Conor McGregor reacts to Jose Aldo's extreme weight cut for his next fight,Tyron Woodley

  • Published on Dec 6, 2019
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    Tyron Woodley says no to London,
    Overeem wants the UFC title to complete his career,
    Bisping on Overeem vs Rozenstruik,
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    Hall on 185lb'ers calling out Darren Till,
    Zhang ready to execute her plan against Joanna,
    Calvillo believes he'll be close to a title shot after impressive win tomorrow night,
    Carmouche released from The UFC,
    Diego Sanchez almost signed with BKFC,
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    Conor McGregor reacts to 135lb Jose Aldo,

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Comments • 3 019

  • Marten Dekker
    Marten Dekker 22 days ago

    Woodley has NOTHING important to say.
    & Sooo many fighters are mental & emotional children... immature, stooopid, & narcissistic . Woodley, Till, Usman, McGregor, Joanna, Zhang, Cejudo, Covington, Jon Jones,...UGH.

    TO-ED-GEIN 22 days ago

    Stay humble Conor... Stay humble

  • Internet Tough Guy
    Internet Tough Guy 24 days ago

    MMA is the dumbest thing a person could do next to boxing. Literally makes you stupid taking hits to the head and ruining your body for the rest of your life just to get a belt strapped around your waist.... that little moment in time is not worth ruining yourself over lol

  • inad jensen
    inad jensen Month ago

    Woodley suck ahahah
    got thrown around the octagon by Usman for 25 minutes, and still think he can demand something

  • Bernie Mooney
    Bernie Mooney Month ago +1

    Woodley v masvidal

  • John Youngblood
    John Youngblood Month ago

    I like Cynthia.. I wonder who shes dating or.. ya know, whistle.. I dont think shes gay..Ima Google and see..
    Looks like shes dating Justin Buchols? That Mexican lookin dude that coaches over there on Urijahs camp. Fuck that guy

  • Charger 7X
    Charger 7X Month ago

    Aldo was robbed man

  • Kamel
    Kamel Month ago

    Why should Calvio get a title shot, she can’t make weight? Her wins aren’t as impressive when she out weighs her opponents -

  • solomon grundy
    solomon grundy Month ago

    Fuk Woodley complaining bitch .

  • Life Hackers
    Life Hackers Month ago

    McGregor knows what it’s like to cut down to 145, he was a skeleton but he performed at his best, his best performance in the UFC was at 155 pounds against Eddie Alvarez But Conor knows what he’s talking about. I expect to see Aldo Win. Very tough opponent but if he wins he gets a title shot.Also made Ariel look dumb.

  • Oldpangolin
    Oldpangolin Month ago

    What's up with Woodley. He got dominated by Usman and now he's refusing fights. I forget he's even in the top 10 sometimes.

  • nzer48
    nzer48 Month ago

    Who gives a fuck what that arrogant, bog Irish little cunt thinks? He's yesterdays newspaper, an aging chorus girl who has turned to tricking to pay the bills. Connor McGregor had no respect for anyone and got bitch slapped by Nate and then tapped out to Khabib....he's a has been, why would I be interested in anything the dole bludging little psychopath has to say?

  • Conrad Lines
    Conrad Lines Month ago

    5 x world champ fcking right come to him he has nothing to prove

  • hated,but, rated
    hated,but, rated Month ago

    Tryon woodly's just a bitch crying on bout a fight in London , real fighters fight wherever n whoever comes next, ppl would b happy t fight u just a fucking BITCH Tryon u no champ u a fkn chump 🖕

  • Unscripted Virtuoso

    That's what I'm talking about Tyron! FUCK LONDON. That's a definite setup for failure. All they do there is rob you against English fighters if you don't knock them out and definitely swing decisions in their direction when it comes to home country fighters. ONLY DUMMIES DON'T PAY ENOUGH ATTENTION TO KNOW THIS. You see how none of these pussies will take a fight with you. Only Jorge would be willing. @MMA WORLD working overtime to throw dirt on your name, lmao!!!
    Uriah Hall is right. Till jumped the line to number 5 and didn't do anything in the ring to justify him holding that spot. UFC = 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

  • Angel Melendez
    Angel Melendez Month ago

    Woodley seems like a real treat to hangout with huh ? Jesus what is he talking about? Conner? Wtf ? U can’t even get a fkn rematch for a title you had for years ! Wake up or get on some anti-depressants !

  • Tony Rockafella
    Tony Rockafella Month ago

    I agree with Connor's comments about Aldo👍👍👍

  • Michael Wou
    Michael Wou Month ago

    Dan will never give Woodley another title fight because he doesn’t want to deal with the headache and rightly so. He doesn’t sell any ppv and makes demand like he is GSP (one of the top seller of all times).

  • William Stine
    William Stine Month ago

    Conor was right he said once he fights me he will never be the same. ALDO looks like shit .. his mentally state is definitely not there. He looks like a old man if anything he should have went up in class..hes going down thinking its gonna be easy,but hes gonna be super drained to get his energy back for the 135 fight what an idiot...

  • Mark Suckaturd
    Mark Suckaturd Month ago

    Who gives a fuck about what Connor McGregor has to say about anything?

  • Ben Scott
    Ben Scott Month ago

    Conor not being a twat for once. Nice.

  • Miron Gaines
    Miron Gaines Month ago

    I always think I like Woodley, then he starts talking.

  • cncaliguy09
    cncaliguy09 Month ago

    I'm convinced Sanchez is into BDSM and enjoys pain.

  • romanboi10
    romanboi10 Month ago

    Not traveling to London for a fight is ridiculous. Your starving for a fight ok

  • Warzone AX
    Warzone AX Month ago

    Uriah Hall hilarious

  • Bud the spud
    Bud the spud Month ago

    Fucking hate woodly

  • Dilson Cespedes Guardia


    PROUD_BRIT Month ago

    5 time world champion?

  • Kevin Molleson
    Kevin Molleson Month ago

    Conors comment on Aldo potential reasoning is spot on in regards to new weight class potential and new outlook on new division if people weren't thinking that way

  • Jack Cough
    Jack Cough Month ago

    Lemme guess T-wood is ducking Edwards again Hahaha always has excuses

  • Bill Sye
    Bill Sye Month ago

    Tyron just retire you suck and nobody cares your boring as fuck
    I just fell asleep

  • chrisheward
    chrisheward Month ago

    Woodly thinks he is GSP quality but he really is just like a POS

  • Supreme
    Supreme Month ago

    These weight cuts are depleting the purpose of weight classes..

  • Sweet Music
    Sweet Music Month ago

    woodleys become irrelevant in the octogon, awesome

  • Swagger Cre8ion's
    Swagger Cre8ion's Month ago +1

    As long as Aldo doesn’t force Conor to give him he’s rematch Conor claimed to want to give him... his happy Aldo goes anywhere but near him...

  • Eric Nisbet
    Eric Nisbet Month ago

    Tyrone Woodley is a paper champ!!!! He don't want that smoke!!!! stick to rapping...scratch that!!!! You suck at that too!!!!! SUCKER!!!!!

  • bluto727
    bluto727 Month ago

    So does Woodley think Dana is just going to show up at his house one day and give him the belt back? Bro just shut up and take a fight. Rob lost his belt (like a month ago) and he has two potential opponents nearly at the finish line.

  • Conan the Barbarian

    Woodley wants that carpool money.

  • John Cosgrove
    John Cosgrove Month ago

    Will Luke Rockhold be back ?
    Beating Johnny and becoming the champion we all know and want him to be ?

  • Chris Kuker
    Chris Kuker Month ago

    Woodley is an idiot. Period. All talk.

  • casey taylor
    casey taylor Month ago

    Woodlys pussy hurts real bad lol

  • James Gray
    James Gray Month ago

    Dirty Sanchez is back

  • john brown
    john brown Month ago

    Anyone got link for the dana what the fk video interview

  • D Scott
    D Scott Month ago

    Ha ha ha you got your ass beat take what you can.

  • CTE is a Hell Of a Drug

    Diego Sanchez.... My username says it all hahahahahaha

  • Hallucinogenichusky

    Dana may be an asshole but he seems to be right about TWood

  • Hallucinogenichusky

    Woodley act like he got any power with the UFC.... We will see Woodley vs Edwards in London no doubt....Edwards is no fucking joke...Woodley will never touch WW gold again

  • barnibizer
    barnibizer Month ago

    Woodley wsa a shit champion....why dont u fuck off and retire you self loving wanker

  • Globalizmas - Keiksmažodis

    Jose looks near dead

  • Mike Simmons
    Mike Simmons Month ago +1

    Woodley is the most boring person. His videos are so boring that I can’t sit through more than five seconds of them. Why does he make videos while he’s in his car? He’s distracted, it’s dangerous, it’s annoying, he’s just a fucking idiot. He mumbles in a really low voice while he’s talking. He puts the camera in his lap by his balls and Has to look straight down at the camera while he’s talking and driving…uuugh...I hate this guy.

  • Mike Simmons
    Mike Simmons Month ago +1

    Connor stop kissing this guys ass. He hates you. When you lost to khabib, he laughed and shaded you. He’s always made fun of you on social media and yet you still tongue his ass every chance you get. Why?

  • leonidasrhodez
    leonidasrhodez Month ago

    Fuck up Woodley

  • Francis Souless Ngannou

    How great would it be if Tyron got cut by the UFC via a comment with a little emoji, right in the middle of one of his lame Instagram streams, lol.

  • Cody Owings
    Cody Owings Month ago

    Bisping called the KO with 4 sec to spare

  • Sam Cloud
    Sam Cloud Month ago

    Tyron dumb asf. Saying he’s starving but still bitchin and switching dates. If I was starving and someone offered me an apple I’m not going to decline it and demand a filet mignon.

  • Anoxzia
    Anoxzia Month ago

    This might be the only time I've ever liked Connor McGregor

  • VI P
    VI P Month ago

    If Nick Diaz wants to come back and make an announcement, he'd better fight with Woodley.

  • ryan potochnik
    ryan potochnik Month ago

    Aldo looks nasty how small he is it doesn't look natural.

  • ryan potochnik
    ryan potochnik Month ago

    That dumb bitch cant even make weight you do t deserve a title shot.

  • ryan potochnik
    ryan potochnik Month ago

    Woodley won't fight anyone all he does is talk and make videos shut the fuck up pussy I hope the UFC dont give him no fights.