said he was using beefs blood and said “I want to try something more realistic” my mind went somewhere else😳😂

  • Tiky
    Tiky 4 months ago

    We need this man on a watch list

  • PeltSomeoneWithA
    PeltSomeoneWithA 4 months ago +1

    Plot twist: There was actually no blood cells on the knife and he just wanted to not get arrested for showing the perfect murder weapon

  • Wesley Colin
    Wesley Colin 9 months ago +15606

    “I wanted to try something a little more realistic”
    -Stabs himself

  • Lance Prep
    Lance Prep 4 months ago

    For some reason, I forgot what “hydrophobic” meant and thought the knife was going to dissolve when it touched the blood.

  • jelly_Jennifer Rivera
    jelly_Jennifer Rivera 4 months ago

    Okay I'll try something else 😃
    It's not a mistake it's a masterpiece ✨

  • Henry Stickmin ∙ 2.3M views ∙ 10 hours   ago

    a hydrophobic knife might just give a tough competition to the deadly icicle. A video uploaded on TheXvid by a channel named ‘Action Lab Shorts’ shows the difference between an ordinary knife and a hydrophobic one. The video starts with a beaker full of blood (Not human blood, of course!). The presenter then dips the ordinary knife in the beaker, and it turns all red when he takes the knife out. Howbeit, when he dips the hydrophobic knife, it comes as clean as it was before.
    To take it up a notch, the presenter tries his own blood in the next part of the video. He pricks his finger and gets a speck of his blood on a microscope slide. He then touched the hydrophobic knife on the slide, and the results are the same.
    Well, it might have been the perfect weapon for a serial killer before the presenter puts the knife under a microscope. What is seen are big blots of red blood on the blade when seen through the lens. The presenter exclaims, “Look at that! Busted!" The debate is washed off, and apparently, the icicle still remains the perfect murder weapon there is.

  • HaTn0F1t
    HaTn0F1t 4 months ago

    Thank you for this information, I'll take it into consideration.

  • Arushri Dixit
    Arushri Dixit 8 months ago +6428

    The fact that more than 9 million people are interested in knowing whether a hydrophobic knife is a perfect murder weapon or not is scary

    • Oreeve
      Oreeve 4 months ago

      It's curiosity, friend. Curiosity. Not to do in real life, that's wrong. Just for knowledge. Cu-ri-o-si-ty 👈🗿. (Aw man 😂).

    • Black Blacky
      Black Blacky 7 months ago

      I clicked without reading the title

    • monomi S7 infinite
      monomi S7 infinite 8 months ago

      No it's 10 M bruh

      BLANK JOY 8 months ago

      well, we're all murderers at some point, including you and me

    • King Moses IX
      King Moses IX 8 months ago

      U too

  • WelcometoGboardclipboardanytextyoucopywillbesaved.

    14 year olds: "how dare that knife be hydrophobic it's 2022"
    This is a joke

  • haden7
    haden7 3 months ago

    Thanks for the advice, I’ll make sure to use it

  • Pigmcpig
    Pigmcpig 4 months ago +1

    “I wanted to try something a bit more realistic, so I got this hostage over here”

  • Sahil Kaundal
    Sahil Kaundal 4 months ago

    Where do you think he got the blood from? He already got away with the perfect crime.

  •  ShortHax
     ShortHax 9 months ago +2555

    Um, I’m sorry FBI agent for watching this...

  • Void Of Djor
    Void Of Djor 4 months ago

    i realized this weapon is still perfect coz they don’t check for knives that are literally in their average place

  • Kazay
    Kazay 4 months ago

    thank you for the information I find this very helpful

    THESHYSQUID 4 months ago

    It’s pretty much the perfect murder weapon as long as you use gloves and put gloves on top of the Gloves

  • Pony
    Pony 4 months ago +1

    Where did the blood from the beaker come from?
    Action Lab: *no*

  • Anyaondi Tsatenawa
    Anyaondi Tsatenawa 9 months ago +5923

    "let's use something more realistic"
    Proceeds to panic

    • Alexander Roguski
      Alexander Roguski 9 months ago +1

      "Now, what else will you need to do to commit the perfect crime? Well in order to find out hit the subscri-"

    • Chunky Jason Plays
      Chunky Jason Plays 9 months ago +1

      @☆Tik the Protogen☆ My intern

    • Cloudz
      Cloudz 9 months ago +2

      When he checks your Amazon and sees the hydrophobic knife u ordered

    • gaming moment
      gaming moment 9 months ago +3

      Lmao i literally thought of it when he said that

    • Janglee S
      Janglee S 9 months ago +2

      @☆Tik the Protogen☆ i can't-😂😂😂

  • KarmaVR
    KarmaVR 4 months ago

    Him:holds a razor
    Also him:calls the razor a knife

  • Caleb Cook
    Caleb Cook 4 months ago +1

    “I don’t like water”

  • 🌸𝚂𝚒𝚕𝚌𝚘_𝚜𝚒𝚖𝚙🌸

    I would say yes if it got cleaned very well after the murder. But it is quite small.

  • Jack Zweemer
    Jack Zweemer 4 months ago

    Thanks for giving all the murderers tips and tricks!

  • Alyssa Marcos
    Alyssa Marcos 9 months ago +1259

    As a person who writes for fun, this is a literal chunk of gold, thank you

    • Alyssa Marcos
      Alyssa Marcos 9 months ago

      @Alequis E H E

    • Alequis
      Alequis 9 months ago +1

      @Alyssa Marcos deal.

    • Alyssa Marcos
      Alyssa Marcos 9 months ago


    • Alequis
      Alequis 9 months ago

      @Alyssa Marcos WHERE'S MY PAYMENT?

    • Alyssa Marcos
      Alyssa Marcos 9 months ago +1

      @Alequis I don’t know why my reply didn’t appear, but I’ll say it again: dON’T EXPOSE MY OTHER STORIES AAAAAH

  • Noè Schaeffer
    Noè Schaeffer 4 months ago

    Never ask:
    A man, his salary
    A woman, her age,
    Action Lab Shorts, where he got a container of blood from

  • hue
    hue 4 months ago

    thanks for the idea mate! my brother's blood didn't even coat the knife!

  • Agokohane
    Agokohane 4 months ago

    Thanks for helping me make the decision. Its much easier wiping the hydrophobic knife.

  • watafak xd
    watafak xd 4 months ago +1

    Thank you so much!! This will help me alot 🙏☺️☺️

  • Adam Seers
    Adam Seers 9 months ago +3126

    "Let’s use something more realistic"
    "Hey Jimmy! Can you come here a second"

  • Brandon Foucault
    Brandon Foucault 4 months ago +2

    Are clothes dipped in super hydrophobic liquid the best swimming suit or the best floatie

  • Kai Walsh
    Kai Walsh 4 months ago

    Thanks for the tips I'll use them in the future

    DREAMER CREATIONS 4 months ago

    If it ended up proving to be the perfect murder weapon, i dont think he would have been able to upload this 😂

  • Laker Smith
    Laker Smith 4 months ago

    Him "is hydrophobic knife perfect murder weapon?" Also him " ok let's dip it in the blood."

  • Lampcap
    Lampcap 9 months ago +5185

    *"So I wanna try something a little more realistic."*
    Legit thought he was bout to say "so imma go get some human blood" **murders neighbor**

  • RaINZero1650
    RaINZero1650 4 months ago

    You'll never know when you were just standing there, Go out and test it out...

  • MaTthEw raza
    MaTthEw raza 4 months ago

    I mean even of you couldn’t see the blood they have forensic teams that would be able to tell by the puncture wounds. Which is really crazy because they can tell which knife it is sometimes just by how it was nudged in by a person.

  • IDK
    IDK 4 months ago

    I expect a man of science to use the same knifes 🤨

  • Random Person
    Random Person 4 months ago

    This is concerning.
    Where did you get the blood?

  • Yami Yugi
    Yami Yugi 9 months ago +3786

    "I wanna try something a little more realistic.."
    Alright, he got someone in a freezer or something for this

  • flaringo
    flaringo 4 months ago

    Thank you for the useful information

  • creekandseminole
    creekandseminole 4 months ago

    Thanks for the tips man!

  • Gaming with Hawal
    Gaming with Hawal 4 months ago

    We have to be careful of this guy. He can do somethings we won't expect

  • TheMightyChomik
    TheMightyChomik 4 months ago

    Thank you for this info I will look for one now

  • Jediberserker
    Jediberserker 9 months ago +5105

    This man is really dedicated to science, he just took his own blood.
    Edit: this is my most liked comment lol.

  • Wayward Current
    Wayward Current 4 months ago +2

    "I was using beef's blood here"
    "I was using Beef's blood here"

  • The 3 Wolf amigos 🇺🇦

    Thanks this video really helped!

  • Shashi plays robolx
    Shashi plays robolx 4 months ago

    This guy is like a guy who would risk his life for science

  • Benjamin Morris
    Benjamin Morris 4 months ago

    It still is perfect because no one would see the blood without a microscope, so they wouldn't trace it for blood samples

  • Blueman111222
    Blueman111222 9 months ago +1907

    The line "is a hydrophobic knife the perfect murder weapon? Let's test it out" has some serious implications 😂

    • Machinist 72
      Machinist 72 9 months ago +1

      It would have serious implications if it passed luminol and UV...

    • John Hippy
      John Hippy 9 months ago

      Hydrophobic Bullet 🤣

    • Beast YT
      Beast YT 9 months ago

      I'm your thousandth like

    • useless being
      useless being 9 months ago

      @Rizzage lmao

    • Rizzage
      Rizzage 9 months ago +13

      “Where can I buy that?”

  • Michael Smith
    Michael Smith 4 months ago

    So we are just assuming the "Killer" isn't going to clean his weapon? 🤷‍♂️

  • Vanessa Schwarz
    Vanessa Schwarz 4 months ago

    Realizing his mistake, our hero grabs a second identical box cutter blade to decieve attentive murderers into thinking the greatest homicide tool is folly.
    It was a close call but the city will sleep safe tonight

  • scrunkly scrimbo ☺☺

    Yeah so like where can you buy those hydrophobic knives? I need it for.... a project.... yes.

  • NextMint
    NextMint 4 months ago

    I'm going to start searching one of those, it is always hard to clean blood after my nocturnal walks.

  • Laura Weihe
    Laura Weihe 9 months ago +8135

    “it this knife a good murder weapon? let’s try it out”
    wait a second...

  • GlitchyPikachu
    GlitchyPikachu 4 months ago

    You've basically gave the murderers the upper hand to kill more with that weapon

  • ToastyNuggetDavancii
    ToastyNuggetDavancii 4 months ago

    My man is giving out murder strats mad props lol

  • Austin Miller
    Austin Miller 4 months ago

    Every day I grow more concerned about this man

  • Michael Smith
    Michael Smith 3 months ago

    Now I just need hydrophobic duct tape, some hydrophobic rope, and extra large hydrophobic trash bags

  • dootVEVO
    dootVEVO 9 months ago +3255

    "Is a hydrophobic knife the perfect murder weapon? Let's test it out"
    Let's not.

    • A normal human
      A normal human 9 months ago

      @Jaden the OG backup I scrolled down wth did I start

    • Francis Double A
      Francis Double A 9 months ago +1

      british people : Let's gooo

    • Turnip head
      Turnip head 9 months ago

      @TRUE How do you explain the 100+ verses in the Quran that talk about the brutal murder of infidels?

    • skaya
      skaya 9 months ago

      You saying that makes me hungry for kids now

    • Jacob Smith
      Jacob Smith 9 months ago

      So I shouldn't of gone to the park and kidnapped them all is that what you're saying

  • Rei
    Rei 4 months ago

    “look at that, busteddd” got me XD loved it

  • Ghostly Minty
    Ghostly Minty 4 months ago +3

    If the government takes this down, it’s canon.

  • Cookie cat
    Cookie cat 4 months ago

    damn thanks for the tip gonna use hydrophobic knives now :)

  • BurntDVD
    BurntDVD 4 months ago +1

    Thanks I really needed this tip

  • Illuminutty
    Illuminutty 9 months ago +2897

    Makes fun conversation. "I'm not stabbing you! See? No blood. There! No blood."

    • MaverickQuill
      MaverickQuill 9 months ago +1

      i can hear a psycho laughing while saying that like that kid saying "YOULL FLOAT TOO"

    • Konahrik4E
      Konahrik4E 9 months ago +1

      Imagine an infomercial following a cereal killer giving a Billy Mays speech on how spotless the knife is while he’s murdering people in the audience.

    • SCP-049
      SCP-049 9 months ago +2

      Oh hey I was your 1k like cool

    • SCP-049
      SCP-049 9 months ago +5

      Or maby...

    • glasspop
      glasspop 9 months ago +137

      Then someone pulls out a microscope and says, "Yes blood."

  • max moffre
    max moffre 4 months ago

    thanks for the tip. i’ll probably use it next time.

  • Kremit
    Kremit 4 months ago

    My uncle watching this video: " Ayo thanks for the tip, it helps me a lot man "

  • -Qistina-
    -Qistina- 4 months ago

    Murderers watching this be like: great now I need to steal a new knife again 😞

  • Dogma Balls
    Dogma Balls 4 months ago

    Follow up video: What kind of acid breaks down a body the fastest?

  • Grace Animates
    Grace Animates 9 months ago +7308

    "I wanna try something a little more realistic"
    And that kids, is how I killed my first victim

  • Zero Dark Lumens
    Zero Dark Lumens 3 months ago

    Thanks I’ll be putting this information to good us- Er... I mean I’ll be applying this to my future detective career.

  • Nunya House
    Nunya House 4 months ago

    thanks for helping the murderer community

  • a gayshroom 😊
    a gayshroom 😊 3 months ago

    The perfect murder weapon for me is insulin. My sister is diabetic, so i've already git a source of it, you don't need to much, it leaves no trace, and it is technically natural considering we all produce insulin. The only thing that I would watch out for is cold insulin, my sister says it hurts more and I think she's mentioned it leaving a bruise before.

    • a gayshroom 😊
      a gayshroom 😊 3 months ago

      @Some guy with a sandwich Idk it might be different than my sisters, but she just can only use it for so many days after opening it

    • Some guy with a sandwich
      Some guy with a sandwich 3 months ago

      I have heard her say that It can hurt pretty bad before though.

    • Some guy with a sandwich
      Some guy with a sandwich 3 months ago

      My younger sister is also diabetic. But I always thought that you had to keep insulin cold after you opened it or something.

  • Hoppers Pizza
    Hoppers Pizza 4 months ago

    Thanks, it worked! 10/10 the guys blood wasn't even on it.