Everything You Need to Know About the Corset | Vogue

  • Published on Nov 22, 2021
  • Hamish Bowls traces the history of the corset from the 17th century to today. Watch and see how the corset has changed throughout time, from Catherine de' Medici to contemporary stars like Kim Kardashian and Billie Eilish.
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    Everything You Need to Know About the Corset | Vogue

Comments • 503

  • Andina Rizkia

    I am SO HAPPY with this comment section. Really, the fact that people are starting to get educated about corsets and get upset over the misinformation that vogue spread feels really great.

  • kanekiji
    kanekiji  +727

    VOGUE already existed when corsets were still a daily item, this is so embarrassing for y'all lmao

  • Rachel Moore

    So "comfortable" spanx have replaced "painful" corsets? Ha. I've never heard anyone say spanx are comfortable in the least. And as someone who has personally worn and researched historical corsets I can say that they are actually very comfortable and supportive. Sheesh. The misinformation.

  • Ruby Wolf
    Ruby Wolf  +651

    Man this is sort of embarrassing for them considering how long vogue has been around. Especially considering how influential they are you would think they could hire an actual dress/corset historian. I wear corsets fairly frequently and am actually considering replacing my bra with one so I can say they are amazing and comfortable when you get a well sized corset. I am excited for the TheXvid costume and historical sewing community to react.

  • Anna K
    Anna K  +816

    Vogue needs an: everything you need to know about doing proper research

  • J M
    J M  +414

    I didn't know Vogue was branching out into fiction publishing as well as fashion.

  • Lucy Jane
    Lucy Jane   +752

    It’s so sad that Vogue can’t hire a proper Dress Historian and has to rely on incorrect Wikipedia articles for research.

  • Maricella Wright

    Is so sad that YT decided to hide the dislikes, I need to see the massacre on this absolute mess of a video

  • Faith Mo
    Faith Mo  +154

    Thanks Vogue for putting out this video and providing us the endless content for our favourite dress historians, at least they had a field day with this.

  • Kimberley Rees

    Everything you need to know about the corset will not be found in this video. Please watch Bernadette Banner or Abby Cox if you want to know about the history of corsets/stays.

  • lauren
    lauren  +469

    It really disappoints me that Vogue is so influential and has created this video. They could have easily got amazing resources! If you can hold an entire party at the met then you can at least look at their resources and examine the proper history of the garment and explain the true facts about the corset and yet like so many others, they have added to the dangerous myths of the corset.

  • :D :D
    :D :D  +132

    Love seeing all the fellow members of the Catherine de Medici Time Travel Society

  • MossyMozart

    I am bitterly disappointed that "Vogue", the go-to reliable source for fashion, has chosen to release this error-filled video. Did Anna Wintour sign off on this? If so, her reputation as well as that of "Vogue" has been flushed down the loo. Is there not a research department? Did not an editor review the video before release? It seems like a number of people at "Vogue" are responsible for this colossal failure. It will take a long while for the public to trust their "scholarship" again.

  • Judith Lashbrook

    Utter twaddle!! as a, non tight-laced, historical style corset wearer I'm ready to tell anyone willing to hear me that they are not only the most comfortable undergarment i have ever worn but more than that they are like wearing a cuddle, gentle, supportive, forgiving... Once you have found your fit it's like finding a life partner! This video is so full of s#

  • Daniel Blair

    How can you be a fashion company and get nearly EVERYTHING about this so wrong? This is just sad.

  • Sandra Soapbox

    I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of fashion historians suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced.

  • MsBlulucky
    MsBlulucky  +138

    Thanks to this video, which told me

  • Jazmine Ariel

    This video is

  • Rebecca Cantu

    I love wearing corsets. If you get one fitted to your measurements and made specifically for you, they are not uncomfortable at all.

  • Siansonea Orande

    Okay, so maybe Teen Vogue will come through with the actual journalism on this subject?