Minecraft | How To Link Up Nether Portals (Tutorial)

  • Published on Apr 30, 2018
  • Minecraft Tutorial - How to link up Nether portals so you can make your own portal networks!
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  • Sun Star
    Sun Star 7 hours ago

    The pe version doesn’t really have the complete coordinates

  • Tyler Entwistle
    Tyler Entwistle 23 hours ago


  • Turtle BoB
    Turtle BoB Day ago +1

    Not the most clear

  • BenXVariety
    BenXVariety 3 days ago

    sorry python, i speak english

  • illistfloo
    illistfloo 5 days ago


  • illistfloo
    illistfloo 5 days ago

    Doing minecraft math in my head helps me Not bust a nut too soon

    • illistfloo
      illistfloo 5 days ago

      Is this a thing or am i the only one?

  • AMI_ Spirit
    AMI_ Spirit 5 days ago

    I’m confused can someone please help me but try saying it simpler

  • Iconic_Icicle_103
    Iconic_Icicle_103 6 days ago

    Too Much Math

  • Tivon Nelson
    Tivon Nelson 6 days ago

    I'm at 5400, -3642 in the overworld I got a bs spawn. Wanna build one by 0,0 to see if i have a better spawn. Do I travel the distance to 0,0 in the overworld build a portal then do the math to link it to my original portal? Or would I travel to the nether and find the distance to 0,0 then build?

  • Lucas Tschachler
    Lucas Tschachler 7 days ago

    Mine won't work it will work once I go in come back out and it's in a place 300 blocks from where its ment to be

  • AjnuR _
    AjnuR _ 8 days ago

    Anyone know how to make a different nether portal WITHOUT linking them because i cant find a nether fortress?

  • MultiQuanzaAVQ
    MultiQuanzaAVQ 9 days ago

    You did everything on flat land, but does the same x8 block multiplier work in the y-dir too?

  • Cottonbears
    Cottonbears 11 days ago +1

    Honestly,, this is a really good explanation!!! Im p much a noob and I live very,, *very* far away from a lot of my friends (im talking they live in like,, z 14 and i live in z 2160 so we were thinking what to do to make transportation easier and this should make it a looot lot easier than a normal train system!!

  • DjRayRay
    DjRayRay 11 days ago

    you know you could use the map

  • Azcena Jordan
    Azcena Jordan 11 days ago

    Why dont you just create nther portal in your world so a portal will be created in overworld?

  • Agent A
    Agent A 12 days ago

    You can fix the long walk/run by the boat ice glitch.

  • Godly/Te4mGods
    Godly/Te4mGods 12 days ago

    wtf i dont understandd shit

  • Jonathan El_gods
    Jonathan El_gods 13 days ago

    In 1.14 maps work in the nether

  • iipxny
    iipxny 13 days ago

    This actually makes a lot of sense

  • Zaman Sakib
    Zaman Sakib 13 days ago

    Now I'm not very knowledgeable about nether portals and stuff but what exactly is the point of taking a overworld coords, calculating where it's located in the nether and then creating a portal in the nether? You could simply just create the portal in your desired location in the overworld and it'll automatically place it where it needs to be in the nether

  • Chris Imperial
    Chris Imperial 13 days ago

    i especially like the difficulty he
    showed in the beginning of the vid. anyways, does the concepts are applicable as well for bedrock?

  • The Real Noah C
    The Real Noah C 14 days ago

    I still lost

  • cptmacmillan1111
    cptmacmillan1111 14 days ago

    Not sure if I missed it but when you say "away" I take it's only the X and Z coordinates being talked about here.
    I attempted to make a portal on the roof of the Nether but the coordinates of the main portal and roof portal are the same barring the Y position which was well over 16.
    The portals never linked and I had to move 16 blocks away from my main portal

  • • c h e r r y •
    • c h e r r y • 15 days ago +1

    So basically...
    1.) Find the x and z cords of the place you want to teleport.
    2.) Divide it to 8 and get the new cord
    3.) Use your new cords in the nether and place a new portal. It will generate a portal near the place you want to teleport.

    • Zayy
      Zayy 12 days ago +1

      Yo thanks, i was watching a vid and couldnt understand SHIT, but this is really simple comment, gonna try it tomorrow! If it works I will come back and appreciate you A LOT!

  • Destinee Lindsay
    Destinee Lindsay 15 days ago

    Mine literally just turns into fire

  • Stormeliuz Veitsle
    Stormeliuz Veitsle 15 days ago

    What if you want them in different heights?

  • Jiyed Miah
    Jiyed Miah 15 days ago

    Instead of Eleatras to get around in the nether use those fast moving tricks

  • gaygaygaygaygay
    gaygaygaygaygay 16 days ago +3

    my portal is well over 120 blocks and it just spawns us in the same place

  • Iamarobotbanana4
    Iamarobotbanana4 16 days ago

    An easier way would be to just go to a nether calculator

  • VBH Qwazer
    VBH Qwazer 16 days ago

    What level should you make a tunnel

  • The Foxter
    The Foxter 16 days ago +1

    I just built 2 portals, 1 portal in village and 2nd in the mine, now when I get into the nether, i just walk to it from the 2nd side and I am in the village.

  • David Hunt
    David Hunt 17 days ago

    This is quite useful mechanically for fast travel

  • iwatchmemesfortheplot
    iwatchmemesfortheplot 17 days ago +6

    How did Pewdiepie figure this out in one episode 😂

    • Zayy
      Zayy 12 days ago +1


  • E
    E 18 days ago +1

    I need help i cant link the portals!!
    So my main portal is at X: 4216 Z:2680
    And the destination is at X: 7432 Z: -7000
    So that means that i have to add the two X-es and subtract the two Z’s and I got these numbers after I divided them with 8 : X: 1456 and Z: -540 but its not working or am I doing somerhing wrong? I tried to subtract the two X-es and add the Z’s but nothing. Pls help.

  • Ad SJB
    Ad SJB 18 days ago +3

    Only way I could explain it is:
    Imagine that when you enter the nether you've just become a giant. And so when you take a step you're moving 8 blocks rather than 1. So you just gotta pretend you're moving really far all the time in the nether. You're a BIIIIG boi/grill and the ghasts shall fear you. So make sure to take tiny steps. Cause you may walk past your destination!

    • Scot_playz
      Scot_playz 15 days ago

      My life is complete with that explanation

  • Jux O
    Jux O 18 days ago

    I didn’t ask for a math promblem

  • yoyomawee
    yoyomawee 18 days ago

    Figured this out in a survival world in an evening. Only thing I didn’t know was the minimum distance, I had assumed it wouldn’t have been that big of a difference but yeah when you do the numbers that small 16 blocks is pretty darn close lol. All mine have been to travel to different biomes and/or dungeons. Good to have auto farms far away too as they cause lag next to your main base.

    • yoyomawee
      yoyomawee 18 days ago

      Excellent video. Should have tested different size portals. Never done so myself so would have been nice to see. That’s on my todo list

  • Natural Born Killers
    Natural Born Killers 18 days ago

    Smp live

  • DucQy
    DucQy 18 days ago

    2b2t flashbacks

  • Jay ImHere
    Jay ImHere 18 days ago +1

    Ahhhhhh math

  • StyxTHEGod
    StyxTHEGod 19 days ago

    Wb the z cord ??

  • hetgrowtopiakanaal gt
    hetgrowtopiakanaal gt 19 days ago

    Tbh its really easy

  • Nosty Gamer
    Nosty Gamer 19 days ago +2

    Hes doing a good job explaining but im just too dumb to understand

  • First Name Last Name
    First Name Last Name 19 days ago

    speaking to many numbers...

  • ChanMan 2802
    ChanMan 2802 20 days ago

    This is impossible to do on console.
    The thing is, I tried it, but I ended up spawning my portal in an underground cave blocked off by lava.

    • Boopity Boop
      Boopity Boop 19 days ago

      It does work on console, you just have bad luck.

  • Kenvick ED
    Kenvick ED 20 days ago

    Let’s say for example, I built a nether portal by my farm and I haven’t ignite it yet. Then I traveled back to the nether in my main portal and when I ignite the new one (doing the math) will I spawn a new nether portal by my farm or will it be linked to the one I build which wasn’t ignited yet?

    • Kenvick ED
      Kenvick ED 19 days ago

      HoundofCulann Bro thank you so much. I needed this for my farm and the end portal so I don’t have to walk 2k meters

    • HoundofCulann
      HoundofCulann 19 days ago

      You need to ignite it or it doesn't register as a portal I'd say. It only generates the other end if you go through it

  • Ader Asaria
    Ader Asaria 21 day ago

    I had multiple strokes trying to figure this out

  • Hero Gaming
    Hero Gaming 21 day ago

    Noobie here and i think i understand know why i cant go through different worlds..
    Thanks alot Man!

  • chaosverum music
    chaosverum music 22 days ago

    i give up fuck this, too hard to link portals

  • Haidy Bug
    Haidy Bug 22 days ago +1

    Y’all rude he was nice enough to tell you that you can link up portals.

  • youngwolf0
    youngwolf0 23 days ago

    Other way you can do it is make a map in the overworld, when you're in the nether your relative position is tracked so you can use that to get close to the desired destination then just make a new portal that way :)

  • XToastedGhoul
    XToastedGhoul 23 days ago

    Every time i go in the neather and go back to the normal world it spawn a new neather portal near spawn

  • Jacob Rice
    Jacob Rice 24 days ago

    Perfect demo thanks mate

  • WaVy Shadezzs
    WaVy Shadezzs 24 days ago +2

    *Pewdiepie playing minecraft years later to and already knows how to link up nether portals*
    *Meanwhile me playing minecraft for 5 years everyday not knowing how to link up nether portals*
    Me: hmmm maybe I should try out Fortnite

    • WaVy Shadezzs
      WaVy Shadezzs 23 days ago

      I started fortnite at season 2 but stop playing at season 9

    • LonelyFighter
      LonelyFighter 23 days ago

      Really bad timing to start with Fortnite, the meta is absolutely garbage atm

  • Gameyspoon869
    Gameyspoon869 24 days ago +1

    Does the Y coordinate not matter?

    • NotDave
      NotDave 23 days ago

      The y coord is synced between dimensions

  • exr kriefer
    exr kriefer 24 days ago +1


    • mazeyey55
      mazeyey55 24 days ago

      Depends on the coordinates you have

  • Abigail Silverport
    Abigail Silverport 25 days ago

    this isn't working for me, none of the other tutorials from videos or comments work either. I'm trying to make it quicker to get to my stronghold at co. X:-684 Y: 45 Z: 726, and I have done all the steps correctly. It's not working, it took me to somewhere i didn't even recognize. can anyone help me? i'm also on PS4 so that might be why its not working?

  • Toxic74
    Toxic74 25 days ago

    So, get the overworld co-ordinates subtract get the nether portal co ordinates and subtract?

  • Mr. Gold
    Mr. Gold 25 days ago

    Look at this mad man - building Nether portals with corners...

  • Vannaheim Kaos
    Vannaheim Kaos 25 days ago

    Does this work in the newest version of bedrock edition