Heritage: Union Pacific's Missouri Pacific SD70ACe #1982 - II: MoPac Special

  • Published on Sep 6, 2015
  • Filmed 09/02/15
    Thanks to a half day at work, I was able to get this one. I knew it was in the area , but figured I'd be at work when it went through. Even still I cut it VERY close. Took longer to get to the first spot than I thought it would for various reasons, but I got to the park with about five minutes to spare.
    Chris was tracking it for me and he mentioned I should go chase it to Buckner about 5 or 6 miles to the east on 24hwy. When I saw how fast he was going, I was reluctant to go for the chase, but after the first few cars went by, I was like, screw it, and shut the camera off and bolted.
    I won't say how fast I was going to beat it to Buckner (let's just say I'm glad no cops were in the area), but I made it there with about a minute to spare. I parked across the street from the old Missouri Pacific caboose and ran to the other side of the tracks to get the better sunlight.
    Without realizing it at the time, that move set me up with a little bonus; I was able to get both the Missouri Pacific heritage unit, in the same shot as the MoPac caboose, all while on former Missouri Pacific trackage.
    I was finally able to get some club video filmed this weekend, so I'll have some of that coming really soon. So stay tuned, more to come and as always, thanks for watching!
    Heritage Score Board:
    Union Pacific... GOT 'EM ALL!
    - 1982 (5: Leading**, DPU 2x, Argentine Yard, Leading 2x)
    - 1983 (5: Leading 4x, DPU)
    - 1988 (5: Leading*, 3rd out*, Leading, 2nd out, DPU)
    - 1989 (3: Neff Yard, Leading 2x)
    - 1995 (3: Neff Yard, Leading 1x,1*)
    - 1996 (5: Leading*, 2nd out, 3rd out, Leading 3x)
    Amtrak... 1 left
    - 66 (20+: Leading the River Runners)
    - 156 (10+: Leading the River Runners, 2nd out on the 4, leading the 4 2x)
    - 184 (9: Leading 314/313, 2nd out on #4, leading #4 2x)
    - 822 (1: Leading, though apparently this isn't a Heritage unit, even though it's painted like one. Completely stupid.)
    Norfolk Southern... 9 to go.
    - 1066 (2: Leading, DPU)
    - 1068 (1: 2nd out)
    - 1069 (1: Argentine Yard)
    - 1071 (1: Leading)
    - 1072 (1: 10th out)
    - 8098 (1: 2nd out)
    - 8100 (1: 2nd out)
    - 8102 (1: 2nd out)
    - 8103 (1: 2nd out)
    - 8104 (1: Avondale Yard)
    - 8114 (2: Leading)
    #: number of times I've seen them
    * notes that unit was not filmed or photographed at that time.
    ** notes that unit was photographed, not filmed.
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  • Rails Unlimited Official
    Rails Unlimited Official 10 months ago


  • Joseph's Trains
    Joseph's Trains Year ago

    I wish someone can tell me when its visiting st louis

  • freighttrainsahpassing

    Wow, that horn !!!

  • Hakeem Sd70M
    Hakeem Sd70M 2 years ago

    Beautiful Missouri Pacific heritage unit with beastly K5HLL! She is stunning! Great catch!

  • Jose M
    Jose M 3 years ago


  • Middle Georgia Railfan

    Awesome catch!

  • Amtrak 90222
    Amtrak 90222 3 years ago

    The ACe with a K5HLL

  • Angela Close
    Angela Close 3 years ago

    what type of horn does this Missouri Pacific heritage unit had?

    • Railfan Jason
      Railfan Jason  3 years ago +1

      It has a K5HLL. It sounds different than it does on regular GEVOs because EMDs pump more air pressure through.

  • Train Productions by iLoVeSD70Ace35

    Fabulous catch Jason!

  • Jaw Tooth
    Jaw Tooth 4 years ago

    Great catch and the locomotive and caboose at the end is awesome also!

    • Jaw Tooth
      Jaw Tooth 4 years ago

      @Railfan Jason
      Very nice!

    • Railfan Jason
      Railfan Jason  4 years ago

      Thanks! Was a neat chance to get the MoPac heritage unit, and an old MoPac caboose at the same time.

  • Franky M
    Franky M 4 years ago

    Great Catch UP ACE MP Heritage 1982

  • bnsf6951
    bnsf6951 4 years ago

    hi Jason... i can't believe all the luck you have catching all the UP "H" units.. another great catch.. thanks for sharing.. vinny

  • Houston Rail Productions

    Awesome job chasing that MoPac!!!!!! I have to say, its K5HLL does sound nice especially at speed. I would love to chase a heritage unit once I have a license and have enough free time.

  • TrainCenter54
    TrainCenter54 4 years ago

    Great video!!

  • gary wise
    gary wise 4 years ago

    Great catch and catching all three at once with the caboose and depot awesome

  • Pack Studioz
    Pack Studioz 4 years ago

    Great catch!! Glad you got it! I saw that unit on 391 in March and I can see its horn still sounds amazing. :D

    • Railfan Jason
      Railfan Jason  4 years ago

      Thanks! Yeah, she's got one of the loudest horns I've ever heard.

  • Captain Justice
    Captain Justice 4 years ago

    Sweet catch Jason!!! She sounds amazing!!

  • AZTrainGranny
    AZTrainGranny 4 years ago

    I sure hope you get Chris nice Christmas presents every year 'cause he sure puts you on great catches! Zoom zoom indeed!

    • Railfan Jason
      Railfan Jason  4 years ago

      haha... I try to do whatever I can do for him year round. Glad you enjoyed it!

  • Louisiana Rail Productions

    Great job Jason!

  • Railfan Noah
    Railfan Noah 4 years ago

    Awesome catch man! I saw this ACe in Eugene, OR a couple weeks back!

    • Railfan Jason
      Railfan Jason  4 years ago

      Thank you Noah! Glad you got to see it too, was that the first time for you?

  • David Durbin
    David Durbin 4 years ago

    Awesome catch Jason, that a beautiful locomotive the MP there. Thanks for sharing!

    • Railfan Jason
      Railfan Jason  4 years ago

      Thanks David. She is, but she also needs a new paint job. 10 years is a long time.

  • Legacies On The Rails
    Legacies On The Rails 4 years ago

    Sweet! I so want to catch this one! You catch all the Heritage Units! I should be checking the website but too often forget.

    • Railfan Jason
      Railfan Jason  4 years ago

      Thanks John. Yeah, I've got them all. Working on NS now. Just over half way done with them.

  • RB Railfan
    RB Railfan 4 years ago

    just awsome!

  • NW Ohio Trains
    NW Ohio Trains 4 years ago

    What a catch Jason can I just say, the 1982 has a ballin horn on it :D
    That's one fast manifest too... Kinda surprised at it actually.
    Also, glad the zoom zoom car could get you there in time..

    • Captain Justice
      Captain Justice 4 years ago

      +NW Ohio Trains I know right!?!

    • Railfan Jason
      Railfan Jason  4 years ago +1

      hahaha... Thanks Spencer :D Yeah, 1982 has a K5HL instead of the usual K5LLA. Apparently the horn gave out and they just replaced it with what they had available. It sounds different because it has more air pressure being pumped through it than what you'd get on a GE.
      I'm guessing he was doing 45-50. Not as fast as they go on the Marceline Sub, but still pretty quick. Which makes having the zoom zoom car a good thing... as long as there's no cops around in these cases. :D

  • Cipher's Railfan Productions

    Nice! Thank you for sharing.

  • Kyle G
    Kyle G 4 years ago

    Awesome catch! Good to know the MoPac is back in home territory!

    • Railfan Jason
      Railfan Jason  4 years ago

      Thanks! Yeah it was pretty neat to get her here. The caboose was icing on the cake. :D

  • KC Railfanning
    KC Railfanning 4 years ago +1

    Nice catch of the 1982 J! Well worth the chase huh?