I Love You, Good Bye. (Official Lyric Video) Elton Castee ft. Andie Case & Jay Walker

  • Published on Sep 2, 2018
  • Watch the Official Music Video Here: thexvid.com/video/z-c6fuonwto/video.html
    I Love You, Good Bye. Avail on iTunes: itunes.apple.com/us/album/i-love-you-good-bye-feat-andie-case-jay-walker-single/1434991405
    Music Video comes out September 16th.
    Which is the most heat-felt project I have ever worked on.
    Written by Elton Castee & Jay Walker, featuring the incredible Andie Case.
    Video animated by Kelsey Animated
    IG - @Kelsey Animated
    Jay Walker - IG @JayWalkr
    Andie Case - IG @AndieCase
    This was written & recorded nearly 4 months ago. Finally releasing it.
    Not really saying much else about this. Lyrics explain the rest
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  • TFIL
    TFIL  5 months ago +3514

    This song is not about TFIL...
    TFIL is not ending...
    Grab the song on iTunes - apple.co/2wBU6LJ

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  • Mersa Plys
    Mersa Plys 5 hours ago

    This song made me cry it's so amazing I'm actually listening to this over and over again and all the comments are so supportive and nice ❤

  • Kera Hawkins
    Kera Hawkins 6 hours ago

    Wow Elton your so freaking strong. I love you Elton you actually did save my life. 😕❤️

  • Ri'Kia Miles
    Ri'Kia Miles Day ago

    I Completely relate to this

  • James Fogg
    James Fogg Day ago

    I cry to this all the time bc I have lost some important ppl in my life and TFIL and the trap house and brennen helped me though it and Thxs guys I love you

  • Empty Cup
    Empty Cup 2 days ago

    Dam this is legit the best song i ever heard its so meaning full idk how i didn't find it earlier

  • DIY Sisters
    DIY Sisters 2 days ago

    I love this sm!!!

  • Jouzas gaming
    Jouzas gaming 2 days ago

    It made my almost shed tears out of my eyes 😭

  • Jennifer Steen
    Jennifer Steen 3 days ago


  • lil bxtch
    lil bxtch 3 days ago

    I cried so much I'm still crying😭😫

  • Jadyn Nelsen
    Jadyn Nelsen 4 days ago

    i need someones advice.... k so i like this dude but like its more of a love.... and we' d hang out and people think that he likes me. so it being a couple days past valentines i wanted to admit my feelings like i wouldn't care what he thought but my friends who is bestfriends with his best friend told me he was thinking about asking out a girl like an hour away but he liked me too so he was playin me off but i haven't talked to him about it yet also i CANT or ill like cry my eyes out and i wanna fricken kms cause hes the person who i love. i trust him more than my MOM. and im close to her. my friends tell me to try and talk to him to remind him he has someone better cause shes honestly not a good person but i cant talk to him or ill die. all i can think about is one time i ran out of the building crying and my friend went and said "your boo when running in the cold crying" and it took him a sec to process and then ran outside in the negative temps for 10 minutes and no coat to find me, tell me who does that and walks away.

  • Ava Mack
    Ava Mack 4 days ago

    Progress doesn't always mean moving forward. Stepping back or sideways still takes courage. Best line everrr

  • Pluxdo Pluxm
    Pluxdo Pluxm 4 days ago

    damn why you gotta do this to my heart

  • Emerald Cobra
    Emerald Cobra 5 days ago

    Ok i have read the comments and i am confused did amanda commit suicide or did you two just split, no matter what we are here for you elton.

  • Recap Tubers
    Recap Tubers 7 days ago

    This song is so good it just gets me emotional and makes my cry 🙂

  • Frag CmanTDC
    Frag CmanTDC 7 days ago +1

    Why does this feel like bird box at the beginning

  • Aaliyah Rodgers
    Aaliyah Rodgers 8 days ago

    Never thought I could relate to a song so strongly

  • mattfu82
    mattfu82 10 days ago

    Is this about your girlfriend if you can tell me that's sad

  • mattfu82
    mattfu82 10 days ago

    This is sweet

  • Kate’s Life
    Kate’s Life 12 days ago

    DONT LOOK AT ME IM NOT CRYING YOU ARE😭😭😭😭this hit so hard💔

  • GalaxyGachaverse tunk
    GalaxyGachaverse tunk 12 days ago +1

    Well I can kinda relate but it's so different because my cousin killed himself because his girlfriend died in a car reck and he had a kid but he said if I die pls take care of my little girl and i said yes and yea and while years mast and she asked where is my dad and I told her and now she's depressed and me and 3 other people died in my family and it's the ones that I loved the most

  • Michiko _Keji
    Michiko _Keji 13 days ago


  • cara edwards
    cara edwards 14 days ago

    Good song I'm sorry your best friend died😩

  • BreezyBlueDinosuar
    BreezyBlueDinosuar 15 days ago

    The part where it says his best friend died 😢

  • Phoenix Gamez
    Phoenix Gamez 15 days ago


  • Subscribe to pewdiepie

    This song is depressing. I always cry everytime I watch and listen 2 it😭😭

  • Mackenzie Holland
    Mackenzie Holland 17 days ago

    Elton, we all are supporting you for whatever choices you make

  • Andy Hauglie
    Andy Hauglie 17 days ago

    This is kinda like my relationship... I loved her but she wasn't help me. She depressed me... I love her thoe. But i love you but this is goodbye...

  • ~Lulu~Chan~
    ~Lulu~Chan~ 18 days ago

    At The begining were its "i love but this is goodbye i swear to remember the good times" remindeds me of my cat that i lost 😭😢

  • Hannah Markiet
    Hannah Markiet 18 days ago

    Damn this shit deep

    M0RGZ STUDI0S 21 day ago

    put this in speed 1.25 , thank me later xP

  • Hey Youoverdare
    Hey Youoverdare 22 days ago


  • Alex M
    Alex M 24 days ago

    I swear I always cry on this song, indeed it's magical ❤❤❤ It affects your soul so much..I also had the same situation and it was hard,but I moved on and now I am happy even though I'm single and just waiting to find the other half of me :)

  • sam and colby
    sam and colby 25 days ago +1

    Dang this song hit me hard

    -im not crying you are

  • Kimberly Lashley
    Kimberly Lashley 26 days ago

    biggst fan big head boy

  • Zoey Ebsen
    Zoey Ebsen 26 days ago


  • Drema Marion
    Drema Marion 26 days ago +1

    Dayung... That hit my heart

  • Nelliejb56
    Nelliejb56 29 days ago +1

    Love you Elton this has made me cry cause of how broken I am and how many times I have driven people away cause of my own suicidal thoughts and acts because the world has been cruel to me and still is being cruel I question everyone's love for me and whether I deserve it or if I should give up but I never do and some days I question y

  • Dover
    Dover Month ago +2

    i was listeing to this and itssad but when it finished the bear song came on...

  • DjDubbleSeven
    DjDubbleSeven Month ago +3

    This is deep😟it actually made me cry😭Omg Elton. I'm proud of you💗

  • Ember Leidholdt
    Ember Leidholdt Month ago +1

    Elton, I hope you know that there is always some one to cry on and let your emotions to. I hope you feel better.♥♥

  • UnknownGamer827
    UnknownGamer827 Month ago +1

    I love hearing everyone's story. I care about you guys 💖
    For the ones who crushed you. They will regret it 💔
    They were special to you now let someone else love you and adore you because you deserve it

  • UnknownGamer827
    UnknownGamer827 Month ago +1

    Sucks how things have to end.
    I had a blast with this gal.
    She took me trick or treating.
    She loved me 1st
    I adored her
    She ignored me
    Lost a friend in the process.
    Feel like my feelings have been DDOS'd
    (Ok I suck at rhyming 😂)
    Honestly yeah I miss this girl that loved me and I loved her as well but took me a while to realize and eventually I told her. we spent time together and I still to this day don't know why she decided to changed her mind. She didn't really want a be in a relationship but u didn't either but I adored her so I had no regrets. She has a great family that I always wished I could be apart of kinda sucks I lost them. Sucks to be alone again. The feeling of laying your head on someone for the first time felt amazing and now it's gone. Love is something else but I'm glad I got to almost experience it.
    This was almost 1 year ago though so I learned to forget but man still have her in my little heart.
    I always have to see her in my classes and just do my best to forget my memories but thing is she mentions them and it's just tough..
    Now it's a new semester and I'm on my own just with my friends
    Tbh I missed the anxiety I would have with her
    Feelings are amazing and all of you deserve to experience it. 🙂

  • Dark Penguins
    Dark Penguins Month ago

    this isnt really anything special, the auto tuning for this song is insane.

  • Andrew Marsh
    Andrew Marsh Month ago

    Elton, Yo im gonna do a cover but im gonna need the beat do you mind if i borrow it?

  • G._.G
    G._.G Month ago +1

    we do all these things to make us happy,sad,angry and we just die at the end

  • Liberty Mitter
    Liberty Mitter Month ago

    I love this ☺️😚

  • Petyr Armelionov
    Petyr Armelionov Month ago

    Sometimes...finding someone you can connect with on a deep level...is a gift and curse...the heart is a fragile thing, guard it well.

  • Madison Lawson
    Madison Lawson Month ago


  • Slushsnowball
    Slushsnowball Month ago

    I got so many chills hearing this..~

  • KenzieMckrakerz _
    KenzieMckrakerz _ Month ago

    This is good dude, glad your not talking about TFIL

  • Cookie Dookie
    Cookie Dookie Month ago

    I’m crying and it’s kinda hard to breathe this is the most beautiful song I’ve ever heard

  • Thatfangirlinthecorner

    this song makes me want to cry every time I hear it

  • Brookie !!!!!!!
    Brookie !!!!!!! Month ago +4

    balled my eyes out watching and listening to this, it's beautiful Elton

  • Keeleigh Smith
    Keeleigh Smith Month ago +1

    You should make more songs. Love you Uncle Elton

  • brennen taylor
    brennen taylor Month ago +1

    I lost my dad when I was born these two people killed him by hitting him with there car I never really got to meet him but I know he was a good person just by the way everyone talks about him and still to this day I cry BC I never got to meet him I never got to do a lot of things that father and daughters do but I know he is in a better place now and one day hopefully I'll see him again ~🖤

  • Kayla Padgett
    Kayla Padgett Month ago +1

    Holy shit TFIL
    This is probably one of the most heartfelt songs I’ve ever heard. This is amazing. Everyone did an amazing job on the track.
    I dont think I’ve ever felt emotions so strongly for a song, the emotion that was poured into this song just makes me want to give all the vocalists a hug. I dont know the details of what happened for this song to be created, but i have some words to thoes who are reading this;
    Things will get better, and if you feel like they wont, ask for help. No matter how much you think you’re falling behind, you’re still making progress with every breath you breathe. If you feel like you’re falling, ask for someone to help you get back on your feet. It’s okay to rely on others who you know, love, and trust. If there are bad thoughts plaguing your mind, tell someone. Its okay to let your emotions show, it’s okay to ask for help. It’s okay to be sad, its okay to be angry, its okay to feel vulnerable, because that is the bravest thing you could do.

  • 2016 Polaris Ranger

    i just keep watching this none stop and there are no tears in my eyes anymore

  • Jayadrata Middey
    Jayadrata Middey Month ago

    I love you...
    but this is goodbye i swear remember... 💕 😔

  • Dean Buckley
    Dean Buckley Month ago

    I lost my brother in 2015
    It wasn’t from suicide
    He was just sick
    He was 8 months old
    I’m still heartbroken 😭
    I’m crying as I write this but
    Everyone stay strong 💪 . Life is unfair sometimes but sometimes is fair

  • Sarah White
    Sarah White Month ago

    I felt this

  • Tegan Reynolds
    Tegan Reynolds Month ago

    Elton made this

  • Arghon
    Arghon Month ago

    Omg I actually dunno what to say.....I cried......I relate......stay strong!!!!

    Those 250+ dislikes WTF PPL!!!!!!!

  • Katie Byrd
    Katie Byrd Month ago

    This was 4 months ago but this is the best song I could ever hear 😀😀😀😋😋😋😋

  • Shyvae Phillips
    Shyvae Phillips Month ago

    omg uncle Elton this is so sad but good

  • Julie Sigtuna
    Julie Sigtuna Month ago

    Is this song about Corey 😏😏😏

  • Isaac Mincks
    Isaac Mincks Month ago

    This is an amazing song man. This connect with me so much because I’ve lost so many people in life. I’m sorry for what happen with you and Amanda but keep your head up man. You got amazing people to help move forward.❤️. I’m crying so badly because I know your pain. Hope you’re doing good man and honestly I would like to make music with you because I’m passionate in music and would love to make a song with you🙌🏼

  • X traphouse X
    X traphouse X Month ago

    Chills 💕

  • OceanWave Wolfrine
    OceanWave Wolfrine Month ago

    OMG u did a lyric video

  • alleera beckmann
    alleera beckmann Month ago

    Omfg, I love this, makes me remember shit but also is comforting.

  • _ hina_
    _ hina_ Month ago

    This is deep...

  • Ricky Vergara
    Ricky Vergara Month ago

    Elton didn't you use this in a TFIL video for your drone footage

  • Gacha freak
    Gacha freak Month ago

    so f*cking sad😭

  • Jenie villa
    Jenie villa Month ago

    Tears falling down my face 3min in

  • Bella Chapman
    Bella Chapman Month ago

    Wait you wrote this all by yourself?? Amazing!

  • warier_ sandpiper
    warier_ sandpiper Month ago

    I try to sing along but the best friend made me choke up and cry

  • Withering Gamer
    Withering Gamer Month ago

    If anyone is going through a phase, just know, no matter what you think, there are people that love you, you are important. You came to this world for a reason. You can always know that no matter
    Which way you move forward, it'll take courage. I should know. Always keep your head above your problems. Always keep your and your friends problems at the top.

  • Sarah G. Hoops
    Sarah G. Hoops Month ago

    Is this Birdbox?
    (The beginning)

  • Melaina Cayatineto
    Melaina Cayatineto Month ago


  • Elizabeth Tilbury
    Elizabeth Tilbury Month ago

    I wonder what the story behind this is...

  • Alicia Hazen
    Alicia Hazen Month ago

    This is my first time listen to this song and it is awesome.😋😎

  • oh yeah yeah
    oh yeah yeah Month ago

    My comment is late, but this helps for some reason. I have some problems I don’t want too share, but thank you,

  • ShadowWolf _26
    ShadowWolf _26 Month ago

    Oh my gosh...........I'm so sorry Elton.......if there is anything I could do let me know (even tho u don't not know me lol)I wanna help u,this channel means so much to me it's helped me get over my dark past
    Love u Elton and I hope u feel better soon I send u All my love to u and your channel 💙💙

  • Avacraft Gaming
    Avacraft Gaming Month ago

    Is this about u and Amanda

  • yuno gasai
    yuno gasai Month ago

    Elton did you sing the rap part if you did it sounded dope

  • Hailey Puckett
    Hailey Puckett Month ago

    😢I can relate to this song on so many levels

  • Hailey Puckett
    Hailey Puckett Month ago

    Omg Elton I’m so happy for you this song make me cry so much

  • Jazneel Trejo
    Jazneel Trejo Month ago

    Im not crying.. you are..

  • Matthew Helfvogt
    Matthew Helfvogt Month ago

    ,I!almost died but my best friend stepd in front of me and died from a bulit I was so sad

  • hatti vatti
    hatti vatti Month ago

    this is like my own life about a year ago :_)

  • Comfy Gymnast
    Comfy Gymnast 2 months ago

    what is this meaning of this song ?

  • Suellen Burnham
    Suellen Burnham 2 months ago

    Story of my life

  • Zach Smith
    Zach Smith 2 months ago

    Omg this song always made me cry a little but after reading the comments I was literally bawling!!! I am so sorry to all those people who have lost loved ones😭😭💔

  • jasper slingerland
    jasper slingerland 2 months ago

    Can you make a spotify uplade of this

  • tripr_wolfy3787 r
    tripr_wolfy3787 r 2 months ago

    Did u guys actually brake up if so why
    And this song is relatable because I just lost my father because I was put in foster care and now I live with my mom and I can never see him again

  • Gumimoso
    Gumimoso 2 months ago

    This song was to strong that I started to cry because I was thinking about my ex... I broke up with him because it's was a far relation ship he was in another village then me.. I broke up with him because I want to let him free and have a new girlfriend who's gonna be at his side... I still love him.. But I know that one day I will regret what did I do.. But I'm still happy for him that the point 🤕

  • Animal lover
    Animal lover 2 months ago

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    I love you goodbye
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  • Alex young
    Alex young 2 months ago

    The lyrics are fucking atrocious

  • Brian Lee
    Brian Lee 2 months ago

    I just got kicked out of my house this song I kinda helping me through my shit life

  • Tyler Lemelin
    Tyler Lemelin 2 months ago

    This song really touches my soul in a way that makes me remember the good times until she left