• Published on Sep 6, 2019
    Where I get my music from 👉
    What I use to track calories:
    The camera's I used for this video:
    GoPro Hero 7:
    Sony A7SII
    Rolling by Confz -

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  • Konstantin
    Konstantin  Month ago +270

    WEIGHT UPDATE: Forgot to keep up with this on the vlog but at the end of the week there was a 1.5kg weight difference.
    PART 1:
    PART 2:
    PART 3:

    • FaZe LandFill
      FaZe LandFill Month ago

      You should do this as like a monthly thing

    • jason smith
      jason smith Month ago

      btw i hear that reggaton beat😉VAMOS HPTA

    • Evren Er
      Evren Er Month ago

      Konstantin why did you not shower

    • Gethin Evans
      Gethin Evans Month ago +4

      Why can’t there be a part 4

    • PetterTr22
      PetterTr22 Month ago +2

      finally ksi is training

  • paul basco
    paul basco 3 days ago

    8:47 idk why but it looks so funny 😂😂😂

  • Joe Deans
    Joe Deans 15 days ago

    What gym are you and ksi training in?
    looks like a really good gym

  • Ryan Wilson
    Ryan Wilson 21 day ago

    What kind of car does Tobi have

  • ツLearf
    ツLearf 22 days ago

    Kon!!!! Where can we buy merch??

  • BeeMan Bulent SuperstarBill com Electronic Music

    i dont like rap but i loved this men, hey konstantin can you challange me, can you start fire on me?

  • Khym WantsToDie
    Khym WantsToDie 28 days ago

    Kon is such a cute boyfriend

  • B O X E
    B O X E 28 days ago

    Make more of these Kon!!

  • Tomikins
    Tomikins 29 days ago

    Can you do more editing videos I would love that so much❤️

  • shakeem Archer
    shakeem Archer Month ago

    Good fucking vid kon

  • Lebam Tata
    Lebam Tata Month ago +1

    i would dream of training w jj

  • Lebam Tata
    Lebam Tata Month ago

    13:59 jj stsarting to reform

  • denden51
    denden51 Month ago

    you look like Bill Skarsgard!!!

  • Simen Finstad
    Simen Finstad Month ago

    Love to see JJ Train for the fight

  • Ahmad Hasif Abdul Nasir

    Never give up bro. 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

  • Gelep
    Gelep Month ago

    U say "I couldnt do it" but u keep doing it, nice

  • kyl Powell
    kyl Powell Month ago

    Random question... what did you do the day after this video, did you still keep track of your calories ? Still done exccersise? Or did you just laze around and enjoy a nice day off lol

    • kyl Powell
      kyl Powell Month ago

      @Konstantin omg you've replied! Thanks for taking time out of your day to reply, hope you enjoyed gamescom and enjoy the rest of your day!

    • Konstantin
      Konstantin  Month ago

      kyl Powell I went to Germany for Gamescom for three days so was pretty active still

  • Daftyy
    Daftyy Month ago

    im getting inspired rn

  • Underwear Baker
    Underwear Baker Month ago

    Ma man KSI looks pretty skinny

  • Tom Griffin
    Tom Griffin Month ago +1

    Keep going lad after this you'll give bezinga a run for his money

    OMEGA Month ago

    All of them burning fat like crazy.Me here just watchin this vid in my bed with some chips....🤣

  • TZ ANK
    TZ ANK Month ago

    I once had a muscle cramp in the treadmill

  • Pruthuvi Akalanka
    Pruthuvi Akalanka Month ago

    I fucking love you man
    Keep up the good work
    I'm a new subscriber btw

  • Young Diamond335
    Young Diamond335 Month ago

    Not gonna lie you was slacking on the Saturday but you done the hard work and it paid off your one determined mofo and I respect you for it my guy 💯💯

  • thijs vnoordt
    thijs vnoordt Month ago

    Saying your body is letting you down is lowkey weak. If you've ever done boxing s&c you know its purely mental

    • thijs vnoordt
      thijs vnoordt Month ago

      @Ekidel very true but i meant on occasion

    • Ekidel
      Ekidel Month ago

      Nah man, without doubt there’s no doubt that on occasion it’s mental and all it takes is a push. But you need to listen to your body, they’ll be days where you just can’t and your body will tell you so.

  • NSB Gamer
    NSB Gamer Month ago

    Please do a transformation video!!

  • Sam Gilbert
    Sam Gilbert Month ago

    Come lad

  • Kalam Mustafa
    Kalam Mustafa Month ago

    Which Fitbit is that?

  • Roxburgh
    Roxburgh Month ago +2

    Great series brother. Loved this

  • K S I
    K S I Month ago

    I thought you Were Benzga

  • M2Slappy
    M2Slappy Month ago +1

    how tf did he know that i clicked on because ksi was on the thumbnail >:D

  • Josh Binghit
    Josh Binghit Month ago

    Bro kon keep up the work man. I love that positivity and how u don't give up. Keep doing them vids bruv

  • Karan Chauhan
    Karan Chauhan Month ago

    Are you Ethan's brother

  • The Rivster
    The Rivster Month ago

    I've subscribed but need to question something..
    how is it possible for what seems a nice guy who talks like an adult who also shows respect to everyone..
    yet he only has 325K subscribers????
    compared to "comedy shortage" Mr Wank gang who isn't an adult doesn't show any truth or respect to anybody and has 9.8M????

  • Tashan Thomas
    Tashan Thomas Month ago

    JJ’s shirt legit changed colours.

  • Aryan C
    Aryan C Month ago

    "Control your breathing, that's the key"
    -something to take away

  • Joe Johnson
    Joe Johnson Month ago

    Ngl mate, but this was a banging video you should do more of these.

  • James Telcer
    James Telcer Month ago


  • Over Essential
    Over Essential Month ago +4

    I’m new and when I clicked I honestly thought u were bezingha 😂

  • The Great Escape
    The Great Escape Month ago

    Good job man.

  • Breaker
    Breaker Month ago

    I believe in just 1 month u will hit 1.5 million subscribers,,,,,, btw I subscribed, this is the first video I saw and I loved it,

  • Deku
    Deku Month ago

    Respect for kon for helping the sidemen while doing his own youtube content.. Keep up ma man!!

  • NOTHING 2413
    NOTHING 2413 Month ago

    Respect the hardwork bro keep it up 💯🤘👏

  • Travis Ireland
    Travis Ireland Month ago

    Correct but not watching 1 and 2

  • EvaQ8
    EvaQ8 Month ago +1

    track id at 13:35 someone ? :D

  • Logan Adams
    Logan Adams Month ago

    Not gonna lie JJ be shredding hard af

  • The Wannabe In The Sidemen

    This is why everyone says Kon is Ethan's brother

  • jason smith
    jason smith Month ago

    yessss matee i lovr it

  • intelligent Human
    intelligent Human Month ago +4

    About the intro if people watch KSI or any of the Sidemen and they dont know who you are Kon then they arent true fans g

  • Tharsan J
    Tharsan J Month ago

    lit ep.

  • Unknown
    Unknown Month ago

    17:21 when is this shirt being released 😩

  • Unknown
    Unknown Month ago +2

    How does kon burn calories so quick I lose 25 calories in a 10 min run how did he lose 80 in a 5 min run😩😩

  • Xd Grenion
    Xd Grenion Month ago

    How’d you know I only clicked cause of ksi 😂

  • Alex w
    Alex w Month ago +1

    Your correct I only clicked because ksi was in the thumbnail

  • Aji Kuriakose
    Aji Kuriakose Month ago

    people came here only to see jj train

  • MIAX15
    MIAX15 Month ago

    Skillshare - give me money
    TheXvid - have loads of free videos about everything

  • liam crutch
    liam crutch Month ago

    i would get freya to sit on talias lap and and i would bang the shit out of talia so her vagina would will rub against freya

  • E Cruz
    E Cruz Month ago

    Great Job Kon. Keep Grinding keep up the good work. Very inspirational to all and pushing til the very end. Keep up the good work‼️‼️‼️💯

  • Daniel Canwell
    Daniel Canwell Month ago

    Leaving the night out... Love that commitment from you!

  • Darryl G
    Darryl G Month ago +1

    This series made me realize that even though you’re “unhealthy” You still can do most things that heavier people can’t do. I mean you can swim, ice skate and do many athletic things (I can’t even fo those). Hype for you kon.