Final Fantasy XIV & Nier: Automata Crossover - Official Update Trailer

  • Published on Oct 19, 2019
  • Get a look at the features headed to the game with the Patch 5.1 update, including the YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse alliance raid, new main scenario quests, new dungeon, a Final Fantasy arrangement of Nier Automata's Weight of the World and more. The Vows of Virtue, Deeds of Cruelty patch will be available on October 29, 2019.
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  • Sutat Manalom Sadewa
    Sutat Manalom Sadewa 20 days ago

    Starts at 2:30

  • Oh Yeah
    Oh Yeah 25 days ago

    Idid not get it👀 what is this,?

  • Derby Norington
    Derby Norington 27 days ago

    Omg The soundtrack is so beautiful

  • ꧁༺ John༒Allan ༻꧂

    Por que a 2B tá de braco e não tem preto???

  • 4th Wall
    4th Wall Month ago

    nobody knows rays of light????

  • houndeagle4102
    houndeagle4102 Month ago

    I don‘t understand why some people hates ff14 they‘re doing great job though.

  • Rizoh 愛
    Rizoh 愛 Month ago

    How long will this be in the game?

    • Meteor
      Meteor Month ago

      Forever. It's here to stay since it is the 24 man raid series.

  • Fathi Nq
    Fathi Nq Month ago

    Was that Nines she's fighting against.

  • NumberJ42
    NumberJ42 Month ago

    Anyone else catch the nier gestalt/replicant reference?

    • Accelerator
      Accelerator Month ago

      The matter of the Song: Drakengard 3
      The Spirits dancing: NieR Gestalt

  • Rammy
    Rammy Month ago

    anyone know the ost in 1:00 to 2:00 ?

  • Dragonburst Virtuous

    1) I wonder why Final Fantasy was never given the chance to be fused in the Settings of our Modern Technological Environment. Something like, You need to "Login" on a kind of Hi-tech Eyeglasses where it transforms reality into a kind of AR World Version of Final Fantasy.
    2) I wonder why Nier: Automata never got it's continuation. I mean, Decades could bring forth Reconstruction over the Destroyed Civilization in Nier: Automata and Forward it to an Era where a New Population of Humans and a More Advanced Version of Androids exists. And let's not forget that the possibility that more kinds of Aliens still exist somewhere outside of Earth's Location. Like more unexpected stories could still happen. Pretty sure Nier: Automata fans would be glad to see a New Story to the evolved Future World of Nier.

    • Accelerator
      Accelerator Month ago

      In Drakengard 3 there it's a certain thing that tell the people about the future and about the "the old world"............YoRHa from far far into the future and another dimensión

  • Василий Сеяин

    I love Nier Automata but this trailer looks rubbish due to the lights and clutter around 1:27. Just looks bad quality

    • Meteor
      Meteor Month ago

      Welcome to MMO gameplay

  • J R
    J R Month ago

    Is this a whole new game or what

  • Tayefur Rahman
    Tayefur Rahman Month ago +1

    Hoping for a Nier automata and Kingdom Hearts crossover♥️♥️💜

  • tedx teddy
    tedx teddy Month ago

    Where are the rule 34 artist

  • Tony TheBest
    Tony TheBest Month ago

    I don't agree with Final fantasy ...

    I would like Nier's masterpiece to continue ... continue and not crossover.

  • Enkidu Kyrielight
    Enkidu Kyrielight Month ago

    Would be nice if u could get the bind as head accesory

  • Shanderino
    Shanderino Month ago

    0:53 it seems to me, or is it a direct reference to the 2010 Nier?

  • Kazitoki Silent Killing

    2b love you

  • imaCrAzY10
    imaCrAzY10 Month ago

    so is this a new game or something?

  • Akai Sin
    Akai Sin Month ago

    I want to play but it keeps telling me my account has suspicious activity and I can’t log in. I tried everything and they just reply with the same email to reset my password /:

  • mr natan
    mr natan Month ago

    Graphics & animations looks like xbox360/PS3 geration

  • Jeiku_ III
    Jeiku_ III Month ago

    I would care if FF 14 was on xbox

    • Meteor
      Meteor Month ago

      I heard they plan to release it on the next gen xbox. rumors though so don't take that as fact.

  • Mabi Nerd ಠ .ಠ
    Mabi Nerd ಠ .ಠ Month ago

    heh heh heh hey guys, wouldn't it be great if they made a Nier TWO?

  • Fire 115
    Fire 115 Month ago

    well at least you final fantasy people wont get tortured as much as we nier people did lol

  • born to be gamer
    born to be gamer Month ago

    still monthly payment no thanks

  • Saaduddin Ansari
    Saaduddin Ansari Month ago

    October 29??

  • Zepiereite
    Zepiereite Month ago

    Where is 2B for smash

    • Zepiereite
      Zepiereite Month ago

      @Meteor Fair enough

    • Meteor
      Meteor Month ago

      Not here obviously. Wait for a Nintendo Direct.

  • Kit Aiko
    Kit Aiko Month ago

    i don’t believe i’ll be seeing any 9S cosmetics and that makes me sad

  • Miguel Ayala
    Miguel Ayala Month ago

    Square should make their own Crossover game "World of Sqaure enix: world's collide"
    Neir, ff and KH

    • Carbuncle from Puyo Puyo
      Carbuncle from Puyo Puyo Month ago +1

      Disney has full ownership of KH, unfortunately.
      Dragon Quest, Star Ocean, and The World Ends With You are other Square Enix IPs that exist.

  • Funny Bunny
    Funny Bunny Month ago

    This character is making alot of cross overs

  • MoleculeXmolecule
    MoleculeXmolecule Month ago +1

    I guess I'll try FFXIV again after being lost in the starting area the first time I tried.

  • Guren Ichi
    Guren Ichi Month ago

    0:56 can i know the music title please?

  • iamnotglenn
    iamnotglenn Month ago +1

    Now what confuses me is "is the nier update part of the story?"
    Because if you know the original Nier you know about the messing with souls.

  • ene
    ene Month ago

    0:22 Name of the song?

    • iamnotglenn
      iamnotglenn Month ago

      Alien Manifestation - Nier Automata OST

  • Leonel Endruw
    Leonel Endruw Month ago

    FFXIV did it got down upgrade more like ps2 games😅

  • kapra
    kapra Month ago +1

    please remake final fantasy 9

  • Garou
    Garou Month ago

    **Sighs in confused screaming**

  • • lipan •
    • lipan • Month ago

    Последняя сцена сделала меня счастливой

  • Ren likes Coffee
    Ren likes Coffee Month ago

    Oh man I was at the fence about buying FFXIV now I'm really gonna buy it

    • Matthew Longley
      Matthew Longley Month ago

      If you're getting it just for the Nier content, then tuck in - you have a few hundred hours of Main Story Content to get through before that raid unlocks for you.

  • hinatalovetonaruto
    hinatalovetonaruto Month ago

    What about mhw x nier automata D:?

    • iamnotglenn
      iamnotglenn Month ago

      No I don't wanna fight the giant child with cannons and ballista

  • Wolfe Galvin
    Wolfe Galvin Month ago

    2:35 the music

  • Parallel Fan
    Parallel Fan Month ago

    I swear it's always 2B. 2B is overrated I want 9s XD

    • Parallel Fan
      Parallel Fan Month ago +1

      @Meteor omg thank you:3 I'm satisfied now

    • Meteor
      Meteor Month ago +1

      @Parallel Fan 3:04 - 3:08 He's fighting 2P

    • Parallel Fan
      Parallel Fan Month ago

      @Meteor nani I must of skipped the part of them showing 9s since I'm really getting tired of seeing 2B

    • Meteor
      Meteor Month ago +1

      9S is in it though

  • Jelly Jiggler
    Jelly Jiggler Month ago

    2p or not 2p

  • Pleasant Whale
    Pleasant Whale Month ago

    0:53 Hold up... Is that the Shadowlord's castle from the 1st nier? AND ARE THOSE GESTALTS? YOOOOO! What's happening?! Why is final fantasy stuff here too?! >O> What is this? What's happening?!
    What game are they crossing over in?! WAAAAAAAAGH!!!

    • Meteor
      Meteor Month ago

      @Pleasant Whale I'm not offended? I was just explaining things. You read it like I was offended.

    • Pleasant Whale
      Pleasant Whale Month ago

      @Meteor Alright, roll it back a bit. Don't sound so offended...
      Okay so, those aren't Gestalts but an arena with dancing ghosts, mkay.
      Also, yeah it is definitely possible to confuse those ghosts with Gestalts. The ghost dancing room looks almost identical to the Shadowlord's castle dance room. Like a re-imagined HD version.
      And if 2B is here? Well then of course it wouldn't be a stretch to say Gestalt's might crossover too.
      But okay, they're Final Fantasy ghosts. Alright.
      But don't say, "There is NO reason for them to be in FF! They have NOTHING to do with Nier."
      It's a crossover... It would be very easy to look at the dancing Ghosts and think, "Oh cool, Gestalts are in this crossover too?"
      But righto, not Gestalt's.
      Next time get that point across with less insufferable smugness.

    • Meteor
      Meteor Month ago

      Those aren't Gestalts. There's no reason for them to be in Final fantasy XIV's main story which has nothing to do with Nier. It's only for the 24 man raid.

  • Deonte Robinson
    Deonte Robinson Month ago

    Suddenly Shinra!!!!!

  • btje vtje
    btje vtje Month ago

    Whats up with the graphics?

  • Kevin M Abraham
    Kevin M Abraham Month ago


  • Keilink
    Keilink Month ago

    Alexander is back \ o /

  • Bernando Pardede
    Bernando Pardede Month ago


  • 可the_gay_weeb
    可the_gay_weeb Month ago

    I'm hyperventilating

  • ChrisKr845 S
    ChrisKr845 S Month ago

    🥰😍, Nier Automata X Fortnite??

  • FeelsBadMan
    FeelsBadMan Month ago

    Is that GLaDOS Nier:Automata edition at 2:36 ?

    MASTER DOAN Month ago

    30 seconds of nothing till something happends. wow.

  • Chalen Yee
    Chalen Yee Month ago

    This looks crazy. I wanna see more gameplay

  • đạt nguyễn thành

    Nier fan = wibu trash

  • Ric Alex
    Ric Alex Month ago +1

    Que bosta, parece gráfico de play 3.

  • Duckpo988
    Duckpo988 Month ago


  • Pichu
    Pichu Month ago

    So why is 2B wearing white instead of black and why is her hair black instead of white? I am so confused

    • Carbuncle from Puyo Puyo
      Carbuncle from Puyo Puyo Month ago

      This is 2P, she started as a palette swap of 2B in SoulCalibur VI but soon became her own character after growing popularity.

    • leg
      leg Month ago +1

      because thats 2P,
      and yeah originated from Soul Calibur's /? color pallete swap for the 2B's 2nd player...
      and whops Yoko Taro and Yosuke Saito decided to make the name '2P' became Cannon in FFXIV.

  • Elysium Games
    Elysium Games Month ago +1