• Published on Jul 20, 2019
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    Jay & Gloom back with these nasty riddles, we were on our A game today
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  • AbdouRahman Mohamex

    It is 4 because the park was fence out

  • Madison Woods
    Madison Woods 4 days ago +1

    After you say 5 the answer is four, and 4 is 4 letters so it would go on forever being 4

  • /Mystical Fandom Person\

    If you pause at 0:07 Kassie is the definition of *_derp._*

  • Kim Bidle
    Kim Bidle 8 days ago

    You are the only people who are the best

  • Megumi Keianne Cardoza

    she stole the gun from the police cause he might shoot

  • It’s Zyha
    It’s Zyha 9 days ago

    at 9;30 jay that face though

  • September 9
    September 9 9 days ago

    Massey and Jade the key in the riddle it was in the bottle but you couldn't find it it was a Blackie

  • SimpleAsMei
    SimpleAsMei 10 days ago

    Is it just me or do i like Kassie's laugh?
    Im probably just a creep

  • pizza pete
    pizza pete 11 days ago

    Guys don’t be insensitive he was having dinner with Amy’s corpse

  • Aimee Doran
    Aimee Doran 13 days ago

    Rip my name is Aimee 😂😂😂😂💐💐💐💐💀💀💀💀

  • Lali Pøp
    Lali Pøp 14 days ago

    Join the cult

  • Tanya Hippolyte
    Tanya Hippolyte 14 days ago


  • SılentJewel
    SılentJewel 15 days ago

    12:02 - 12:05

  • Anthony Simental
    Anthony Simental 16 days ago


  • YeetBoi_Gacha
    YeetBoi_Gacha 16 days ago

    6:42 they lost Mary Jane and found pancake

  • Mason Conrow
    Mason Conrow 22 days ago

    Add 3 minus 1=add 2

  • Kevin Dodson
    Kevin Dodson 22 days ago

    5:13 your guys answer made more sense, if their answer was the real answer then if anyone else came it would just be-

  • Rob Weakley
    Rob Weakley 23 days ago

    I like Cassie but not you

  • Marco Zamfir
    Marco Zamfir 24 days ago

    My name is marco

  • Gracey and Rickardy
    Gracey and Rickardy 24 days ago

    Me: okie mama. ``sees crinimal coming to my house soon``
    the crinimal: I am not going to keep you alive.
    Me: I SEE THE MOTHER F*CKING KEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jaclyn Murphy
    Jaclyn Murphy 26 days ago

    it was in the green bottle

  • voltronplays
    voltronplays 27 days ago

    12:02 to 12:05 is weird noise

  • MrSappo
    MrSappo 27 days ago

    i say girl 2 because there are no beauty salons at a playground, and if she was in a salon why was she a suspect?
    thats kinda sus

  • Tanith Boughen
    Tanith Boughen 27 days ago

    How did they not awnser the number one I'm a infant an awnsered it in one second

  • Avril Hall-Andujar
    Avril Hall-Andujar 28 days ago

    it's 4 the word 5 has 4 letters 3 has 5 letters and 1 has 3

  • Tracy Newsome
    Tracy Newsome 28 days ago

    2: 50 its HOME ALONE

  • Ossy Maple
    Ossy Maple 29 days ago

    I heard gloom say 'shit' lmfao

  • Rare Wubbox
    Rare Wubbox 29 days ago +1

    6:40 ugh ye mothatucka

  • qt gay gacha
    qt gay gacha Month ago

    Wait So In The Clock Wasn’t It The Wrong Time?

  • Yellow Acid
    Yellow Acid Month ago

    You know the one when they were guessing the combinations like the guard said one then the girl said three yah, if the anwser was the four four has four letters in it so wouldn’t it be the guards says four than the person says four and its a cycle or dies ne change it? @ - @

  • sonar
    sonar Month ago

    Did YOU get smart

  • xXFlame IceXx
    xXFlame IceXx Month ago

    6:40 thats my favorite vine.

  • Naruto _aidxn
    Naruto _aidxn Month ago

    What you been smoking Kassie?

  • Cristy Daño
    Cristy Daño Month ago

    U guys look nice together

  • Ready Freddie
    Ready Freddie Month ago +6

    Freddie: (finds key) Freddie: “AAAhhhhhooo”

  • New Worker
    New Worker Month ago

    11:56 but what if I go through the window?

  • Fortnite Godly
    Fortnite Godly Month ago

    On 8:07 I think it the first one because there lake at the park

  • AlainaDaBird Official
    AlainaDaBird Official Month ago +2

    Am I the only who heard Kassie swear?

  • Riley asdf
    Riley asdf Month ago

    where have the riddles gone?
    you and kassie should do more

  • Luna Cat
    Luna Cat Month ago

    9:50 That laugh

  • Celina Xiong
    Celina Xiong Month ago

    Kassie looks like Baldi basic

  • Sir Ducky Feathers
    Sir Ducky Feathers Month ago

    Ok desert riddle you won’t survive at night. The temperature drops below -20

  • Addison Marksberry
    Addison Marksberry Month ago

    10:30 military time

  • John Crooks
    John Crooks Month ago


  • Jazmine Rideout
    Jazmine Rideout Month ago

    this riddle used my teachers name ms,thomson

  • Koroua Baker
    Koroua Baker Month ago

    Ok fish don't live in the lake

  • Liam Raver
    Liam Raver Month ago +1

    12:08 lol I'm eating quesadillas now

  • Lucus Lo
    Lucus Lo Month ago +1

    On the car riddle the answer was "Car door"
    What if you went through the window instead

  • Patimakorn Yutitham


  • thare sisthers love sisthers

    It is 4 idiots

  • Bill Lamb
    Bill Lamb Month ago

    7:41 #1. Why is there a river in a park in a city?

  • Phil Shickle
    Phil Shickle Month ago

    I found the key 🔑

  • •SugaryWolfie•
    •SugaryWolfie• Month ago

    No you don't choose the baseball bat for that you use it so Javi(Walking dead the game season 4) Can hit home run

  • Staved
    Staved Month ago

    Mickey Mouse made an appearance.

  • Era VK
    Era VK Month ago +1

    0:08 Kassie looks so cute and funny as she waits by bouncing on her chair XD

  • Me & Me
    Me & Me Month ago

    “I couldn’t go to the link because I’m watching this on television”
    What’s wrong in that sentence?

  • Mechaela Alboroto
    Mechaela Alboroto Month ago

    It looks like gloom boyfriend is jay

  • Emma Ochoa
    Emma Ochoa Month ago


  • DestroyerGamer
    DestroyerGamer Month ago

    12:02 when man hits from behind

  • bydial
    bydial Month ago

    Car 🚙 door 🚪