I Bought A Full Face Of Makeup From Facebook Ads

  • Published on Mar 21, 2018
  • So after buying the first 5 things from different social media sites I decided to revisit Facebook ads and buy an entire face of makeup products from my Facebook feed, to see if they were personalized to me and also to see if they were any good! I got foundation, concealer, contour, blush, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, eyebrows, and lipstick and even got to try out Facebook-famous products like Wunderbrow and Dermacol!
    What do you think? Would you try any of these products, or buy any makeup products from your Facebook ads?
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  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard  Year ago +8870

    HELLO FRIENDS!! welcome to one more internet haul before i dive into some ~other areas~ like ~hair dye~. what do you think of these products? what are the makeup products on your facebook feed?

    • Addy JULIUS
      Addy JULIUS 11 days ago

      im really hoping you still have your lip stick in stock because im not alowed to by it till sun day

    • 단이 DANI
      단이 DANI 17 days ago

      This channel is really fun!
      Hello ! ❤️I'm Korean girl DANI. 🇰🇷🇰🇷I'm a skincare professional who likes TheXvid. Be my friend❤️

    • Genie whynot
      Genie whynot 21 day ago

      Omg I'd hope nothing you put on with a brush feels like a "Tattoo" lol

    • Lily Potgieter
      Lily Potgieter 25 days ago

      Safiya Nygaard I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS SO MUCH🥰🥰🥰🥰❤️❤️❤️💜💜💜🧡🧡💛💛💚💚💙💙💕💘💖💗💓💞💝

    • Adeena,meeral
      Adeena,meeral Month ago


  • Miss Fuzzy Bug
    Miss Fuzzy Bug 15 hours ago

    hElLo fRiEnDs

    OMG I LUV THAT heh

  • asszra 1
    asszra 1 Day ago


  • MysEm Vids
    MysEm Vids Day ago

    The shade names of the highlighters were the same as the cover fx ones.......

  • hibah alkathiry
    hibah alkathiry Day ago

    20$ for focallure lipstics ? I bought it for less than 10$ 😂 and the eyeliner for les than 6 $ why is there is so expensive😂

  • Keiko Draws
    Keiko Draws 2 days ago

    Are we not gonna talk about that orgasm post?

  • Ferocious Tiger
    Ferocious Tiger 2 days ago +1

    Just a question what is the intro?

  • Тэгшээ Тэгшжаргал

    u look like my mom

  • Тэгшээ Тэгшжаргал

    6:15 bianca del rio

  • etta l m
    etta l m 3 days ago

    Haha, I was doing my makeup as I watched this video and I have both dermacol (the real one, not fake) and wunderbrow and both are amazing products. Dermacol I use as a concealer rather than a foundation and because it’s so full coverage, it covers all zits flawlessly and you don’t need to use a lot so it will last a long time. Wunderbrow is a product I’ve been using for years, it just takes a few tries to nail down the application. I usually just use the applicator to put some onto my eyebrows and then I comb it through with a spoolie and and it kind of acts like a brow gel/pomade. I really love it because it lasts all day and seriously doesn’t budge

  • Galaxy Queen 13
    Galaxy Queen 13 4 days ago

    U predate my life with your Facebook life

  • IceHope.x
    IceHope.x 4 days ago

    0:55 lol got the one die right . It is REALLY good. It was 3€ in wish.

  • tired •
    tired • 5 days ago


  • Just Lisa
    Just Lisa 5 days ago +1

    I don’t know about Wunder Brow, but I love their eyeliner.

  • Jerin Sebai Anak Kendawang

    Saf in 2006 look like a girl from one Time Justin Bieber vid

  • Doedside
    Doedside 6 days ago +3

    I'm pretty sure this eyeliner is fake Tony Moly eyeliner

  • dog
    dog 7 days ago +2

    you said halo wrong.


  • MI
    MI 9 days ago

    What do you do with all the makeup that you buy?

  • Sonia F
    Sonia F 9 days ago +1

    I bought 3 products from different sellers on Facebook and never received them. I am fully recovered Facebook shopper :D

  • :::Yukiyo Aishi:::
    :::Yukiyo Aishi::: 9 days ago

    Woah Saf! You look stunning❤️ Love the look👑

  • Kassandra Goldstein
    Kassandra Goldstein 10 days ago

    Honestly I think your makeup looks great in this video. The eyeshadow is great, eyeliner looks good, lips. I think it all looks fantastic.

  • Natalia Potato person
    Natalia Potato person 10 days ago

    OMG you look so PALE jeez 12:00

  • Todomo
    Todomo 10 days ago

    i’m sorry but uh she literally applies her makeup in the exact opposite order that i do? why

  • Polish girl Justine
    Polish girl Justine 10 days ago

    I lowkey miss these videos so much😩

  • Ashley Skittles
    Ashley Skittles 10 days ago

    For the blending, not well, at least not for me

  • Caroline D'random
    Caroline D'random 10 days ago

    여보사세요, 사랑해!!

  • Kamil Ratynski
    Kamil Ratynski 10 days ago +2

    It sounds like Tyler beauty

  • Hriya Ravoori
    Hriya Ravoori 10 days ago

    I do my concealer first too !!!!!!

  • Kim Seungmin
    Kim Seungmin 10 days ago

    Lol 😂 I got BTS Jimin ad because his birthday is coming up!🎂 His birthday is 13 October mine is 18 October♥️

  • Luna Stargaze
    Luna Stargaze 11 days ago

    "Lest the wrath of Christine rain upon you " - Saf 2018 of March 20th. The day I died of laughter

  • Allonsy
    Allonsy 11 days ago

    Ok has nobody noticed cristine was in one of the ads?!?

  • katelynn smith
    katelynn smith 12 days ago +1

    7:56 .... you’re welcome!!

  • Rio Sweet
    Rio Sweet 13 days ago

    Ah such a sweet soul! Hitting the bell finally 🥰😂

  • Andrea lee
    Andrea lee 13 days ago

    The mascara looks used

  • _WolfLone_
    _WolfLone_ 13 days ago

    The dermocol is not foundation. It’s for covering up tattoos, stage makeup etc. I don’t think you should use it again-.

  • MishyMovies
    MishyMovies 14 days ago

    The reasons the reach too, ( a secret one) "We need to reach out to Safiya she is a youtuber she'll buy us whether we are good or not, come on advertise to Safiya facebook!"

  • sarahbeara
    sarahbeara 14 days ago

    She’s like lady like but Safiya lol

  • CC Carter
    CC Carter 14 days ago

    I’d like it if you could share which items came when. There’s no way I’m waiting for months for ANYTHING.

  • Susanna Kervinen
    Susanna Kervinen 15 days ago

    At the end when Safiya said that maybe facebook was watching you watch americas top model that made me remember the time when me and my dad had just picked all the apples from our apple tree and my dad wanted to make jam with them. Well when I went to watch youtube, I got an ad which was like a tutorial for making apple jam. So yeah. Your phone IS stalking you.

  • Thaymi Rivera
    Thaymi Rivera 16 days ago

    At 12:00 she looks like flashback Mary xd so funny 🤣🤣

  • Duck Helga
    Duck Helga 16 days ago

    I have a little thing for greasy skin peeps like me. What I use to minimise the greasy skin I have is use Clinique facial soap, clarifying lotion and moisturising gel in the combination oily skin. This really helps with grease and if you have dry skin you can also use the same brand but a different combination. You can use different strength of clarifying lotion from 1 to 4, determined on how oily your skin is. Personally I use 3, and it makes my face smooth and not oily however I do have to use it 2x a day just to be sure my skin doesn’t go really oily. Hope this helps peeps and if u have any questions don’t hesitate to ask! 😁

  • Elise Stump
    Elise Stump 18 days ago

    Omg I have wish please follow me!!!

  • Jacky Bandicoot
    Jacky Bandicoot 20 days ago +1

    is it really crazy to do your concealer first? because thats how ive been doing it all the time lol

  • usha gupta
    usha gupta 21 day ago

    Safiya's face 8:17

  • Cristina Contreras
    Cristina Contreras 21 day ago +1

    I have watched this so many times and just noticed that I was born in October 2006

  • ney 451
    ney 451 22 days ago

    "smack my fat lash" IM WHEEZING OMFG

  • SweetTooth
    SweetTooth 22 days ago

    I hate your brows 😠 but i cant get enough of your videos...

  • Jammy rodger
    Jammy rodger 25 days ago +1


    Flashback Mary who?

  • Caroline D'random
    Caroline D'random 25 days ago

    The lipstick made you look like a mom

  • D a n d e l i o n s
    D a n d e l i o n s 26 days ago

    ik this is irrelevant but i got a modelling proposition from harpers bazaar lol

  • Hareem Rashid
    Hareem Rashid 26 days ago

    When is safiya going to wear any other colour except f black?

  • Brisby the frisbee
    Brisby the frisbee 26 days ago +1

    Your teeth are so satisfying and straight ♥️

  • ShannenMakesVideos
    ShannenMakesVideos 27 days ago

    I think the dermacol would be better suited for dry skinned guys and gals like myself. I still haven’t tried it but I really want to

  • Matilda Muller
    Matilda Muller 27 days ago

    Me to myself "Who the hell spends $36 on one eyeshadow palette?" looks at American brands such as Sephora *spits out coffee onto laptop*

  • Asri Dewayani
    Asri Dewayani 28 days ago

    Wait i just realized, focallure lip kit 20usd???? u can get it under 5usd if you buy it from sites that shipping from main china you know

  • Saundra Johnson
    Saundra Johnson 28 days ago

    Okay, I just stumbled across your channel a couple of days ago & was immediately hooked and subscribed. Being a little under the weather, I've been spending quite a bit of time watching your videos. I have two questions right off the bat.
    First, what is your ethnicity, ancestry or origin of your name? It's very pretty, but unlike anything I recognize.
    Secondly, this video was the first time I have seen a liquid/pencil double-ended concealer (or was that in the last video I watched? {Instagram full face fakes}) Anyway, can you mention some other genuine brands that offer that feature?
    Excuse my absent-mindedness, please. Not feeling or sleeping well lately.

  • Saundra Johnson
    Saundra Johnson 28 days ago

    You may be able to blend with your mouth closed, but can anyone apply mascara with their mouth closed?

  • Berivan Altuncevahir

    I like you and your content but you olso look like my old friend from highscool. You are like her twin sister. I hate that evil bitch so i don’t want to see her face in my life. I am sory, i’m going to unsubscribe you.

  • Madzzz zzz.
    Madzzz zzz. Month ago

    Honestly,i like safiya without makeup better

  • Jerney Mazur
    Jerney Mazur Month ago

    Am I the only one that is going to mention the post at 0:19 ? 😂😂😂 I’m dead. 💀 it says it was “recommended” for her 😂😂😂