Pouring Molten salt into Water - Explosion!

  • Published on Mar 9, 2016
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    Molten Salt Explosion paper #1 digital.library.unt.edu/ark:/67531/metadc282701/
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  • nikolaos halvatzis
    nikolaos halvatzis 7 hours ago

    I thought he was going to but in the pool

  • Kilroy 137
    Kilroy 137 9 hours ago

    My theory would be the intense heat somehow loosened the ionic bond and caused the sodium to act independent of the chlorine in reactions. Then, while our friend sodium is making hydrogen with water, and that causes the chlorine(a poisonous gas) to be left behind. Both gasses being heavily heated up by the absurdly high temp of the salt, but deprived of enough oxygen or hydro carbons to start a real fire, the gasses expand in a weird, semi combustion reaction. That was just what I thought. I’m not sure if it’s true or not or even if they explain it as I haven’t finished watching the video yet.

  • Jerry Vaagen
    Jerry Vaagen 11 hours ago

    Forget the wimpy fish tank,, lets see you do it in the pool

  • Nolan Martin
    Nolan Martin 13 hours ago

    Do scientists really wear shorts while experimenting with explosions within two arms length reach?

  • Survival Dude
    Survival Dude 16 hours ago +1

    I saw a Vortx shot out of the bottom

  • Blondie B
    Blondie B 17 hours ago

    I think you should try it in that swimming pool

  • Mister Awesome
    Mister Awesome 18 hours ago

    As a new watcher I'm concerned about you blowing glass everywhere often. Do you ever have issues with that? Kids,pets.

  • cellogirl11RW
    cellogirl11RW Day ago

    Like oil, sodium chloride is slightly hydrophobic, meaning it doesn't mix with water very well, and water suddenly boils when something extremely hot touches it, so, my hyothesis is that the water and salt are repelling each other, amplified by the water boiling in the presence of the extreme heat of the salt, as well as the salt suddenly cooling. The same effect can be achieved by mixing hot oil with water (don't try that at home).


    What salt is neutral . Why are testing it's ph

  • Cmm Massey
    Cmm Massey Day ago

    Maybe the other ingredients cools the sodium down faster ( like so he can see)

    • Cmm Massey
      Cmm Massey 3 hours ago

      +Paul Singleterry ok , thanks we just learned about elements this year in school

    • Paul Singleterry
      Paul Singleterry 4 hours ago +1

      its not that, its probably that a different solution interacts differently with other substances. It s not that it cools it down faster, its that those extra ingredients suppress or maybe even diffused the explosion

  • k j jones
    k j jones Day ago

    everyone is commenting on him walking around barefoot in his backyard, well what about the poor pooch. My guess is the dog doesn't get the option to wear shoes in the backyard.

  • Will Gaming
    Will Gaming Day ago

    Nice Science! 🧪 🧫 🧬

  • ScrapDraws
    ScrapDraws Day ago

    One of these days some “backyard scientist” is gonna end up splitting a nucleus and causing nuclear fission

    • k j jones
      k j jones Day ago

      David Hahn - Eagle Scout. Look it up.

  • Vincent
    Vincent 3 days ago


  • Scott Oien
    Scott Oien 3 days ago

    It could be that the salt explodes and the others dont because of the consistency of the liquid as it enters the water, the salt was extremely fluidic whereas the other liquids were more viscous. This also adds even more evidence of a physical reaction.

  • doggie218 crazy
    doggie218 crazy 3 days ago

    2:07 You have to admit, it's impressive that the aquarium frame didn't break more than that

  • Mike Folgers
    Mike Folgers 3 days ago

    The dogs like, "WTF". LOL

  • Umer Suriya
    Umer Suriya 3 days ago

    I think maybe the sodium ions have a stronger tendency to react at higher temperatures or beyond a specific temp.

  • GRiMZZ
    GRiMZZ 4 days ago +1

    2:05 late reaction lmaooo😂

  • Scruffums97
    Scruffums97 4 days ago

    I think I know what is happening here but I am no scientist just a theory.
    I thin since you melted the salt it detaches/dissolve the chloride from the sodium and when you toss it in the water it’s so hot water can’t touch it but it cools so fast i has time to get in there and then explode rather than sink to the bottom because the other metals stayed hot longer.

  • Rett Williams
    Rett Williams 4 days ago

    So my hypothesis is that the sodium is reacting with the water in the way it normally does, but the chlorine is causing a slowdown of this reaction. This reaction combined with your leiden frost description explains why it works well with NaCl but not other "ionic compounds ". The PhH doesn't change because both molecules of Na and Cl are still in the solution. The reason this doesn't happen with non melted salt is because, well it just doesn't. This is just my thoughts and I only have your data since I'm like still in high school

  • Lazy gamer 059
    Lazy gamer 059 4 days ago

    BTW ur example of the the whole thing to prove it was physical reaction made u look like a murderer lol

  • Frank Horowitz
    Frank Horowitz 5 days ago

    At 2:38 you can hear the mouse click to turn off the audio recording

  • the only real RainbowDash

    When the sodium metal exploded it looked like a supernova from a star

  • Oh yeah Yeah
    Oh yeah Yeah 5 days ago

    Go suck some salt 🧂

  • Misyel Reyes
    Misyel Reyes 5 days ago

    omg the aquarium!!

  • Kwint
    Kwint 6 days ago


  • Mistercandle
    Mistercandle 6 days ago

    "stainless steel"

  • Mr.pussy bacon Escobar

    You smart

  • Danny Martinez Martinez

    This dude is creating bombs in his backyard and not getting arrested for it lol

  • [ ᴇɴᴅᴇʀ ɢᴀᴍɪɴɢ ]

    Try it on ur pool

  • HappyCow 52
    HappyCow 52 7 days ago

    "Stainless-Steel Shot Glass"
    *shot glass is 90% rusted and chipped*

  • Steven Miller
    Steven Miller 7 days ago

    Crystalline structure of NaCl has nothing to do with the explosion and neither does sodium metal play a role in the hot liquid sodium chloride explosion.
    Note that if the hot liquid sodium chloride somehow converted sodium from its +1 ionic state back to sodium metal (a reduction process), then the contact of the sodium metal would create a flame like the hot liquid sodium metal does when poured into the water. Note that room temperature sodium metal tossed into water also causes an explosion with a flame. The sodium metal reacts with water and dissociates water into Hydrogen gas and the sodium becomes NaOH. This chemical reaction is strongly exothermic and releases large amounts of energy, igniting the released hydrogen gas product, that further burns and chemically reacts with oxygen in the air and releases even more energy and gas, contributing to the explosion. The liquid sodium chloride explosion with water is missing the flame and therefore we can deduce the creation of sodium metal isnt the mechanism.
    The video guy says it's not a chemical reaction, it's a physical reaction and hes correct. The hot liquid sodium chloride has a very large heat capacity and the rapid heat transfer properties of hot liquid sodium chloride transfers energy so quickly to the liquid water that the water instantly boils on contact. It's the RATE OF HEAT TRANSFER that is key to the explosion. Common to all explosions is a rapid density change from a solid or liquid to a gas and its the same with liquid water rapidly converted into gaseous steam. The instantaneous density increase creates the explosive density change and in a few cases is enough to break the glass.
    Steve Miller
    High School Science Teacher

  • Darien John
    Darien John 8 days ago

    So we making bombs now

  • Brad Anderson
    Brad Anderson 8 days ago

    the sodium chloride reaction is physical. when it is done, you still have sodium chloride and you still have water, but in its gaseous form. When you dumped the pure sodium into the water completely different chemical substances were being formed. (probably sodium oxide and pure hydrogen which was ignited when it reached the surface to create water again). Therefore the second reaction is chemical and I believe would have caused an explosion even if the pure sodium metal had not been molten, but without the added fireworks due to the hydrogen explosion at the surface.

  • Serge
    Serge 8 days ago

    Haven't you seen how Na interacts with H2O? I believe all your experiment based on it. In case of salt (NaCl) and temperature you got kind of free Na there I guess.

  • Bob Rite
    Bob Rite 8 days ago


  • xC4N4D14NB4C0Nx
    xC4N4D14NB4C0Nx 8 days ago

    Better protect those ears. I hope your dog stays out of the backyard 'cause you know that little bastard is going to eat glass now that you've salted it for him.

  • Adam Jacobson
    Adam Jacobson 8 days ago

    Was the explosion not caused, in addition to that final explanation, by the chlorine gas reacting with the water Vapor? There were small clouds of yellow in the middle of the explosion bubble

  • slick tarango
    slick tarango 8 days ago

    Fire crackers are not enough for this dude... lol

  • Penny Krueger
    Penny Krueger 8 days ago


  • Yeetus TheBoDo2
    Yeetus TheBoDo2 8 days ago

    3:30 FACTS 😤😤

  • Kimberly Herlinger
    Kimberly Herlinger 9 days ago

    Technically what I'm trying to say is that your sodium causes a surface blast and then your melted table salt causes a concussive blast two different types of blasts concussive is disoriented and could be the cause more damage internally than it does in the outside whereas the surface blast causes more damage to the surface but barely any to the internal organs my brother was a bomb technician in the Marine Corps I was a Army Ranger

  • Kimberly Herlinger
    Kimberly Herlinger 9 days ago

    You getting two different types of blast brother the blast that you got from the pure sodium is a surface blast and that's perfect for calling damage to surface tissues blowing things apart burning things something like that where is the result the chick getting from the salt that would be something that you would use it like like using it in the water you wouldn't catastrophic the crush the organs of any creature that was nearby that reaction

  • Adi Betonio
    Adi Betonio 10 days ago

    It's a chemical reaction

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    Molten Cocaine in water when?

  • Mario Mendoza
    Mario Mendoza 10 days ago

    Do in your pool

  • Shadow Trimmer
    Shadow Trimmer 10 days ago

    Free explosion:
    I think im done now...

  • DJ TAZ
    DJ TAZ 10 days ago +1

    It work i tried it

  • JustinPlayz_yt
    JustinPlayz_yt 10 days ago +4

    6:22 like if you see what looks fake but it isn't. it looks like fortnite exsplosion.

  • XaXnFrosty
    XaXnFrosty 10 days ago

    This is how schools het bombed the chemistry sets

  • Reyna Cruz
    Reyna Cruz 10 days ago

    It looked like a nuke when it exploded

  • Accept the truth it will set you free.

    pour molten metal into sodium silicate

  • Electro Gamer
    Electro Gamer 11 days ago +15

    You might not wanna walk across the yard with bare feet for a while 😂

  • Steakbread
    Steakbread 11 days ago

    I guess you can't walk barefoot in that yard ever again...

  • jeeyon im
    jeeyon im 11 days ago

    3:24 it kind of looks like popcorn popping in slow motion

  • Nigward
    Nigward 11 days ago +1

    A C T U A L L Y , I T S S O D I U M C H L O R I D E

  • Rose White
    Rose White 11 days ago

    Maybe the explosion is the same thing that happens with boiler and Coke can explosions?
    When a boiler bursts or a coca cola can is pierced with a knife or sharp point the presurised molecules directly by the first tiny crack/piercing of the metal escapes and expands in open air and in the boiler/can the surrounding molecules are suddenly free to expand...and the surrounding molecules can also expand...in a very rapid chain reaction with very high pressure and 1600 times expansion which we see as boiler explosion of coke can explode.
    Maybe the blob of molten salt is doing the same chain reaction as seems to be shown by the continuing expansion and eruptions as salt molecules can expand without limit until they have all expanded to their maximum and also been cooled below their eruption level?
    The molten sodium hitting water is more a simple heat explosion.

  • Wendy Letman
    Wendy Letman 11 days ago

    The salt gets water inside it and then the water burst out of the salt. The water makes the salt flood up so fast that it just goes crazy when out in the air. Ya know the video where ya pour molten lava in ur pool. It might be like that but the salt dries up so fast it explodes. IDK

  • Nelson Silberberg
    Nelson Silberberg 11 days ago

    Really? You needed all those takes to conclude it’s not a chemical reaction? Try adding an ice cube to hot cooking oil and you'll see fireworks too.

  • Gaming With CandyCat
    Gaming With CandyCat 11 days ago +1

    Glass tank: *shatters*


  • Ethan Cavanagh
    Ethan Cavanagh 11 days ago

    Salt water not safe

  • lilbaby wilz
    lilbaby wilz 11 days ago

    I was a amazing

  • Zachary Shott
    Zachary Shott 11 days ago


  • Jack Crutchfield
    Jack Crutchfield 11 days ago


  • Arella Collymore
    Arella Collymore 11 days ago

    Aww the dog😂😂😂

  • 이원석
    이원석 12 days ago +3

    You dont need molten salt...You need sodium..an alkali metal it will explode the second it hits the water

  • Jackson Merrill
    Jackson Merrill 12 days ago

    the best part 2:05 lol it so funny

  • metal maggot
    metal maggot 12 days ago

    Creates a mine field of glass for his dog and other guests who go back there. #stupidasfuck

  • Honey Khilji
    Honey Khilji 13 days ago

    is there accessive h2?

  • BeKnoDuke
    BeKnoDuke 13 days ago

    Well if anyone ever wants to blow up some people in a pool heres your video

  • Victor Hernandez Tovar

    “Hey guys Backyard Scientist here and were gonna find out what happens when you mix liquid nitrogen with a Nuclear Warhead Explosion”

  • Cup of Tae, w/Suga Kookies & no jams

    The important part is......he put headphones on the dog. I think that's all that matters here.

  • Fizzlethorpe Bristlebane

    Molten Morton. Get it! Get it!

  • Blacklisted Inception
    Blacklisted Inception 13 days ago

    when thanos snaps his fingers 2:22

  • Mediterranean SnapWagon

    Its Sodium Chloride!
    Me: *its salt*

  • Dale Dantes
    Dale Dantes 14 days ago +1

    Its like a nuke but in water
    The military shoulf use this

  • Kaleb Parham
    Kaleb Parham 15 days ago

    2:04 That's Mexican food for ya?

  • Caleb Williams
    Caleb Williams 15 days ago +60

    North Korea: Creates large nukes

    America: Hold my salt

  • Ryan James
    Ryan James 15 days ago

    Interesting video just don't watch for scientific knowledge lol

  • pastelXrainbows 123
    pastelXrainbows 123 16 days ago

    He said he was disappointed but when he did it again he got what he wanted lmao 😂

  • Greg V
    Greg V 16 days ago

    Add a small amount of Dawn dishwashing liquid to the water and be very careful

    • Greg V
      Greg V 16 days ago

      It will lower the surface tension

  • Itz_Dxrkyyy
    Itz_Dxrkyyy 16 days ago

    this ツ He must have gotten scared >D

  • Archer Boydmills
    Archer Boydmills 16 days ago

    2:19 is the actual thing

  • L K
    L K 16 days ago

    Guys are awesome

    • L K
      L K 16 days ago

      And suicidal

    YA HIBACHI 17 days ago

    He’s weirdly attractive

  • Juwan Reddick
    Juwan Reddick 17 days ago

    I'm guessing that scale has other uses...

  • Leafy !
    Leafy ! 17 days ago

    That’s what I said sodium chloride

  • Helyati Mohamad
    Helyati Mohamad 17 days ago

    I'm so worried for the glass shards in the yard that he'd miss whilst cleaning up.
    Also, he kinda looks like Prince William lol

  • Jose Casas
    Jose Casas 17 days ago

    Put thorium plus plutonium and see what happens

  • Harry daven
    Harry daven 17 days ago

    Maybe they all don't explode because they have different chemicals and stuff to make the salt

  • M Smith
    M Smith 17 days ago

    You don’t need to put salt in The Dasani water because they already have salt in the Dasani water so you have to buy more because you get thirsty

  • White Doge Dog Cat
    White Doge Dog Cat 18 days ago

    it looks like a salt nuke

  • IndigoGaming
    IndigoGaming 18 days ago

    *It's sodium chloride*

  • Conjuras 21
    Conjuras 21 18 days ago

    2:23 I came. Soo beautiful

  • Packy Chan
    Packy Chan 18 days ago

    The annoying thing is that he didn’t play the experiment normally, or stopped talking per experiment.

  • Squeebosh
    Squeebosh 18 days ago

    Looks like it's time to take a high level of chemistry so that when a video like this pops up in my recommend section, I can help answer any science questions asked during a video. This was a pretty cool video btw.