Stranger Things: Season 3 | Title Tease [HD] | Netflix

  • Published on Dec 10, 2018
  • In the summer of 1985, the adventure continues.
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    Stranger Things: Season 3 | Title Tease [HD] | Netflix
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Comments • 18 559

  • needforsuv
    needforsuv Day ago

    0:09 Billy gets his just deserts?

  • Ayano Aishi ꧂
    Ayano Aishi ꧂ Day ago

    I'mma watch all the episodes the day they come out, then complain that I can't wait for season 4. (If they have it xD)

  • Itz Astrid
    Itz Astrid 2 days ago


  • Catwomen 902
    Catwomen 902 2 days ago +1

    I like stranger things so much

  • Gingerninja08
    Gingerninja08 2 days ago

    Someone please explain to me what this means???

  • lucy lousie
    lucy lousie 3 days ago

    Hmmm suzie do you copy. The only character we know with a name like that is Susan mayfeild. Maxes mom!

  • Gianna’s Stuff
    Gianna’s Stuff 3 days ago


  • Sofia Hoxel
    Sofia Hoxel 3 days ago +2

    Ugh why can't this go up to season 30000 I'll watch it forever sjskksj

  • Andrew Purcell
    Andrew Purcell 4 days ago +1

    I doubt most of the titles are going to be the final ones in the actual season cuz remember last season where episode 9 was supposed to be ‘the lost brother’?

  • Doodle dummy
    Doodle dummy 4 days ago +1

    The rats are going to be very important in the show. There’s an episode called “the mall rats”, there are rats in the trailer, and 2 of the cast members put rat emojis on their stranger things season 3 trailer posts on Instagram. (Sadie and Natalie)

  • hollyisunlit
    hollyisunlit 4 days ago

    i love how some episode names are so odd and specific like “the battle at starcourt” and then others are so vague like “the bite”

  • Edrick Medina
    Edrick Medina 5 days ago

    I liked it in the upside down

  • Zehra Talpur
    Zehra Talpur 5 days ago +1

    I hope there is a season 4

  • Yeet Boi
    Yeet Boi 5 days ago +1

    6.9k dislikes ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Eddie Hawkins
    Eddie Hawkins 5 days ago +3

    Came here afre I saw the new trailer lol I don't want Billy to die

    • Any Ko Aniko
      Any Ko Aniko 4 days ago

      +Matthew Woodcock he is gonna become the thing from that nancy sees in the hospital

    • Matthew Woodcock
      Matthew Woodcock 5 days ago

      Eddie Hawkins I think he’s gonna become a zombie

  • Japzee
    Japzee 5 days ago

    im getting major the thing vibes from this trailer :^)

  • Chris Oliva
    Chris Oliva 5 days ago

    I don’t like this show

  • Yolanda Kross
    Yolanda Kross 5 days ago

    loll im checking this again after the trailer release!

  • -_- Xxno1gamerxX -_-

    Only 8 Episodes???

  • Chase
    Chase 5 days ago +1

    I was really hoping that live aid would be included

  • Brianna Navarro
    Brianna Navarro 5 days ago

    *the trailer is here*

  • SpookyXD YT
    SpookyXD YT 5 days ago

    The 80s called and want there show back

  • Michaela Ortiz
    Michaela Ortiz 6 days ago +5

    Stranger Things Season 3:
    1.) Suzie, do you copy?
    2.) The Mall Rats
    3.) The Case of the Missing Lifeguard
    4.) The Sauna Test
    5.) The Source
    6.) The Birthday
    7.) The Bite
    8.) The Battle of Starcourt
    “In the Summer of 1985, the adventure continues...”
    COMING 2019

  • Intisar Inc.
    Intisar Inc. 6 days ago

    Puberty atomic bomb is here 😂

  • Jaxon Stephens
    Jaxon Stephens 6 days ago

    Starcourt is the name of the mall in the new trailer

    JENNY CASTOR 6 days ago

    Holy shit I can’t wait I’m so excited sksksk

  • TheIntroGirl
    TheIntroGirl 6 days ago

    Here after the trailer ❤️🎉

  • Dylan / GL
    Dylan / GL 6 days ago

    6m views well deserved tbh

  • Alpinatraum
    Alpinatraum 6 days ago

    I love everything about ST...especially the music 🙂

  • Bottle Flip
    Bottle Flip 6 days ago


  • Hi Bitch
    Hi Bitch 6 days ago

    Here after trailer like

    👇. Edit:I’m not begging for likes I just wanna see who

  • Ayman Abdul Ghaffar
    Ayman Abdul Ghaffar 6 days ago

    *My Theory for the monster:*
    The mass of flesh and bone acts as a sort of hive mind that takes control of people and influences their actions by infection most likey through the rats shown in the trailer. The infected person begins to act sort of like a zombie but retains human function. Infection by the rats could be supported by the revealed episode title "The Bite".
    Either that or the mass grows in size by absorbing people, that would explain why it looks how it does but doesnt make sense when you take into account how the actual final fight would take place as hinted by the revealed last episode title "The battle of starcourt".

  • Cecilia Wang
    Cecilia Wang 6 days ago +1

    0:10 i think it's the lifeguard girl in the red swimsuit who goes missing cause in the trailer we see a scene with a girl with that red swimsuit who gets pulled down into the water/nothingness

  • Cecilia Wang
    Cecilia Wang 6 days ago

    Who's here after the trailer????

  • Ted Pow
    Ted Pow 6 days ago +1

    Netflix should change the Releasing of the Episodes in the future..
    release HALF the First Week..and the other half in a week...
    //we hate f@ckin spoilers plus will make shows even better :P//

  • The Rockriders
    The Rockriders 6 days ago

    Who is here after seeing the trailer

  • Ujjwal Bharadwaj
    Ujjwal Bharadwaj 6 days ago +3

    Who else came here after watching the trailer in 2019 ? 😅

  • benjamin crawley
    benjamin crawley 6 days ago

    Love this series overly stoked

  • adam plays 1
    adam plays 1 6 days ago

    I hope it IS with cezch sublites

  • Sadie Mcmurrin
    Sadie Mcmurrin 6 days ago

    now the trailer is out, god i love this show

  • Harshi Rajupet
    Harshi Rajupet 6 days ago

    0:11 is it Billy?

    • Alvin Mutt
      Alvin Mutt 6 days ago

      No its not Billy. At 2:19 of the season3 trailer you can see someone drownning. i think that's the lifeguard.

  • Leroy Tyler
    Leroy Tyler 6 days ago +1

    Trailer just dropped. THIS IS NOT A DRILL

  • Trill
    Trill 6 days ago

    trailer of st 3 oh my god

  • valueofapotato
    valueofapotato 6 days ago +1

    omg they have to mention live aid or back to the future

  • Logan5056
    Logan5056 6 days ago

    9 episodes so far

  • Kainui Penaloza
    Kainui Penaloza 6 days ago +1

    STARCOURT. Star, court. Theres been 2 episodes about it.

    Look at the trailer #1 it's Suzie/Suzana, and Steve.
    (Next summer? They planned this. This will be 1 great lore filled season.)

  • CloneRiverr
    CloneRiverr 6 days ago

    Damn I’m excited

  • Shelby Williams
    Shelby Williams 6 days ago

    Maybe they are. The names of the episodes

  • Wilo Polis
    Wilo Polis 6 days ago

    The Bite of 85

  • ChrisGamin-Roblox and more!

    The dislikes are actually likes from the upside down

  • We Are Alive
    We Are Alive 7 days ago

    IM SO EXCITED!!!!!!! ❤️

  • falloutskyy
    falloutskyy 7 days ago +1

    Looks awesome! Im so hyped for S3 i cant wait anymore. Right now im thinking of making another instrumental inspired by the Stranger Things Soundtrack so i could release it when S3 drops. Check out my old instrmental if you want: ... :)

  • Calvin Leon
    Calvin Leon 7 days ago

    The 6k dislikes are demogorgans.

  • SandyC
    SandyC 7 days ago

    Mind controlled rats and zombies???

  • Eylül Sarı
    Eylül Sarı 7 days ago

    6,9 dislike =Demogorgons

  • Mahammad
    Mahammad 7 days ago

    Its Tron music

  • Matthew Torres
    Matthew Torres 7 days ago

    I'm watching season 3 the midnight it comes out. 12:00 AM

  • Tommyplayz Gamez
    Tommyplayz Gamez 7 days ago +3

    Only eight I’ll be done before it’s been out a full 24 hours, pff ez

  • Nanobii

    This intro always gives me a feeling.

  • shopkin lover
    shopkin lover 7 days ago +2

    Me have a theory
    The girl in the starcourt mall commercial who is next to Steve could be suzie. She would go missing in one of the episodes

    • doot doot
      doot doot 4 days ago

      Also thatd theory sucks ass

    • doot doot
      doot doot 4 days ago

      Shes called robin i think

  • Comic Thanos
    Comic Thanos 8 days ago


  • Jan Bielecki
    Jan Bielecki 8 days ago

    Only 8 episodes? Damn

  • Molly Smith
    Molly Smith 8 days ago +1

    An official trailer wouldn't be so bad

  • Nastya
    Nastya 8 days ago


  • TashiStudios
    TashiStudios 8 days ago

    Bitch can they please release a fricking trailer

  • Islam Mbarak
    Islam Mbarak 8 days ago

    No more upside down plzz. I hope new strange stuff will be drawn to Hawkins.

  • AwesomeGamerYT Games


  • Savage Davis
    Savage Davis 8 days ago

    The bite and the Birthday sounds suspicious

  • Drippy De
    Drippy De 8 days ago

    Ughhhhhhhh i wish i could skip to the future

    PRIYA MONDAL 9 days ago

    This music always gives me goosebumps ... it's the only show where I never skip the intro 😑

  • marko BFF
    marko BFF 9 days ago

    I can finally live again

  • Mistsofjade
    Mistsofjade 9 days ago

    Um? Useless

  • little bangtan mix
    little bangtan mix 9 days ago +1

    I am so exiticing

  • Ana dolaberidze
    Ana dolaberidze 10 days ago

    Who else thought it was a trailer?😂

  • Robster_the_Lobster
    Robster_the_Lobster 10 days ago

    This better be filled with BTTF references!

  • meow meow
    meow meow 10 days ago +3


  • Hamna I
    Hamna I 10 days ago

    Those aren’t dislikes, they are likes from the Upside Down ❤️

    VARUN DUBEY 10 days ago stranger things latest updates

    VARUN DUBEY 10 days ago check the latest updates out

  • Jace Hunter
    Jace Hunter 11 days ago

    So it's gonna be the summer of "1985" well it's gonna come out in 2019 so the realise date is in the summer of 2019?!

  • Nilsu Çulha
    Nilsu Çulha 11 days ago


  • Shameem Ali
    Shameem Ali 11 days ago

    I'm still waiting for season 3

  • Electra R3M!x
    Electra R3M!x 11 days ago

    Damn it i cant wait until july

  • Memextreme 45
    Memextreme 45 11 days ago +1

    so um endgame dropped their trailer so where’s yours reeeeee

  • Blu Rooster
    Blu Rooster 11 days ago +1

    Should I stay or should I go?

  • Micaelly Bueno
    Micaelly Bueno 12 days ago

    where's the STRANGER THINGS Trailer

  • Micaelly Bueno
    Micaelly Bueno 12 days ago

    where's the STRANGER THINGS Trailer

  • Micaelly Bueno
    Micaelly Bueno 12 days ago

    where's the STRANGER THINGS Trailer

  • Micaelly Bueno
    Micaelly Bueno 12 days ago

    where's the STRANGER THINGS Trailer

  • Micaelly Bueno
    Micaelly Bueno 12 days ago

    where's the STRANGER THINGS Trailer

  • Micaelly Bueno
    Micaelly Bueno 12 days ago

    where's the STRANGER THINGS Trailer

  • Micaelly Bueno
    Micaelly Bueno 12 days ago

    where's the STRANGER THINGS Trailer

  • Alex Alex
    Alex Alex 12 days ago +1

    First: 13 reasons why season 3 and now... stranger things. My favorite series

  • Daisy Blue
    Daisy Blue 12 days ago +4


  • Ankita Anand
    Ankita Anand 12 days ago

    can't wait anymore, dates????????????????????????

  • Listen Music
    Listen Music 12 days ago +1

    Seriously, I'm holding in my pee for this so you better release this shit or I'll sue... Bladder infection is an offense!

  • Crazy Cat
    Crazy Cat 12 days ago

    Well it’s about time

  • Technogist
    Technogist 12 days ago

    I got so excited until it said title

  • aimstein :D
    aimstein :D 13 days ago

    Ahoj Hennry

  • Mcthicc Mac
    Mcthicc Mac 13 days ago

    That’s hot