i was LOSING MY MIND spectating these INSANE fortnite players... (WTF)

  • Published on Jul 12, 2019
  • i was LOSING MY MIND spectating these INSANE fortnite players... (WTF)
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  • Isaiah Clark
    Isaiah Clark 9 hours ago

    iwnl-meaning I will not loose

    ROROTV 12 hours ago

    Iwnl is I will no lose

  • Tammy Pace
    Tammy Pace 13 hours ago

    you should play on mobile

  • yeio YT
    yeio YT 17 hours ago

    Iwnl is probably a clan

  • Melanie Stanifer
    Melanie Stanifer 18 hours ago

    Iwnl stands for I will not lose

  • TRE Venom
    TRE Venom Day ago +1

    Nick added something very funny lol lmao 6:00

  • Baked Barbiee
    Baked Barbiee Day ago

    He could’ve been practicing with his edits so he could get better or faster I tend to practice more in real games than creative because it’s more challenging

  • Pyrxed on Twitter

    iwnl is from csgo usually from swag it means i will not lose - iwnl

  • Cristian Mora
    Cristian Mora Day ago

    Blaze that was me

  • Christian Combs
    Christian Combs Day ago

    iwnl-“I will never lose”

  • Landon Carvalho
    Landon Carvalho 2 days ago


  • Sub for good luck
    Sub for good luck 2 days ago +1

    I wish everything I touch would turn to gold
    NLE, you heard me
    Baby Mexico Choppa man, top shotta
    Baby Mexico shotta
    We finna talk our shit, you heard me
    Why not? Yeah
    Yeah, yeah
    Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
    I am a menace, keep me a rack just like tennis
    I'm with the shit like I'm Dennis
    I started this shit I'ma finish
    Niggas be hatin', tryna blemish my image
    Who want the smoke? .223 came with the scope
    Extended clip long as a rope
    We wipe his nose, just like he had him a cold
    I knew that boy was a hoe
    Pull up with the gang, you know that we bangin'
    What is your set, nigga? What is you claimin'?
    I am a beast, you cannot tame it
    Don't point the finger, this shit can get dangerous
    These niggas hatin', these niggas plottin'
    Ooh, he got money I'm runnin' his wallet
    You say you a killer, lil' nigga stop it
    In a shoot out your gun was droppin'
    You really a fraud
    You cannot stomp on his yard
    My nigga they scammin', they swipin' them cards
    I am so high that I'm talking' to stars
    I'm gone off them jiggas, I'm poppin' them bars
    Don't mind my pimpin', bitch, don't sweat me
    Choppa got a kick, call that shit Jet Li
    Sauce gang drip though, what is your recipe?
    Don't get a F if a nigga try to testin' me
    Whole lotta money, whole lotta guala
    Hit the party fifty deep, nun' but my shotta
    Nigga tried me so you know I had to pop him
    So many bullets it confused the doctor
    Whole lotta racks, whole lotta stacks
    Fuck a headshot, I'ma shoot him in the back
    3.5 rolled up in the cack
    We don't smoke Reggie, this shit called gas
    I'm sticked up, like a blind man
    I'm super hot, like a frying pan
    He said that he gon' take some from me
    Ayy, just know, he lyin' man
    I'ma up from my hip then blow like a whistle
    Your bitch suckin' dick like a Kool-Aid pickle
    Two bullets in your chest, that's a nipple
    And if a nigga run up I'ma pop him like a pimple
    Get rich or die tryin', I'm feelin' like 50
    Brand new choppa got double d titties
    Niggas don't play me I don't get silly
    Love all the beef like a southwest Philly, yeah
    Yeah, love all the beef like a southwest deli, yeah
    Ayy, bitch, love all the beef like a southwest deli
    I might just OD, Percs killin' me slowly
    Feelin' like I'm Kobe, can't ner' nigga hol' me
    If he wanna run up on me, shoot 'em like Ginobili
    And I'm with the shit lil' homie, yeah, like I'm Toby, yeah
    And I'm with the shit lil' homie, yeah, like I'm Toby, yeah
    Finna ad-lib, keep all that
    (Like a school shooter, like I'm Toby, yeah)
    Keep all that Tay, yeah (Huh, huh)
    (This shit straight drop, lil' nigga, no cut)
    Ayy Tay, keep all that
    (Straight drop, lil' nigga, no cut)
    Keep all that, yeah, yeah
    (Up from my hip, yeah)

  • Paaris Zia
    Paaris Zia 3 days ago +3

    I think iwnl stands for I win never lose

  • Strike
    Strike 3 days ago

    iwnl- is a csgo pro Brax iwnl-

  • ROG 1011
    ROG 1011 3 days ago

    I think i know
    I Want Nice Loot

  • Stormz _yt
    Stormz _yt 3 days ago

    Ⓘ win never ⓛoose

  • Ethan Sutton
    Ethan Sutton 3 days ago +1

    that kid still uses reaper

  • Scoot ios
    Scoot ios 4 days ago

    Iwnl stands for I was not legit

  • Ibune
    Ibune 4 days ago

    iwnl = i want nice legs

  • big ben
    big ben 4 days ago

    I will never loose is what it stands for iwnl

  • Josh's Gaming channel

    Iwnl mean i will not lose because im in that squad

  • Mat Tupas
    Mat Tupas 5 days ago

    What is the background music at 3:10 ??????

  • Colton Clark
    Colton Clark 5 days ago

    Cick bait if I've ever seen one

  • WileECoyote 5789
    WileECoyote 5789 5 days ago


  • Evan Evangelista
    Evan Evangelista 5 days ago

    iwnl I stands for I. w stands for win n stands for not. l stands for lose.put it all together. I win not lose. iwnl

  • Shibu Mathew
    Shibu Mathew 5 days ago

    I love how nice u r

  • Random Alvarez
    Random Alvarez 6 days ago +1

    6:00 i think nicks put the corn hub intro idk i dont watch corn or corn hub my friemds do idk y thats why i think thats it idk y they show me that

  • Kylee Maene-Kido
    Kylee Maene-Kido 6 days ago

    And I-
    6:00 ..

  • Spade Phase Toastyz
    Spade Phase Toastyz 6 days ago

    Nicks IWNL Means I Was Not Legit

  • Sultan Alshamsi
    Sultan Alshamsi 6 days ago

    Love you dod

  • Ginger King
    Ginger King 6 days ago

    Iwnl=I was not legit

  • Sandra Paredes
    Sandra Paredes 7 days ago

    I win not lose

  • Damien Ezwanshah
    Damien Ezwanshah 7 days ago +1

    Iwnl means I will never lose

  • xShm0
    xShm0 7 days ago

    iwnl= i will not loose :p

  • Trace
    Trace 8 days ago

    The Iwnl mean I win never loose

  • Liam Page YT
    Liam Page YT 8 days ago

    Iwnl Stands for I win not lose

  • Ryan Gaming 123
    Ryan Gaming 123 8 days ago

    Iwnl means I win not loser

  • Jaxyn Fletcher
    Jaxyn Fletcher 9 days ago

    Iwnl mean "I win never lose"

  • HG Foldz
    HG Foldz 9 days ago

    Pg jeez nicks

  • J-ll3y
    J-ll3y 9 days ago

    I win never lose

  • scare crow
    scare crow 10 days ago

    It means I will never lose

  • Alek Zen
    Alek Zen 10 days ago

    I don’t know what iwnl stands for but what if it stands for I want nine lamas

  • Llamaboi720
    Llamaboi720 10 days ago

    Iwnl stands for I win not lose

  • Jackytiktok Jackytiktok

    8:26 season 1 be like

  • Indo Jack
    Indo Jack 10 days ago +1


  • Yazmin Lowman
    Yazmin Lowman 10 days ago

    Owns means i win not loses

  • Landon Sincerney
    Landon Sincerney 10 days ago

    It means I will not lose

  • Miley Playz Minecraft
    Miley Playz Minecraft 10 days ago

    I think iwnl means I win not lose idk XD

  • Munee Alreyashi
    Munee Alreyashi 10 days ago

    What's outro

  • Kaiden Lamb
    Kaiden Lamb 10 days ago

    I think iwnl means I will never lose

  • Lit Simmer
    Lit Simmer 10 days ago

    Yh I have the glitch sometimes I takes me of a match when I’m playin

  • Parallel ViBZ
    Parallel ViBZ 11 days ago

    Click bait nigga

  • Noob gamer
    Noob gamer 11 days ago

    nicks the coolest

  • Ed DOS2010
    Ed DOS2010 11 days ago

    IWNL stands for I will never loose

  • Deja Russ-Young
    Deja Russ-Young 11 days ago +1

    means i will not lose

  • Deja Russ-Young
    Deja Russ-Young 11 days ago +1


  • Melia's Avengers
    Melia's Avengers 11 days ago +1

    Look at 10:11 feel that seven damage has a gnome in His wall

  • H Ls
    H Ls 11 days ago

    IWNL = I WILL never lose / i Will not lose

  • Logang18 logang18
    Logang18 logang18 11 days ago

    Iwnl stands for I was not legit

  • DepressionForever lol
    DepressionForever lol 11 days ago

    Rec what?

  • riot ligma
    riot ligma 12 days ago

    I win not lose

  • Issa Zoubai
    Issa Zoubai 12 days ago

    Did plu kill u

  • sunshine drop
    sunshine drop 12 days ago +1

    NXT-Tellez is a fan of yours :)

  • Terrall Wells
    Terrall Wells 13 days ago +1

    Iwnl means I win never lose :)

  • Lina Azhar
    Lina Azhar 13 days ago +1


  • ITZ-_-E-games io
    ITZ-_-E-games io 13 days ago

    nl means the netherlands

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  • YT Ben
    YT Ben 13 days ago +1

    Iwnl means I Will Not Lose

  • Corben Martin
    Corben Martin 13 days ago

    Iwnl= I win not loose

  • Gordon Redbird
    Gordon Redbird 13 days ago +10

    You will wake up and win alot of solos . Sub like to activate

  • Gordon Redbird
    Gordon Redbird 13 days ago

    Check me out I'm pretty cracked

  • Ella Casey
    Ella Casey 14 days ago

    6:02 🤣

  • Kaylie Garcia
    Kaylie Garcia 14 days ago

    Bless u

  • Aiden FNM
    Aiden FNM 14 days ago

    iwnl is i will not loose

  • Sofia Omer
    Sofia Omer 14 days ago

    I subbed cause your really kind and your vids are awsome