Arsenal 2-0 Man United | Unai’s At The Wheel (Flex - United Stand)

  • Published on Mar 10, 2019
  • Arsenal 2-0 Man United | Unai’s At The Wheel (Flex - United Stand)
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  • The Magic Of Football

    I just watched back the penalty for like the 500th time anyone saying it was a dive is an idiot, it was sort of light but when you see it from behind you can see lacazette’s shirt material spread out because Fred pushes him in the back

  • netweed09
    netweed09 2 months ago

    Where's your astro-turf now Flux? Where are your dreams and that mouthy mouth of yours of a few months ago??
    This ain't Sophie doing ''rainbow flicks'' over DT and Pant$ having 3 hours to line up a volley unchallenged. This ain't Fifap29 on Playstayshun:

    # COYG

  • Angel Snakeria
    Angel Snakeria 2 months ago

    Arsenal fans are acting like they won the league after just one game

  • ddoggsta
    ddoggsta 2 months ago

    Typical Manc twat, can give banter but not take it

  • tony haskell
    tony haskell 2 months ago

    I like flex he's sound, well spoken man

  • سعاد سالمي
    سعاد سالمي 2 months ago

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  • zhiyong300496
    zhiyong300496 2 months ago

    why cant we have more united fans like him

  • Adam Yesho
    Adam Yesho 2 months ago +1

    United stand? More like United sitted🤣🤣🤣🤣

    LIVERPOOL LFC 2 months ago

    Mad how arsenal smashed utd chelsea Tottenham by 2 goals at home

  • Kai Platt
    Kai Platt 2 months ago

    Undeserved win
    Utd destroyed u they just didn’t finish but fair play to laca good game for him

  • Clinton Baptiste
    Clinton Baptiste 2 months ago

    Curious George isn't the best keeper in the world 😂 😂 😂

  • Amina Noor
    Amina Noor 2 months ago


  • Nepali Ninja
    Nepali Ninja 2 months ago +1

  • Healthy Composition
    Healthy Composition 2 months ago +1

    “De Gea’s the best GK in the world’ haha okay then. Two words - Jan Oblak.

    PICOLO 2 months ago

    Horrified at how proud he looked, completely disgusting. Jack has my utmost respect. Class guy

  • George Spurs
    George Spurs 2 months ago

    I’m a 8 year old Tottenham fan but I love watching your vids keep the work up 😃😃

  • Yusuf Toefy
    Yusuf Toefy 2 months ago

    Xhaka out smarted De Gear .. Watch the replay

  • Man Utd Lists
    Man Utd Lists 2 months ago

    Come up with a new and original chant for your manager, he deserves it if you get top 4. We were unlucky but we take the L and move on

  • Ab Aha
    Ab Aha 2 months ago

    And I was on a train full of Chelsea supporters in the 70s, they just tried quote tried to make me feel uncomfortable, no chance, and a bus full of Tottenham supporters and they were singing who's the gooner on the bus, I ignored and smiled at them, the same with the Chelsea supporters, they all must have thought wtf

  • Ab Aha
    Ab Aha 2 months ago

    Hard to believe

  • Ab Aha
    Ab Aha 2 months ago

    I once walked around the Tottenham ground and got back to the stand minus my scarf and rosette, not one yid went for me, they must have thought wtf, in the. 70s

  • Ab Aha
    Ab Aha 2 months ago

    Ok i said 3-1 to the gooners but a win against them, I expect that they done a you turn, and had a hard brexit lmfao, Arsenal are the real champions, because we have never been out of top flight football, mwah to the gooners and their supporters, I will give Everton a mention because they are there lmao

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    Kirito Sensei 2 months ago +1

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  • Shalom A
    Shalom A 2 months ago

    Unai not at the wheel what was the score before united match

  • Jax
    Jax 2 months ago

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  • J T
    J T 2 months ago

    Finally a respective fan, feel better to watch👊🏼🔥

  • Brain Blast
    Brain Blast 2 months ago

    If you hate Tottenham or Liverpool watch my latest video (read description)

  • YaBoiKring
    YaBoiKring 2 months ago +1

    Still forever the Banter Club

  • Jdbdnd Games
    Jdbdnd Games 2 months ago

    Arsenal fans think they have won the league

  • xd Sloppy
    xd Sloppy 2 months ago +1

    YEs Arsenal

  • Timothy Kelly
    Timothy Kelly 2 months ago

    You are c***s

  • josh rickards
    josh rickards 2 months ago

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  • Bally u wont know its me
    Bally u wont know its me 2 months ago +1

    2 on trending👏👏

  • Gospel Pan
    Gospel Pan 2 months ago

    nuff respect to Flex for going on camera after the "L" ....but where's rants? Has he gone into hiding? 😂 😂

  • Adnan Plasto
    Adnan Plasto 2 months ago

    iPhone XS Max here ====>

  • Jack C
    Jack C 2 months ago

    Thank you both guys for your TheXvid content week in week out and for entertaining all us

  • omar yahya
    omar yahya 2 months ago

    Shout out to Flex for turning up even though we trashed his team

  • omar yahya
    omar yahya 2 months ago

    We were magnificent. Defensively we were excellent. AMN was superb and so was Kolasinac who was my MOTM. Xhaka was really good and so was Leno. Great performance. Aubameyang shows guts to take that pen and score it. Ozil and Ramsey worked their socks off as well. Lacazette’s work rate is unbelievable he is a beast. COYG

  • The Wilde Ones
    The Wilde Ones 2 months ago

    10 fun facts:
    1:you can’t count your hair
    2: you can’t wash your eyes with soap
    3:you can’t breathe through your nose. With your tongue out
    4:you just tried no.3.
    6: when you did no.3 you noticed it is possible , but you looked like a dog
    7: your smiling , because you are fooled
    8: you skipped no.5.
    9: you just checked if there is a number 5
    : )

  • N Afzal
    N Afzal 2 months ago

    The guy is spot on

  • Baller 88
    Baller 88 2 months ago

    Missing Belgian emile heskey English adama traore and the 90 mil kouyate

  • emily griggs
    emily griggs 2 months ago


  • Selina Begum
    Selina Begum 2 months ago


  • Rob Vapes
    Rob Vapes 2 months ago

    Flex is a rare breed, a UTD fan that you can respect. COYG

  • Sean Mullin
    Sean Mullin 2 months ago

    A think blaming the wind this week is acceptable but when klopp said it the wind wasn’t as bad as that

  • Herb
    Herb 2 months ago

    People that say Auba did nothing must have watched a different game. He may not have done much attacking wise but he defended like mad which is equally important and he still remained a threat

  • Sam Barrett
    Sam Barrett 2 months ago

    Do you think DT would ever show this respect? Not a chance lol

  • Rotem Cohen
    Rotem Cohen 2 months ago

    hey! please take a minute to listen to my cover "always remember us this" by lady gaga! thanks

  • T With The Tongues
    T With The Tongues 2 months ago


  • Kyle Allmand
    Kyle Allmand 2 months ago

    Robbie is so fat

  • Fiji Gang
    Fiji Gang 2 months ago

    #2 on trending ❤️

  • Socially Impaired
    Socially Impaired 2 months ago

    One thing Arsenal and Utd fans can laugh about together is Spurs

  • T C
    T C 2 months ago

    Arsenal-utd banter will never end no matter which era were in

    L.F.C NEWS & VIEWS 2 months ago +3

    Flex tryna laugh it off and pretend he's not seething

  • omar bedward
    omar bedward 2 months ago

    Is this Man U tv

  • Danyaal Hussain
    Danyaal Hussain 2 months ago


    Arsenal won the Premier League 😱

  • Satsui No Hado
    Satsui No Hado 2 months ago

    Eat humble pie!!!!! Enjoy it, I hope the pie tasted like shit!

    HASSASIN ALI 2 months ago

    Ratings to flex for manning up and holding the L and giving an interview

  • Jesse Taylor
    Jesse Taylor 2 months ago

    Was a great game and on another day could have easily been a draw or loss but We are developing a much needed collective spirit to match the best and this alone can bring a certain amount of good fortune! Anyone who thinks Emery hasn't improved this group is deluded. Proud to be a fan again!

  • Nathan Jacob
    Nathan Jacob 2 months ago

    Banter belongs to TROOPZ forever

  • Nathan Jacob
    Nathan Jacob 2 months ago

    I feel deep down in Flex's heart, he is a Gooner.

  • Anikant Kamble
    Anikant Kamble 2 months ago

    Flex is the most sober utd fan i've seen

  • Khalil Omotosho
    Khalil Omotosho 2 months ago

    How many times have we played very well against united and went ahead to lose? F**k united

  • Franny Darko
    Franny Darko 2 months ago +1

    Not going to do a Jurgen yeah right the plastics weere crying yesterday complaining about the windhaha the lad is a walking contradiction where I's the 5/4/3 nils hey flex.But it's ok when it goes for you but when it doesn't it's not fair boo hoo take the L

  • Mogammad Abrahams
    Mogammad Abrahams 2 months ago

    Big up FLEX

  • Ifwat Hma
    Ifwat Hma 2 months ago

    Massive respect to Flex for those respectful comments but we took the W!

  • stewi garf
    stewi garf 2 months ago

    No flex zone

  • Yaquob Ali
    Yaquob Ali 2 months ago

    Dw flex on to the next one. We actually played better then we did in the fa cup and lost

  • Omar Velázquez
    Omar Velázquez 2 months ago

    hoodie is wet because of tears not rain

  • David Hart
    David Hart 2 months ago +1

    Don't sound Mancunian

  • Anthony Aluko
    Anthony Aluko 2 months ago

    See that? Class! That’s how to talk and analyze a game. Not f-ing and blinding as if you’re the best team in the world. Arsenal fans are the worst. Arsenal would do better as a club if the fans showed a bit more class and respect.

  • Jermaine Palmer
    Jermaine Palmer 2 months ago

    Really want to see Zaha in an Arsenal shirt please sign him

  • Dj iBreeze
    Dj iBreeze 2 months ago

    I rate Flex. Proper dude.

  • nikhil sanghran
    nikhil sanghran 2 months ago

    Arsenal fan bt the only guy I like from other Fan tvs is Flex.

  • Jon Rend
    Jon Rend 2 months ago

    Like flex, nice guy

  • a
    a 2 months ago

    Props to arsenal for getting the win, but as a utd fan this was such a frustrating game to watch conceding a keeper mistake and a soft pen, another day we win this game and everyone says typical arsenal, our strikers just weren't on it 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Keyser Soeze
    Keyser Soeze 2 months ago

    Wasn’t the best from de gea but tbf tue way xhaka hit the hall would be hard for any keeper to save... the swerve on it just threw de gea off, xhaka is just a good shooter of the ball, give him credit

  • stephen davis
    stephen davis 2 months ago

    Flex is a good guy respectful and i think a good judge of the real game

  • RayIsFeelingGlitchy
    RayIsFeelingGlitchy 2 months ago

    Difference between the pen in Paris and last night is that it's a handball vs dive. When it's a handball and the ref gives it then thats on the ref. But when u dive and win a soft pen u can't be saying we had our luck on Wednesday night

  • FlamingoPlayGames
    FlamingoPlayGames 2 months ago +1

    He is not laughing now

  • Sebastian Gamble
    Sebastian Gamble 2 months ago

    Probably one of the best interviews with another supporter channel. Well spoken on both sides.

  • andrehellas97
    andrehellas97 2 months ago

    Respect to flex took it in good spirit and just accepted it wasn’t utds day and we played well👍🏻

  • Luka Kipongi
    Luka Kipongi 2 months ago

    Why I like Flex is for his gentleness
    You are great fan:Even with the loss this guy is still positive and ready to give his compliments about the game

  • Craig Bailey
    Craig Bailey 2 months ago

    What u saying utd 🤣🤣🤣

  • 19Lion8
    19Lion8 2 months ago

    DDG is a v.good gk, but only utd fans think he's "the best keeper in the world". No one else does.

  • Ammr Khalifa
    Ammr Khalifa 2 months ago

    I like this guy.

  • Yanto2013
    Yanto2013 2 months ago +2

    Flex is the man u's Robbie - Fair and True.

    • bouncer786
      bouncer786 2 months ago

      That's because Robbie is his uncle literally. Similar persona.

  • JJ Green
    JJ Green 2 months ago

    Not so cheeky now huh.. LOL

  • Christopher Gray
    Christopher Gray 2 months ago

    Nothing to do with liverpool yet the manks always find away to mention us 🤣🤣🤣 well done arsenal

  • Tee Mill
    Tee Mill 2 months ago

    Flex reppin Utd!!!!!!

  • Jakkamet kraiwong
    Jakkamet kraiwong 2 months ago

    This is what I love about Flex. He takes it like it is. Top4 is still wide open. I have the feeling both United and Arsenal will finish in top4.

  • MYviewMYview
    MYviewMYview 2 months ago

    How can u be a united fan but born an raised in London 🤔😂

  • Severinate
    Severinate 2 months ago

    It’s sweeter because they played well.

  • Anthony KImani
    Anthony KImani 2 months ago

    I'm not sure about the remaining fixtures.I know we will beat wolves in the FA but we still have City,Chelsea and wolves again away.If all players are back,should we go all out to win the Champions league?

  • Twenty4
    Twenty4 2 months ago

    Why do these gimps always celebrate beating Manchester United like Spurs fans celebrate winning the we finished above Arsenal cup. Stop embarrassing yourselves.

  • Saif Ali
    Saif Ali 2 months ago

    Fury got robbed

  • Saif Ali
    Saif Ali 2 months ago

    Robbie with his Canada Goose

  • Jason Smith
    Jason Smith 2 months ago


  • NoSurrender786
    NoSurrender786 2 months ago

    United still in shout for top 4, in the quarters if fa cup and champions league. Overall having a much better season than arsenal

  • David Hutchinson
    David Hutchinson 2 months ago

    Aubergine Aubergine more like it 🍆