Stranger Things: Season 3 | Title Tease [HD] | Netflix

  • Published on Dec 10, 2018
  • In the summer of 1985, the adventure continues.
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    Stranger Things: Season 3 | Title Tease [HD] | Netflix
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Comments • 17 983

  • Mark Conway
    Mark Conway 19 hours ago

    Almost 2 years for just eight episodes ??? WTF ppl! These kids aren't getting any younger and pretty soon will have deep voices and facial hair and then It'll be just grown ass adults running around playing make-believe like Harry Potter

  • Nikolai 512Bit
    Nikolai 512Bit 19 hours ago +1

    I wish Stranger things would pass 10+ seasons.

  • CapenAmericuaa
    CapenAmericuaa 21 hour ago

    The bite of what bite of 87?

  • Kendra Burger
    Kendra Burger Day ago

    CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Austin S
    Austin S Day ago


  • Juliano Cosme
    Juliano Cosme Day ago

    Cada vez a abertura fica mais realista... Duffers são gênios de fato.

  • Juliano Cosme
    Juliano Cosme Day ago +1

    É por isso que eu sou a favor das máquinas do tempo.

  • MoreMatVlogs
    MoreMatVlogs Day ago

    Oh shoot Gotta Run!!

    Dr.AMAR KUMAR Day ago


  • Agnieszka Czachurska

    I Don't need it.

    I don't need it.


  • Dunkey Indra
    Dunkey Indra Day ago

    6.7k Demogorgons and Demodogs disliked this

  • Lola Tea
    Lola Tea Day ago

    The last episode for season 3 is called
    “the adventure continues” so there might be a season 4!!!!

  • Ethan the eevee
    Ethan the eevee Day ago

    hmm... the bite... summer of 85... 3 years before the bite of 87... 3 main plot games...fnaf crossover?

  • Upsetlamaz 1
    Upsetlamaz 1 Day ago

    The source sounds good

  • Eve P
    Eve P Day ago +1

    WAITTTTTTT omg remember yurtle and how the temperay eviction

  • Connect Sudhy
    Connect Sudhy 2 days ago

    My curiosity will just explode now . Please take me to Hawkins 🙏

  • Levi White
    Levi White 2 days ago

    Episode titles?

  • C.S.R
    C.S.R 2 days ago +1

    Second season sucked!!!
    That Milly Brown girl is a joke??? Don’t see why the hype with this girl??? Wasn’t she up for a Emmy??? Hahahaha!!! Like I said, it’s a joke!!!

    • Toploaded Gaming
      Toploaded Gaming 2 days ago

      Second season did suck. One and done would have been fine. But no, instead, cash grab city. This season will be Pip farting on a snare drum, and all these children will lap it up.

    • Alexander Hernandezcervantes
      Alexander Hernandezcervantes 2 days ago


  • Mariana Lessa
    Mariana Lessa 3 days ago


  • kenzie&Lia Killingsworth

    Stranger things is there best

  • The guyver
    The guyver 3 days ago

    Hi I'm from Pakistan and i loved watching stranger things it felt like a live action anime. 😊

  • BrendonUrieIsDaddy
    BrendonUrieIsDaddy 3 days ago

    oooooohhhh *squeals*

    VAL’S VALLEY 3 days ago

    My heart I’m actually crying the omg yes thank you so much Netflix

  • Captain Relyk
    Captain Relyk 4 days ago

    The birthday, the bite. Please don’t be Fnaf

  • Danny Bull
    Danny Bull 4 days ago

    Actually cannot wait

  • Chase Scott
    Chase Scott 4 days ago +1

    What if the mind flayer comes into Hawkins like the demogorgan and the mind flayer hunts down the group with the help of hundreds of Demodogs and demogorgan then barb shows up very weirdly possessed everyone thinks it’s a miricale except Nancy and jonhnathon who have to team up and take down a possessed and evil barb and the mall is the shadow monsters base where he controls the mall and the battle of star court is actually them taking the largest upside down base of operations where But secretly the mind flayer will take barbs corpse as a spy to get into the heads of the team.I believe eventually the upside down vines will begin to surface all over Hawkins causing panic and anxiety to the group as if their being watched. I also believe the physical mind flayer will come out of the new Hawkins pool for summers end. And as all of this happens. Brenner tracks Eleven to seek his vengeance. I know this sounds crazy as hell but it seems plausible for me it’s just a crazy theory but it’s nice to theorize.

  • Joel Vincent
    Joel Vincent 4 days ago

    Those are not LIKES. They're DISLIKES from the Upside Down.

  • peanut butter bro
    peanut butter bro 4 days ago

    That was lit

  • Wolf_Gaming 2000
    Wolf_Gaming 2000 4 days ago

    True fans never skip

  • achvz z
    achvz z 4 days ago

    So excited! Yet hoping nothing bad will happen to Steve in this series 😊😊

  • Michael De Rosas
    Michael De Rosas 4 days ago

    Can't wait

  • ShinyRusty
    ShinyRusty 4 days ago

    The last episode will be a boss battle against (a new monster) in the star court mall explaining why its destroyed i dat leaked image and the last ep called battle of star court

  • Video Punk
    Video Punk 4 days ago

    Why would you reveal all the episode titles? You keep done fucking up Netflix

  • Jaded Siren
    Jaded Siren 5 days ago

    Yo! I am sooo fucking ready!!✊✊✊

  • xfakie
    xfakie 5 days ago

    Wow, this E-P-I-C

  • кинжал член

    The sound i hear when i nut

  • FuckYour JewKikeSystem

    Dexter was a cool Netflix series ! A couple of hefties is all ya’ need ! Bodybagger commies !

  • bloodbath salazar
    bloodbath salazar 5 days ago

    strangerthings season three is coming on july 4th i cant wait

  • Cute bunny girl Windham


  • Riot Symbiot
    Riot Symbiot 5 days ago

    Of all the deaths in this show the
    one that got to me most was the cats death....

  • goluckydeer 3796
    goluckydeer 3796 6 days ago

    I like Dustin the best who aggres

  • Christopher Castillo
    Christopher Castillo 6 days ago +1

    It takes place July 4, 1985 one day after Back to the Future part 1 came out. Coincidence I think not!!!!!!!!

  • megan grace
    megan grace 6 days ago

    I’m excited.

  • Duhhits cammi
    Duhhits cammi 6 days ago

    I wish it would come sooner..but I get why

  • Ethan Anderson
    Ethan Anderson 6 days ago

    Hell yeah SEASON THREE Can Git Famous please people I have git famous so I can make my dream come True please make me FAMOUS!!!!!!!!!

    NINJA KID 6 days ago +1

    Really good netflix

  • PR0HAN S
    PR0HAN S 6 days ago +1

    My friend:How come there are 205k dislikes in this
    Me:those are not dislikes,actually those are the likes from earth

  • ImTheSonOfObersgrupennfuhrer

    Pls launch it tomorrow

  • Nick Mattio
    Nick Mattio 6 days ago

    They’ll be hittin up the Sbarro and Electonics Boutiquc ASAP

  • ReeledPandora09 Gaming


  • Killa K2death
    Killa K2death 7 days ago +1

    The hype is real, sure hope to see back to the future memorabilia used as a weapon or plotpoint!!!!!

  • Calvin
    Calvin 7 days ago

    I can not wait

  • AlperT
    AlperT 7 days ago

    türkler kendini belli etsin

  • tisfito aimene
    tisfito aimene 7 days ago

    what will be the next big monster boss? A (c)Beholder^TM?

  • Jasmine Jones
    Jasmine Jones 7 days ago

    I. Cannot. Wait.

  • Jose Tomelock
    Jose Tomelock 7 days ago

    Stranger things nosedived in season 2

  • Ticiana Brito Ribeiro

    Eu amo stranger things😍❤

  • Methlokaijufan97
    Methlokaijufan97 7 days ago

    When we will get a trailer ?

  • Tenderloin Salmon
    Tenderloin Salmon 7 days ago

    barbara totally underrated.

    bet she gon hav sum her own story in 4th.

  • John C
    John C 7 days ago

    "The Battle for Starcourt" sounds dope as fuck

  • Lance Ashdown
    Lance Ashdown 8 days ago

    I guess those were the titles of the individual episodes.

  • GlitxyG4m3r
    GlitxyG4m3r 8 days ago

    Those was all the episode names

  • Meowmers
    Meowmers 8 days ago

    Hope Barb makes a comeback

  • Lucas
    Lucas 8 days ago +1

    *Dont let this distract you from the fact that there will only be 9 episodes regarding the video listing all the episodes in order*

  • Dusk Fall
    Dusk Fall 8 days ago

    I'm excited

  • cat of oz
    cat of oz 8 days ago

    the dislikes are just people from australia trying to like

  • Rubezies
    Rubezies 8 days ago +1

    Its Finally 2019 So Stranger Things Where You At?

  • MrRhino
    MrRhino 8 days ago

    Me and my friend were talking and freaking out about this all day at school

  • Shadow muffins
    Shadow muffins 9 days ago

    Omg im so excited

  • Boris Luwang
    Boris Luwang 9 days ago

    Only 8 episodes.. i m disappointed

  • i have BTSD
    i have BTSD 9 days ago

    classic intro

  • gabcaake
    gabcaake 9 days ago

    hey y'all.. i just draw mike and eleven... hope y'all check it out 😆

  • Sunny s
    Sunny s 10 days ago

    4th july :) my birthday yay

  • Spyrous Jonathan
    Spyrous Jonathan 10 days ago +1

    This is the last season? Someone answer

  • KAEM !
    KAEM ! 10 days ago

    GoT Final season and Avengers Endgame and now Stranger Things S3?! Ok 2019 is gonna be epic

  • Demonsinsideofmeytc Demons

    is this real

  • RealEvDev 2006
    RealEvDev 2006 10 days ago

    Ya booooooooi can’t wait....

  • Siobhán mckenna
    Siobhán mckenna 11 days ago +1

    Episode 1: *SUZIE, DO YOU COPY?* that's probably gonna be about Erica, lucas's sister, gets a new walkie talkie for christmas, her friends have one too. She drops her dolly in the woods earlier in the day, and gets her friend "suzie" to get it in the middle of the night, but she falls, doesn't answer, and then Erica asks, "Suzie, do you copy?"
    Episode 2: *THE MALL RATS* SUZIE gets taken away by a monster, and is turned into a monster, she haunts "starcourt mall" and unleashes rats to go their seeking human blood for the monster, and Mike, Dustin, lucas, will, max and eleven see these rats and get suspicious. One of the rats bite will, causing him to turn naucious and sick. Nancy gets bitten by that rat too. She suffers the same symptoms.
    Episode 3: *the case of the missing lifeguard*
    While will and Nancy are staying at home in bed, they act differently too. Joyce catches will calling someone he doesnt know on the phone, and Nancy cannot be found. Mike is confused, as why his BFF is acting strange, and his sister is missing. Eleven, max, Mike, Dustin and lucas try to connect with the person he was talking to on the phone. Eleven uses her powers to connect, while she's left with her bloody nose, all she can find is a girl saying "snatch the blood" the gang is invited to Stacey's pool party while they all see the lifeguard's seat, but they do not see him. Chief hopper investigates, and finds Nancy finger prints, handprints and footprints. She had something to do with the missing lifeguard.
    Episode 4: *the sauna test* they put will into a sauna room, and do a test on him, to see if he has anything to do with Nancy's suspicious case of going missing, and her strange behaviour. All he says repeatedly is "It needs the blood". Shortly after that, chief hopper goes missing, and there is no sign of him whatsoever. Joyce finds written in blood "it needs the blood" all over the house, and finds will staring at her, with the most disturbing smile imaginable.
    Episode 5: *the source* Mike, Dustin, lucas, max and eleven look in starcourt mall at 03:24 A.M and look for the source that caused these phenomenons in Hawkins. They find rats eating a dead body, which is in fact, chief Jim hopper. They find a girl sitting in burger king, alone with her teddy bear, and said "give it the blood" over and over. Then a monster appeared behind them and, chased them. They woke up in the morning, with cuts and bruises, under the mall.
    Episode 6: *the birthday* they soon get found by not in lyrics Joyce, but Karen wheeler too. They get taken to wills home, and they tell Joyce about hoppers dead body. The next day at the funeral, it's eleven's birthday. She gets a few presents from her friends. She stays at wills home from now on. The threw a party for her. That night, she sees barb. In her dream, barb is alive, she lives jn a forest in a different state, and I'd hiding from the monsters.
    Episode 7: *the bite* the gang finds out will and nancy were bitten by the dema-rats. So now they are half demagorgan. Eleven sets off on a mission to go to a californian forest, to find barb. She successfully finds her and brings her back home. When she realises... she was hallucinating the entire time, the body is not alive, she was holding hands with a dead body the whole time.
    Episode 8: *the battle of starcourt.* The people of Hawkins ( and the gang ) help fight against the monsters within. The people win, and Nancy and will, survive and are turned back to normal. Eleven uses her powers to fight. So she bleeds her nose like never before. Which causes her to sadly lose her life.
    *keep in mind, these are just theories*

    • Siobhán mckenna
      Siobhán mckenna 10 days ago

      +Hello There yep, I am a huge stranger things fan :)

    • Hello There
      Hello There 10 days ago

      Siobhán mckenna / Guessing youre a really big fan? I read all of them by the way.

  • DA\/ID 0MAN
    DA\/ID 0MAN 11 days ago +1

    Fuck that I'm excited for GAME OF THRONES

  • Ranural
    Ranural 11 days ago

    AAAAAAAA This is too epic.

  • Edison Chingo
    Edison Chingo 11 days ago

    NETFLIX:Look we teased the theme song
    Me:...........Netflix do you want to fight...

  • ItsJustEran `
    ItsJustEran ` 11 days ago

    Title reveal???

  • Eleven the puppet
    Eleven the puppet 11 days ago

    Can't wait for season 3! I just got a stranger things poster

  • emo person
    emo person 11 days ago


  • Samir Horieh
    Samir Horieh 11 days ago

    I feel like will

  • lynn jañier
    lynn jañier 11 days ago

    Damn I'm so excited ;;

  • Ocean Master
    Ocean Master 11 days ago

    I believe the 3rd season will actually take place during the SUMMER in Hawkins, so a Summer release for the 3rd season makes sense. I think however that the long delay from season 2 to 3 was a mistake by the Duffer's and it will/has cost them a lot of fan base. The thing about this show, is it had crazy momentum and fans wanted more NOW, not a year and a half later. Like myself, you just kinda start to lose interest in the show the more time that goes by. If there is going to be a season 4, chances are it is already finished shooting and the actors have stayed silent for legal reasons.

  • Ello m8
    Ello m8 11 days ago

    I’m on season 2 right now. I watching Season 1 and 2 three times in total and I haven’t watched it in a year so now i’m watching an episode of S2 every month. Well I wanted to but I just finished 3 episodes soooo.... *Mission failed we will get em next time*

  • Joseph seed
    Joseph seed 11 days ago +1

    After I watch season three i deleted Netflix. That's what I did after watching season one and two. Netflix took family Guy off, or at least most of the seasons, they took off American Dad and bobs burgers, and they don't have Rick and Morty, south park,king of the hill,and the Simpson's. Also they deleted my favorite show futurama so fuck Netflix hulu is the best. #hulu

  • Nathan Harris
    Nathan Harris 12 days ago

    Can't wait

  • Stranger Girl
    Stranger Girl 12 days ago

    I never skip the intro. Seriously, it’s a badass intro.
    That and Series of Unfortunate Events

  • Eleven
    Eleven 12 days ago


  • Matthew Nolasco
    Matthew Nolasco 12 days ago

    Who wishes that Barb will be alive? :(

  • Lovisa Obert
    Lovisa Obert 12 days ago +1


  • BtS pLeAsE pAsS tHe TaE aNd SuGa KoOkIeS

    This is gonna be a better year than 2018

  • The Jackalope
    The Jackalope 12 days ago +1

    Is it just me or is there usually three different stories going through out the series and at the end of both seasons everybody gets to together and then defeats the big bosss!?
    It's like all three stories are puzzle pieces and when everybody finds each other they all have there information and stuff and that's how they get the epic Vic royale

  • Aulia Kaliza
    Aulia Kaliza 12 days ago

    It's the episode titles

    CASSY ZYN 12 days ago +2

    Eleven becomes *_TWELVE_*

  • Nevaeh Clarkson
    Nevaeh Clarkson 12 days ago

    "Suzie do u copy" I hope Suzie is Dustin's or will's girlfriend cause they need one in the show lmbo 😂