Chernobyl Show vs Reality - Footage Comparison

  • Published on Jun 11, 2019
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    CORRECTION: The visualization of the phone call (seen at 0:27 ) is was created by Andriy Pryymachenko, it is not actual footage from Chernobyl.
    It appears HBO recreated the graphic for the show, Andriy says, without permission. More info: Prim_ua/status/11...
    You can see his channel and the original here:
    A comparison of scenes from the HBO Mini Series Chernobyl with real documentary footage shot in 1986 from the documentary "Chernobyl 1986.04.26 P.S."
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Comments • 5 512

  • Kartoshka
    Kartoshka Year ago +6763

    My uncle is one of those people who was cleaning the roof. He told that they werent told how dangerous it was. Now he is one of few people from that crew that are still alive.

    • Olivia Clutterbuck
      Olivia Clutterbuck 9 days ago

      Is he still alive? I'm wanting to interview survivors of the cleanup for a potential project I'm working on researching. Would this be something he'd be interested in?

    • Jonathan Perry
      Jonathan Perry 21 day ago

      Wow I never thought that I would meet somebody that was involved in this incident even online. He got screwed I'm glad he lived a whole life it sounds like. It took I think two days before they even evacuated the surrounded area.

    • Raio X
      Raio X 23 days ago

      Ninguém se preocupa com quem estava filmando?
      Gastaram vidas apenas para filmar os liquidaodores???

    • Robin Sawyer Jr
      Robin Sawyer Jr 23 days ago

      @HayNahSaint definitely worth what did you think of it

    • peggyfinch
      peggyfinch 28 days ago


  • TheRedLord
    TheRedLord 10 months ago +1876

    My grandfather was one of the people cleaning the rooftop of the Chernobyl nuclear reactor...
    He was allowed to go up there for only one minute and never come back since the radiation was so high...
    After that he spent about a month helping in the civilian areas.
    He passed away few years ago without ever telling me this story, I learned it through USSR documents I found thanking him for his contribution...

    • Olivia Clutterbuck
      Olivia Clutterbuck 9 days ago

      Damn. That's heavy!

    • Raio X
      Raio X 23 days ago

      Ninguém se preocupa com quem estava filmando?
      Gastaram vidas apenas para filmar os liquidaodores???

    • L. Plantagenet
      L. Plantagenet 2 months ago +1

      @TheRedLord ignore them. They probably don't have anyone in their families(at least that they know of) who were as brave as your grandfather. I've noticed that when people tell stories about the brave things that their family members have done on social media there's always going to be jerks who have no one to brag about in their family so they immediately start throwing out words like liar etc. Their pretty worthless and that's the nicest way I can describe them so my comment won't get removed, lol.

    • TheRedLord
      TheRedLord 2 months ago

      @S U P R E M E V A S H Want to see the documents that say otherwise?

  • Roman
    Roman 8 months ago +748

    From what I've heard, one thing HBO portrayed incorrectly was the sheer incompetence of Soviet medics, while in reality all of them were trained to deal with radiation poisoning. There were special radiology brigades in local hospitals.

    • MEEMS
      MEEMS 25 days ago

      @RoboTube there was quite a few accounts of subordinates of Dyatlav that did portray him the way he was portrayed in the film. My understanding of the other accounts, who claim him pleasant and knowledgeable, were from his superiors or peers. Which, if you look at that in context, it paints an interesting picture. No matter what, he absolutely allowed extreme negligence to occur on his watch, and he was involved in not one, but actually TWO radiation related events. That's not great no matter how nice he was in real life.

    • NWA
      NWA Month ago +1

      @Liam Kennedy The info about dyatlov is readily available to anyone that reads into accounts of that day, his interview is also on youtube.

    • NWA
      NWA Month ago

      biggest inaccuracy is portraying dyatlov as some mega villain

    • runlarryrun77
      runlarryrun77 3 months ago +1

      @Steven Pitera Exactly. It's a metaphor. There were people out that night who saw the explosion & watched the fire. I've seen them interviewed & read testimonies. One that sticks in my mind was a guy who was fishing & had a clear view of the reactor. Saw the roof blow & said at times the fire was "all colours of the rainbow".
      Then there was the May Day parade in Kiev a few days later. Authorities knew about the disaster by then, they knew it was bigger than they were being told, but they still insisted the parade go ahead.
      Although the "Bridge Of Death" probably didn't happen it may as well have done. For me it was a visual representation for all the ordinary people who had radioactive particles raining down on them in the hours & days after the disaster who could & should have been evacuated, or at least warned of the true scale of disaster. However due to a culture of fear, denial & pride many ordinary people were exposed, thousands fatally so.

  • TheOneOnlyHiiro
    TheOneOnlyHiiro Year ago +702

    The two emotional parts in HBO’s Chernobyl series was the scene where they buried the firefighters in pure cement and in another scene where they were shooting the dogs, even puppies because of the animals having radiation exposure.

    • L. Plantagenet
      L. Plantagenet 2 months ago

      @david thomas if you read this I know your city is in a terrible state. How are you and your family?

    • alice
      alice 3 months ago

      I hate the puppies scene

    • Old_is_always Gold
      Old_is_always Gold 4 months ago

      @Nora Kramer sorry i cant feel that for animals it may happen on humans only

      STNVIDNOYE 4 months ago

      its lie. whole serial = big lie

  • Jay Torr
    Jay Torr Year ago +200

    This show was one of the most visceral experiences I have ever had on TV. I can easily say that it is the best TV show ever been made. The realism in the shots, the acting, the pace. Absolutely amazing.

    • Lord Fire Ozai
      Lord Fire Ozai 2 months ago

      It's not all true, but the footage is good.

    • Egor D
      Egor D 3 months ago

      Watched a review of a Russian film blogger. He actually pointed out how many things were exaggerated to follow the line of how crap the life in USSR was and how incompetent everyone were.

    • Nety Imeni
      Nety Imeni 5 months ago

      @mskidi so true

    • RoboTube
      RoboTube 5 months ago +3

      @Loc 'Nes Actually he is right. Many people in Ukraine that were there complained about the accuracy of the events and how the show takes a jab at the political system of the USSR which is propagandistic garbage.
      people who were in that room and still alive today confirm that the show is utter garbage and they are offended how Dyaltov was presented. He was not arrogant and didnt act like in the show. From the get go they all knew the magnitude of the disaster. There was no denial and that crap.
      Also what i took the most offense at was that old man comming and lecturing everyone about how they should lie the public because of the soviet ideals and some crap which is totally not true and garbage.
      They didnt lie to anyone. there was a huge evacuation of the ghost town u see and it happened as fast it could happen. Many didnt even know why they were being asked to evacuate and leave the place. So if the government didnt care for their people why would they evacuate them in such manner?
      The series is garbage for involving politics into this. Other than that it was well done but it could have been done without the western BS propaganda

    • Loc 'Nes
      Loc 'Nes 6 months ago +1

      @mskidi no.

  • T0NI 911
    T0NI 911 Year ago +571

    This is one of the beste mini series ever created. Period.

    • SuperEdge67
      SuperEdge67 Month ago

      @Egor D That same blogger is now writing articles about Russia’s ‘special military operation’ in Ukraine.

    • Egor D
      Egor D 3 months ago

      Watched a review of the series by the Russian film blogger. He was pointing out how manything things in the film were overaxaggerated to make life in USSR look like a total gloom and people seem complete incompetent fools. I am amazed how the author of this video and comments claim the mini series being a fantastic accurate masterpiece.

    • Hemendra Ravi
      Hemendra Ravi 6 months ago

      @Arya Singh well there may or may not be some lies we dont know what exactly happend a lot of stuff is probably classified and he probably has more info than us but he may aswell blindly support ussr but he can gather intel from the locals and some other sources

    • K J
      K J 7 months ago

      @mskidi yeah your totally right, it's not like we will listen to an expert (many experts said that it's pretty accurate) but we will trust an internet user, or should I rather call you a youtube troll?

  • Vincent Riebroek
    Vincent Riebroek 5 months ago +149

    I've been to the Ukraine in the 90's, working as an service engineer of CT scanners in hospitals.
    What struck me the most of this series was the way the hospitals looked on the inside, it was just the way I remembered: the pale green walls, the curtains, the altogether sorry state of it all.
    Also the buildings, the cars. Really well done.

    • ssthbp
      ssthbp 4 months ago +2

      The problem is, what they looked in the 90's, it was the look of the facility that was not properly maintained for years. Give a credit to the fact they had it all new out of the box in the 80's, but built nothing new ever since (the end of 80's).

    • bressan1998
      bressan1998 4 months ago

      The glasses of the people!

  • Tushar Bhat
    Tushar Bhat Year ago +497

    "Every lie we tell incurs a debt to the truth. Sooner or later that debt is paid". Man is that line amazing

    • Johnny Vivic
      Johnny Vivic 2 days ago

      Well, not always. Sometimes the lie is about something radically inconsequential that will be forgotten about in a week's time and never brought up again. Or, it will be told to someone who will never have the chance to bring it up again. The importance of the lie (or rather, the lack thereof) and the insignificance of the person to whom you are speaking are the two most important factors.

    • Adarsh Agrawal
      Adarsh Agrawal Month ago +1

      @Александр Козаченко Why did he commit suicide then?

    • Александр Козаченко
      Александр Козаченко 4 months ago

      it's funny because the last act was a pure fiction, because nobody tried to shut Legasov

  • Alper VEZİR
    Alper VEZİR 2 years ago +17655

    Those miners, divers, firefighters etc. are real life heroes...

      SHANAY SHAH 2 months ago

      The thing is, people were ready to die for their motherland. That was the spirit of the Soviets !

    • Sanket More
      Sanket More 3 months ago +2

      RIP to the heroes of mankind

    • Jason Xie
      Jason Xie 4 months ago

      Really, 600,000 heros?

    • Eric Garcia
      Eric Garcia 4 months ago +1

      They gave everything for all of us. Faced certain death and suffered immeasurable pain just so we would have a chance to survive.

  • Monika Biedziuch
    Monika Biedziuch Year ago +853

    Radiation:will kill you in seconds
    Cameraman filming places with deadly radiation levels: hold my vodka

    • Ikimo
      Ikimo 3 months ago +1

      my gosh, what's wrong with your head? In that times getting any kind of alcohol was almost impossible. There where any vodka, only mineral water.

    • alice
      alice 3 months ago

      @david thomas wait...reaaaally?

    • Vovkq
      Vovkq 9 months ago +3

      @大鴉 Raven I see you've tried many ways before typing this nosense.

    • 大鴉 Raven
      大鴉 Raven Year ago +7

      it actually kills you in days to weeks if you stop the absorption. I guess it's better to keep exposed to absorb as much radiation as possible once you got a lethal dose because it's better to die sooner than later in this particular situation.
      It's by far the most painful way to die.

  • Harbinger
    Harbinger 2 years ago +131

    one thing I was sad that didn't make it into the series was the fact that liquidators took counters from newer recruits so they wouldn't go to the roof to basically die, that meant that one veteran soldier could've gone to the roof multiple times, exposed over and over again to very dangerous levels of radiation. While the scene in the roof is dramatic, I think there could've been room for this as well.
    This series was incredible. Rest in Peace to all the victims of this horrible disaster.

  • Alex Pavlotski
    Alex Pavlotski 2 months ago +10

    Hi, I was there. I was a kid at the time.
    This series has been amazing. It was pirated and spread across Russia almost immediately and has been key to survivors getting together and forming community.
    Story telling really is key to connection.
    Thanks for this, man. It made me cry a little.

  • Maxime_ L
    Maxime_ L Year ago +9

    The serie is directly inspired from this excellent book : Voices from Chernobyl. It gathers the stories of survivors whose life where dramatically changed for ever after the explosion. We get different point of views, from farmers living near the central, to military involved in the liquidation, but also physicist, politicians, doctors, and so on... I strongly recommand to read it, if willing to better understand the numerous consequences of Chernobyl on the soviet people (and above all Belarusian).

    P_JOSHY_P 2 years ago +12243

    I was surprised to see the real footage of the helicopter falling apart in the air. I though they did that to make the series more dramatic and interesting

    • Raio X
      Raio X 23 days ago

      Ninguém se preocupa com quem estava filmando?
      Gastaram vidas apenas para filmar os liquidaodores???

    • Jiří Celýpotok
      Jiří Celýpotok 24 days ago

      @Cool man how?

    • Jiří Celýpotok
      Jiří Celýpotok 24 days ago

      @rafinad108 "This is a lie!"... ha ha ha ha oh do grow up, its a TV series with limited time in which to tell the story. Also I very much doubt if you were there so how do YOU know EXACTLY what went on?

    • Anton Zhdanov
      Anton Zhdanov 3 months ago

      @White Used Socks Yes. Vladimir Grebenuk - pilot and 3 other crew members - co-pilot, operator of on-board equipment and scientist working with radiation measurement equipment died due to helicopter fell on wall of 3rd reactor building and glided on it's side burning from height over 300ft

    • White Used Socks
      White Used Socks 3 months ago

      I was scrolling down looking for answer about the pilot. Did the pilot died? How many were in that helicopter?

  • Александра Воробьева

    it's my country , it's my pain, it's my unhealed wound. I was 6 when it happened, but I remember everything. I was live in Kiev and was on May 27 at the children's playground with my friend. It was beautiful warm morning. I remember the green juicy grass and the smell of cherry blossoms.

    • GuacamoleKun
      GuacamoleKun 8 months ago +4

      I was one year old when it happened, and I was in America. Just as I was learning to understand language, the name "Chernobyl" was branded into my brain as a word for immense, unearthly catastrophe.

    • Boo.Hates.Spiders
      Boo.Hates.Spiders 8 months ago +4

      @jyotika dwivedi Perhaps because English may not be a strong language for them they have messed up the month. I see several grammatical mistakes which indicates to me they have a firm enough understanding to communicate in English, but lack some of the skills to make their communication as tight as what I would expect from someone who grew up with it as their primary language. I know in the language I am trying to learn I occasionally flip words around and choose the wrong words. Especially when I started out I would get numbers and days of the week confused.
      Or, they could be lying.

    • QuaronnCZ
      QuaronnCZ 11 months ago +19

      @Nevena Cakić not sure about that. Everyday people back then didn't even know what radiation was and if they did, they thought it wouldn't be so extremely dangerous. Plus, you must remember that the Soviets tried to keep this accident a secret. People were told that the situation was fine, even once it got out.

    • Nevena Cakić
      Nevena Cakić 11 months ago +1

      @arturo salazar sandoval no by then people definitely knew lol

  • Michel Chaves
    Michel Chaves 4 months ago +7

    Inacreditavelmente incrível a precisão de detalhes da HBO na série. E vai muito além das situações, se reflete em fardamentos, marca de cigarro, pinturas, poemas escritos, canções populares, o suborno nos hospitais, a estrutura política e militar da época. Até os mais obcecados por realismo ficaram impressionados com a atenção e o cuidado artístico e fotográfico da minisérie.

  • Markus
    Markus Year ago +15

    HBO did a stellar job of accurately recreating this event. It’s very important that something like this be portrayed historically correct.

    • therflash
      therflash 7 months ago +2

      why did they invent the 4 megaton steam explosion then?

  • Zanito
    Zanito 2 years ago +19

    while watching the series, it was hard to remember that it all happened, like the chopper scene, and the 90 seconds, its nearly impossible to believe it happened, but it did, and that is what makes real-life-based series brilliant

  • Johnny Jawbone
    Johnny Jawbone 2 years ago +2940

    The scene with the three volunteers going into the reactor basement, wading through the water with just the sound of the dosimeters going off the scale, with no dialogue, just sheer panic, is one of the most humbling, aniexty inducing and inspiring scenes I have seen. I felt so many emotions I needed a day or two just to process it. Masterful film making.

    • NovArt e-GrEgor
      NovArt e-GrEgor 4 months ago +1

      Фильм сказал, что они погибли после этого. На деле же, первый погиб в 2005, второй в 2008, а третий до сих пор жив.

    • Anton Zhdanov
      Anton Zhdanov 4 months ago

      @Yuri BS. Even Diatlov in his memoirs about catastrophe mentioned some people who shouldn't go for dealing with catastrophe due to recent retirement or mooving to another region but still was there at Chernobyl came when it became clear that things are really bad.

    • Anton Zhdanov
      Anton Zhdanov 4 months ago

      @Yuri Is there any difference between? Especially at 20th century 80es?

    • Anton Zhdanov
      Anton Zhdanov 4 months ago +2

      In reality from one side they made it two times. Frist time was canceled due to lights were dead due to radiation devoured ions in batteries, so they used some dynamo fed lights to push through. Fro
      From other side there was just near ankle level of water and just some streams and drops here and there. Though all of them were radioactive as hell. The most interesting consequence as there was water dispersed everywhere, it cleaned radiation from air most like rain cleaning dust. So those guys while been in the heart of catastrophe near mindbogling amount or radioactive materials, actually caught quite mild doses comparatively and lived actually long life. Actually giving them diving equipment was goddamn smart bcs this way they weren't exposed to radioactive water.

    • Yuri
      Yuri 4 months ago

      NO one was volunteer.

  • Jeffrey Waugh
    Jeffrey Waugh Year ago +86

    Man I had no idea there’s actual footage of that helicopter falling apart. This whole series is so haunting

  • Barton Archuleta
    Barton Archuleta Year ago +3

    For all of its flaws, the Soviet Union could call on hundreds of thousands of citizens to cleanup a nuclear disaster. Some of these liquidators volunteered themselves for the most dangerous tasks such as the subterranean dive. The bravery of these people to save their continent I am uncertain if we as Americans have it the same.

  • Tyler Dowd
    Tyler Dowd 2 years ago +100

    I swear I learned more about this event in 6 episodes than I ever had in my years of schooling

      SHIVAM ARYA 28 days ago

      Maybe HBO should make shows on all history lessons that are in syllabus

    • Valentyn Zahorui
      Valentyn Zahorui 5 months ago +1

      @theivory1 there are*.

    • theivory1
      theivory1 6 months ago +4

      There's 5 episodes.

    • Koekie
      Koekie 9 months ago +7

      @tl6gc tl6gc yes I remember when I was taught about the Chernobyl disaster in kindergarten

    • pratipalsinh vaghela
      pratipalsinh vaghela Year ago +2

      Ikr how an nuclear power plant works 😂. Now you can apply for job 👍

  • Eric Scott
    Eric Scott 7 months ago +5

    Absolute respect for everyone who did all they could to work through the Chernobyl tragedy.

  • Johnny Rivas
    Johnny Rivas 2 years ago +5160

    This mini-series is a haunting masterpiece that deserves mention among HBO's greatest shows.

    • theivory1
      theivory1 6 months ago

      It is there best series ever. They had a lock with GOT but threw it away. This come out right after and saved their a**.

    • Twizzler
      Twizzler 7 months ago +1

      @EvaMira the pacific, band of brothers

    • Jovan PFK 269
      Jovan PFK 269 Year ago

      @proserfina21096 lol did you watched it at all?

    • EvaMira
      EvaMira 2 years ago

      @Βαγγέλης Αγοραστός That's a plain lie. Objectively something can be better. Deal with it

    • proserfina21096
      proserfina21096 2 years ago

      @EvaMira youre probably just saying that Chernobyl is better than Thrones cuz your fantasy ending didnt became reality.

  • Arborn
    Arborn Year ago +20

    I honestly would love more docu-drama series like that. I've watched Chernobyl twice now and its just mind blowingly well made. I think It would be awesome it we can teach more people about history like that.

  • Apocryphox - No Commentary

    This is why i freaking love this show in fact while i don't like tv shows normally. It is extremely accurate to the reality and totally informative.

  • Yackobo
    Yackobo 10 months ago +62

    Scarier than any horror film, because it was true horror.

  • Innochamp
    Innochamp Year ago +7

    Watched dozens of reports about the catastrophe. The series was really good and the way it was produced gave a very realistic impression of everything that happened back then

  • Serious Lee
    Serious Lee 2 years ago +7173

    I cannot believe there is a real footage of the helicopter's disintegration. Such an awful sight, yet amazing.

    • Tania Montelatici
      Tania Montelatici Year ago

      @Paul Serdiuk they perfectly showerd the soviet atmosphere this is the reason why here many people get angry and offended

    • Tania Montelatici
      Tania Montelatici Year ago

      @Vert World Art I will watch but that time I was there in Moscow I know well how Russiawas like, it is not true what you are saying not everywhere it is the same, corruption and fucking own people are everywhere but levels can be very different

    • Beth Krager
      Beth Krager 2 years ago +1

      @Margie The Nun, bless your soul they fell outside of building 3, the explosion was in building 4, the graphite fires had long been put out, the pilot was blinded by the sun in his eyes, didn't see the cable. The rotor blades got shattered by the steel cable of the crane, they crashed outside of number 3 and died immediately. Due to its location they were able to gather the bodies and move the main cockpit to the vehicle graveyard. Supposedly there's a memorial to the four people in that helicopter somewhere on the Chernobyl campus.

    • Knova
      Knova 2 years ago

      I always thought the radiation was at fault for the helicopters crash...buthow could they hit a crane cable?

  • Sml132
    Sml132 Year ago +5

    I find it incredible how similar the show shots are to the real video. Really outstanding work IMO

  • Allis_Chalmers_MN
    Allis_Chalmers_MN Year ago +5

    I just started watching the HBO series and was wondering if there was any real footage to compare it to. It’s surprising how closely it is made to the real events.

  • Scott Richards
    Scott Richards Year ago +3

    Absolutely sensational series and well done to everyone that took part .I found the animal killing a little difficult but I am sure none were really harmed lol .

  • ilya126
    ilya126 6 months ago +10

    Great show. I lived in Kiev when Chernobyl happened. Kiev is about 100 kilometers (62 miles) away. I was only 13 at the time. They didn't tell us about Chernobyl on April 26th. On May 1st there was a parade in Kiev and still we had no idea. Then finally they decided to let us know but they downplayed the whole thing and people were not aware about how dangerous it was. God knows how much radiation we got. We moved to US in 1990. My mother had a thyroid cancer but she is still alive. I was watching this show knowing that my whole family was only 62 miles away from this hell. The interesting fact was that we found out about Chernobyl from my mother's sister who lives in US. She called my mother and told her about the disaster.

    • Johnny Vivic
      Johnny Vivic 16 hours ago

      @ilya126 That's a great story. At least you were able to get further away from the carnage for a little while.

    • ilya126
      ilya126 2 days ago +1

      ​@Johnny Vivic I was only 13 at the time and I was happy that all my school exams were canceled (so stupid of me). We had some distant relatives in Leningrad (Saint Petersburg now), and my parents took me and my older sister there. We stayed in Leningrad for 3 months and then had to return to Kiev, because our schools were about to start.

    • Johnny Vivic
      Johnny Vivic 2 days ago +1

      What a surreal experience it must be to watch this show, given your proximity. Also, I am stunned that she found out about the disaster happening at your doorstep (relatively speaking) _not_ through local means, but through a phone call from somebody thousands upon thousands of miles away. That leaves me in awe.

  • Aussie Poof
    Aussie Poof 2 years ago +10734

    It’s freaky to think that picking up just a tiny stone of graphite for even a second, you’d be dead within a week.

    • Raio X
      Raio X 23 days ago

      Ninguém se preocupa com quem estava filmando?
      Gastaram vidas apenas para filmar os liquidaodores???

    • DitchCo
      DitchCo Month ago

      @Cyrus more accurate than if it was produced by the soviets

    • Cyrus
      Cyrus Month ago

      @DitchCo You think a HBO produced series is accurate?

  • Radion Corlateanu
    Radion Corlateanu Year ago +27

    I was born april 23rd 1986, in USSR. About 500km, or 300miles away. Have friend with physical anomalies like missing fingers, and this show looks so authentic that I cannot believe it was done by a different country, every single detail, its just unbelievable.

  • MightyElemental
    MightyElemental 9 months ago +11

    Seeing how mundane that roof clearing was at the start is truly terrifying. It scares me that radiation is invisible so you could be walking to a death sentence and not even know it.

    • MalikCarr
      MalikCarr 5 months ago

      And like they said in another episode, it's still a "maybe". All the protective gear and limiting exposure time will probably save you from deadly radiation poisoning, but after you're done there's this nagging question of how much your risk of cancer or other radiation-induced conditions has gone up, and you won't know until if and when you get diagnosed with it later. It's like surviving a gunshot wound, but the bullet stays in your body and years later, maybe, it abruptly shifts and punctures your heart or lung. Pure uncertainty.

  • Jack Reacher ⓥ
    Jack Reacher ⓥ Year ago +4

    I would give this series a 100/10 on imdb. It's the best docu-drama made ever in the history of cinema and tv.

  • Phazer SC
    Phazer SC 4 months ago +2

    It seems like the major differences between reality and HBO are: aspect ratio, HD resolution, color hue and steady camera. Absolutely amazing portrayal of events, characters and scenes.

  • LEMO
    LEMO 2 years ago +36218

    Those soviet cameras had better quality than some smart phones nowdays

    • planemod
      planemod 12 days ago

      Especially iPhones

    • Herwanu Aulia Ibra
      Herwanu Aulia Ibra Month ago


    • Eric Quinn
      Eric Quinn 2 months ago

      The quality, resolution, color, ect, has been updated.

    • OhhYeahh
      OhhYeahh 2 months ago

      Film has always been super high quality. It’s why you can watch an old movie and it still look good.

  • Green Ghoul
    Green Ghoul Year ago +45

    The roof scene was so intense, perfectly depicted the real thing

  • George Shonia
    George Shonia Year ago +1

    Huge respect to the HBO, what a great job they did

  • Jur 3.0
    Jur 3.0 2 months ago +2

    Its an amazingly good serie, about a horrifying event. And very alerting when learning more about the severe effects of radiation when you hear Putin threaten with nuclear weapons. The russian's are a strong people and certainly strong enough to end Putin. I hope they know this.

  • Ibrahim Kasana
    Ibrahim Kasana Year ago +9

    Amazing series hats off to such an astonishing cast that brought to life a truth untold... it's such a life-changing experience.

  • MartyCon
    MartyCon Year ago +7

    Watching the series is just haunting. It's so hard to believe that all that stuff actually did happen. What a world.

  • Swapnil
    Swapnil Year ago +21

    Those who were at the frontline to contain the fuel are real heroes of mankind. Those men's knew that they are definitely going to die, still they contributed for cleaning operation. #Respect for those #UnsungHeroes

  • Boonjamin Bok Choy
    Boonjamin Bok Choy 11 months ago +3

    I wish I could go back to a time where I never saw this series to enjoy it all over again. I love re-watching the entire series, but there's something about that first time.

  • Anton Cvetkov
    Anton Cvetkov Year ago +2

    the first thing that caught my attention was the details and how realistic it felt, the atmosphere takes you back in the time

  • Father Gabriel Stokes
    Father Gabriel Stokes 2 years ago +5164

    4:28 they got actors who looked exactly like the real people. Dedication at its finest.

    • JcThePotatoee
      JcThePotatoee 6 days ago

      They also probably gave them tons of makeup

    • M P
      M P Month ago

      Or just great director decisions, no woke bs

    • OLLlaJIeJIblu_KoPHeT
      OLLlaJIeJIblu_KoPHeT 4 months ago

      but they didn't got their real mentality

    • P J
      P J 5 months ago

      The casting of this show was fantastic

    • Parzival
      Parzival 5 months ago

      Nah it’s called “casting for a biopic”

  • Hektor Frisch
    Hektor Frisch Year ago +2

    The original footage is so incredibly good made, HBO could simply copy it.

  • You're Right
    You're Right Year ago +3

    I remember in 1986 when this happened. I am from Oak Ridge, TN. Some may have heard of it. It was a small city thrown up in the 40s to build the factory’s that enriched the uranium for the Manhattan Project. So nuclear energy and the constant fear of an accident was always there. Parts of the lakes and certain area to this day have signs saying to keep out radioactive area. They just dumped waste in the lake because there was no real idea of what to do with it. Another story I heard was they dug huge pits and filled dump trucks with nuclear waste. They then rolled the trucks in the pits and covered them with cement and dirt. There have been accidents at the plants over the years. Nothing anywhere close to Chernobyl. I do know one guy got blasted by ionizing radiation after adding a liquid to a tank. I don’t know what it was but it apparently caused a criticality incident and there was an instant release of radiation that caused a flash of blue light.

  • KroneYT
    KroneYT 6 months ago

    It's astounding to me that the Soviet Union kept such good video records of the clean up efforts. One would think they'd be confident enough in their own abilities that they wouldn't want such records to potentially cause people to think that they never had the situation under control to begin with. I'm glad they did, it's amazing to see. But still...

  • John o Shea
    John o Shea Year ago

    Brilliantly made show all for the memories of so many. I was shocked watching it from episode 1 to 5. I didn't know much about it to be fair. But I'm glad I know now it's a sobering story. I pray people learn from this for the future because it's no joke

  • karthikeyan perumal
    karthikeyan perumal 2 years ago +12888

    That sound of radiation meter through out the Series is enough to equal 100 thriller suspense horror movies

    • zGaudy
      zGaudy 11 months ago

      Bruuuuh that’s shit was none rattling fr fr

    • Berko
      Berko Year ago

      І have heard more terrible sound. An optical audiotrack on a celluloid film, partially damaged by radiation. It sounds like raindrops and rockfall simultaneously.

    • R N
      R N Year ago

      This sound remmember me the radio sounds in Silent Hill games when Monsters are nearby.

    • hoghogwild
      hoghogwild Year ago

      @Lajos Winkler Depends on the scale of the counter. Each audible sound could mean a single collision or 1000.

    • hoghogwild
      hoghogwild Year ago

      @Mark The graphite blocks are what the fuel rods and the control rods are surrounded by. The fuel and the rods fit in the holes in the center if each block.

  • Elizabeth Stahl
    Elizabeth Stahl Year ago +1

    I am 29. I get to thank these people for a future. A future I otherwise wouldn't have. People you had no idea or little imagination, what they were fighting against. I loved the HBO series because it gave clarity. Especially for later generations. While watching this, my friend said great fiction. I had to shake myself I couldn't believe it. Yes when I explain she was in tears but it is our true past. I personally think it is I'm important to never forget WHO came before us. Therefore thank you liquidators, soilders, medical personal, historians and overall HEROES.

  • ThatMBR42
    ThatMBR42 2 years ago

    I haven't seen the HBO series yet, but I have seen a good deal of the Telecon Studio documentary footage. I've had an unhealthy obsession with the Chernobyl disaster since I was in junior high, and that documentary footage was one of the greatest things I've ever stumbled upon.

  • OLLlaJIeJIblu_KoPHeT
    OLLlaJIeJIblu_KoPHeT 4 months ago

    glad to know there are much people that know HBO made much mistakes in aspects like culture and governmental actions. liquidators were special and trained (mostly) people who was going to protect country, and even workers at factory were ready to help with it. sadly in "free" post-soviet Russia they were forgotten and in "free" America they were shown as scapegoats not heroes

  • Kyiv and Chernobyl

    The film is quite realistic, despite some inaccuracies. I have watched dozens of films about Chernobyl and have been there over 800 times. Please, feel free to ask me questions about Chernobyl zone and Kyiv - the capital of Ukraine

  • Kia Kiayi
    Kia Kiayi 2 years ago +3205

    The most important message of this mini-series is: Our lies will destroy us

    • Karaluv Karaluvov
      Karaluv Karaluvov 6 days ago

      @Ben R. in reality in instructions were sad : not to remove all rods...
      But to avoid xenon poison of the reactor, operators did that (there was similar case in Leningrad)
      In my opinion it is guilt of the soviet system, not the engineers or the reactor itself (some of them steel operating)

    • Tristan Heaton🇺🇦
      Tristan Heaton🇺🇦 3 months ago

      @Thatperformer387 bro what are u smoking

    • Harry Potter
      Harry Potter 3 months ago

      and it did

    • OLLlaJIeJIblu_KoPHeT
      OLLlaJIeJIblu_KoPHeT 4 months ago

      most important message is HBO's serial doesn't tell even half of truth

    • Xx_Itz_Jamez_xX
      Xx_Itz_Jamez_xX 5 months ago

      And that's why the soviet union fell lmfao

  • tycorp
    tycorp 5 months ago

    So many of my Polish family have died because of Cancer and Thyroid issues due to Chernobyl. This is why this show is hard for me to watch. But man it seriously is the best mini series there has ever been. The attention to detail is just insane. Gave me goosebumps the entire watch time.

  • Wizard of Emerald Isle

    This series had me goosebumps.. yet I could feel the terror.. amazingly depicted👍

  • Sir Sweet
    Sir Sweet 5 months ago

    When you have a story like this, you don't need to alter too much to make it more dramatic.

  • pschroeter1
    pschroeter1 9 months ago +3

    This series was a lifetime favorite of mine. I think watching this has convinced me to at least watch the first two episodes again.

  • mar
    mar Year ago +8

    surprises me how much this series pointed out the importance of telling the truth and not hiding secrets to "avoid panic" and yet that is exactly what every government did to "handle" this pandemic ffs

    • Richardsen
      Richardsen Year ago

      Sometimes... I understand them. Panicking people are stupid.

  • Robbie Diaz
    Robbie Diaz 2 years ago +2

    Many lose their minds on fantasy shows, but this one is one of the best I’ve ever seen.

  • Guillaume Paré
    Guillaume Paré 10 months ago +2

    That series was excellent. Probably the first time it should have more episodes.
    Also, when I watch something that has a historical value, I very often search to confront it to reality. That documentary was informative. Thanks.

    • Buggeroff Melawn
      Buggeroff Melawn 4 months ago

      Too bad the creators ignored how radiation sickness actually works, or how nuclear reactors don't explode due to fission.

    • mskidi
      mskidi 8 months ago

      The series was far from excellent in regards to its script. It was an extremely dumb script

  • Dionysus
    Dionysus Day ago

    One day in my High School class of Psychology 101 we were talking about how over time the significance of things deminishes as less people from that time are around. We used examples such as Chernobyl being a dramatisation of a real life tragedy, other examples like Civil War or World War movies.
    At the end of the class as I walked out I stopped and remember saying
    "I think it's scary that within my life time I might sit down to watch a movie about someone escaping the Twin Towers at 9/11."
    And this teacher who was maybe around 40-45 who was an adult during 9/11 looked at me strangely. I said
    "Pearl Harbor was a similiar event for America in 1941, now its a Micheal Bay movie."
    He nodded, and understood I think. For him its unimaginable that 9/11 could be an hour and a half thriler survival movie. For people at Chernobyl who could never guess someone would want to recreate the disaster and cleanup for entertainment. Who in the US circa 1941 could ever assume the bombing of a military base be dramatized with a multi-million dollar actor and director.
    Its so interesting to see how over time things degrade in imporantace even when the real impact is still very much there. Chernobyl is still radioactive, there is oil leaking from battleship hulls in Pearl Harbor, and the Twin Towers are gone.
    Good video, and I'm glad the team at HBO produced a good miniseries (even if the medical perspective was a little off) this is the right way to do historical drama.

  • Saif Ahmad
    Saif Ahmad 2 years ago +10395

    Velary Lagasov - Man who literally saved millions but was completely removed from history untill HBO - Chernobyle series came.

    • NovArt e-GrEgor
      NovArt e-GrEgor 4 months ago

      Это враньё. Враньё от HBO

    • Алексей
      Алексей 4 months ago

      @Deadpool There weren't any divers lol. water was ankle-deep.

    • Алексей
      Алексей 4 months ago

      @Deadpool There are no divers irl. The water was just above the ankle.

  • Robert Zemko
    Robert Zemko Year ago +4

    It's such a relief to see that reality wasn't tinted teal like the film. I remember 1986 quite vividly and don't recall everything being teal/orange.

  • D3LT4 07
    D3LT4 07 2 years ago

    Exactly. It feels like witnessing the real thing. I was blown away by the visual quality and detailing.

  • Sean Hunt
    Sean Hunt 4 months ago

    Great show. Well done. Very accurate.

  • Ajinkya Gauns
    Ajinkya Gauns 5 months ago +1

    Thank you HBO for this wonderful series

  • FirstBroGamer
    FirstBroGamer 2 years ago +903

    I remember always laughing at jokes about Chernobyl, looking for movies and games based on this place. Now after watching the miniseries I've finally realized how horrible it was and how many lessons I need to take in my life.

    • Klara Freitag
      Klara Freitag 2 months ago +1

      You can still laught about it. Heck in Austria we had a great song only one year later.

    • Roy Hsieh
      Roy Hsieh Year ago +1

      i learned many things in life is not great nor terrible

    • Yash Multani
      Yash Multani Year ago +4

      @FirstBroGamer don't listen to people, if you felt wrong, then your personality says you something, however joking is okay if your ultimate intention is not joking at the pain and suffering of the people. Sometimes people pray after joking when through the joke they reach to the actuality. Actually, to me this was not at all a funny(through the series).

    • rohaida samsudin
      rohaida samsudin Year ago +6

      @Igor Bednarski Why internet communities always like humour than respect?

    • Raditya Poerwanto
      Raditya Poerwanto Year ago +2

      The important thing about humor is context.

  • E Y
    E Y Year ago +13

    They didnt actually film anything for the show, just made the old footage HD, its honestly incredible how close to the real deal they got

  • yames hraberts
    yames hraberts 4 months ago

    great video.
    that series really sticks with you...
    what a horrendous situation.

  • Vachagan Balayan
    Vachagan Balayan 4 months ago

    damn i had no idea there is so much real footage on this :O
    kudos to them for keeping it so close to reality

  • Nightowl358
    Nightowl358 5 months ago +1

    Amazing series. Also, if you're a reader, I highly recommend "Midnight in Chernobyl."

  • Daniels 126
    Daniels 126 2 years ago +2201

    Rip all the people who died in Chernobyl and the people who where there to clean up the mess

    • Zameer Ahmed
      Zameer Ahmed Year ago

      Yeah but except comrade dyatlov

    • Пирогов Вячеслав
      Пирогов Вячеслав Year ago Translate subtire!!!!

    • Pickle Hat
      Pickle Hat 2 years ago +1

      @Jakson McLane Yet many of them died or got cancer due to radiation.

    • MA_HDA_PUH
      MA_HDA_PUH 2 years ago

      By this logic, come on, Japan and the USA can kill everyone, because there it was almost the same

    • Apox ⚡
      Apox ⚡ 2 years ago

      now its our time

  • Karl P. Horse
    Karl P. Horse Year ago +6

    Every single Liquidator/fire fighter/etc. deserved to earn the title of Hero of the Soviet Union. And every one that died deserved a golden coffin and a private tomb with guards like the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.
    They aren't just Russian/Ukrainian heroes. They literally saved the world. I mean Chernobyl would have been apocalyptic without intervention. Almost everyone on the planet is alive because of them. So everyone of every nation, race, gender, and creed should honor them as the incredible heroes they were.

  • EeneMeene Miste
    EeneMeene Miste Year ago +3

    Probably the best and most important series you could ever watch!
    I was shocked how they acted then.

  • Jason
    Jason Year ago +8

    I never want to miss an opportunity to say: Thank you, Liquidators, you are/were true heroes. Thanks to you, many are alive today that would not have been otherwise. I likely owe my healthy life to you.

  • Lucy Lees
    Lucy Lees Year ago +1

    The attention to detail is satisfying to watch .hbo did a great job with the historical accuracies.

  • Александр Брацун

    As a Russian, I can admit that this Chernobyl series is excellent in terms of visual quality and perform such important attention to minor details as an exact numbers on cars or correct signboards, e.t.c... I even found the clock from the Gorbachev's table to be the same as ones of my great-grandmother. Althought I gave it well-deserved 10 points on IMDB, nothing is pure perfect, so I'd advice ones who got hooked by this accident to explore more materials, soviet videos and footage. The book 'Voices from Chernobyl' deserves your attention as well. The series plot by itself is well-matched to actual events but has some flaws which I'd consider to be significant. Whatch and enjoy then, but don't take everything as a pure facts.

    • Александр Брацун
      Александр Брацун 4 months ago

      @Vadim Ridosh тема подвига и самоотверженности во имя родины как раз-таки раскрыта более чем неплохо. С учётом иностранной интерпретации клюква неизбежна, но в данном случае сведена к терпимому минимуму. Впрочем я указал для иностранной аудитории, что имеют место неточности. Но, имхо, сама суть у авторов получилась на ура - они чётко поймали именно атмосферу позднего союза, где равнодушие и безответственность одних приводит к катастрофе и геройскому самопожертвованию других. Показано, как чиновники врут и изворачиваются; как политики помешаны на том, чтобы "держать лицо"; как бюрократы парализуют все процессы и как человек равняется с ресурсом. Всё это присутствовало и нашло своё подтверждение в множестве материалов. За это НВО большой респект - разумеется, при нынешней власти у нас снять так не получится. Цензура накладывает ограничения на такой ракурс.

    • mrsmerily
      mrsmerily Year ago

      @alo1 there is much more to it. The system forced the narrative and disilusion that nothing can happen eventhough they knew. It was kept from workers. Same time the fear- fear of loosing your job, your promotion if you admit to your mistake. The director- i wonder how long they really thought they can close their eyes and say nothing see here, everything is under control so the governement did not get the right info righ away. But what if it had. It would still contained it. It was shown in their later actions where the suicide and lot of years was needed to fix the problem what could cause the same outcome. People were forced to go there. Just lately one of singers who was forced to go there to peform for workers admited that she didnt have kids after that, because she was afraid what would...

    • Jovan PFK 269
      Jovan PFK 269 Year ago

      @Art 1 hahaja riiiight

    • Fallen Angel
      Fallen Angel Year ago

      @alo1 in both instances fail safes were either not there or failed . such a rare occurance

    • darykeng
      darykeng Year ago +1

      @Alex Dude, Soviet Union ended in 1991, they have BIGGER isuess to care at that time, no some random book. Stop pushing "Everything in USSR was bad" narrative, it plain and boring

  • J. B.
    J. B. Year ago +1

    At 1:26, seeing the helicopter falling from the sky, made me exclaim. I won't write what I said. So many gave their lives, so many. And, the main points of the HBO series, all accurate and so WELL DONE.

  • spasjt
    spasjt Month ago

    This was an exceptional video. Thank you for making it.

  • JP Guthrie
    JP Guthrie 4 months ago

    Interesting how HBO darkened the colors and scenes to make the event look more dramatic. The only surprising thing about the disaster is that it hadn’t occurred sooner.

  • Crommington
    Crommington 5 months ago

    I visited Chernobyl a couple of years before this show came out, and distinctly remember stumbling upon an overturned bus in the scrap yard with all the liquidation vehicles etc. This thing was smashed to pieces but stood out for some reason. I have pictures of it. Then when the show aired it turned out to be the exact bus the miners were brought in on, right down to the numberplate iirc. Unbelievable attention to detail.

  • GAN0R0
    GAN0R0 2 years ago +2487

    I wasn't expecting the actual footage to look this good tbh. And I sure as hell didn't we'd get to see the shovelling on the roof for example.

    • Frince Francis
      Frince Francis 2 years ago

      Hold my dosimeter

    • Tiffany Moore
      Tiffany Moore 2 years ago

      I was born in December 86 but i knew of it. It is crazy how they didn't believe it could happen. Just like 9/11.

    • RB4K
      RB4K 2 years ago

      Denial Steinberg I was making a joke.

    • Denial
      Denial 2 years ago

      soviet union used sony cameras

    • Fada Fez
      Fada Fez 2 years ago

      @Bogdan Parubok Thanks mate, I was referring to that technology. By the way I've read on wikipedia the story of CCD sensors, which is really intersting. I wasn't aware of the fact that they were invented in 1975. I've also found that the biggest "camera" is installed in the Pan-STARRS telescope: it has 60 CCDs in series, for a total of 1,4 GPx (1 gigapixel = billion of pixels), incredible stuff.
      As I mentioned in the previous comment, they're sensible to temperature, the phenomenom is called "thermal noise".
      That made me think about thermic agitation, those sensors are built at an atomic scale, very precise, probably when the temperature gets high, atoms become to move more, electrons too...and the result is that noise.
      The same would happen with radiation: instead of heat and atoms moving by themselves, they are hit by other particles.
      It's interesting the resulting image of the two conditions: the thermal noise affects each individual atom of the CCD sensor, while nuclear radiations are less diffused, shown more as single dots.

  • Jimmy Rustler
    Jimmy Rustler Year ago +2

    If you thought Chernobyl was terrifying and depressing, give "Threads" or "The War Game" a watch.
    Both depict a nuclear strike on Mainland UK, and shows you how thousands of years of civilisation could end in the time it takes to watch a movie.
    Both of those movies destroyed me. Watch at your own peril.....

    • Seymoore Poone
      Seymoore Poone Year ago +2

      Threads was traumatic to watch. I think the British were unapologetic in portraying the absolute destruction, terror, and loss of war. They lived it of course with the bombings of London.

  • theivory1
    theivory1 6 months ago

    I lost count how many times I watched this series since it came out. 7 or 8 times probably. It is just the best.

  • Mike Titarenko
    Mike Titarenko Year ago

    I had no idea it runs that close to actual documentary footage. Reason no. 3,521 why this show is spectacular.

  • Daniel DeVito
    Daniel DeVito Year ago +2

    Hands down, one of the best TV series' of all time! I swear, HBO has the best TV series'. Everything from The Sopranos, to The Wire, to Chernobyl, they're all amazing.

  • dontvisitmypage
    dontvisitmypage 6 months ago

    Respect for the real cameraman who risked his life just to capture this tragedy.

  • M Roush
    M Roush 4 months ago

    I've watched this mini-series. I cried and am now terrified of a nuclear event.

  • Jayakrishnan Nair
    Jayakrishnan Nair Year ago +3

    Incredible dramatization of real life. Even the actors are look-alikes. Except for the position of the mikes, the two are quite identical!

  • Arizona Idaho
    Arizona Idaho Year ago

    Eternal memory to all the heroes who died during the liquidation of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant thank you very much, heroes!

  • Michael Short
    Michael Short 4 months ago

    I am amazed that they actually have real footage of stuff like the miners etc.

  • Jessie Denney
    Jessie Denney Year ago +1

    This show really did an incredible job at paying attention to detail and making sure to include very important aspects of this time in history. However, I really hate the fact that they added in details that were unnecessary and in most cases false. For example, the doctor says that a pregnant woman survived radiation sickness because her unborn baby absorbed all of the radiation. This is scientifically not accurate. There has never been any study that suggests this. Also, the severe radiation burns depicted in the show are very unrealistic. They were way too over the top. From interviews of doctors who had seen the show, they said that the burns were far less extensive and much more internal than external. Most people who experienced the tragedy of Chernobyl first hand find the show to be shameful in the sense that they felt the need to make things look worse than they were as if they were saying that the real events of Chernobyl weren’t terrible enough. It discredits the stories of people who know more about Chernobyl having experienced it first hand. Overall I think the show gets across a clear point that lying causes tragedy but I do feel as though they should have consulted more actual victims in order to get an idea of what to put in the show and what to exclude.

    • VidkunQL
      VidkunQL 10 months ago

      Remember that the doctors probably didn't know much about radiation sickness, and might have believed such rumors. I saw an interview with one of the first doctors to treat the victims; when she went to the library to consult the scientific literature on the effects of radiation, she found the shelf bare. Every document pertaining to that subject had been removed after the accident.

  • Xerxis
    Xerxis Year ago +2

    According to this video, you may get the impression that the HBO series accurately shows the real picture of what happened in Chernobyl. In reality, it's not true. This video just doesn't show the shots and moments where HBO lied. Although the scene with the helicopter is one of the obvious maneuvers, because the helicopter fell much later and it happened because it caught the cable with the blades....

  • Chris Pease
    Chris Pease Year ago

    I’ve always noticed that Hbo series have always taken account of time appropriations and how exact they want to portray with footage or anything

  • Avana
    Avana Year ago

    I did not know that it was this accurate to history. Surprising, considering how often people associate movies and series with solely being entertaining.