Minecraft | How To Link Up Nether Portals (Tutorial)

  • Published on Apr 30, 2018
  • Minecraft Tutorial - How to link up Nether portals so you can make your own portal networks!
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  • Nathan j
    Nathan j 5 days ago

    I should have listened in maths 😰

  • 2lu Tube
    2lu Tube 9 days ago

    Does it works in pocket edition?

  • Beanos Yeet
    Beanos Yeet 12 days ago

    I’m still confused

  • Jugainka Tiega
    Jugainka Tiega 15 days ago

    Super easy I love the 16 block rule.

  • Aaron O'Neale
    Aaron O'Neale 17 days ago

    Thanks. Wayyy more confused now lol😂

  • Penta!
    Penta! 20 days ago

    Math Class: Today, we'll be working on calculating coordinates on graphs
    Me, a Minecraft veteran:

    Please comment your answer

  • Caroline Stone
    Caroline Stone 24 days ago

    Divide both by 8 sounds easy enough

  • talaya ferguson
    talaya ferguson 24 days ago

    does this work on pocket edition?

  • Mini Minnow
    Mini Minnow 25 days ago

    I am proud that I understood how this works!

  • Agge o Abbe
    Agge o Abbe 25 days ago

    Thank you! I've played minecraft for about 6 years now and still didn't know how to do it. BUt now I understand perfectly! Thanks!

  • Luka Mtc
    Luka Mtc 26 days ago +2

    you did a great job at explaining lol, this is for the more technical minded people tho, not everyone will understand either way

    • Aaron O'Neale
      Aaron O'Neale 17 days ago

      Because its unnecessarily complicated in this video. He has steps in the video that makes no diffence in linking portals on not

  • Fox _ Gaming
    Fox _ Gaming 26 days ago

    2k19 anyone

  • Hans Mondi
    Hans Mondi 26 days ago

    Nah I'll stick to horses and elytra...

  • Wolfpack Productions
    Wolfpack Productions 29 days ago

    Can someone do my math. ?

  • ATFootball
    ATFootball 29 days ago +1

    Swear to God Python if this works imma be so happy I have to travel like 1700 blocks in the nether and I’m at like 1400 and I have two nether portals right next to each other and both of them always take me to the same place so I’ve been so worried that setting up a new portal 1700 blocks away will just take me right back to where I started but after seeing this I’m much more happy and excited thanks x!
    Exit: Holy **i* it actually worked thank u soooooo much Python u legend!!!

  • Hayley Everton
    Hayley Everton Month ago

    Tell us me a to the other use day and of a bit few months weeks ago to see be a 4rt

  • Blake Fannin
    Blake Fannin Month ago

    Thank you I love it it really helped me please look me up on TheXvid

  • landen wade
    landen wade Month ago

    instructions unclear; spawned herobrine

  • Brand Matthews
    Brand Matthews Month ago

    He sounds like JaWoodle

  • SlavPlaysGames
    SlavPlaysGames Month ago

    Just started playing minecraft a week ago ... how are some people so insane in this game is beyond me ... this video and connecting portals is insaneeee ! i would love to see working one !

    • Judith Smith
      Judith Smith 25 days ago

      Your best source of information will always be the official MINECRAFT WIKI.
      Don't stress too much over any of these Videos Mrtv, it will all make sense as you get into the game. There are many other very clear Portal videos available.
      Some VIDEOS are up to date and some people now understand the different platforms. Otherwise they can waste hours of your time - meaning well.
      Hundreds of the Videos here can be so out of date it's not funny.
      They can also be completely wrong for the platform you are using.
      Look at the date and sometimes a quick read of the comments will tell you that many people find their advice is wrong and it is not working for them.
      For example people using Java will talk about things that people on Bedrock cannot do. The redstone thing is completely different and you can waste hours building Chicken Farms and the likes that will not work, cannot work in your game.
      Also some people use odd glitches and cheats when using a personal computer with a keyboard and can change the game and use Mods - modifiers - and so on. Some of these odd glitches eventually get removed from the game and no longer can work - but they do not come back to let you know or remove their useless and very misleading videos.

      Read up EVERYTHING on the Minecraft Wiki and you will be way ahead, that's what it's for - also chat with people using your type of platform, pc, Xbox or whatever and save yourself a lot of frustration and time.
      Have fun - I do and I play a very Vanilla game - no cheats and lots of mining and fishing and farming and trading for emeralds and Ender Pearls and so on.
      I am working towards killing the Dragon and then going on to play an entirely different game. Even just farming and building a nice Home Base is fun - learning how to make maps. So much to learn and it's all good. We all learn in different ways too.
      This game has so many facets and ways to play it that it will suit most people.
      Dads play it with little 6 year olds and very old people run around in Minecraft being heroic - take it as it comes and keep informed.
      Regards and Merry Xmas too.

  • Your mum Gay
    Your mum Gay Month ago

    My small tiny brain can’t comprehend this

  • Santosh Bhagat
    Santosh Bhagat Month ago

    I can't understand any thing

  • Inferno 07
    Inferno 07 Month ago

    Probably this will help a lot in my coordinate geometry test

  • Icymegaladon
    Icymegaladon Month ago


  • Gabrielle Beaulieu
    Gabrielle Beaulieu Month ago

    Dont worry you did a great job thx

  • fisk saxunn
    fisk saxunn Month ago

    Wait, do you have to take into account the height coordinate if your on a regular world

  • Dry Guy
    Dry Guy Month ago

    Great vid, really well explained actually. Now time to link up my main base to a village several thousand blocks away OH BOY

  • Brenton Coates
    Brenton Coates Month ago

    I moved my nether portal to make my house better and went in to see where it brought me. A blaze startled me so I went back in and ended up in a cave.

  • Michael Harrod
    Michael Harrod Month ago +1

    This hurts my brain

  • Sapphy Heart
    Sapphy Heart 2 months ago

    Saved my bacon with this one.

  • SuspiciousStuff
    SuspiciousStuff 2 months ago

    I think... Take main nether portal cordinates screenshot. Then go to place where u want other 'overportal' and build it there. Then enter in to go into nether. Then open screenshot of your main nether portal coordinates and dig your way to it... Go thru it.. bam u are back home. Tell me if i am wrong, why need all maths? And also with this you can get portal exactly where u want.

  • GavinPlaysMinecraft
    GavinPlaysMinecraft 2 months ago

    feels like math class

  • trick chins
    trick chins 2 months ago

    So Y doesn't matter?

  • PeaceFresh
    PeaceFresh 2 months ago

    my problem is this, in 1.14.4 i go to the roof of the nether (passing the bedrock and everything)

    the portals are in place (correct coordinates) i checked out and everything

    but the fucking game modified the high (Y coordinate) of the portal, instead of teleporting me in the roof, teleports me in some fucking random place at the same coordinates but not on the roof, where i made the portal

    (spawn a random portal on the nether instead of teleporting me in the portal i made in the roof)

    any solution? Fix?

    • PeaceFresh
      PeaceFresh 2 months ago

      I fix it

      You can't put your main portal on the roof of the nether (passing bedrock), yes or yes have to be below the bedrock, then you can put all other portals to another destinations (not your base) on the roof on the nether, when you go back from your destination to the nether it will teleport you on your main portal, and then you can go teleport to your home or go to the roof and choose another portal

  • Scorpious 23
    Scorpious 23 2 months ago

    is this outdated? its not working

  • Recky
    Recky 2 months ago +1

    I’m just scrolling looking at which comments python hearted and wish that I wrote that 🙂

  • JD Kasper
    JD Kasper 2 months ago

    Thanks, my friend and I have a word but with a ton of islands. It is so hard to get around but now, it should be easier!

  • Bas de Jong
    Bas de Jong 2 months ago

    Quick pro tip: netherportals generate unused obsidian. As you probably already (and should) know the corners of the portal can be removed, and the newly generated portals have corners, so you can win 4 obsidian back from 1 portal.

  • Saad Dar
    Saad Dar 2 months ago

    good explaination but this is very hard to understand for the gamer who do not understand the video
    1. write down you X and Z axis values of you destination for example X=800 Z=800
    2. divide them with 8 the awnser is 100 for both (this is just an example)
    3. go to the location nether at the X=100 Z=100
    4. build a portal there
    5. Enjoy
    any question then reply (sorry for the bad English iam do not live US)

  • TheLastCheeseBurger
    TheLastCheeseBurger 3 months ago

    Not clear, sorry my IQ is 2

  • Funky Rooster
    Funky Rooster 3 months ago

    So how long would it take to go 10,000 9,800 to 3,800 and 2,000 😂

  • CrabMiner
    CrabMiner 3 months ago +1

    Imagine someone pop at area 51 and then be like oh shit miss calculation

  • Noahs 6c
    Noahs 6c 3 months ago

    i cant do this...

    you know why?


  • chris seaton
    chris seaton 3 months ago

    is the shield a mod? ive never seen that thing

    • Judith Smith
      Judith Smith 25 days ago

      2019 The shield is a normal part of my equipment in Bedrock - great for deflecting fireballs and arrows as well as attacks hand to hand. Regards.

  • Shaun Blyth
    Shaun Blyth 3 months ago

    me: finds Obsidian and builds nether portal. Stand back guys I'm gonna do science!

  • Zekland Productions
    Zekland Productions 3 months ago

    This is so dumb

  • Hazard
    Hazard 3 months ago

    5:49 How do I know whether to add or subtract?

    • it's ya boi
      it's ya boi 2 months ago +1

      Depends what way your your going. So like if your going positive north and east you would add and vice versa

  • BlueQuartz 31
    BlueQuartz 31 3 months ago

    Does the Y Co-ordinate have to be the same??

  • seanmc 71
    seanmc 71 3 months ago +1

    Way too complicated for a game. No thanks ill just walk. It's a hell of alot easier then this.

  • jayden Pangelinan gaming

    I can't find other nether

  • jayden Pangelinan gaming

    Im lost

  • jayden Pangelinan gaming

    I don't know it

  • Moody Goats
    Moody Goats 3 months ago

    im just going to fly around.....

  • UzaylıPatates
    UzaylıPatates 3 months ago

    makes a portal a little bit below the normal one

  • Mads toft
    Mads toft 3 months ago

    Thanks man works like a charm

  • linda
    linda 3 months ago

    i just want to play minecraft and now i gotta do maths..

  • Cali Monbebe
    Cali Monbebe 3 months ago

    So I have one portal at my house at x(415) and Z(1764) and another at my end portal X(1264) Z(823) .... my portal at the end portal takes me to the one thts at my house instead of a new portal. And I go back through it just takes me to my house. I don't know what to do to fix this.

  • Brian Hampton
    Brian Hampton 3 months ago +1

    Save yourself a lot of time. If you know the overworld coordinates just divide them by 8 and that tells you what your Nether coordinates need to be and build your portal there.

  • Jj Macalde
    Jj Macalde 3 months ago +1


  • GatorNationIn TX
    GatorNationIn TX 3 months ago +1

    Thank you so much I just linked up my portal to my house to my end! Thanks