The Blacksmith's Anvil

  • Published on Jul 29, 2016
  • A good anvil is the mother of all shop Support the channel on
    Here is a tour of my small collection, and a few things I have learned regarding anvils over the years.
    Thank you for watching.
    Music is "Shipwrecked" by "Sir Anthony's Ghost"
    I am very new to TheXvid, and have a lot to learn. Especially related to video editing, how to use music, and how all of this works. My son is helping, but it is new territory for both of us. I appreciate your support and encouragement as we try to figure it out.
    All these videos are for entertainment and inspiration purposes only. The tools and techniques I use are dangerous, and I do not recommend you attempt unless you are a trained professional.
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  • Wayne Oakley
    Wayne Oakley Month ago

    I need a good starter Anvil don't you have one you want to sell I'm trying to get me a forwards built and start doing some blacksmith work I've always work with metal and done a lot of welding in my lifetime I just need to get my stuff started and you know wondering if you had an anvil you wanted to sell

  • Guns with Con
    Guns with Con Month ago

    Lol I only got a small 15lb harbor freight anvil😂😂
    PS. I’m just starting to

  • Dominick Casciano III

    I'm curious as to why the Hay Budden logo on the anvil seems so poorly / irregularly done. Could they have cast in the name or stamped in the name?

  • DynomitePunch
    DynomitePunch Month ago

    so yeah, glad i watched a lot of his anvil video, guess i'll have to save up and wait for christmas to buy myself an anvil, probably my birthday, these things are HORRIFICALLY expensive, lol

  • Super Philosopher X
    Super Philosopher X 2 months ago

    42 is the answer to everything xD

  • Drew Clarey
    Drew Clarey 2 months ago +2

    such an informative video when I'm drunk I get curious, and this satisfied my curiosity with anvils thank you ill be going to bed now

  • Aceystar 1
    Aceystar 1 2 months ago

    Just today i bought a perun 220 lb anvil for a pretty reasonable price. Its cast steel and made in Poland. i can't wait to use it.

  • Al Treemendous Daniels
    Al Treemendous Daniels 2 months ago

    High beam headlights looking for an anvil now!! Thanks Scott!

  • Thomas Sterling
    Thomas Sterling 2 months ago

    Thank you for the history and brief on anvils in the US. You're lucky to have had a father who exposed you to the blacksmith craft. I see the skill coming back to the US. It's the most basic of industry in the world. You're filling a valuable need for the younger generation.

  • Andre Audet
    Andre Audet 3 months ago

    My question is how l can estimated thé price of anvil when l find one
    Andy (Québec )

  • Steve Hargroder
    Steve Hargroder 3 months ago


  • Andre Audet
    Andre Audet 3 months ago

    What the cost of an old anvil
    Andy ( Québec CIty )
    Thank in advance it is very interesting

    • Emir Oktan Ker-Osine
      Emir Oktan Ker-Osine 3 months ago

      Search for: ´´Essential Craftsmen how to find an anvil´´, you will get the answer.

  • MrNotorius5500
    MrNotorius5500 3 months ago +1

    It’s funny he mentioned railroad iron. I happen to have a chunk of that in my garage that I’ve used as an anvil once or twice.

  • hamba allah
    hamba allah 4 months ago

    Smart ass old man 👎

  • Fair Scale
    Fair Scale 4 months ago

    I might buy one from you just because I get board. Do you take bitcoins?

  • Onyourknees Beforeme
    Onyourknees Beforeme 5 months ago +1

    Stuff I never wanted to know. Thank you...

  • J. Madone
    J. Madone 5 months ago

    Your 448 pound anvil is awesome. That is just about as cool as it gets. I recently bought a 150ish pound anvil for $40. I love it.

  • daddy don't like terrorist israel and saudis

    sad how little hicks know about history even though we all have it right at our finger tips. no metal did not mean civilization, there was both without the other

  • Stephen Lee
    Stephen Lee 6 months ago

    You mean thumbs aren’t good solid base for hitting,,, cause it sure has happened lol a joke great vid brother, I love when history is part of a video , I think it is so important to know the history of your craft before u venture down that road. This would be a great high school shop vid

  • John Jude
    John Jude 6 months ago +2

    Always good leson from you
    I check my buddie's case iron anvil and my 1" bearing went crazy...near edges rebound around 8" from 10" drop (as best as I could judge), often inwards in test the bearing from 10" drop would drop near 2" ...don't know much of the anvil history but friend proably got at barn sell auctions.
    Hay thanks for more info .

  • Quinton P. Young III
    Quinton P. Young III 7 months ago

    Man what sets us apart from all the other animals of planet earth is that we Humans try to be something that we are Not. To rise above our current state. To project our strength and power further and further away than our arms length. To dream-up tools that are merely extensions of our own arms and legs and minds. We have come a very long way from that rock hammer; however we have yet still a very very very long ways yet to go and achieve.

  • Sir.Tony Blair jr
    Sir.Tony Blair jr 7 months ago

    Hey there Scott. Sorry about calling you the wrong name.

  • Manny Yabar
    Manny Yabar 7 months ago

    I enjoy your videos very much, thanks for all that "feeling" for your tools, I thought I was alone!! What do you think of the Wilkinson Anvils?

  • CYBER EMERALD •2o23•
    CYBER EMERALD •2o23• 8 months ago +1

    Great demonstration, history, and content!

  • Brian Larson
    Brian Larson 8 months ago

    Anvil to hammer weight ratio, I had not heard that before. Thanks for the video and info!

  • Joe Kasson
    Joe Kasson 8 months ago

    Thanks , great info

  • Zach Barber
    Zach Barber 8 months ago

    You are an absolute inspiration Sr.I fear that the younger generations are going to lose this knowledge and its a real shame. To be so diverse with everything you know is truly amazing. To be this diverse you must truly believe that you can always learn from any experience or any person,

  • The RealKratos
    The RealKratos 8 months ago

    Can anybody find the song Shipwrecked? Can't find it anywhere

  • Арен Акобян
    Арен Акобян 8 months ago

    Hello, I write to you from Russia. I liked your work! I am also a blacksmith. I want to ask you to make a video of your forge. thanks in advance Hello from Russia.

  • rjtumble
    rjtumble 9 months ago +1

    I was just curious if I had seen all your videos so I went back and took a look. This one was good (I'd like to see that follow up on the flat anvil used for circular saws, did you ever make one?). While this was a good video, it's really great to see how much you two have progressed in your video making skills. You've come a long way in a couple years so well done to both of you.

  • Stanley Kelsen
    Stanley Kelsen 9 months ago


  • Zetetic Zen
    Zetetic Zen 9 months ago

    Great info! Thanks mate

  • Nathan Clukey
    Nathan Clukey 9 months ago


  • Ethan 636
    Ethan 636 10 months ago

    Nice anvils

  • James Williams
    James Williams 10 months ago

    I would love to work for this guy

  • Brian LeGrand
    Brian LeGrand 10 months ago

    I really appreciate your video here!!! Thank you!!!

  • terry Sullivan
    terry Sullivan 10 months ago

    The song is "Shipwrecked" by Sir Anthony's Ghost

  • Norman Marchman
    Norman Marchman 10 months ago

    Love your videos

  • Jake Awesome_USA
    Jake Awesome_USA 10 months ago

    I need a anvil I d k how to make one out of rail road track

  • tierfuehrer2
    tierfuehrer2 11 months ago

    Insta sub when I saw your video about mounting an anvil in the list.

  • Gracebeliever077
    Gracebeliever077 11 months ago

    1:00 Just because you could.

  • asambi69
    asambi69 11 months ago

    Wow never knew Peter Wright was litterally born down the road from where i live now... I guess i'll be on the lookout for an anvil from him.

  • Rick Baskett
    Rick Baskett 11 months ago

    I'm sure I'm not the only one that would love to just spend a day in his shop watching him work on stuff and talk with him.

  • Karl Dunne
    Karl Dunne 11 months ago

    Hey!!.... That guy right at the end, holding the spear looks like Eddie Murphy!!.......

  • Doug Bourdo
    Doug Bourdo Year ago

    We had a huge anvil in my dad's tractor shop when I was a kid. I killed many pieces of steel back then just fascinated by the visual movement shaping of the steels.... and that was before I learned how to use the oxy/'acetylene torches!!

  • Tre
    Tre Year ago

    I never knew all this about an anvil. Very informative

  • Shownonan
    Shownonan Year ago +11

    There's a certain joy I get from watching your videos. You have that voice that I find so easy to learn from, and the way you talk and explain stuff just makes it so much better. Your videos are so wholesome. Keep up the awesome content!

    • victor castle
      victor castle 8 months ago

      His knowledge is vast and his wisdom way beyond his years. His words are soothing as his voice !
      They leave us with much to ponder.

  • Dave Livesay
    Dave Livesay Year ago

    Good thing you've got that 448 lb. anvil bolted down. You wouldn't want to get carried away and knock it over.

  • Craig Elliott
    Craig Elliott Year ago +2

    How have I missed this? I'm binge watching these videos tonight. I'm lucky enough to have a forge and anvil, but have not really used it as much as I've wanted. I'm not much on Patreon donations, but that's where I'm headed right now. Brilliant!

  • Mike Chamis
    Mike Chamis Year ago +1

    Great narration and history.. BTW, you should have your own PBS show.

  • Jk Canvas
    Jk Canvas Year ago

    Did not know there was that much to anvils. Thank you sir for the information.

  • skinhead Donovan
    skinhead Donovan Year ago

    Is that forge at the end under your anvil

  • themichiganwoodsman

    Essential craftsman have you heard of or have an opinion on holland anvils? They’re made in Holland Michigan. Certainly not as cool as an antique hat was used by a real smith

  • Armin Raunig
    Armin Raunig Year ago +1

    Great Channel. I still can remember when I was younger, like 10 years old, I used to hammer on the anvil without anything to shape to. So my dad got mad. Of course at that time I couldn't understand. But now I do. ;) Thank you for sharing of your wise insights and experience. My father also has this type of wide field practical experience and I hope that when I will be older I will be able to teach all the thinks he tried to learn to me to my children too. It is usually all about the small things which matter the most. Sadly in the time of machinery and automation this gets forgotten all too often.
    Thank you. Keep up the good work. By the way good music. ;)

  • pokerpinki
    pokerpinki Year ago

    I finally understand why my uncle collects anvils.

  • VeggyZ
    VeggyZ Year ago

    Another interesting video. I don't know anything about this stuff, but I do have to say this kind of old-school blacksmithing is intriguing.

  • Annie Lariviere
    Annie Lariviere Year ago

    Nice 40 to 1 just like maple syrup

  • Sam Jones
    Sam Jones Year ago

    I've always used a thick metal plate bolted to a oak stump, never realised how useful an actual anvil would be

  • Greg Maier
    Greg Maier Year ago

    Impressive, talented & knowledgeable man! I enjoy your channel!

  • Cool Pondy
    Cool Pondy Year ago

    Do you need an anvil to make an anvil