Mercedes-AMG G63 vs Suzuki Jimny - TUG OF WAR

  • Published on Mar 30, 2019
  • It’s time for a bit of Saturday fun with a difference! The Mercedes-AMG G63 is one of the luxurious SUVs on the market, but of course it doesn’t come cheap, with a price tag of £150,000! So what would happen when it goes up against a £15,000 Jimny? There’s only one way to find out… Stick with Mat to see what happens!
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Comments • 3 808

  • Minor Doge
    Minor Doge 8 days ago


  • J M
    J M 9 days ago +1

    The Jimny must win every time

  • Nthepeng Bopape
    Nthepeng Bopape 10 days ago

    My mans Is reading a news paper when the race 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😅😅😅😅😅😄😄😄😄😄

  • Lax King
    Lax King 11 days ago

    We was reading the newspaper and eating a sandwich

  • Cok De
    Cok De 14 days ago

    3vs1? Isnt fair man Mercedes-Benz The Best Or Nothing

  • Abbas ahmed
    Abbas ahmed 17 days ago

    Whether it comes with smart hybrid technology or not.

  • Abbas ahmed
    Abbas ahmed 17 days ago

    Suzuki gymny is 104.1 hp

  • Dylan Blox
    Dylan Blox 17 days ago

    Now imagine what what would happen if you brought 10 jimny’s together to pull the g wagon.

  • Udah Makan?
    Udah Makan? 18 days ago +1

    1 Mercedes-AMG G63 = 3 Suzuki Jimny.

  • Pol Daniel
    Pol Daniel 19 days ago


  • Elijah Arnold
    Elijah Arnold 19 days ago

    Rottweiler v Chihuahua

  • Vibhu Shukla
    Vibhu Shukla 20 days ago +1


  • Lone Ranger
    Lone Ranger 20 days ago

    No wonder there is a waiting list for the Jimny in the UK CarWow gets them first, how about putting paying customers first and stop CarWow from dicking around with them first. I pity any owner of any of these 4x4's after CarWow have finished playing with them😱

  • Whoever Whoever
    Whoever Whoever 20 days ago

    Quantity always > Quality

  • Tily Skinner
    Tily Skinner 21 day ago +1


  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 23 days ago +1

    Wouldn't have ever knew the g wagon will win

  • sala sean
    sala sean 24 days ago

    Total disaster. Comparing indlovu to imbuzi

  • R-Cabz
    R-Cabz 26 days ago +1

    3 Jimny's beat a G-Wagon. And its still 105 grand cheaper than the G-Wagon.

  • Jasmine Stone
    Jasmine Stone 28 days ago

    lThe g was balling lol

  • عبدالرحمان قرقاب


  • Simeon Kirov
    Simeon Kirov Month ago +1

    suzuki jimni са многозле

  • Lewis Hatchery
    Lewis Hatchery Month ago

    4:52 why the tire didnt spin on the G?

  • Guntur Simatupang
    Guntur Simatupang Month ago

    Gak masuk akal
    Masa kambing disuruh melawan kerbau..

  • Yo Bro
    Yo Bro Month ago

    The jeep grand cheeroke trackhawk destoys the GWagon

  • AmericanPetrolHeads

    How many Jimnys to pull the 6x6

  • Rodwell Cort
    Rodwell Cort Month ago

    This is the best car video I've seen all year

  • Maniwasaki
    Maniwasaki Month ago

    So 10 times more expensive and just 3 jimneys beat it? I was thinking you might bring 10. But if 3 do the job, these Jimneys are really great value

  • Sev Raonic
    Sev Raonic Month ago

    Well obviously, you kissed only the Jimny, so...

  • Miljörör för Språkpartiet

    4L and a G63 badge? Time for M3 CSL badges on the 316d.

  • Moo HWK
    Moo HWK Month ago

    2 g Klasse vs 100 Jimmys

  • Jc Handal
    Jc Handal Month ago


  • Sunny
    Sunny Month ago +2

    The first TUG of WAR was 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂🤣

    Same with the SECOND one 🤣🤣😂🤣

  • flash
    flash Month ago

    Good Mercedes

  • Boopathi Boopathimurugan

    Cost of product is 1 G equal to 10 gimnys 😁

  • Louise Oliphant
    Louise Oliphant Month ago

    this guest from the sun is an absolute twat

  • Thabangradebe stabiledi

    He wasn't even holding the wheel ...G wagon 😍😘😗his relexed eating sandwich.


    Which car sounds better?

    Jimny: Like G63: Comment

  • C63s ///AMG
    C63s ///AMG Month ago

    Where the g65 6×6 😈😈

  • Axmed Axmed
    Axmed Axmed Month ago


  • Ravi A. Bargiel
    Ravi A. Bargiel Month ago

    Daimler 💪🏼

  • Ajay Singh Kheechee

    When it takes 3 kids to pull dad..

  • AcXHarris
    AcXHarris Month ago

    to be fair now a test G VS Unimog. ;) Because its not about power ... only weight!

    3 Jimnys ... still cheaper than a G.....

  • Aldair Alexander
    Aldair Alexander Month ago


  • Logitech Bass and gaiming

    Hes looking at the news paper

  • Logitech Bass and gaiming

    He finally gets to drive the sucky car

  • justin kohsman
    justin kohsman Month ago

    Lmao if this moron wouldnt have floored it, it would have been a better turn out

  • Daniel777
    Daniel777 Month ago

    Not fair

    KATIX Month ago

    G65 vs Smart fortwo

  • Saari Mbango
    Saari Mbango Month ago

    G 63 vs landcruiser that would be something

  • Will Ambrose
    Will Ambrose Month ago

    NOOOOO HELP ME I CANT LOSE YOU AGAIN!!!!!as he just listens to him die while eating a burger

  • Quang Tran Thanh
    Quang Tran Thanh Month ago


  • adnan butt
    adnan butt Month ago


  • Alfayo Robin
    Alfayo Robin Month ago

    G wagon is a machine gun

  • Nemanja Savic
    Nemanja Savic Month ago

    Cyber Truck vs. Jimmy, when???

  • Christiaan Bruynseels

    Back when i was younger i tought : '2020? We will be living on mars and there will be flying cars'
    Look at me sitting here in my underwear seeing this.

  • ニコラ・テスラフリーエネルギー


  • Rikard
    Rikard Month ago +1

    This is quite a useless and misleading test. It only shows that the Mercedes weighs more than two Jimnys and less than three Jimnys. Assuming tires and friction coefficients are the same (same road conditions). For simplicity we can say that the friction coefficient
    is equal to 1. If we further assume they are both in 4WD, weight distributions can be neglected. Then the maximum pulling force of one Jimny is 10 000 N (m*g*u: weight of car*gravitational field strength*friction: 1000 kg*10 m/s2*1). The maximum pulling force of the Mercedes is 25 800 N since its mass is 2580 kg. The conclusion is that two Jimnys are insufficient but three Jimmys are enough to pull the Mercedes. The test does not show which car is more powerful only which one weighs more! If you want to challenge my arguments try two Mercedes (5160 kg) versus five Jimnys (5000 kg) and I bet it’s going to be close to a tie! 😊 Or two Jimnys loaded with 300 kg each (2600 kg) versus one Mercedes (2580 kg) :).

  • Tom Britton
    Tom Britton Month ago

    I'd just like to say... Rob is very smug, works for the sun, and makes a very dishonest living from people's misery. He is a C U Next Tuesday

  • Anti War
    Anti War Month ago

    Before you buy a car look first at NCAP crash test results. Jimny is not safe, its a high decorated and expensive car for the quality.

  • Black Panda - [ PUBG MOBILE]

    Poor Jimny.