For Honor: E3 2018 Marching Fire Cinematic Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]

  • Published on Jun 11, 2018
  • Celebrate Marching Fire: Get the For Honor Starter Edition on PC Free:
    Watch to see the reveal of For Honor: Marching Fire, a major update that will see new heroes, a new PvP mode called Breach, an unlimited single player mode, and major graphical enhancements. Marching Fire is coming October 16th.
    Carve a path of destruction through an intense, believable battlefield fighting for guts, glory, and survival in For Honor, the acclaimed melee action game developed by Ubisoft Montreal in collaboration with other Ubisoft studios.
    Enter the chaos of a raging war as a bold Knight, brutal Viking, or deadly Samurai, three of the greatest warrior factions of legend. For Honor is a fast-paced and immersive experience, mixing skill with visceral, never-before-seen melee combat. Storm castles in massive battles and confront deadly bosses in the memorable story campaign and support your allies while slaughtering enemies in the groundbreaking multiplayer modes where your combat skills will make the difference between life and death.
    Since its release in 2017, For Honor has continued to expand its world with new heroes, modes, and features. Six seasons of content, including regular in-game events, have kept the faction war fresh and exciting. Responding to community feedback, the team worked diligently to build dedicated servers for all multiplayer modes. Since the release of these servers, For Honor has reached best-in-class match completion and eliminated host migration. The recently launched training mode teaches players to master the Art of Battle, For Honor’s completely unique combat system.
    For Honor: Marching Fire, coming October 16 2018, is a major update encompassing new heroes, new a PVP mode, unlimited PVE content and a comprehensive graphical update.
    NEW HEROES FROM THE FAR EAST - Four warriors from the Wu Lin faction are traveling west after civil war, betrayal and personal tragedies strike close to home. The Jiang Jun, once a feared general, now uses his guandao to wreak havoc on the West. The Nuxia, a bodyguard betrayed by allies, uses her hook swords to slay anyone who stands in her way. The Shaolin, a warrior monk forced to watch his monastery burn, now spreads the gospel with his staff. The Tiandi once sat fourth in line for the throne but was consumed by madness and killed his brothers, ultimately leading to the defeat of his empire. Now, he atones by seeking out the wicked with his broadsword.
    BREACH THE CASTLE - Attack and defend a castle in Breach, For Honor’s new strategic 4v4 PvP mode. Attackers must work together to storm the castle gates and kill the Lord of the castle, while defenders must either take down the battering ram or kill all attackers to protect the Lord.
    UNLIMITED SINGLE PLAYER CONTENT - A new mode, yet to be revealed, offering unlimited single player and 2-person co-op PVE content.
    GRAPHICALLY ENHANCED - Significant graphical enhancements bring you closer to the action than ever before.
    For Honor: E3 2018 Marching Fire Cinematic Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]
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  • Quahodron _
    Quahodron _ 4 hours ago

    the beginning was good!

  • Abdu Abdu
    Abdu Abdu 5 hours ago

    like aren't these guys suppose to be unstoppable

  • League Trio
    League Trio 6 hours ago

    za wurdo!!!!!!!

  • Skidush
    Skidush 6 hours ago


  • UglytruthG
    UglytruthG 7 hours ago

    Anyone know who did the song or it's name?

  • Kylo Ren
    Kylo Ren 7 hours ago +1

    As a Warden main...This just breaks my heart. :(

  • Metalliguitare _
    Metalliguitare _ 7 hours ago

    0:17 ZA WARUDO !

  • EndOfAllHope
    EndOfAllHope 8 hours ago

    You've done well Ubisoft.
    First R6S and now For Honor... AC Odyssey looks pretty good as well.
    There was a time not so long ago when i wouldnt buy a game you made just cuz i knew it would've been damn terrible broken garbage.... but you're starting to gain some trust back.
    Well played.
    ..... im still mad about Duel of Champions tho!

  • M’aiq the Video Critic and All-Around Good Guy.

    Are these characters going to cost 15,000 steel again?

  • SuiYuanBiZhu Han
    SuiYuanBiZhu Han 9 hours ago


  • CrazySoon9413
    CrazySoon9413 10 hours ago +2

    As a Chinese i jerkoff to this trailer everyday...

    BRITURK 11 hours ago

    Can’t wait for the new faction, but this trailer is so bad

  • Rumuel Nathanael
    Rumuel Nathanael 12 hours ago

    Stop. Bullying. My. Warden!!!

  • baton hoti
    baton hoti 13 hours ago

    wait if they make a new faction they need to put the faction into the world map dont they?

  • Adolf Hitler
    Adolf Hitler 14 hours ago

    A song please

  • 新洲 杨
    新洲 杨 15 hours ago


  • Otaku Gamer
    Otaku Gamer 20 hours ago

    A trailer very emotive.

  • The Manga Guy
    The Manga Guy 21 hour ago

    It's been exactly 11 days since the reveal. Yet each time I watch this trailer it still emotionally sways me. Way to go Ubi. Way to go.

  • Auto Sniper
    Auto Sniper 21 hour ago

    Dynasty warrior join the fray

  • Waynd Johnson
    Waynd Johnson 21 hour ago

    samurai since day one n will always be samurai till I die

  • David Rodriguez
    David Rodriguez 23 hours ago

    so like anyone know the name of the song btw? Also 3 out of the 4 characters interest me a lot, Sorry the vanguard one just doesn't seem for me lol

  • Maraki The SSJ
    Maraki The SSJ Day ago

    Knights will always reign supreme 💔

  • B1 battledroids Lives matter

    Hey You know what be a cool idea if they add in dlc campaigns about legendary war heroes and their own individual stories.
    For example let’s say a veteran nobushi wants to kill all knights since let’s say Apollyon made the nobushi watch as she killed her kid in front of her. So she won’t spare anyone like even if some surrendered she’d fucking start gouging their eyes out in anger. And maybe to make it more awesome is to add a feature where you can perform a execution on like 2-3enemies at once. And maybe it could add a fear mechanic that would decrease the stats of nearby enemy NPC’s.
    It’s a rough example I know but hey I’m just brainstorming here

  • noxus exodus
    noxus exodus Day ago


  • Jedidarkslaya
    Jedidarkslaya Day ago

    Wake Me Up When September Ends!

  • beast mode
    beast mode Day ago

    It is nuts

  • Mystic
    Mystic Day ago +1

    Guan yu?

  • Bernhard Stil
    Bernhard Stil Day ago

    That poor warden.

  • Black_Warhawk
    Black_Warhawk Day ago

    Worst game ever, glad i didnt spent a single Euro to get it
    Controls dont respond fast enough or even not at all, AI Spams you with super fast moves, cant evade, cant block, get stuck during combat all of the time takes like 50 tries to finaly "kill" a boss although its more like glitching him to death.
    after all its just another bad console import that makes you feel like you are tied to a goddam wheelchair while playing it
    0/10 Dont buy it!

  • Harlowe Iasingston


  • The EngiWizard
    The EngiWizard Day ago

    The crusade has found a new target. Deus vult brothers, we march to China! Death to the infidels!

  • Staff Bruce
    Staff Bruce Day ago

    Za WARDO!!!!

  • Solaire The Sunlight Warrior

    I want some of those warden kills as in game grunt kills

  • Vasilijan Nikolovski

    *Ubisoft* : VIRTUEEEE!

  • Westus
    Westus Day ago

    Am I the only one who would want a Muay Thai warrior to be added to for honor

    • Westus
      Westus Day ago

      MKDemigodZ Warrior and would aswell use the elbows and knees

    • Westus
      Westus Day ago

      MKDemigodZ Warrior None, but it would have Metal arm protection to use as block

    • MKDemigodZ Warrior
      MKDemigodZ Warrior Day ago +1

      Possibly, but what weapon would the warrior have besides his kicks?

  • kezicss
    kezicss Day ago

    Woman that looks like skin and bones takes out multiple enemies with brutal force. Seems legit.

  • Krish- B
    Krish- B Day ago

    Song :
    Katie Garfield - Gallows 😀

  • snowman 1
    snowman 1 Day ago

    So the samurais and the vikings are replaced by the dynasty warrior and romans?

  • Shaowen Li
    Shaowen Li Day ago

    Is that guanyu?

  • Jesper Schobers
    Jesper Schobers Day ago

    Song name?

  • Uchiha Itachi
    Uchiha Itachi Day ago +1

    Guan yu

  • requin 999
    requin 999 Day ago

    What is the name of the music?

  • John Siow
    John Siow Day ago

    That oriental flute at 1:18 gave me goosebumps.

  • Karina Stewart
    Karina Stewart Day ago

    I just got back into this game and I'm really excited for the new game modes! Marching Fire is gonna be awesome!

  • Dung Dinh
    Dung Dinh Day ago

    if they a movie like this, would 100% watch at least 3 times

  • Davi Stanesco
    Davi Stanesco Day ago

    Felt sorry for the knight.

  • AM 810 Official
    AM 810 Official Day ago

    I came

  • t850terminator
    t850terminator Day ago

    Crouching Meta, Hidden Nerf.

  • Ocean Cloud
    Ocean Cloud Day ago +1

    China dragon 🐉 !

  • Nomadic Vet
    Nomadic Vet Day ago

    They never fixed cents spamming lol the game is so gay like the developers

  • L C
    L C Day ago


  • 東門紫
    東門紫 Day ago

    guan yu is not matchless,Lv Bu is the war god of the three kingdoms,he is stronger than Guan.but he died too early.he use a flayer as a weapon

    • MKDemigodZ Warrior
      MKDemigodZ Warrior Day ago

      Well, maybe he might be the archetype for one of the 2 DLC heroes for the Wu Lin Faction?

  • Braydon McCarty
    Braydon McCarty Day ago


  • Leandre Cretaud
    Leandre Cretaud Day ago

    Yeahhh !!

  • Jack Tom
    Jack Tom Day ago

    I love the BGM:)

  • GaMingCaT
    GaMingCaT 2 days ago

    I am so hype

  • Leosol Canonizado
    Leosol Canonizado 2 days ago

    I will now drop money to unlock this faction, unless I grind 50K steel first.

  • Aguaal
    Aguaal 2 days ago

    Song ?

  • Wynkor
    Wynkor 2 days ago

    this trailer was better than black ops 4

  • Sean Okumura
    Sean Okumura 2 days ago +1

    Give shogoki a rework

    • Sean Okumura
      Sean Okumura 2 days ago

      Plz give him rework 🙇🏽‍♂️ 😭😭😭

  • Laurence Samael
    Laurence Samael 2 days ago

    Where’s Zhaoyun? Lübu? Xiahouchun? Xuzhu? Zhangfei? And others hero of the period of the Three Kingdoms?

  • 210ds
    210ds 2 days ago

    This is still a thing? Is it better now? I might pick it up then.

  • dank wolf115
    dank wolf115 2 days ago

    This game would be 10 times better if people actually had honor

  • Falvius Callirius
    Falvius Callirius 2 days ago

    I wonder... is there gonna be a story for China Faction? (Sorry for bad english)

    • MKDemigodZ Warrior
      MKDemigodZ Warrior Day ago

      Well, considering that they haven't reveal the new single player mode, possibly?

  • Valdemar Bojsen-Møller

    Not that im disappointed in the choice of heroes, i just feel like there could have been better choices. The Dynasty warriors look cool and all, but i feel like we could have gotten more from the indians or pirates or aztecs or even mongolians. But im still looking forward to play these. Great job, Ubisoft!

    • MKDemigodZ Warrior
      MKDemigodZ Warrior Day ago

      Mongols could be a "DLC" hero for the Chinese. They did conquer China after all.

  • C At
    C At 2 days ago

    Oh no the dragons have arrived
    Samurais: Prepare for battle we must defend our home
    Knights: Fight for the people, Fight for your home, and Fight for survival
    Vikings: I smell Fire coming on our shores we must defend our selves

  • Nseven 111
    Nseven 111 2 days ago

    I hope they add someone with a zhanmadao

    • Nseven 111
      Nseven 111 17 hours ago

      a real life zhanmadao is actually just a slightly longer and wider version of the da dao featured here in this trailer so if they did put it in it would be a less aggressive version of the highlander's claymore

    • MKDemigodZ Warrior
      MKDemigodZ Warrior Day ago

      I don't know. That seems too much like the Keisei's Nodachi.

  • The Knight
    The Knight 2 days ago

    This trailer is giving me goosebumps

  • ghostman128
    ghostman128 2 days ago

    When your new main kills your old one in the video 😂😂😂

    LUNAR 2 days ago

    the song is great

  • Shiro Fukuroi
    Shiro Fukuroi 2 days ago

    I hope they add the Saracens...

  • Gabriellohugz
    Gabriellohugz 2 days ago

    I can't help myself but to feel that the song pussyfied the entire trailer. Am I the only one to think that?

    DERP FACE 2 days ago

    no larry nooooo

  • alvin wong
    alvin wong 2 days ago

    Owh yeahh.... I almost thought it was Guan Yu

  • Kacper Radolonek
    Kacper Radolonek 2 days ago

    Its epic

  • Nomadic Guardian
    Nomadic Guardian 2 days ago

    Is this the warden rework?

  • tylers vlogs
    tylers vlogs 2 days ago

    That is awesome

    THEBLOXIAN 2 days ago +1

    How can u make a great trailer but not a good game

  • fxxx7
    fxxx7 2 days ago

    I love this game! Thank you!!

  • Harikusa
    Harikusa 2 days ago

    Is this game in an alternative reality? It most certainly unhistorical and I'm not referencing the fact that samurai, vikings and knights can be on the same battlefield.

  • EA Gay
    EA Gay 2 days ago

    did this lady die?

  • Matcdt Scott
    Matcdt Scott 2 days ago

    Wait... does new faction mean more campaign/story mode??

  • jiexiang shen
    jiexiang shen 3 days ago


  • Spencer Plays Gamez
    Spencer Plays Gamez 3 days ago

    I get goosebumps everytime i watch this

  • dragon fireXM
    dragon fireXM 3 days ago

    The guy with the Dao kinda looks like wukong from fortnite

  • Deadeye Perez
    Deadeye Perez 3 days ago

    Can't stop watching this

  • timbo slice
    timbo slice 3 days ago

    Wait does bother anyone that they're just getting rid of the original Three factions and replacing them just like that. I mean I can understand adding a faction but replacing, that just bothers me.

    • timbo slice
      timbo slice 8 hours ago

      MKDemigodZ Warrior after watching it a few more times I see that's putting on my glasses was a good thing I was horribly wrong thank you for correcting me I had a good 5-minute laugh over this

    • timbo slice
      timbo slice Day ago

      MKDemigodZ Warrior they are being added, the rest are replacments and it bothers me

    • MKDemigodZ Warrior
      MKDemigodZ Warrior Day ago +1

      Um...Where did you get that from? The Chinese aren't replacing anyone.

  • 李天颖
    李天颖 3 days ago

    So that woman was killed at the end right?

  • Keil Porter
    Keil Porter 3 days ago

    Still waiting for heretical Saracens to fight for the honor of TAKING JERUSALEM! DEUS VULT BROTHERS!

    • L'Ultime Biscuit
      L'Ultime Biscuit 2 days ago

      Keil Porter Saracens would be awesome in this game !

  • Takihake Eiji
    Takihake Eiji 3 days ago

    New caracters but when you make a game with some skills in it,not just some noobs champ then you are the best in the world?

  • Tsz Kit LAW
    Tsz Kit LAW 3 days ago

    Who casted the female warden ?

  • Mulesoft/Army Strong !

    this game worth it I want to buy it but are the server's dead

  • FightingCucumber
    FightingCucumber 3 days ago

    whats the song called?

  • Edgar AIlan Poe
    Edgar AIlan Poe 3 days ago

    Looks like Tiandi didn't finish the Warden with a heavy lol

  • Fat Bird
    Fat Bird 3 days ago

    At first I thought this is a Ubisoft game so hell no am glad I was wrong

  • Naruto Fan
    Naruto Fan 3 days ago

    These motherfuckas always FIGHTING 😂😂

  • Steve Stewart
    Steve Stewart 3 days ago

    Now if the devs would fix the console light attack issues

  • Jumping Buddy
    Jumping Buddy 3 days ago

    OH BOY

  • Danny Idaho
    Danny Idaho 3 days ago

    0:08 oh no, senpai, no

  • Xboxshqip
    Xboxshqip 3 days ago

    The Samurais now will have fun killing their traditional enemy, Banzaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaai