Mitski - Love Me More (Official Video)

  • Published on Jan 11, 2022
  • “Love Me More” the new song by Mitski from the forthcoming album ‘Laurel Hell’, out February 4th 2022 on Dead Oceans.
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    If I keep myself at home
    I won’t make the same mistake
    That I made for 15 years
    I could be a new girl
    I will be a new girl

    I wish that this would go away
    But when I’m done singing this song
    I will have to find something else
    To do to keep me here
    Something else to keep me here

    Here’s my hand
    There’s the itch
    But I’m not supposed to scratch

    I need you to love me more
    Love me more, love me more
    Love enough to fill me up
    Fill me up, fill me full up
    I need you to love me more
    Love me more, love me more
    Love enough to drown it out
    Drown it out, drown me out

    How do other people live
    I wonder how they keep it up
    When today is finally done
    There’s another day to come
    Then another day to come
    Then another day to come

    Come back to mine
    We’ll pretend it ends tomorrow

    I need you to love me more
    Love me more, love me more
    Love enough to fill me up
    Fill me up, fill me full up
    I need you to love me more
    Love me more, love me more
    Love enough to drown it out
    Drown it out, drown me out

    I need you to love me more
    Love me more, love me more
    Love enough to clean me up
    Clean me up, clean me up
    Clean me up, clean me up
    Clean me up, clean me up
    I need you to love me more
    Love me more, love me more


    Director: Christopher Good
    Producer: Andreina Byrne
    Producer: Megan Mantia
    Executive Producer: Jeremy Osbern
    Director of Photography: Jeremy Osbern
    AC: Jackson Montemayor
    AC: Alex McClaran
    Grip: Karen Foglesong
    Key Grip: Jon Breitkreutz
    Jib: Max Jolley & Dexter Melton
    Process Trailer: Jerry Koukol
    Hair & Makeup Stylist: Shelby Loos
    Costume Designer: Andreina Byrne
    Production Designer: Megan Mantia
    Art Director: Amelia Reeves
    Set Dressers: Khitam Jabr, Liv Gallo, Rose Palmer, Sky Cowdry
    Leadman/ Graveyard Fabricator: Anson DeOrnery
    Piano Key Set Fabricator: Anthony Putzier
    Moving Mirror Fabricator: Mary Nichols
    Mitski Marionette: Matt Scott
    Bluebird Marionette: Geahk Burchill
    Motorcycle Driver/ Double: Angela Nguyen-Jones
    Paperboy: Jackson Rogers
    Spotlight Operators: Rose Palmer & Chris Cepeda
    Marionette Operators: Daniel D'Angelo, Megan Mantia, Amelia Reeves, Rose Palmer
    Piano Key Choreographers: Chase Horseman & Liv Gallo
    Piano Key Operators: Chase Horseman, Liv Gallo, Zak Gorsuch, Ingrid Weaver, Emmalene Nichols, Oz Overshiner, Bella Grace Cordero, Ava DiCapo
    Editor: Christopher Good
    Color: Clark Griffiths
    Flame VFX/ Compositing and Digital Cleanup: Ryan Wood
    Traffic Light and Puddle VFX and Compositing: Cooper Vacheron
    BTS Photography: Ada Brumback, Alec Nicholas, Sky Cowdry & Chris Cepeda

    Mitski - Love Me More (Official Video)

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  • carou
    carou 21 hour ago +6


  • Bribe
    Bribe 16 hours ago +2

    Can we just appreciate how beautiful her set design and imagery is?!!!

  • Laís Santana
    Laís Santana 14 hours ago +967

    I really can’t imagine myself not liking her new songs, everything released this days i enjoyed so much. Mitski is my favorite artist.

  • nunchi ro
    nunchi ro 16 hours ago +772

    How does she always manage to describe exactly what I'm feeling the exact moment I'm feeling it I'm crying so BAD

  • za k
    za k 16 hours ago +937


  • Connor Yu
    Connor Yu 14 hours ago +104

    This song is beautiful because it functions on so many levels. On the one hand at face value it’s about a relationship, wanting someone to be so in love with you, with such an outpouring of emotion, that it “makes you whole” or fills you up, and drowns out your insecurities. On the other, it’s about needing to love yourself more. The entire video she is interacting with iterations of herself: she’s driving herself on the motorcycle, she’s asking the doll her to let her in, she’s mimicking the poses of her drawn self. She wants to change via self love, but doesn’t know how.

  • Equinox
    Equinox 21 hour ago +4

    Nothing beats feeling stabbed in the heart by a Mitski song. Absolutely cannot wait to feel that again!

  • learn with moonie chan
    learn with moonie chan 16 hours ago +269

    there's something i really love about mitski's choreography in her music videos. i find a lot of music videos nonessential to the listening experience, but with mitski's i do think you should try to watch them at least once if you can to really get the full measure of what she's trying to say. there's something about her use of movement and dance that, no matter whether it's uncomfortable, erotic, funny, pained, joyful, or sad, it's not superficial. there's meaning to it.

  • Emily Savage
    Emily Savage 16 hours ago +150

    I recently came to terms with my diagnosis of BPD. This song instantly reminded me of it.

  • huh
    huh 16 hours ago +344

    she captured the exact feeling so many fellow artists go through, mitski you're amazing 😭

  • erika gonzalez
    erika gonzalez 16 hours ago +416

    Like most of Mitski's music this song can be interpreted in different ways. I think that, by the symbols in the music video like the dying battery and the heart (aka the like button), this song is referring to how we use social media to drown out our thoughts and the problems we face by constantly consuming content that might not always be good for us. Not only that but we use platforms such as instagram to be versions of ourselves that we wish we were but in reality are not because real people have flaws and insecurities. Yes, even those instagram models with millions of followers don't always feel and look as gorgeous as they do in those flawless pictures that they post. It's a growing problem, especially for teens and young adults, and so I'm glad that there is an amazing song like this one to express some of the feelings most people couldn't put into words.

  • lol
    lol 16 hours ago +133

    mitski 사랑해 <3333

  • wnrd
    wnrd 21 hour ago +263

    I literally can't wait for the entire album because all of these songs have been SO good

  • Susana Ramirez
    Susana Ramirez 16 hours ago +119

    That 80's beat hits so well with Mitski's sad voice 😩😩😩

  • ivi 7710
    ivi 7710 16 hours ago +276

    Я так сильно люблю её и её творчество!! Любой день станет лучшим, если послушать её музыку!!)) Плачу от радости, каждый раз когда выходит любой материал)!!)!!)!

  • Butterfly Taster
    Butterfly Taster 16 hours ago +49


  • Jay E
    Jay E 16 hours ago +127

    this song is so perfect to listen to in the car, it just feels like motion

  • Joy Niy👑
    Joy Niy👑 9 hours ago +86

    She puts everything into words and the only way u can understand what it feels like is to experience it but unfortunately you can’t which is why this song was made and….it just makes a loop ending and beginning in Mitski 😌

  • Sal
    Sal 19 hours ago +686


  • Lucy
    Lucy 12 hours ago +46

    Mitski, lo único que tengo para decir es que sos hermosa y tu música es arte, y eso jamás va a cambiar, AHAA AMO.♡