• Published on Nov 17, 2019
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  • HandMuffWarrior
    HandMuffWarrior  18 days ago +73

    Support the movement + Exclusive content

    • Jason buns
      Jason buns Day ago

      Why the hell would you go on your own bro 👻😩

    • Mikey daniel
      Mikey daniel 15 days ago

      yo muff did they take down your video you put up not so long ago ?

    • thomas
      thomas 16 days ago

      I hope for you that it does not come like in America, with stricter laws police that are very brutal. With all that hassle of putting on youtube and getting in the news you are on the right track

    • uk guy
      uk guy 16 days ago

      HandMuffWarrior have you used the app called what 3 words? Think it would help people locate you when you are looking for bikes.

    • LivinLikeLarry
      LivinLikeLarry 16 days ago

      HandMuffWarrior u need some flir night vision it’s the black and white thermal vision they use on police helicopters

  • Rb_ active
    Rb_ active Day ago

    Wag 1

  • Lewis Hughes
    Lewis Hughes 5 days ago

    OMG I live in Hounslow so close so mad

  • Dynamic Music
    Dynamic Music 6 days ago

    bro stick a pop filter on your mic Great content

  • Hey Ho
    Hey Ho 8 days ago

    That dood at the end has been dropped on his head at birth, no other way to receive sooo much brain damage

  • Joby withers
    Joby withers 8 days ago

    You need some ex-military guys in your team would make light work of tracking the scum down.

  • Ahmed Alrudaini
    Ahmed Alrudaini 10 days ago

    Handmuff where u from if u don't mind me asking coz u look Arabic السلام عليكم

  • West Yorkshire Catapults

    your a gooden mr muff

  • Richard Walker
    Richard Walker 11 days ago

    Please from now on put everyone that cries in court straight to prison and give them extra for being pussy,s

  • Unknown
    Unknown 11 days ago

    This guy (muff warrior) thinks the police will give him a job 🤣

  • Stick Tony
    Stick Tony 11 days ago

    Keep up the good work.. inspiring stuff gents...🙌

  • Madman AndySavage
    Madman AndySavage 12 days ago

    I wish there was more that could be done to stop them theives have just cost me the best part of £700 and insurance and police dont even care

  • James Ferrans
    James Ferrans 12 days ago

    fuck sake man u need a doc, ur puffing like a old geeza

  • imaad salam
    imaad salam 12 days ago

    14:44 are you a muslim

  • Mr Scotsman
    Mr Scotsman 12 days ago +1

    HandMuffWarrior credit to you sir , been watching for a long time.Wish there were more like you. Respect mate , you should be knighted lol keep up the good work and best wishes to you and your team. Stay safe bro

  • GreatAzzBritain
    GreatAzzBritain 13 days ago +1

    Typical council chavs 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Saeed Abbasi
    Saeed Abbasi 13 days ago - Bikes and best read of your life

  • Optikification
    Optikification 13 days ago

    you can get him to stop, blurt his address out and let some real men pay him a visit.

  • Stoned Lemon
    Stoned Lemon 13 days ago

    crying my eyes out to make her feel sorry for me nah bro you was shitting yourself you was gonna be thrown in the deep end with the big fish D

  • dickos
    dickos 13 days ago

    He was crying in court as he is a little wasteman bitch!

  • Drew M
    Drew M 13 days ago

    You let this little rat join your team and I guarantee you will all start having your bikes go missing.

  • Nether Wormington
    Nether Wormington 14 days ago

    get some knobblys on :P shoulda called the vid Blair witch KTM safe respect.

  • Tom G
    Tom G 14 days ago

    You’re a working class hero dude. That kid needed a hand, he’s not evil I don’t think, just doesn’t understand the pain he’s causing people. You know how it was when we were his age, ok I didn’t hurt my fellow man like him, but I dicked about a lot. You are a personal hero of mine. These kids need including, not excluding, well done my friend. Well done :-)

  • Stephen Wilcockson
    Stephen Wilcockson 14 days ago

    Hey Omar don't you worry about getting jumped and stabbed by these low life scum. I admire what you do but I also worry about your safety.

  • A.A Inc.
    A.A Inc. 14 days ago

    Where's the link to the dude you followed in the black car at 5am?

  • Gavin Starr
    Gavin Starr 14 days ago

    Thought this was a scene drom Blair Witch lol.

    Keep up the good work. I know the feeling of when your pride an joy goes missing, just for some bum to knick them for a bit of fun.

  • smith david
    smith david 14 days ago

    Haha yeh yeh pretending I get ya haha lil bitch!

  • Tom Watson
    Tom Watson 14 days ago

    The guy at the end of the video was Steve ewens!, I am bionic Steve is his channel name and it’s definitely that same guy who talks like dat yeah bro I used to be on road licking bare bikes fam yeah

  • Counting Stones
    Counting Stones 14 days ago +1

    Never make deals with these street rats, You could have pulled up alongside him and kicked the bike hard enough to knock him off, You are getting to be far too nice and friendly with them.

    • w w
      w w 14 days ago

      & he hides their name & addresses. Just after youtube money

  • Its Freddie
    Its Freddie 15 days ago +1

    If your plans to cry in court don't be on road cuh the second that case don't bust everyone's ganna know you're a bitch and fuck with you

  • gpgpgp13322
    gpgpgp13322 15 days ago

    Handmuff I watched your video last night and left a comment but now I can't access the video it says basically not high enough level or something (like call of duty or something have I got to level up lmao) lemme know bro

  • keatodylan
    keatodylan 15 days ago

    Really should not have gone by yourself mate

  • Michael Reeves
    Michael Reeves 15 days ago

    Peace be with you, Warrior stay safe , when I watch these close encounter video's my heart is in my mouth please take care brother.

  • Edgunsuk
    Edgunsuk 15 days ago +1

    Hang on your talking to the fucking bike thieves ??? what the fuck wow encouraging them with their 15 mins of fame for steeling other peoples property , your worse than they are pal. last video of yours i ever watch .

  • Emails Cd
    Emails Cd 15 days ago

    Did you help that boy with his cbt?

  • Mikey daniel
    Mikey daniel 15 days ago

    yo muff did they just take down the video you just made ?

  • josie thomson
    josie thomson 15 days ago +1

    a thought you were cool . then you want us to pay into a membership to see your content!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THATS FUCKING LOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Freezeyerar5eoff Mcd
    Freezeyerar5eoff Mcd 15 days ago

    These fkin idiots will never change. pass their addresses over to those guys. Job done.

  • Freezeyerar5eoff Mcd
    Freezeyerar5eoff Mcd 15 days ago

    His crying was an act.....yeah course it was haha

  • The_Punchy77
    The_Punchy77 15 days ago

    If your coming from Moto madness, start at 6:50

  • Dusk Shadowpaws
    Dusk Shadowpaws 15 days ago

    I have all the gear that i need (apart from a helmet) and i need a CBT but after that, i'll have a bike waiting for me, any advice on how to prevent/deterr theives from attempting to steal it? (it's an older pulse adrenaline 125cc, idk if it even has a steering lock or not)

  • problemchild1976
    problemchild1976 15 days ago

    superb mate but you need a torch haha
    £5 for this one..... will make your ghost hunting soooo much easier :)

  • Traktoristas
    Traktoristas 15 days ago

    Get police involved

  • KANE Wragge
    KANE Wragge 15 days ago

    If he gets sent back to court, and that is shown. He will be crying for real when they have reason to believe that a soft punishment will not deter, and thus a harsher possible sentence should be handed out

  • John Dod
    John Dod 16 days ago

    The last guy sounds like he’s done real good for him self he aught to be proud of his self

  • The Best Gamer 75
    The Best Gamer 75 16 days ago

    Props bro thats a grate video make more of thease

  • ChannelTV
    ChannelTV 16 days ago

    He thinks he’s pretending to cry but Na he’s really crying 😂

  • Z1000SX adventures
    Z1000SX adventures 16 days ago

    African twin 🤔

  • MeesterDash
    MeesterDash 16 days ago

    His nan did not sound surprised... Scumbag fam.

  • thomas
    thomas 16 days ago

    I hope for you that it does not come like in America, with stricter laws police that are very brutal. With all that hassle of putting on youtube and getting in the news you are on the right track

  • smacheath
    smacheath 16 days ago

    What are the police doing about these people... is the answer genuinely ‘nothing’?

  • stanandholly100
    stanandholly100 16 days ago

    Welcome to shit hole Londistan plant bombs on the bikes and kill the little Bastards

  • Paul Mclaren
    Paul Mclaren 16 days ago

    Fantastic work.
    The police should hire you to combat this over the country..
    Amazing stuff.

  • BN
    BN 16 days ago

    They got mr dingers

  • pittbike GANG
    pittbike GANG 16 days ago

    Did u help the kid or just a lie?

  • Tyler K-H
    Tyler K-H 16 days ago

    Did u help him go legit?

  • Adam Taylor
    Adam Taylor 16 days ago

    Lol ‘I went in their “Crying my eyes out” so they feel sorry’ phahah basically admitting he flopped it pussy

  • Bald Eagle
    Bald Eagle 16 days ago

    8:11 this is the way forward guys.
    Like the nonce hunters do gather evidence and confront appropriate adult/authority ON THEIR OWN DOORSTEP!!

  • gary higgins
    gary higgins 16 days ago

    Good job m8

  • Ben Burton
    Ben Burton 16 days ago

    Mate you are a sick guy! Well done bro! Ur attitude towards this is excellent. Why cant the government do this to help them to! Make shore u post a video on the guy bettering his life. Be proud of your self and the moped thieve its time to go legit! Wish i was rich bro i would fund you!