First to Catch a Shiny Pokemon of Every Type Wins

  • Published on Jan 26, 2022
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    Who will catch a Shiny Pokemon of every Pokemon Type in Pokemon Let's Go first and win?
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Comments • 2 403

  • PM7
    PM7  3 months ago +336

    Get honey for free today!

    • doggo
      doggo 18 days ago

      I'm gonna choose cyndaquil

    • Lawryn Owens
      Lawryn Owens 19 days ago


    • Lolbit the Gamer
      Lolbit the Gamer 21 day ago

      I was happy because Mickey got a golbat because I got my first shiny and like two minutes later I got another one and they were both crobat

    • The Camerons
      The Camerons Month ago

      Its Honey also nice vid

    • xxkiller tiger
      xxkiller tiger Month ago

      @Pokémon Trainer H qll

  • Patterrz
    Patterrz 3 months ago +1410

    master balling a magneton is a bold strategy

  • Tamar Picker
    Tamar Picker 3 months ago +304

    Mikey being a genuinely good friend caring about his buddy at 4:08 gives me life.

  • Aesir87
    Aesir87 3 months ago +94

    John's reaction to Mikey shouting at missing out on the Shiny Weezing is pure gold.

  • amandakaye
    amandakaye 3 months ago +45

    Love the back and forth. First Mikey is a rat, then bff again, then John tells horrible knock knock joke, more shade, then they are each others rock. Classic and hilarious.

  • Foirelle
    Foirelle 3 months ago +22

    Funny thing, I got a shiny Pyukumuku from a raid as I was watching this. Ended up catching it, thanks for the luck from this fun video lol!

  • MandJTV
    MandJTV 3 months ago +1415

    RIP my shiny Weezing T-T

  • Heropon_Riki
    Heropon_Riki 3 months ago +12

    Just like Mikey I love all three of the starters in Legends, but my favorite would probably be Rowlett, the thing is after seeing their forms I'm not a huge fan of Hisuian Decidueye so I'm probably picking Cyndaquil

    • Kitsu1102
      Kitsu1102 Month ago

      I love Decidueye in its Alolan and Hisuian Forms. I picked it. I do respect the choice though, they are all good starters and similar to you and Mikey, they are my favorite starters of their respective regions.

  • The Almighty Duck
    The Almighty Duck 2 months ago +5

    I do this sort of thing all the time in my playthroughs. I call them Shiny Type Quests and I just get one shiny for every type by the time I get to the Elite 4

  • USER Unfriendly Gaming
    USER Unfriendly Gaming 20 days ago +2

    I’d love to play Pokémon with you guys.
    Y’all have some great energy.

  • Rodimus Minor
    Rodimus Minor 2 months ago +2

    I love these challenges as John always tries to cheat and also accuses Mikey of cheating when Mikey didn't 🤣

  • RosaTheFoxGirl
    RosaTheFoxGirl 2 months ago +3

    This moment made me laugh so hard 🤣😂 8:16

  • Kmi_Zaraki
    Kmi_Zaraki 2 months ago +1

    Love their collaborations lol always make my days

  • Orihime-chan
    Orihime-chan 3 months ago +2

    after seeing the fully evolved new forms and my brother playing the game before me and me not liking to overlap with him i'm going for oshawatt.

  • Starfox Smash
    Starfox Smash 3 months ago +3

    John: "Shiny Alolan Raticate will always be in our hearts."
    Micheal: "Are you saying we have darkness in our hearts?"
    John (again): "Yes, that is what I'm saying."

  • Chris Vrana
    Chris Vrana 3 months ago +638

    John: *Walks off to get tape, catches a bunch of magnemite for a joke*
    Also John: "Why do I always lose these?"

    • EeveeIsCool
      EeveeIsCool 2 months ago

      @randomness exepct, it’s not really funny

    • Sarah Cook
      Sarah Cook 3 months ago

      @Riskyy don't worry
      Your content might not be better than this, idk
      But I'm sure it's good! :)

    • minefish
      minefish 3 months ago +2

      @Joltemon XD

    • Joltemon
      Joltemon 3 months ago +6

      @MyLightB4Sunrise Quick! Someone get a burn heal!

    • NEO ZK _ Official
      NEO ZK _ Official 3 months ago +7

      @MyLightB4Sunrise what a sick burn to the crisp

  • TimeBucks
    TimeBucks 3 months ago +170

    I would pick Rowlet

  • Sam Eastgate
    Sam Eastgate Month ago

    13:03 My respect for Mikey and John rose and fell respectively an enormous amount right there

  • SJ
    SJ 3 months ago +1

    0:58 that exact thing happened to me but it was a shiny Geodude it would’ve been my first shiny

    LUKAS POOT-MCCREATH 2 months ago +2

    QOTD: I have chosen TYPHLOSION… because my favourite types are fire, dragon, ghost, electric and poison. So having fire and ghost is good… also I like how it’s flames are ghostly purple

  • Xavier Estellés
    Xavier Estellés 3 months ago +270

    MAD PROPS to the editor! His editing style is super cool and dynamic!

    • Minkusaurus
      Minkusaurus Month ago

      @2U Gaming Productions No one asked+ratio+your mom+l nerd+wrong channel+go away

    • SacredScizor
      SacredScizor 2 months ago

      @Riskyy don't say that

    • 2U Gaming Productions
      2U Gaming Productions 3 months ago

      We made a Pokemon song remix if anyone wants to check it out! We would appreciate it

    • Kaytea
      Kaytea 3 months ago +3

      @Raining IceYT Tylher*

  • williamfrieden1
    williamfrieden1 3 months ago

    Lol!!! These videos are always hilarious, keep up the great work! I’ll be choosing Cyndaquil!

  • Javon Turner
    Javon Turner Month ago +3

    John’s face tho when Michael missed the weezing

  • Fatima Piña
    Fatima Piña 3 months ago

    always a great day when John uploads and im going to pick cynderquil for pokemon legends arceus 💖💖💖

  • qopoy dnon
    qopoy dnon 3 months ago

    always a great day when John uploads and im going to pick cynderquil for pokemon legends arceus

  • Afterburn 722
    Afterburn 722 3 months ago +141

    I've used Rowlet and Cyndaquil in recent playthroughs, and I like how Hisuian Samurott looks, so I'ma go for Oshawott

  • Wayne
    Wayne 3 months ago

    I Went with Rowlett, Mostly because I saw what his evolved form looks like and I am all for it

  • Matthew Launder
    Matthew Launder 3 months ago

    I definitely love oshawatt since I always choose the water type but I honestly really love all three

  • The Dragon's Trove
    The Dragon's Trove 3 months ago

    I’m using Cyndaquil! I LOVE how Hisuian Typhlosion looks!

  • Mateo Rivera
    Mateo Rivera 2 days ago

    Love your content keep up the great entertainment

  • Felipe Firered12
    Felipe Firered12 3 months ago +110

    I always love when michael win it's always out of nowhere

  • Marcus Quinlan
    Marcus Quinlan 28 days ago +1

    Same thing happened with me I was hunting for shiny onix I found one right as I climbed up the ladder one appeared on full odds

  • pyromaniac000000
    pyromaniac000000 23 days ago +1

    12:29 ha! Wouldnt be me. I have gotten insane luck in all of my recent playthroughs. First was brilliant diamond. First time to the trophy garden. Full odds kricketune while looking for the pokemon of the day. Next game, sword. My first time in gen 8, i got to the area where falinks walk in the walls, didnt know what a falinks was, i just wanted to see one. I thought it was interesting looking, and then it sparkled. First ever falinks i ever saw was shiny. Next game, lets go pikachu. Was on the water on the way to catch zapdos, boom, shiny tentacool. Three full odds in every playthrough. But those are all 1/4000. But then i decided to replay gwn 5, black version. In twist mountain, full odds shiny boldore. 1/8000. Oh, and on top of that, in sword i caught a applin to use, and it had pokerus. 1/12000. I am the pokemon whisperer.

  • Mason Auty
    Mason Auty Month ago

    My first shiny was actually sigilyph so which is why that’s one of my favourite Pokémon

  • HunterPikachu
    HunterPikachu 3 months ago +2

    ABSOLutely none of the starters In legends Arceus are ones I chose. (My Johto starter is Totodile my Unova starter is Tepig and my Alola starter is Litten)
    But I found out the starter evolutions types and I gotta say that it chose cyndaquil for me.

  • TPOPlays
    TPOPlays 3 months ago

    I got the game today! I picked Cyndaquill! I’ve never any of the Johto games, so this is my chance to use one of the starters!

  • Ryan MacDougall
    Ryan MacDougall 3 months ago

    You're videos are the best. And I'm leaning towards Rowlett for Arceus.

  • Lil Chipo
    Lil Chipo 3 months ago

    How do they boost the shiny odds to be able to complete this challenge? I definitely want to do this haha

  • Molly Woodard
    Molly Woodard 3 months ago

    QOTD: While I don’t think any of them is the best from their respective region I’m definitely going cyndaquil

  • kuro shi
    kuro shi 3 months ago +92

    I love Oshawott, so that's probably my pick. I've avoided watching most of the trailers for the game because I want everything to be a surprise, so I'm excited to see how it ends up looking.

    • harlan guerrero
      harlan guerrero 2 months ago

      I picked Rowley and I don't regret it at all

    • William Lim
      William Lim 2 months ago


    • Penguins
      Penguins 3 months ago

      Man I adore Oshawott he is cute

    • VIT_C
      VIT_C 3 months ago +1

      @Riskyy How about you watch ur own videos if its so good

    EPIC GAMEZ 3 months ago

    You know that it's a good day when PokeMEN7 Plays uploads😎

  • Aura Sweet
    Aura Sweet 3 months ago

    Another great video as always. QOTD: Cyndaquil!

  • Lotte Erdogan
    Lotte Erdogan 4 days ago +1

    I was watching this video while trying to get shellder in bdsp for the battle tower and then I thought it would be funny to try and call a shiny bulbasuar and actually got it ran to my brother’s room in glee

  • CrashCubeZeroOne
    CrashCubeZeroOne 3 months ago

    The first episode I saw was the one where Ash caught Gligar.
    Gliscor has been my favourite pokemon ever since.

  • Cindy Stephens-Law
    Cindy Stephens-Law 3 months ago +36

    Can I just say a big thank you for always making me smile with your videos. Your energy and enthusiasm always makes me feel better watching you.

    CHACHII 3 months ago

    i see these videos)and enjoy them) and it makes me sad that in my decade of pokemon gaming and weeks of hours poured into every region i have never found a full odds shiny. I need to shiny hunt...

  • LyceenJPS
    LyceenJPS  3 months ago

    I got a full odds shiny starly in pokémon diamond once. I used it throughout the intire game. I was so happy

  • CrownedHunter
    CrownedHunter 21 day ago

    This guy has to be lucky, he encountered shiny weezing as soon as I found shiny swellow in the ultra space of USUM. Sadly, we both failed them. Hey, I got a shiny quagsire… with the ability damp

  • Rainbow Wolf
    Rainbow Wolf 3 months ago

    Cyndaquill, my first starter from my first game. MY BOY FINALLY GOT A DUEL TYPING!!

  • JerLov Anthony
    JerLov Anthony 8 days ago

    at 14:20 it was to funny i love your content keep up the good work

  • Behnam Habili
    Behnam Habili 2 months ago

    John : this venamoth will be my POISON TYPE

  • Connie Kucani
    Connie Kucani 3 months ago

    Can I just say that John and Mikey are really cute together? The perfect bromance. Just very wholesome.

  • Jonah Hart
    Jonah Hart 3 months ago

    Talking about shinies, my first ever shiny was a full-odds Makuhita in Sun, first ever pokemon game, first encounter on Route 2.

  • Krystyne Ballestero
    Krystyne Ballestero 3 months ago +39

    Definitely picking cyndaquil. The only one I haven't used is Rowlet, but I've used grass types casually recently and hardly use fire types casually

  • Couch Potato
    Couch Potato 3 months ago

    Oshawott for my first playthrough. I plan to use all three eventually

  • N Christy
    N Christy 21 day ago

    My first shiny I ever caught was a full odds zigzagoon

  • MettaNotSwag
    MettaNotSwag 23 days ago

    I got a full odds Dodou in Let's Go and I love it so much. I named it Aussie because of the Emu War

  • Autumn leaf
    Autumn leaf 3 months ago

    Qotv: I’m going with cyndaquil just because that was my first ever starter so that’s my favorite starter

  • Excaliburx25
    Excaliburx25 3 months ago +1

    That moment, when Mikey asked "Are you actually okay?". Wholesome 👌🏻

  • Tim Zamuner
    Tim Zamuner 3 months ago +1

    I chose Cyndaquil. The fire-ghost typing is unbeatable, plus it looks dope.

  • Finance Hustle
    Finance Hustle 3 months ago

    Wow what a fun competition :D can't believe you found a shiny dragonite

  • Pxka
    Pxka 3 months ago

    You should honestly redo the " can 3 poketubers beat" with legends arceus I think it would be really interesting

  • Huntedwing
    Huntedwing 3 months ago +34

    Definitely getting Samurott! My first game was white 2, and it makes me happy to be able to use them again

    • Huntedwing
      Huntedwing 3 months ago +1

      @Hannah Henderson indeed! Awesome-
      Yeah, my started was Emboar, but I love all three!
      I wish they let the other three starters be available, as well as the others from alola

    • Hannah Henderson
      Hannah Henderson 3 months ago +1

      Mine was black 2! I'm using Samurrot. Closest I can get to serperior

  • Bastian Arcos
    Bastian Arcos Month ago

    John: the friendship is back on!
    Mikey: with who?
    John: damn it!!
    I lost it at that...

  • GregTheLion
    GregTheLion 3 months ago

    A new evo of Electrode would likely look like a Masterball

  • Pepperidge
    Pepperidge 3 months ago

    I started with Oshowatt but i didnt end pu using any of the starters on my final team

  • Thereal GlowDice
    Thereal GlowDice 2 months ago

    Buizel, zubat, and Tangela I got all 3 in a row and I was so happy

  • Mikal Coleman
    Mikal Coleman 3 months ago +66

    QotD: definitely Samurott. His new form looks absolutely sick, we Oshawott fans are eating well

    • NuzzyLord
      NuzzyLord 3 months ago +2

      I cant wait to see if they got new signature moves

    • Mikal Coleman
      Mikal Coleman 3 months ago +2

      @Orange D. Peel we definitely still exist! My tattoo of Oshawott will always say so ✊

    • Orange D. Peel
      Orange D. Peel 3 months ago +2

      Damn I thought we'd all died out, thank you from the church of oshawott 🙏

  • Alexzander Munt
    Alexzander Munt 3 months ago

    Cyndaquil. Typhlosion deserves some love, considering he's literally just been a poor man's Charizard for so many generations now.

  • TheShinyMagician
    TheShinyMagician 3 months ago

    I'm going with cyndaquill. Was a tough between rowlet and cyndaquil both were 1st choices and favs of that region. Never liked oshawott.

  • Jodi Spahr
    Jodi Spahr 2 months ago

    Are we not going to talk about how John missed two shines

  • Alex Bopp
    Alex Bopp 3 months ago

    When both me and Mikey’s first legitimate shiny is a spearow, and I say that because my brother decided to use an action replay on the first Pokémon in my box in moon and it was a spearow, but in postgame I found a shiny spearow


    When John uploads, it's always a good day, and I'm going to go with Rowlet for Pokemon Legends Arceus.

  • REMONA-_ T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX💞 With Me

    When John uploads, it's always a good day, and I'm going to go with Rowlet for Pokemon Legends Arceus.

  • Sophisticated Axolotl
    Sophisticated Axolotl 3 months ago

    I’m going with oshawott all the way but I love them all

  • Vader
    Vader Month ago

    I just started playing arkoos on monday!
    And i already beat Kleavor
    I am happy
    I love Typhosion. It looks so cool

  • Allister 9835
    Allister 9835 3 months ago

    I'm going for Rowlet as my starter

  • Jesse Ralph
    Jesse Ralph 3 months ago

    I started Pokémon y again recently for a challenge and in santalune forest I found my very first shiny which was a caterpie. Nice

  • Amanda Makin
    Amanda Makin Month ago

    PokéMEN7 has it in the bag, up until that shiny Dragonite showed up for M&JTV 🤣

  • MaccaMan
    MaccaMan 2 months ago

    QOTD: I am going to go with Rowlet

  • prince apoopoo
    prince apoopoo 3 months ago +51

    Torn between Rowlet and Cyndaquil. Love the final form of the badger more, but I've never used the owl despite it being one of my favourite starters.

    • Mickey
      Mickey 2 months ago

      I chose Cyndaquil but *spoiler* for anyone who hasn’t played
      You can get the other two after beating the game

    • prince apoopoo
      prince apoopoo 3 months ago

      @Alolan Cubone Yes! I wanted to be vague in my original comment, but I know about that! It's part of why my decision is so hard haha

    • prince apoopoo
      prince apoopoo 3 months ago

      @PugMaster48 I definitely love Oshawott too. They really picked three starters I love. 😔

    • Alolan Cubone
      Alolan Cubone 3 months ago

      There have hisiuan forms

    • PugMaster48
      PugMaster48 3 months ago


  • EABGamn
    EABGamn 2 months ago

    I will choose Cyndaquill for my first starter in Legends Arceus

  • Picks
    Picks 3 months ago

    It would be cool if shinies could be different types.

  • Hdhdhd Hdhdhdh
    Hdhdhd Hdhdhdh 3 months ago

    I love when he gos away from shinny magikarp

  • RetroGamer JJ
    RetroGamer JJ 15 days ago

    Wait didn't John already designate the venomoth as his poison typ and then the wheezing so he has 2 poison types 😂

  • Matthew Hicks
    Matthew Hicks 3 months ago +17

    I'm personally going with my main man Typhlosion. I've waited so long for my boi to get some love. The skipped over him when they did mega evolution. They IGNORED him when it came to Gigantamaxing. Well today he finally gets his dues in the form of a zenned out ghosty boi and I am here for it.

  • Brandon Cameron
    Brandon Cameron 2 months ago

    I imagine a Evolved form for Electrode to be Bigger, and just chilling with Voltorbs, helping them feel good and not blow up. Big Brother Thunder Ball mon(Either a Cherish Ball or Premier Ball)

  • M3WT
    M3WT 3 months ago

    I almost always start with the fire type and Legends Arkoos will be no different, lets go Cyndaquil

  • Skeletonic
    Skeletonic 2 months ago

    Tyflosion is my favorite fire type and one of my favorite starters and it getting the ghost type just makes it more useful and cool so I mean.

  • Marlena Henley
    Marlena Henley 3 months ago

    I need to shiny hunt slowpoke/Slowbro in a game now! It's shiny is actually really good!

  • Jayza
    Jayza 3 months ago +34

    always a great day when John uploads and im going to pick cynderquil for pokemon legends arceus

  • MountainLove
    MountainLove 2 months ago

    When the shiny tyrantrum raids were going on I got a shiny one and I didn’t want to fail so I masterballed it lol (:

  • Vitor Ramos
    Vitor Ramos 3 months ago +1

    Challenge idea: First to catch different alpha pokemon of each type only using pokeballs win

  • Nicholas Smith
    Nicholas Smith 3 months ago

    I am going to go for oshawott because I want to keep up my water starter streak for legends arcoos

  • SnakeStaffMagic
    SnakeStaffMagic 3 months ago

    0:54 that hurts. The cry of despair and John's reaction though XD

  • Mr. Ark1265
    Mr. Ark1265 3 months ago +7

    QOTD: Imma pick Rowlet on my first run-through of Arceus, but I'm probably gonna pick Oshawatt for my primary save file.

    • Animation Pug
      Animation Pug 3 months ago

      from the future after you beat the game talk to the professor and you can get them all they also appear in space time rifts

  • Kimi Kronic
    Kimi Kronic 3 months ago

    Serious question for anybody here... How are they 'increasing the shiny odds?'

  • Kierrific Gaming
    Kierrific Gaming 29 days ago

    I have watched all of these shiny videos while egg hunting rockruff in shield, and I haven't even got it yet

  • Kerry Dunn
    Kerry Dunn 2 months ago

    When I got my first shiny, I was watching you (it’s shiny Sneasle) with out my brother

  • T
    T 3 months ago

    John, you always get my hopes up. I want you to win, but you never do.😭😭😭😭