Weird NAIL ART that is on another level !

  • Published on Oct 16, 2019
  • Weird NAIL ART that is on another level !
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    Hello Citizens of Azzyland.... I'm Azzy and welcome to another amazing reaction video! Today we are reacting to Weird NAIL ART that is on another level !
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  • Hailey Tyler
    Hailey Tyler 6 hours ago

    For the corn when they don’t use regular glue they use food glue

  • bts make my life hard
    bts make my life hard 7 hours ago

    8:55: mini hands

  • John Brozman
    John Brozman 8 hours ago


  • Maddison Brassil
    Maddison Brassil 8 hours ago

    I with you to azzy... pink is awesome

  • sis life goals
    sis life goals 9 hours ago

    Me:sees tag in video @nailsunny
    Also me:CRISTINE!!!

  • Mr Labbit
    Mr Labbit 17 hours ago

    there is edibal glue

  • Sophie Wood
    Sophie Wood Day ago

    omg azzy those hare nails are so gross ew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • logen Sanchez
    logen Sanchez Day ago

    I'm a fan of ramen but THATis scary

  • iiLxna_OwO Robloxian

    Me:They NAILED it. Everyone else:....

  • Tatem Parks
    Tatem Parks Day ago

    Check out my TheXvid channel it’s called tatem parks

  • Reagan Hogan
    Reagan Hogan 2 days ago

    If you were to put a famous person on your nails it should be Azzy

  • Princess Crafty Gamer

    at 5:28 you said all your hands are stuck together. Do you mean all your fingers?

  • Leah Duncan
    Leah Duncan 2 days ago

    None of these but I would have sparkly glitter galaxy unicorn nails with blue diamonds and I would also have small neon rainbow diamonds to not gonna lie I have big nails maybe 2 inches up yours Azzy 😊

  • Ellie Unicorn Playz
    Ellie Unicorn Playz 2 days ago

    7:00 that freeze frame tho OOF

  • Emma Himes
    Emma Himes 2 days ago

    The person with the hair nails should go see the person with the comb nails

  • Laura Kuerten
    Laura Kuerten 2 days ago

    I would do the fork thing just because I’m lazy XD

  • LovelyLivy YT
    LovelyLivy YT 2 days ago +5

    This video should be called
    “Things you see and can’t unsee”

  • Ognjen Trifunovic
    Ognjen Trifunovic 2 days ago

    that paper is for like hamsters

  • Elliemai’s Reptiles

    Azzy : OMG it looks like an eye!!

    me on the other side of the screen : AZZY!! It is an eye!!!!

  • Kitty , s Lover
    Kitty , s Lover 2 days ago

    Azzy they cant die we have edible glueee
    Lol hi azzy

  • Max Dugas
    Max Dugas 2 days ago +1

    Tooth brush one u wipe ur but then put that in ur mouth thats wrong and very sick

  • yilla Krouwer
    yilla Krouwer 3 days ago

    I would do the "ballpen" (the wapons), for real

  • •Smol Bean•
    •Smol Bean• 3 days ago

    If I was forced to do one of these nails....
    I would do the utensil ones

  • Christianne Johnson
    Christianne Johnson 3 days ago


  • Chandler Baugh
    Chandler Baugh 3 days ago

    I would hate all of them

  • Li Chan
    Li Chan 3 days ago

    No it's disgusting

  • Jay Tee
    Jay Tee 3 days ago

    It's 8:22 AM but meh

  • sperly pup
    sperly pup 3 days ago

    Legend has it that if you tell your fav youtubers name thrice you will be pinned
    Let's hope it works

  • unicorn squad
    unicorn squad 3 days ago +1

    Its probably edible glue

  • Amyra Ali
    Amyra Ali 4 days ago

    For the corn they used edible glue

  • Joanne Hichens
    Joanne Hichens 4 days ago

    Me:*sees title*
    title:nail art
    Me again:*burns the house down because of confusion
    NAIL ART?!?!

  • Nikki Puccio
    Nikki Puccio 5 days ago

    Hay Azzy can you please not talk a lot please I am not hating I love you’re videos!!!

  • Ery Blue
    Ery Blue 5 days ago

    Wow.what Amazing

  • Patrick Beale
    Patrick Beale 5 days ago


  • BluFire
    BluFire 5 days ago

    Cristine where u at?

  • Tedd Evans
    Tedd Evans 5 days ago

    Azzy i am with you with the butter flys

  • Kaylee Navarro
    Kaylee Navarro 6 days ago +2

    “When I hear a balloon pop I’m like: AHH I’M GOING TO DIE “ same girl same , now i am laughing so hard bc i almost wrote gorl 🤣😂😅

  • elizabeth brewer
    elizabeth brewer 7 days ago

    wait do they use real nail glue or eatable nail glue?!

  • Dark hybrids forever

    Why does Azzy have blondie on her shirt?

  • Maria Garcia
    Maria Garcia 7 days ago +1

    For the corn you could’ve used a balloon like jeez

  • Gãłaxy wîtčh
    Gãłaxy wîtčh 7 days ago

    Oh there one on Instagram nailsunny with REAL AND LIVE ants inside the nail😭😰🤢🤮 P.s. sorry I’m weird

  • Kylee Imagine
    Kylee Imagine 7 days ago

    Azzy, It's pronounced 'Erb'

  • Meme Princess
    Meme Princess 7 days ago +1

    8:57 Acting with Azzy be like:

  • Meme Princess
    Meme Princess 7 days ago +1

    Edward Scissor hands be like:

  • Emma Anzalone
    Emma Anzalone 7 days ago

    I love you

  • Isabella Fletcher
    Isabella Fletcher 7 days ago

    Hi azzy

  • Isabella Fletcher
    Isabella Fletcher 7 days ago


  • colton hale
    colton hale 7 days ago


  • Muthulakshmi Gurumurthy

    Ha ha. The nail haks are so wered😂

  • Muthulakshmi Gurumurthy

    I love you're nals more then their's p😍

  • Marcela Alfaro-Rivera

    Please be my friend azzy

  • Parklyn
    Parklyn 8 days ago +1

    Okay but azzy why you be looking so cute today!?

  • Tieara Beard
    Tieara Beard 8 days ago

    No toothbrush no toothbrush do you have brush your teeth at home now to pray please no no no to the no no no no no to the no no no no no to the no no no oh my God revealing move out jumping Jack Japanese right knee knee so so Japanese you’re jumping Joanie me so so
    No toothbrush no toothbrush you have brush your teeth at home no to Craig please no no no to the no no no no no to the no no no no no to the no no no oh my God reveal move out jumping jack Japanese right knee knee toe so Japanese you’re jumping Joanie me so so

  • Romina Ochana
    Romina Ochana 8 days ago

    Ur hair looks soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo pretty!😊

  • LifeofRylan
    LifeofRylan 8 days ago +1

    Like if azzy should get hair nails!

  • Huda Waqas
    Huda Waqas 8 days ago

    Lol nails

  • Christie Christensen

    How does the corn stick

  • Christie Christensen

    How do I not taglel my nail hair

  • fiona  constance
    fiona constance 8 days ago

    Corn on neyels Azzy there are eded glue

  • Mary Theodorou
    Mary Theodorou 9 days ago

    This is the most disgusting thing I have ever seen, just despicable and down right gross! These women have WAY TOO MUCH TIME ON THEIR HANDS...... lol!