Blue Blood™ 💙 Palette & Collection Reveal! | Jeffree Star Cosmetics

  • Published on Mar 15, 2019
    Today I'm revealing the Blue Blood™ eyeshadow palette and collection from my brand Jeffree Star Cosmetics! Who said a sequel can’t be just as good as the first one? 😇 The follow up to the iconic Blood Sugar™ Palette, this blue counterpart has 18 shades. Extreme payoff. Vegan & Cruelty-Free.
    ⚰️ Blue Blood Palette ($52.00)
    🧩 Velour Lip Scrubs ($12.00):
    Blue Freeze
    Vanilla Mint
    Blueberry Pie
    💦 Mini Blue Blood Velour Liquid Lipstick Set ($52.00)
    (includes shades: Drug Lord, Ice Tray, Jawbreaker, Blue Velvet, Abused, Diamond, Titanic & Medusa)
    ❄️ Liquid Frost™ ($25.00):
    Michigan Ice
    Blue Balls
    Ice Cream Bling
    WANT MORE?? ⭐️ Getting Rid Of $1,000,000 of Makeup w. Shane Dawson ▷
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  • Carolina Rizzotto
    Carolina Rizzotto 7 hours ago

    Okg my favorite colors everywhere MUST have! You killed it!

  • Tete O
    Tete O 19 hours ago +1

    Omg Jeffree could you pleaseeee make a Tropical Blood collection???? With shades like pinks, whites, teals, blues, yellows, greens etc. Liquid lipsticks could be the same colors as the pallete. The mirror, makeup bags, windbreaker, and tracksuit could be a vibrant color with palm leaves, flowers, and your logo. The lip scrub could be flavored coconut, pineapple etc. And last but not least your highlighters could be BLINDING like always, and you can do a range of pinks, to baby blues etc.
    Please lovely people scrolling through the comment section, like or comment agreeing with me so he could see this and make an adorable collection for us ❤🤩 that would be highly appreciated

  • GrellAtTheDisco
    GrellAtTheDisco Day ago +2

    Am i not the only one who keeps getting those scam makeup ads before this video?

  • Lauren Tucker
    Lauren Tucker Day ago

    Wish one of the colors was called “horseshoe” because horseshoe crabs have blue blood

  • Cathy
    Cathy 2 days ago

    Love this look on you!!!

  • Ness
    Ness 2 days ago +1

    I have never worn makeup before and Because of shawn dawson and jeffree star I want to get into makeup so I ordered blue blood yesterday

  • A X
    A X 2 days ago +1

    “Hi Queen Elsa, move over” ⚡️✨

  • kittypie
    kittypie 2 days ago

    It's weird to think the day this was uploaded was the day he got stolen from

  • Nox gas
    Nox gas 2 days ago

    Love the hair!! It is ass kicking ass

  • MaryLoveless Cruz
    MaryLoveless Cruz 2 days ago

    Omg, The presentation of your make up is very beautiful, I loved !

  • gokarengo
    gokarengo 2 days ago

    Make up looks damn good

  • Nina Yang
    Nina Yang 3 days ago

    Loooove it!!!!!

  • Zoe Stockenstroom
    Zoe Stockenstroom 3 days ago

    Yess jefree you killing it good quality worth the money love it .Love all the blue 💖💙.I love the ocean ice and undertaker colour is bomb. Blue blooded mini and my favoring are druglord and jaw breaker and diamond you killing me love your brand you the bomb all your thing are good quality

  • Daejah-rae Oliveros west

    I love it 🥰

  • Eaqually Chan su
    Eaqually Chan su 3 days ago +1

    Intro: Hi sisters!
    Intro: hi how r ya?

  • Teddy Stalnaker
    Teddy Stalnaker 3 days ago

    So personalized so much hard work put into your pallets I love it.

  • Alexia Brown
    Alexia Brown 3 days ago

    We need a green pallet 💚

  • Skyla Baker
    Skyla Baker 3 days ago

    I want to know what is on his eyes😍

  • Kitty Centauri
    Kitty Centauri 3 days ago +5

    I would love to see a purple of this series palette!!

  • Reychelle Tapang
    Reychelle Tapang 4 days ago

    Wooooaaa my favorite color is blue. And I really love this pallete of yours.😍😍

  • Melody Acosta
    Melody Acosta 4 days ago

    I fucking love this palette my fav color is blue

  • SpN Al
    SpN Al 4 days ago

    Jeffreester has three more than James Charles

  • Tatum Fuller
    Tatum Fuller 4 days ago

    does anyone know what highlighter he’s wearing in this video i need it please please!!!

  • Speedy Gonzales
    Speedy Gonzales 4 days ago

    Türk yok mu len, tek mi kaldım burada?

  • Courtney Arsenault
    Courtney Arsenault 5 days ago

    Anybody else here that at 4:07-4:08?

  • The Bouncing Kiwi
    The Bouncing Kiwi 6 days ago

    YOOOOO! Imma need to snag one of them grinders!!! Like whaaaaat! YAS!

  • Dønn Tūrner
    Dønn Tūrner 6 days ago +1


  • Mely Parks
    Mely Parks 6 days ago

    Jeffree your so gorgeous and I'm loving the blue 💙 wig and your such an inspiration and amazing person! Much love to you from Tennessee 🤗💙💙

  • Chase Ortman
    Chase Ortman 7 days ago

    I like it

  • Emma and Izzy
    Emma and Izzy 8 days ago

    I want one of you pallets I don’t know which one do you have a recemendatin

  • anonimus
    anonimus 8 days ago

    i just discoverd you and im loving it

  • Bethany Penardo
    Bethany Penardo 8 days ago

    Living for your teal hair Jeffree

  • {Row Gacha}
    {Row Gacha} 8 days ago

    Catholism? Psst.. I have a new religon

  • Elisa R.
    Elisa R. 9 days ago +1

    Ocean Ice and Titanic! How did I not get that? Rewatching the video after the series 🙌🏼

  • Chloe Nicole
    Chloe Nicole 9 days ago


  • Mai H
    Mai H 9 days ago

    This hair ...yes!! Momma.

  • my videos suck
    my videos suck 9 days ago +1

    Who's here after the Jeffree x Shane collection?

  • Caroline Bennett
    Caroline Bennett 10 days ago +1

    I just recently bought this and it's amazing! I would not expect anything less from Jeffree. The pigments are creamy and blendable and I'm in love with the flattering colours 😍 thanks Jeffree xx

  • Arbie Abique
    Arbie Abique 10 days ago +2

    Hi Jeffree... I am not a fan of any vlogging video on youtube, not until I saw your youtube videos - I am instantly a fan. You are so professional, and looks amazing while you are "working". I really like the way you express your sincerity, and your criticism really comes out as constructive and honest. You are truly an inspiration, especially for me who comes from a 3rd world country. You are an epitome of success - through sheer talent and hard work. May you continue to expand your reach, and hopefully touch people's lives and inspire us more to be always the best we can possibly be, both for ourselves and for our family's.

  • the ishaan gaming
    the ishaan gaming 12 days ago

    U r looking so gorgeous in this turquoise color wig

  • Rainbowfactory
    Rainbowfactory 13 days ago +3

    Just bought the Blue blood palette and I am overwelmed, because it is my second Jeffree star palette ever.
    So... there was something that came to my mind and I don't know if this was ever spoken about...
    What if jeffree released a fairy tale inspired palette with beautiful pastels and harsh colours. His dogs would dress up as some magical animals like unicorns or dragons. I would literally die for such a beautiful concept because it fits so well in this magical world of make up and colour💙
    I appreciate that you read this to this point💙 have a great day

  • Ryanna Parkhill
    Ryanna Parkhill 13 days ago +1

    Who else is here after the Jeffrey star X Shane Dawson pallet came out

  • Eliza's universe
    Eliza's universe 13 days ago

    march 29th is my birthday

  • Nellie Lapiak
    Nellie Lapiak 14 days ago

    I bought the blue blood palette a few months ago and I hit pan on almost all of the shades

  • Amaya Williams
    Amaya Williams 14 days ago +57

    Its shaped like a coffin because Jeffree is killing the beauty game.

  • rkoncenasupporter
    rkoncenasupporter 14 days ago

    out of all of these, ocean ice is my favorite and the matching liquid lip, YES

  • Jolynn Souden
    Jolynn Souden 14 days ago +1

    I'm ordering all your palettes Thursday. Sorry I'm late the the party but lord I'm glad I found your makeup. 😘

  • Andy Zzzz
    Andy Zzzz 14 days ago

    Please do more reviews again!

  • Ari Anator
    Ari Anator 15 days ago +1

    Who's here after Conspiracy?!?

  • rebekah crowson
    rebekah crowson 15 days ago

    I love it, want it sooo bad

  • Christine Loader
    Christine Loader 16 days ago

    happy 5 years!!!!

  • Famous Infamous
    Famous Infamous 16 days ago +3

    “im not gonna say that row is my favorite, because the whole palette is my favorite”
    m o o d

  • Jack Jack
    Jack Jack 16 days ago

    Does anyone know which shade jeffree is wearing of the liquid frost? I’m obsessed and I wanna buy!! It looks like frostitute but I wanna be sure!!! 😭😭😭

  • Guadalupe Morales
    Guadalupe Morales 16 days ago


  • Animaluva4
    Animaluva4 17 days ago

    I don’t wear makeup, but I absolutely need this because they are just so frikin gorgeous!!! The colors are amazing!!!

  • Snowyy
    Snowyy 17 days ago

    very nice

  • Angel Subba
    Angel Subba 17 days ago

    I love everything ❤️

  • c h e r r y c o l a
    c h e r r y c o l a 17 days ago +2

    Who's here after the ShanexJeffree collection dropped

  • Emery Trubridge
    Emery Trubridge 17 days ago

    I can’t afford it but it is so beautiful

  • Michael Garske
    Michael Garske 18 days ago

    OMG Jeffrey you’re a good thinker