Colin Quinn in studio - Critiquing Scorch's Reel - Jim Norton & Sam Roberts

  • Published on Jan 4, 2017
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    Subscribe: Jim Norton & Sam Roberts are joined in studio by their buddy Colin Quinn. They take a deep dive into Scorch's
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  • cameron pain
    cameron pain 2 months ago +1

    Sam, Scorch is better than you. Don't laugh.

  • sindelislove821 C
    sindelislove821 C 3 months ago

    Does nortan have phone on this show I've only seen this one and he seems bored and he used to love scorch shit and Colin said I've seen it a million times he seems he hates this

  • sindelislove821 C
    sindelislove821 C 3 months ago

    Scorch and jocktober always my favorite o&a moment's

  • Mel Bee
    Mel Bee 8 months ago +4

    I just finished listening to all the O&A Scorch stuff and found this clip. Thought I could make it through and just try to ignore Sam. Unfortunately the camera is stuck on his disgusting alien head the entire time and he babbles so much I could only make it through about three minutes. Why is he talking more than anyone else? I would rather hear Jimmy talk to himself than Sam. All Sam does is repeat what everyone says in a mocking tone. Is that what's passing for comedy on this show? Colin sounds very uncomfortable in this clip. Nobody sounds like they're having a good time except for Sam...the luckiest mutant on radio.

      MACMETALFACE 3 months ago

      Mel Bee it really shows I haven’t listened in years something made me look up scorch clips again after all these years and i am reminded he was so tolerable because he was used less before.

  • 916mw
    916mw 9 months ago +1

    It’s pronounced billy few-sill-oh. Not foo-chill-oh you fucking idiot. For a guy that remembers the commercials he doesn’t remember the name

  • OneBagTravel
    OneBagTravel 10 months ago +3

    Sam talks a lot.

      MACMETALFACE 3 months ago

      Haven’t listened in years him and his annoying laugh is annoying as shit he was better as the 6th man he’s near insufferable

    • Nicholas Rice
      Nicholas Rice 5 months ago

      OneBagTravel I do like Sam, but yeah.. he needs to balance it a bit, and turn down his mic.
      That and the nervous knee bouncing needs to be adjusted. Can’t say I hate him, he’s been cracking me up for years.

  • Jonathan Linderer


    • Mel Bee
      Mel Bee 8 months ago +1

      That's actually kinda sad for the show. You were first in October and they posted this in January of 2017. Ouch.