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  • Reinxxo
    Reinxxo 8 days ago

    how if the dino will eat the owner ?

  • Saiyan GT
    Saiyan GT 11 days ago

    I already watch the movie they looking for the DNA not petting a dinosaur

  • The brand new boruto uzumaki and sarada uchiha team

    Did indonesia buy a dinosaur?

    • Denad Runtiasu
      Denad Runtiasu 8 days ago

      The brand new boruto uzumaki and sarada uchiha team Yes. They did.

  • Kenna Gaming
    Kenna Gaming 13 days ago

    I just got home from the cinema i love the vid

  • Conor Tacopina
    Conor Tacopina 20 days ago

    Why is it rich people in movies are all a bunch of A**holes?

  • The-Changeling-King
    The-Changeling-King 26 days ago +1

    I'd imagine really large zoos would try to buy them.

  • Nate Crosman
    Nate Crosman Month ago

    Am I the only one who thinks the Lockwood Manor looks like Gastby's mansion is The Great Gatsby?

  • Hellish Werewolf
    Hellish Werewolf Month ago

    Why wouldn't you buy a dinosaur?

    Other then the price.

  • The Wolf of Comedy
    The Wolf of Comedy Month ago

    Because who wouldn't want a toilet made out of Triceratops horn?

  • shark man
    shark man Month ago

    Did he call them normies? 1:02

  • Cody Bliss
    Cody Bliss Month ago

    If I had enough money (as in billions) I'd totally buy one of each. Then hire scientists to recreate the species and create a new population on sorna

  • Lane Barrios
    Lane Barrios Month ago

    On the Jurassic World Evolution website, they rearranged the dinosaurs so they aren’t in alphabetical order!!!!!

  • Trey Bone
    Trey Bone Month ago

    BestInSlot idkeif you've seen but the dinosaur list on JWE website is shuffled for me
    No longer alphabetical order

  • Der Finder
    Der Finder Month ago +1

    Bestinslot I have found out something important! The Research Tab has been updated, but the dinosaurs have now a new order!!!!

    • ImARaptor
      ImARaptor Month ago

      Where? What?

    • Der Finder
      Der Finder Month ago

      Well thanks for the information

    • Ice Bear
      Ice Bear Month ago

      Der Finder You didn't find out anything. The people on reddit who found it said it several hours ago.
      You also left out a key detail: the order shuffles every few minutes.

  • ya Boi Spacey
    ya Boi Spacey Month ago

    Hol up wrong comment section I know, Blue and Rexy are both the last of their kind, wtf is gonna happen if they die I mean they’ll at least temporarily become extinct again and that sucks but there could be more effects from it too

  • Damian Wheeldon
    Damian Wheeldon Month ago

    I can imagine that most of the dinosaurs would be sold to any zoos that be interested in keeping them. While others would be sold to private collections, biotech companies & trophy hunters as some of the others have suggested

  • Jonathan Derryl
    Jonathan Derryl Month ago

    Rare Trike steak.... Yum

  • Alexander Philippopoulos

    The indoraptor is a raptor that Donald Trump wishes to have.

  • A Random Twinkie
    A Random Twinkie Month ago +1

    I mean come on, who wouldn't want a real living dinosaur.

  • Rielzs
    Rielzs Month ago +1

    lol the most bias opinion's ever on animal behavior based on intelligence due to brain size. Brain size, has nothing to do with it, its the areas of the brain, and the behaviors expressed due to evolutionary traits. Stegosaurus is the best example; extremely small brain size. Yet, it developed traits to flare its sails for courtship, defensive spikes, probable vocalization methods between kin, and etc etc... raptors brain's evolved into possibly a high level of language (vocalizations) due to areas of brain of a larger size, ( IMAN, HVC, RA, etc etc). In short, brain size is usually not associated to intelligence, its areas of the brain that are larger than others ... happy to argue the point based on fact not 'Ad homienem' fallacious nature....
    (BSHABVP) degree

  • Niko Te Rangiita
    Niko Te Rangiita Month ago

    U can't use Troodon anymore, its been changed

  • Its_Me_Romano _
    Its_Me_Romano _ Month ago

    I mean if it goes to a rare animal collector it might get a good home?

    • OmegaFreelacer318
      OmegaFreelacer318 Month ago

      Its_Me_Romano _ Ha, no no, most of the time it's just someone who doesn't even know what they're doing

  • Leo Cruz
    Leo Cruz Month ago +5

    Id get a carnotaurus and name it TOAST

  • Marquise Pixley
    Marquise Pixley Month ago

    BestlnSlot can you play predator concrete jungle

  • Matt Byers
    Matt Byers Month ago

    I believe you are missing the term exotic pets

  • TheDrunken FROG
    TheDrunken FROG Month ago +1

    No, they said in the chinese trailer that blue's DNA was there to breed a whole new creature. The indoraptor existed before the rescue op even started.

  • Apple Sauce
    Apple Sauce Month ago

    Better question: Who ISN'T buying thr Isla Nublar dinosaurs?

  • Barnacle Films
    Barnacle Films Month ago +1

    Dinosaurs wouldn’t necessarily be less intelligent than modern animals. Both crocodiles and birds exhibit surprisingly intelligent complex behaviors, and both of them have more tightly packed neurons in their brain, meaning their intelligent isn’t just determined by brain to body ratio.

  • Michael Hunting
    Michael Hunting Month ago

    I think we will see military leaders at the auction not very visible but dressed in casual clothes.

  • Fantasysaurus
    Fantasysaurus Month ago +1

    This makes me think of what the villains in my book were going to do with the dinosaurs featured there. Not auction them off, but exploiting them and hunting them for resources

  • Erik Schiller
    Erik Schiller Month ago +1

    “Bewilder normies” lol

  • Erik Schiller
    Erik Schiller Month ago

    *sees title* lucky rich people

  • Ace killa
    Ace killa Month ago

    I want a pet raptor

  • Safron
    Safron Month ago

    Mmm Tyrannosaurus burgers....tastes like chicken....

  • Spudato
    Spudato Month ago +1

    I want a dinosaur

  • Running Peach
    Running Peach Month ago

    Dinotopia pics towards the end. I ha EA a great memories of watching that over and over again on a VHS tape.

  • glamourandgloom
    glamourandgloom Month ago +1

    I'd imagine all of the above. Hunters, Exotic Animal Collectors, and competing biotech corporations seeking to reverse engineer them. With all that biotechnology one only can imagine the possibilities of medicine and biology. While the franchise going forward seems is best fitting somewhere in between Dino-Riders or Dinotopia.

  • AardvarkLord
    AardvarkLord Month ago +1

    I could kinda see some crazy guy using the Pachys and Stygis as guard dogs--I mean, no risk of them eating the poor sod, but broken bones for days. Also, if they actually had appropriately-sized raptors (Deinonychus size for example) or something like Guanlong, I could see them making good hunting hounds. Not the raptors we have here though--far too big.

  • Türkay Toklu
    Türkay Toklu Month ago

    dinotopia is the distopia of ian malcolm

  • ladyserenegrace18
    ladyserenegrace18 Month ago +1

    I'd want more realistic raptors and I'd try to train them for a falconry like sport... We got feral hogs where I live, rats and other vermin... Having a pack of three foot tall feathery floofy things with kevlar vests chasing down one of those feral hogs would be great and I'd be feeding them at the same time it's year round open season on feral hogs not to mention the deer overpopulation... That'd be great!

    • The Dishonored Coward
      The Dishonored Coward Month ago

      Tried to find that comic book, not having the best of luck today.
      Anyway normally I don't see the honor in hunting with fire arms. I mean really? You use no more skill then to point a stick, let the bullet do all the work, the animal stands no chance, and you take all the credit. But with hogs, you definitely want to make sure you stand no chance of defeat. The best thing for you personally is modern ballistic plate armor. Not that medieval stuff from when steel was not as advanced yet, modern steel. Its actually more reliable then kevilar or ceramic plate. Its heavier then ceramic plate or kevilar, but more reliable. Especially with kevilar for under armor.
      Next you want a good rifle, something for moose sized animals at least in hopes of downing them if they decide to retaliate if the bullet don't kill them. Finally, make sure you have a good bayonet on that rifle, as well as having on your belt a machete, saber, broadsword, whatever sword you prefer incase they snatch the rifle from you.

    • ladyserenegrace18
      ladyserenegrace18 Month ago

      fair point. But most falconers are taught hawk first aide. I'd still wait for testing and might make a business of catching hogs if I need to keep animals that large... Utahs are the size of polar bears, but your point is valid velociraptors keep them to rabbits or other small animals. though there is some evidence they did take on much larger creatures in a large enough pack.

    • The Dishonored Coward
      The Dishonored Coward Month ago

      Wait, so you want to send those poor sweet cute little raptors up againced a 890 pound monster with tusks hoofed feet sharp teeth a raging temper and paint brush like hair? Isn't that a bit much to expect them to survive? Why not send in a achelabaptor, or a Utah, or a Dakota? You know something that at least if they get injured, first aid is the easiest class I ever passed.

    • ladyserenegrace18
      ladyserenegrace18 Month ago

      no the scientific model real ones... I never saw the comic book... I am talking about the size of a turkey hunts like harris hawks birds of prey that run in packs. With that little look into their behavior training them like a pack of hawks should be easy but I'd let the scientists do the tests and wait for the commercial model...

    • The Dishonored Coward
      The Dishonored Coward Month ago

      You mean like the feathered ones from the JP comic book from the 1990s?

  • Nicholas Stoneback
    Nicholas Stoneback Month ago

    Carful about your claims. “Usually sedated lion.” Do some research

    • Nicholas Stoneback
      Nicholas Stoneback Month ago

      Wrong. Like horribly wrong. As someone who has spent my entire life hunting, it is extremely rare for that kind of canned hunt to occur. You don’t have to like big game hunting but don’t through out such outlandish statements on things you clearly know little about.

    • OmegaFreelacer318
      OmegaFreelacer318 Month ago

      Nicholas Stoneback It's true though

  • Kostiz
    Kostiz Month ago +1

    First of all , is it legal in the Jurassic world/park universe to buy dinosaurs ?

    • OmegaFreelacer318
      OmegaFreelacer318 Month ago

      Kostiz Well there aren't any laws regulating that in thr jp universe, simply because of lack of forsight. In other words, no one expected it to happen

  • CWdude
    CWdude Month ago +3

    I mean I would buy all the dinosaurs if I could

  • Sparrow Whu
    Sparrow Whu Month ago

    I would buy a Velociraptor and train it properly. Any burgerler who thinks that breaking into and robbing a house with a dinosaurian, carnivorous guard dog deserves what will happen to them.

  • Todo Bien
    Todo Bien Month ago +1

    4:14 The guy on the left kinda looks like Wentworth Miller

  • Swagy Dino
    Swagy Dino Month ago

    How wouldn’t want a Dino?

  • A Lone Stegosaurus
    A Lone Stegosaurus Month ago +1

    I'd buy a Stego in a heartbeat,

  • Thatone kguy
    Thatone kguy Month ago

    Normies lol

  • Rob Martin
    Rob Martin Month ago

    Well, Blackgang Chine would be a lot more exciting wouldn't it?

  • Abimel Bojorquez
    Abimel Bojorquez Month ago

    The people who are buying the dinosaurs are rich cunts

  • Timber Wolfe
    Timber Wolfe Month ago +2

    If I could I'd try to create a sort of dino reserve/sanctuary thing, though gotta keep silly humans away.
    Unless they pay for a photography tour like in Pokemon Snap. That'd be cool.

    • Jano Berumen
      Jano Berumen Month ago

      Sounds like that reserve in South Africa or Kenya where the park Rangers are military train to deal with poachers

  • mjmabile22
    mjmabile22 Month ago

    I've always wonder what dino meat would taste like. Like chicken maybe?

  • TheFluttershyFan
    TheFluttershyFan Month ago

    Hmmmm. Fried raptor and triceratop burger.

  • Crystal Fox
    Crystal Fox Month ago +1

    I believe that the dinosaurs will escape like we saw in the Fallen Kingdom trailer, and like they did in The Lost World, except this time they’ll inhabit Earth once more, leading to Jurassic World 3, where its human against dinosaur, very much like a “Jurassic World”, ik many people are against the “war” aspect but if executed right it could make for one hell of a movie!!

    • Crystal Fox
      Crystal Fox Month ago

      Barnacle Films not as blown out as Planet of the Apes, but something totally new, like an apocalypse we haven’t seen before, and as for the humans, we’ve seen that the indo is impenetrable by bullets and firearms, if the dinos are quick enough they could out run the human’s inventions, without tools we’re nothing, and dinos outlive us

    • Barnacle Films
      Barnacle Films Month ago

      Star Lord You want it to go Planet of the Apes style? You’d have to have something to weaken the humans first for that to work without the dinosaurs just being annihilated.

    TYRANNOSAURUS 1993 Month ago

    its probably biosyn cause they want to buy dinosaurus just to make more hybrids or use them for illegal reasons

  • TheEnabledDisabled
    TheEnabledDisabled Month ago

    I could see this causimg alot of problems since life findss a way so obivously some dinos wil escape from the dinofarms and we all know what happens if a species is introduced to a whole now area it will eaither die or it will rule the area and destroy local wildlife and even destroy cities like new york or stockholm.
    Jurassic world 3 planet of the dinos where dinos rule the world hurray!

  • Grumpydrawer
    Grumpydrawer Month ago +10

    That hunting idea is essentially exactly Dogdson's end game plan in the second book, and be fair to him it'd be a damn good money maker. Nothing would make a better trophy, and I imagine museums would pay the big bucks to display a stuffed dinosaur too. Since most people would bore quick of the old bones with live dinosaurs being seeable elsewhere.
    Though having a stuffed dinosaur as a home trophy would be a bit inconvient. You'd need quite the big trophy room to display just one, a huge one to display a few (as I imagine no one would care to display a tiny dino). Just not practical...I'm overthinking this aren't I?

    • Grumpydrawer
      Grumpydrawer Month ago

      Nate Crosman Ah, forgot that specific (has been a bit since I read the second book). Though even then a T-rex or Tricreatops head would still take up quite the bit of room, and if it wasn't mounted high enough (or you were quite tall) it'd be a prime thing to bump your head into.

    • Nate Crosman
      Nate Crosman Month ago

      In the book the he specifically is speaking about mounting the heads of the Dinosaurs on the wall. So if we go down that road, you wouldnt need that big of a trophy room.

    • OmegaFreelacer318
      OmegaFreelacer318 Month ago

      Grumpydrawer Not really. Big game hunters cry over not being able to book a "hunting trip", I'm sure they'd go through the effort of finding a place for a stuffed dinosaur

  • Huntzilla 1999
    Huntzilla 1999 Month ago +1

    What is a Cenoceratops? I thought you already knew it was a pachyrhinosaurus

    • OmegaFreelacer318
      OmegaFreelacer318 Month ago +1

      Huntzilla 1999 Its alright, I experienced that myself. In fact, the change was so last minute their Pachyrhinosaur toys are labeled as Sinoceratops. Lol

    • Huntzilla 1999
      Huntzilla 1999 Month ago

      OmegaFreelacer318 Wait really? Ok well sorry for my confusion then

    • OmegaFreelacer318
      OmegaFreelacer318 Month ago

      Huntzilla 1999 It's not a pachyrhinosaur, the writers changed it last minute. The official.images of Sinoceratops are already out

    • Huntzilla 1999
      Huntzilla 1999 Month ago

      Christian Bontempo Oh thanks. But still he keeps saying that's what the new ceratopseid is. But the writers already confirmed that it is a pachyrhinosaur

    • Christian Bontempo
      Christian Bontempo Month ago +3

      Huntzilla 1999 Sinoceratops. It’s a large ceratopsian from late Cretaceous China.

  • Ditidos
    Ditidos Month ago

    To make a dinosaur themed park, duh.

  • Ditidos
    Ditidos Month ago +9

    I think that dinosaurs designed as weapons would be better as terrorism attacks rather than actual armies.

    • Jano Berumen
      Jano Berumen Month ago

      Yeah, Some of those Auctioneers would probably have questionable backgrounds and links to terror in my opinion.

  • DJ Washington
    DJ Washington Month ago +35

    “Why buy a dinosaur?”
    Me: why not

  • Kat Mason
    Kat Mason Month ago

    if they continue to use the genetic manipulation, eventually they could sell fashion pet dinos; chihuahua sized ornithos covered in fancy plumage. Basically chickens, but with hands.

  • Christopher Sochor
    Christopher Sochor Month ago +9

    I think every creature (that's capeable of surviving captivity) can be a pet, as the term pet usually describes an animal that's kept without a real use (meat, skin, etc.) other than companionship or esthetic value

    • Christopher Sochor
      Christopher Sochor Month ago

      Vince Uy They are kept for a use therefore they are no pets, just like some species of fish most creatures can be both.
      For example giant guramis are considered a pet in my country, and probably the rest of europe, but in asia they usually only get bred for food purposes

    • Vince Uy
      Vince Uy Month ago

      Except for China, they eat dogs and cats

  • Darth Necrosaber Jacob Randall

    And seeing as the brain cavity of an Ankylosaurus is almost the same as an elephant you would be training it as like an elephant

  • TheChaoticGamer
    TheChaoticGamer Month ago

    why not?

  • Darth Necrosaber Jacob Randall

    An Ankylosaurus is tail can smash with over a thousand pounds of force so easily can be a doorbuster

    • Aryayudha Sutomo
      Aryayudha Sutomo 21 hour ago

      Who got the ankylosaur?

    • Its_Me_Romano _
      Its_Me_Romano _ Month ago

      Darth Necrosaber Jacob Randall yeah but it's such a nut it won't be able to learn such complicated stufff

    • Grumpydrawer
      Grumpydrawer Month ago +13

      I now have an image in my mind of police raiding a house, using an Ankylosaurus to bust down the door.

  • Primal Rage
    Primal Rage Month ago +5

    Buy dinosaurs Make your own park get rich will never end

    • Leo Cruz
      Leo Cruz Month ago +1

      And release dinosaurs to eat people

  • Camy
    Camy Month ago +11

    Id buy an anky and on its birthday buy it a bunch of pinatas for it to hit with some food in em :D

  • Dinop The Dino
    Dinop The Dino Month ago +1

    Private zoos, Hunters, etc your list is spot on,
    Though I fail to see who would rather have their million dollar Dino, with so many money making possibilities become a steak!

  • Christian Randall
    Christian Randall Month ago


  • Luka Leferink
    Luka Leferink Month ago

    When and even IS there gonna be new Jurassic World Evolution updates or news?

  • Emilio Zamora
    Emilio Zamora Month ago

    With how things are going, looks like Jurassic World will go into a dinotopia/ turok kinda vibe

  • Nope Nope
    Nope Nope Month ago +3

    Why wouldn’t you buy a dinosaur

  • The Dishonored Coward

    The indoraptor would be useless to me. My combat is in water in which my species is already the perfect killing machine, which is why on my planet we only use cloning to replace limbs and organs. Besides, look how long it has taken me to afford a phone.

  • Guano
    Guano Month ago +12

    Why buy a dinosaur? An ankylosaurus would be perfect for a fur poacher, Nothing could club a baby seal better than an ankylosaurus

  • Disaster7317 Roblox&more

    I think the people who want to buy this are people for zoos enc pr they just want it as pet like tempestor said

  • FigmentOfYourImagination

    Because anyone would want a pet Baryonyx.

  • Armin Reindl
    Armin Reindl Month ago +61

    I mean lets be honest here. Everyone in the comments would do it if they had enough money. Don't lie to yourselves.

    • Nate Crosman
      Nate Crosman Month ago +1

      Absolutely not.

    • Timtett
      Timtett Month ago +2

      No I wouldn’t, I have moral and principles

    • The Dishonored Coward
      The Dishonored Coward Month ago +1

      You mean the part where he mentioned purchasing dinosaur meat and leather? Why would someone even deny something like that?

  • Boyd Vingerhoed
    Boyd Vingerhoed Month ago

    I liked the video as the first one!😎

  • Lisu the Kitsuně
    Lisu the Kitsuně Month ago +5

    Tomorrow JW EVOLUTION will upload a VIDEO! Yaaaay!!

    • Lisu the Kitsuně
      Lisu the Kitsuně Month ago

      Jonathan Miller very true👍

    • Jonathan Miller
      Jonathan Miller Month ago +2

      Yami Papi I honestly don't think it'll be spino. More or less probably Camarasaurus, Dienychus, Dilophasaurus, or perhaps a new Dino we weren't aware of

    • Lisu the Kitsuně
      Lisu the Kitsuně Month ago

      Yami Papi Maybe...

    • Yami Papi
      Yami Papi Month ago +1


    • Jonathan Miller
      Jonathan Miller Month ago

      Lisu the Kitsuně what do you think it will be? Species profile wise?

  • The_Crazy_ Crustacean
    The_Crazy_ Crustacean Month ago +31

    Who wouldn’t want a pet Dino though

    • Rafael Hansen
      Rafael Hansen 16 days ago

      The_Crazy_ Crustacean they buy cuz they wanna invest. That animal was very special because that was a very old animal in the world that still alive

  • angelo foote
    angelo foote Month ago


  • Tempestor Malteaser
    Tempestor Malteaser Month ago +21

    Who doesn't want a pet dinosaur?

  • Bluedino22
    Bluedino22 Month ago +3


  • Jurassic Gamer
    Jurassic Gamer Month ago +1

    Yay I'm first

  • Sagasol
    Sagasol Month ago +27

    Rare animal collectors?

  • Jurassic Gamer
    Jurassic Gamer Month ago +1