Real Life Couples of Twilight

  • Published on Jan 3, 2018
  • Real Life Partners!
    Real Life Couples!
    Kristen Stewart Girlfriend Stella Maxwell!
    Robert Pattinson Fiance FKA Twigs!
    Taylor Lautner Girlfriend Billie Lourd!
    Ashley Greene Fiance Paul Khoury!
    Nikki Reed Husband Ian Somerhalder!
    Track : Buddha Kontekst!
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Comments • 146

  • მარიამ ნებიერიძე

    them photos was the other videos

  • მარიამ ნებიერიძე

    i know kristen and robbert have child

  • Jones Jones
    Jones Jones 7 months ago

    alice and jasper im sad

  • Jones Jones
    Jones Jones 7 months ago

    my ships are gone

  • بيلا_ سان
    بيلا_ سان 8 months ago

    وش دا تبوس بنت

  • Vkook
    Vkook Year ago

    Can't believe THAT Kristen is GAYYY!!!

  • Nishtha singh
    Nishtha singh Year ago

    All of their partners are super cute except rob n kristen ....

  • Nishtha singh
    Nishtha singh Year ago

    Ian somerhalder is wow 😍

  • Trishit Gamer
    Trishit Gamer Year ago

    Hey edwards gf is so boring look and bad in look also

  • Trishit Gamer
    Trishit Gamer Year ago

    Hwy kristien is a girl and she has her girlfriend is she bi or bisexual

  • Naziva Arahman
    Naziva Arahman Year ago

    goblok banget org tuanya

  • Rough Rider Ansh
    Rough Rider Ansh Year ago

    Edward is so smart his wife😝😝😝

  • Lucy Schatten
    Lucy Schatten Year ago +1

    Who else loves Ian Somerhalder ❤️😰

  • Duanejohn Tupas
    Duanejohn Tupas Year ago

    you now kristen your hot sexy but your partner is girlfriend not boyfriend but the meant to be is you kristen and robert please

  • rj lon
    rj lon Year ago

    Bellas girlfriend means she is a lesbian?

  • Johan Gemeno
    Johan Gemeno Year ago

    I don't like Kristen stewart shes ugly now

  • Ujjal Mukherjee
    Ujjal Mukherjee Year ago

    Bella is lesbo !

  • Saloni Chauhan
    Saloni Chauhan Year ago

    Bella and Edward are good but DAMON is best forever

  • Dormini & Maximus
    Dormini & Maximus Year ago +5

    I didn't know Bella was a lesbian ☺️

    • Kayla Reece
      Kayla Reece 4 months ago +1

      Ikr I am so shocked I thought that Edward and Bella were dating. This breaks my heart 😳😱😭😭😭

  • Fidan Kazimzade
    Fidan Kazimzade Year ago

    I thought that Bella and Edward are couple in real life, but now I can't believe it. She is lesbian o my god. She is so beautiful, why is she doing it? I just don't have any word to say.

  • marejole75
    marejole75 Year ago

    Kristen is transgender and lesbian? Didn't know that, but that's ok

  • Khan Neha
    Khan Neha Year ago

    What? Kristen is 😕😑😑

  • 지유Ji yoo
    지유Ji yoo Year ago

    Omg Kristen tho😱😱

  • Karuna Ganesh
    Karuna Ganesh Year ago

    Edward seriously nooooooooo😭😨😨omg

  • Rimpi Ali
    Rimpi Ali Year ago +1

    edward u r jst a big fool to data with Fka

  • Rimpi Ali
    Rimpi Ali Year ago

    christen has gf what is this non sense man

  • saniya khan
    saniya khan Year ago

    i ıove jacap

  • Jany Stropková
    Jany Stropková Year ago +3

    Kristen Stewart😕☹😳hm..

  • Mehul Kumar
    Mehul Kumar Year ago

    best movie plzzzz next part come fast

  • Veby Ayu Lidia
    Veby Ayu Lidia Year ago

    Robert and FKA not dating anymore

  • mohiul titu
    mohiul titu Year ago +4

    I want to see Kristen stewart with Rob.😧😧😢😢

  • gurl #devilsdaughter

    0:56 i just realised tgat the boyfriend id the guy of vampire diarys

  • gurl #devilsdaughter

    0:56 i just realised that her bkyfrirnd is thrt

    BLACK PEARL Year ago +5

    I didn' expect that from Kristen with her girlfriend

  • Rhada Wu
    Rhada Wu Year ago

    Robert and fka are not dating anymore and Robert's lovelife right is a total big mystery he wants his relationship a low-key

  • Leyla R.
    Leyla R. Year ago

    taaylor ...nooo

  • Aabhusan Guitar
    Aabhusan Guitar Year ago

    Is kristen gay?

  • Floribeth Velazquez


  • Sneha Saurabh
    Sneha Saurabh Year ago

    Edward's gurlfrnd looks horrible

  • sala alo
    sala alo Year ago

    wow I did know that

  • BFFL&F Video
    BFFL&F Video Year ago

    demon with roselie :O :D

  • Tatsumaki Worldwide

    Isnt Jacob`s girlfriend Octavia from The 100?

  • Jô Paiffer
    Jô Paiffer Year ago

    bella and Edward and renesmee

  • Rosalia Roco
    Rosalia Roco Year ago

    0:56 why u looking at

  • Karma Stefan
    Karma Stefan Year ago +3

    Wait Bella (Kristen) is lesbian cause there said Kristen and that girl

  • Aydan Azizova
    Aydan Azizova Year ago +2

    Kristen is a lesbian?omg🙀

    GIADA Vs DESY Year ago

    Nooooo bella

  • Weronika Smyk
    Weronika Smyk Year ago

    I have a Jacob in my class lol hahaha

  • Edwin Engkulau
    Edwin Engkulau Year ago +20

    I hate to see LESBIAN KristenStewart 😢.I want the old Kristen.A beautiful young "lady" not "man".😢Why is Kristen changing.... I want ROBSTEN back♥♥♥♥♥♥ but Kristen and Robert are totally changing. why?!!why FKA twigs?!She is not even pretty ugh!But yea I ship other partner than This Two Partner.😤I-m sad !TT please !I want the old Kristen and ROBSTEN back!Don't be LESBIAN!.😢😭😭I know ROBSTEN partner still love each other!❤Please get back ROBSTEN SHIP NAME!,Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart!♥♥♥♥❤❤❤❤Love to see u guys get back Robsten ship name!😍😍😍😍♥❤

    • it's jasmin
      it's jasmin 7 months ago

      You crazy? They can decide who they want to love.. #lgbtq

    • Annam Naushad
      Annam Naushad Year ago

      Edwin Engkulau me too

  • no one
    no one Year ago +2

    Kristen was such a beautiful woman but it's not her destiny to be a 100% girl

  • Rose Hathaway
    Rose Hathaway Year ago +3

    Bruh wtf happened with Kristen

  • Domiknows_ Pizza
    Domiknows_ Pizza Year ago

    Taylor is datin Carrie fisher's (Princess Leah) Daugther

  • Emma Galafati
    Emma Galafati Year ago

    I would not have ever expected

  • Emma Galafati
    Emma Galafati Year ago

    Kristina Stewart has got a girlfriend?! WAF

  • Kpop Multifandom
    Kpop Multifandom Year ago +1

    3:05 he looks so different from the movie? Lol

  • Tt It
    Tt It Year ago +23

    I ship Bella and Edward till date and will ship,them forever

  • Perfect of Visual Oh Sehun is definition of Art

    2018 and still hope Kristen can go back 2gether with Robert Pattinson😢😢
    Their my fave couple from my fave movie twilight❤❤❤❤❤

  • Sanzida Meem
    Sanzida Meem Year ago

    Robert really u choose her..!!??
    What a choice

  • just some random guy

    Nikki reed the twilight vampire and the vampire diaries...

  • Bloom Artistry
    Bloom Artistry Year ago +9

    i am so disappointed with edwards gf.