• Published on Oct 20, 2017
  • RC Cars Mario Kart Battle with darts & knives is a great time!
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Comments • 5 201

    ENGULFING_DARKNESS01001 Year ago +5824

    For the exact combination, 1 in 531,463 which would be about as likely as 2 people getting killed by fireworks. For 6 ties in a row it would be 1 in 729 which is close to the odds of being born with 11 fingers or toes :)

  • Josh Blackmore
    Josh Blackmore Day ago

    1 in 3 each time

    TV KOMG 6 days ago


  • Lachlan Taylor
    Lachlan Taylor 7 days ago

    The rock, paper, scissors is the same possiblity as Scott winning

  • Dizzydon11 YT
    Dizzydon11 YT 9 days ago


  • Ash May
    Ash May 13 days ago

    hold the knife bit when throwing and it’s easier

  • IVaN AlanIs
    IVaN AlanIs 13 days ago

    The odds of this guy being the one from fake taxi

  • David M
    David M 15 days ago

    hey my b-day viddie... thanks..

  • Davi barbosa
    Davi barbosa 15 days ago

    Olá sou do Brasil

  • Rolando Aringo
    Rolando Aringo 15 days ago

    Brett:Come On pitchfork
    Subtitles:Come on bitch walk

  • Erick Valle RBLX
    Erick Valle RBLX 19 days ago

    that Mario kart clip gave me so much flashbacks

  • MinecraftMilk 101
    MinecraftMilk 101 19 days ago


    ELEC ECKO 21 day ago

    45% chance. Wining a poker game

  • Beau Johnson
    Beau Johnson 27 days ago

    Me and you boys livin in perth (Australia) maybe

  • Ted Ninja
    Ted Ninja 28 days ago

    Hunger Games

  • Mac Alver
    Mac Alver 29 days ago

    Keep on doing these videos

  • Lounge Lizard
    Lounge Lizard 29 days ago

    The banana peels are a welcome addition to the arsenal.

  • DaBeats1432
    DaBeats1432 Month ago

    Where do you get a javelin

  • Thomas Hall
    Thomas Hall Month ago

    Odds 1 in a billion same is finding a blue lobster 1 in a billion

  • Charlie Lovegrove-Wood

    didn’t count

  • brendan hughes
    brendan hughes Month ago

    Dodging Roman candles with RC cars!

  • Zacky
    Zacky Month ago +2

    0:38 I'm glad that match ended I was worried a demon would come out of a void and claim your rc cars

  • Michael Nowosielski

    Great minds think alike

  • CaughtSky0947 - Xbox


  • Gavin Meza
    Gavin Meza Month ago

    50% chance

  • Charles Bartlett
    Charles Bartlett Month ago

    1 in 20 are the odds and almost everything on this channel has about the same odds

  • E1ite gamer
    E1ite gamer Month ago

    1/8 chances.

  • Ryan Shoots
    Ryan Shoots Month ago

    1in 36

  • shell company
    shell company Month ago

    5:15 what the fuck did this man say?

  • Elijah Kelly
    Elijah Kelly Month ago


  • Zachary Klauer
    Zachary Klauer Month ago

    Being struck by lightning

  • antonio pittman
    antonio pittman Month ago

    Has the same odds as Conson getting a girlfriend

  • WrldProxTV
    WrldProxTV Month ago

    5:30 he said the no no no fun wold!!!111 BrUH!1

  • meta knightmare
    meta knightmare Month ago

    1 in 18 could happen in poker

  • looffoe Campos
    looffoe Campos Month ago


  • priscilla hinkson
    priscilla hinkson Month ago


  • priscilla hinkson
    priscilla hinkson Month ago


  • Anthony lowrey
    Anthony lowrey Month ago

    Same odds as wining a lottery ticket

  • Tristan Price
    Tristan Price Month ago

    The subtitles at 6:43.......

  • Gabriel Cook
    Gabriel Cook Month ago

    'though i walk through the valley of the shadow of death, i will fear no evil' brett's car

  • Sarah Hornbeck
    Sarah Hornbeck Month ago

    MTB hoping not to clotheslined or fall off a cliff

  • jordanlookatmydab
    jordanlookatmydab Month ago +1


  • English Tamil jr
    English Tamil jr Month ago

    can you throw a car wheel

  • Tyger 7519
    Tyger 7519 Month ago

    Almost impossible it’s like me getting a girlfriend

  • Isael Sifuentes
    Isael Sifuentes Month ago

    How is a banana peel sharp?

  • Joseph Harper Jr
    Joseph Harper Jr Month ago

    7 to ten, having septuplets

  • Slumpmässigt namn
    Slumpmässigt namn Month ago

    Gr8 m8

  • Bruno Kurtovich
    Bruno Kurtovich Month ago

    One in 9

  • ViscoseComb 24
    ViscoseComb 24 Month ago +1

    the odds are low

  • BeastlyTV
    BeastlyTV Month ago

    The same chances I have to lose my virginity

  • Ben Fiedler
    Ben Fiedler Month ago +1

    Using the counting principal;
    1/9 x 1/9 x 1/9 x 1/9 x 1/9 x 1/9 =
    This is about the probability of rolling a 6 on 9 dice.

  • Varsha Jadhav
    Varsha Jadhav Month ago +1

    Better than watching boring dude perfect

  • jennifer hinojosa
    jennifer hinojosa Month ago

    Getting diuru

  • hope hinton
    hope hinton Month ago

    1 out of 100

  • T.O_ GnomeBoy
    T.O_ GnomeBoy Month ago

    The odds of Scott winning a challenge is 0.00007 out of 123456789987654321

  • c
    c Month ago

    These are my favourite Spanish youtubers

  • c
    c Month ago +2

    These are my favourite Spanish youtubers

  • Meme Machine
    Meme Machine Month ago

    0:00, Messi?!

  • Taylor Lacy
    Taylor Lacy Month ago

    The odds are 100%...

    That u are all gay faggots

  • Ethan Sharkster
    Ethan Sharkster Month ago

    Make a bigger track

  • Jacob Knight
    Jacob Knight Month ago +3

    1/18 yous getting that and Carlton winning a premiership

  • Jake Bower
    Jake Bower Month ago

    When a squirrel leaves a acorn alone and a moo eats a cheeseburger

  • George 123
    George 123 2 months ago

    2 birds one stone

  • Cooper Orpin
    Cooper Orpin 2 months ago


  • 24 Squad
    24 Squad 2 months ago

    Did u know u have a better chance of getting hit by a flying refrigerator while walking in to your local park than winning the lottery

  • Josh Brady
    Josh Brady 2 months ago

    This part was the most funniest 4:57

  • Dawson Zippy
    Dawson Zippy 2 months ago

    6:43 turn on subtitles

  • melissa poole
    melissa poole 2 months ago


  • jerry henderson
    jerry henderson 2 months ago


  • T and C Awesome
    T and C Awesome 2 months ago

    24% out of 100%

  • The Best One
    The Best One 2 months ago

    5 out of 10

  • jasiah c
    jasiah c 2 months ago +36

    It's a 0.0000003% chance of happening. Same as the odds of my dad coming home from the store to get milk.

    13 years and I still don't have that milk

  • Laura Veedock
    Laura Veedock 2 months ago +9

    Never thought i would see 3 grown men carelessly throwing deadly weapons at toy cars to prove their dominance

  • Hunter 14
    Hunter 14 2 months ago

    they need more of the races

  • Brady Vickers
    Brady Vickers 2 months ago

    60% of the time it happens every time

  • Quinn Ames
    Quinn Ames 2 months ago

    the odds of scott getting a girl

  • Jack Hammer
    Jack Hammer 2 months ago +2

    Unlikely event is lightning striking the same place twice

  • Jack Harris
    Jack Harris 2 months ago +1


  • connec
    connec 2 months ago

    Does anyone know the brand or name of the rc cars?

  • Nate Manson
    Nate Manson 2 months ago

    We all drink beer

  • CC YYO
    CC YYO 2 months ago

    6:12 o dang he has a bug on his neck he wills die

  • Kallum Murphy
    Kallum Murphy 2 months ago

    6-10000000000000000000000000 which have the same chances of getting a bitcoin

  • Tate Kruer
    Tate Kruer 2 months ago

    The chance of getting the same thing in rock, paper, and scissors is 0.01% The same chance as me getting pinned😉

    • Anonymoth
      Anonymoth 2 months ago

      Tate Kruer nobelium uranium

    • Tate Kruer
      Tate Kruer 2 months ago

      no u

    • Anonymoth
      Anonymoth 2 months ago

      You’re a year late so I would say it’s actually 0

  • denaxion jaxton
    denaxion jaxton 2 months ago

    darts are fun by what about a bucket of nails?

  • Zapinok Rising
    Zapinok Rising 2 months ago

    6 percent out of 100 percent for the Rock Paper Scissors and the same in bunny carrot gun
    Which is basically Rock Paper Scissors but different🤪

  • Jake Eves
    Jake Eves 2 months ago

    if you had me throwing knives pitchforks darts or javlins from that tower i would hit the balloons every time

    • Kent McGee
      Kent McGee 2 months ago

      I KNOW I'd throw the pitchforks and javelins sideways across the track to block the cars to win...
      I would ruin the game...
      I'm glad they are playing and not me.

  • Jakeis 14
    Jakeis 14 2 months ago

    He odds of that happening are the same odds of Scott making it further than one lap

  • EpicNooBie187
    EpicNooBie187 2 months ago +14

    Did anyone else notice that during the rock paper scissors. Scott shows what he is gonna throw each time with his left hand at the same time

    • Carolyn Clement
      Carolyn Clement 13 days ago

      But I believe so

    • Carolyn Clement
      Carolyn Clement 13 days ago

      I didn’t

    • ghost player
      ghost player 29 days ago

      so true

    • Kent McGee
      Kent McGee 2 months ago +4

      I didn't! But now I can't unsee it! It's so in sync with his right hand though I doubt it gives anyone an advantage, but yeah!
      It's weird, I've never seen anyone have the urge to make the symbols with BOTH hands before... not in Canada anyway.

  • Jonah Shamy
    Jonah Shamy 2 months ago

    You should stop if you get stuck

  • Tashika Smith
    Tashika Smith 2 months ago


  • Frankie Michael
    Frankie Michael 2 months ago

    7 times of rock paper siccors

  • Corban
    Corban 2 months ago

    Wow that wuz uhhhhhh umm hmmm I guess it wuz wow heh heh he he he hahhahahahahahahahahhahahahaahhahahaahahhahahahahahahhahahahqhahahahah

  • Tr8908playz Booh
    Tr8908playz Booh 2 months ago

    59 percent

  • Dale Miller
    Dale Miller 2 months ago


  • Cole Jackson
    Cole Jackson 2 months ago

    wtf 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Jackson Quinn
    Jackson Quinn 2 months ago +1

    6 ties are about as rare as Scott getting " ten points easy"

  • Samuel Finger
    Samuel Finger 2 months ago

    this looks fun as shiz

  • Joel Davies-sparks
    Joel Davies-sparks 2 months ago +2

    5:15 had me in tears

  • Darren Wiltzen
    Darren Wiltzen 2 months ago

    Would like to see anouther one of these videos now that you have a new Arsenal to drop. Maybe a little fire too???