SPANISH BRUNCH at BEST FOOD MARKET in Spain! La Boqueria Market in Barcelona Spain

  • Published on Apr 28, 2019
  • I went to one of the world's best market in Barcelona, Mercado de La Boqueria. This popular food market sells some of the freshest fruit, vegetables, and seafood. One of the food vendors you must try is Quim, and this place serves great Gazpacho and green peppers. After the market, I went to go tour one of the most breathtaking cathedrals and then ate some hot chocolate with churros.
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    ✧ Mercado de La Boqueria (Market)
    ✧ El Quim de la Boqueria
    ✧ La Sagrada Familia (Cathedral)
    ✧ Churrería Laietana (Hot Chocolate & Churros)
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Comments • 763

  • Michael Ramos
    Michael Ramos Month ago

    Night time very NYC scary from dark to graffiti

  • Lyn Wilson
    Lyn Wilson Month ago

    I have been there! It was amazing!

  • Jannira Hernandez
    Jannira Hernandez Month ago

    Here I am mouth watering lmao

  • innergy111
    innergy111 Month ago

    Catalan food doesn't use basil. It's flat leaf parsley. A stronger tasting parsley. And they don't use sour cream either, it's aioli, emulsified garlic and olive oil sauce with a pinch of unrefined sea salt. ;)

  • Николай Береснев

    Жалко ,что нет перевода .

  • Za za Zoom
    Za za Zoom 2 months ago

    Better tapas in Boston. Northern Spain tapas were bland again. Ugh

  • david sanders
    david sanders 2 months ago

    "Their Baby Squid is uniquely sourced"
    -Must know more....too many crazy options popping up in my head

  • VodkaRLG
    VodkaRLG 3 months ago

    La boqueria is one of if not the biggest tourist trap in bcn and El Quim de la boqueria too, people from bcn do not eat there

  • Volar y Comer
    Volar y Comer 3 months ago

    That's not even close to be a paella. You can only taste an actual good paella in Valencia.

  • Mario Botakis
    Mario Botakis 3 months ago

    I'm in Barcelona now, any suggestions for really nice seafood without the tourist pricing??

  • Sophia bunnell
    Sophia bunnell 4 months ago

    I’m in Barcelona right now. Does anyone have any recommendations?

  • Wilson
    Wilson 4 months ago

    Damn. Spanish know how to cook

  • Jason Garcia
    Jason Garcia 4 months ago

    No iberico jamon?

  • Squish
    Squish 4 months ago

    Mikey, I can't find your Basque Country video. Did that get removed? I'm thinking about visiting the region, and I was trying to remember what you said about the restaurants and which ones they were.

  • Pabst man
    Pabst man 4 months ago

    Anyone else got a flashback to the that Disney pass the plate at the very beginning

  • Stephanie murria
    Stephanie murria 4 months ago +1

    WOW. Tourist Go Home! How rude. If they do... your economy will tank! Be grateful for small blessings.

  • josep pages
    josep pages 4 months ago

    Well, you've missed a lot of stuff in Barcelona that I don't know where to begin with...definitely, not the best need local advice for next trip...I love ur videos, but this one...I wish you would ve been there for more time...there is so much more in cuisine...I think you would ve enjoyed rabbit with ratatoui, lamb on the grill, calçots, fideua, anything with a bruscheta which is a stapple there, butiffara with beans for breakfast, pears with wine, crema catalana, the cup of chocolat is a must with fresh whipping cream in bcn, the list goes on and on...keep up with the good work, you r great!

  • Sylvia Ho
    Sylvia Ho 5 months ago

    We had high expectations of the squid and two fried eggs. Slightly disappointed found it very salty 😮

  • natalie 420
    natalie 420 5 months ago +1

    I love fried Chili's too 🤤💓

  • natalie 420
    natalie 420 5 months ago

    You should go to rosarito in Mexico and go the lobster place they serve giant lobsters and it's the best out of any other lobster place ngl. Everything is fresh and cheap in total it's only $20 with everything it comes with rice beans tortillas and lobsters 😍

  • Miki Lin
    Miki Lin 5 months ago

    "tell me you're not hungry"
    tell me to eat before this video

  • Ann Other
    Ann Other 5 months ago

    Best paella I had was a seafood one by Sitges beach - a short train ride outside barcelona. We were badly hungover and it saved our life!

  • Ann Other
    Ann Other 5 months ago

    I never ate a raw tomato until I went to la boqueria - there I was eating them like apples. Interestingly, with the green Padron peppers one in ten is supposed to be hot but I've never ever had a hot one in the UK!!

  • Satish
    Satish 5 months ago

    @ 10:41 Now we know who was with you on this trip.

  • J. R.
    J. R. 5 months ago

    where's the video about elkano and asador extebarri?

  • Nabil Rouissi
    Nabil Rouissi 5 months ago

    Man! You ate all that food in one sitting!

  • Kris 8813
    Kris 8813 5 months ago

    Wasn’t this the structure that burned down?

  • Dark Unicorn Of Dispair

    You should visit Greece next !! 💙

  • Darshan Patawari
    Darshan Patawari 6 months ago

    Foreign: Whoa!! fried chillies with salt. That's incredible. India: Cute!!......Love your vlogs, keep up the good work.

  • Ann Wong
    Ann Wong 6 months ago

    A more everlasting monument to the world would be built if they spent the $$ on feeding the hungry instead of building a stone building.

  • Lamphia Alonso
    Lamphia Alonso 6 months ago

    Honestly I'm tired of seeing tourists thinking paella is the most traditional spanish dish ever (it's only ate in the coast lol) and the fact that you had such a good eye to try actual traditional foods (those green preppers are my CHILDHOOD) made me suscribe, waiting to watch you show me another countries I dont know! :D

  • R-Dre Nelson
    R-Dre Nelson 6 months ago

    I love the cathedral....with colorful stain windows....but, baby squids w/eggs....nah....(lol)......

  • Az Med
    Az Med 6 months ago

    9:40 i expected he would say :" wow that's so tasty " 😂😂😂😂

  • Az Med
    Az Med 6 months ago +1

    the pida is eaten by one bite

  • Patti Ortega
    Patti Ortega 6 months ago

    The green sauce is a mixture of olive oil, parsley and garlic. It goes really well with all seafoods. While the octopus is seasoned and boiled for hours to infuse the flavour and achieve the soft texture. You're welcome. :)

  • raven scott
    raven scott 6 months ago

    did you try the bulls balls yet? the huebos giante? we want to see you eat it.

  • Dayday Mclovin
    Dayday Mclovin 6 months ago

    Everybody loves hispanic food cuz there ain’t nothing like it

  • Zz_Noxx
    Zz_Noxx 6 months ago

    I wanna be like you when I grow up

  • Edit name
    Edit name 6 months ago

    I don’t understand your aversion to Olives

  • Hyper Eric
    Hyper Eric 6 months ago

    I whould Pay 20 euro to eat this food it culture .that looks so dam good

  • Veronica V
    Veronica V 6 months ago

    Michael tasting the chocolate as if it was ramen broth 😭😭😭

  • Tell me baby what’s your story 033

    I went there 2017/2018 boqueria next to the gothic district

  • Alexander Oppelmayer
    Alexander Oppelmayer 6 months ago

    for me those green peppers were one of the most disgusting things i ever ate

  • Joey Pitarro
    Joey Pitarro 6 months ago

    Beautiful video! Can I ask what jacket you're wearing, Mike? I love it.

  • Surya Pratap Singh
    Surya Pratap Singh 6 months ago

    11:34 Admiral Luis Avila's nightmare

  • Pei K
    Pei K 6 months ago

    I LOVED Spain when I visited years ago, sadly, never got a chance to get to Barcelona, thanks for showing this Mikey! Least amount of food I've seen you eat haha

  • Luis Miguel Luna Pais
    Luis Miguel Luna Pais 6 months ago

    Have you ever been in Portugal, Lisbon? You don't know what you miss! Spanish people don't know how to cook, you need to try portuguese food, you will cry for more.

  • Benutzer Name
    Benutzer Name 7 months ago +83

    7:54 "tell me you're not getting hungry right now.."
    Me fasting in ramadan: .....

    • Nuke Ayuna
      Nuke Ayuna 6 months ago

      Ikr 😭

    • Zz_Noxx
      Zz_Noxx 6 months ago +1

      Benutzer Name same

    • 白哥
      白哥 6 months ago +3

      I bet you failed, you just consumed bacteria

  • Rafael P L
    Rafael P L 7 months ago +1

    11:30 I'm Spanish and that makes me so mad, some of them are from tourist but most of them are from Spanish people like me :(

  • Vampisol Vampisol
    Vampisol Vampisol 7 months ago

    Men in Andalucia you guett tht gazpacho those pepers... for free as tapa with your drink.... Just visit Almeria, Granada...

  • elmundoesunviaje
    elmundoesunviaje 7 months ago

    If you come back to Barcelona, we want to show you the typical food from here! In the cheapest and most delicious places. Tell us something 😉

  • Jacob Page
    Jacob Page 7 months ago

    As someone who works in the superstructure industry, I can say that cathedral is an absolute architectural marvel, one of a kind.

  • Daniel F
    Daniel F 7 months ago +1

    Vlogs in front of hundreds of people...
    Easts in front of millions ...
    Bravo for the confidence
    (Started watching since BeyondScience)

  • Kattie
    Kattie 7 months ago +2

    World's best market? You gotta be Kidding! Absolutely it is not.

  • Mónica Valente
    Mónica Valente 7 months ago +1

    You need to try food in Portugal, is diferent of Spain's food and delicious.

  • DreamerXGX
    DreamerXGX 7 months ago +7

    Lol, that moment in the tower staircase where Mikey accidently caught sight of his travel companion, immediately pans to look outside XD

  • lacrospi lacrospi
    lacrospi lacrospi 7 months ago

    Wow thanks for this video

  • Fatter Cat
    Fatter Cat 7 months ago

    it's probably a loss for them anyways if they want the tourists out, just to think of the price you pay there, boiiiii. Most countries depend on tourism, surely there are many people who need to fix their attitude and manners when going overseas, but yeah, heavily dependent on tourism, these sunny places like Spain.
    Idk why, but the people who met eyes with the cam looked all pretty unfriendly, you also did not seem to have fully enjoyed what was there; been to barcelona myself twice, cathedral is dropdead gorgeous like always, the rest... a bit lack luster compared to the view xD Got almost a bit jealous that i didnt go up, but when u brought up the prize, just shook my head n thought its the same damn thing from a skyscraper.

  • Pączek Świata
    Pączek Świata 7 months ago +2

    I watching a couples of episode in a row... And I'm soooooo hungry now!

  • Villanelle Pollastri
    Villanelle Pollastri 7 months ago

    Eating some ham and cheese croissants while I watch. Have a choc chip muffin and a glass of milk for dessert