Roger Federer Semi-Final Press Conference Wimbledon 2019

  • Published on Jul 12, 2019
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Comments • 939

  • Lee S
    Lee S 25 days ago

    It’s great when your role models stay your role models.

  • 孔明諸葛亮
    孔明諸葛亮 26 days ago

    Rodeger in Uniqlo wear looks sooo weird, I miss him in Nike wear....

  • Montenegro
    Montenegro Month ago

    I am waiting for a day when he loses another GS final vs Novak Djokovic (maybe at the US Open this September), and then immediately stands in front of 15 000 of his fans and asks them to stop jeering and booing his opponent, one of the best players in the history of tennis. He should tell them - both partisan crowds of Wimbledon and New York, that Novak did not deserve their nastiness every time he defeats him - their favourite. Novak is only playing tennis, he is not leading the war or physically killing Roger. Once Roger does that, it would make him a better person.

  • Edward Schoenman
    Edward Schoenman Month ago

    As far as I am concerned, Roger won. Novak plays hard and well, but Roger does the same, with grace.

  • krisna putra
    krisna putra Month ago

    Somebody correct me if i'm wrong.
    13:10 Swiss French
    15:00 Swiss German
    16:20 Austrian/Bavarian German
    18:12 Swiss German
    19:45 French French

  • Thelonious Coltrane

    the greatest of them all...
    Nadal and Novak, though. Respect.

  • Hrkljuš Dimijandanović

    Novak beat the crowd and Federer. That is called "inat". Hahhaha what a great day for Serbian.

  • tillbot8
    tillbot8 Month ago

    Absolutly bottled the final, so disapointing, sliced slowly right into Novaks hands far too often, he was ready to be beaten today and still let two champ points slip :/

  • inta0003
    inta0003 Month ago

    Wah how many languages does he speak!

  • Irfan G
    Irfan G Month ago

    Novak will beat him straight set i bet

  • Vladimir Brozik
    Vladimir Brozik Month ago

    Federer and Nadal are titans of tennis for their great attitude towards others, respect and professionalism.

  • Michael Kosta
    Michael Kosta Month ago

    ladies and gentlemant sit and listen to the GOAT talk no interruptions please! BOW DOWN To GREATNESS

  • edkren
    edkren Month ago

    On the court, we see a demonstration of shots selection..
    On the press con room, we see a demonstration of languages selection..

  • mem Sisters
    mem Sisters Month ago

    Half a million views, and no " untertitle" translation, subtitles, not all people are polyglot as federer, lol

  • Raptor
    Raptor Month ago +1

    Federer and Nadal are two only legends, nobody else.

  • Josh Heinink
    Josh Heinink Month ago

    Your so impressive in many ways I wish everyone was nice like this

  • Douglas Faria
    Douglas Faria Month ago

    I’ve only gotten into tennis recently, but I admire the professionalism and humility these athletes display in interviews. Contrast that with the NBA and NFL crybabies like Russel Westbrook, James Dolan, Richard Sherman and so many others who disrespect journalists and even fans. As if they are entitled to their millions without the support of fans and the media

  • Wayne Panaino
    Wayne Panaino Month ago +1

    What a gentleman Roger is. Love the way he talks to each of the media reporters with such respect and sincerity. Can't wait for the final with Novak.

  • ayush garg
    ayush garg Month ago

    5:50 oh not too bad not too bad

  • Jonathan Marocco
    Jonathan Marocco Month ago

    Perfect English, French, Swiss German and German...Incredibly kind and warm human being... Exemplary husband and father... Tennis's GOAT. What a man...

  • RS Zauvijek
    RS Zauvijek Month ago

    NOLE No1🎾🎾🎾

  • Super G!
    Super G! Month ago +1

    Now I will cook an omelet while reciting Shakespeare in Italian.... Go RODGER!

  • Tyler Betthauser
    Tyler Betthauser Month ago

    These journalists have the dumbest questions.

  • steve kresevic
    steve kresevic Month ago

    Best sportsman of all time😍

  • Kyle Links
    Kyle Links Month ago +1

    Lol where are those Rafatards?

  • Michael Lau
    Michael Lau Month ago

    I’m still here listening to his French interview. I don’t know one word in French.

  • Sonia Srikanth
    Sonia Srikanth Month ago

    He's so humble, down to earth, and just such an inspiration. What an amazing role model for young tennis players. I will have a hole in my heart when he retires :( Tennis will never be the same.

  • David Campbell
    David Campbell Month ago +1

    He's unreal, honestly an alien, press conference in about 8 languages, stop it, mancrush overload!

  • Lino
    Lino Month ago


  • S abd
    S abd Month ago

    What a humble legend

  • Boom shakalaka
    Boom shakalaka Month ago +1

    One of Rogers inner people told me ,that this is his last Wimbledon (most likely-depending on the outcome)....He is ending his career at Tokyo (Olympics), last chance for the Gold medal

  • OriginalKarasu
    OriginalKarasu Month ago

    11:27 "He's a champ, I'm a champ" well said xD

  • 東勝男
    東勝男 Month ago

    les mêmes questions quel qu'il soit en français, allemand ou en anglais.

  • 東勝男
    東勝男 Month ago

    roger's taking ped's for sure! no way with all the injuries that naturally afflict players would there be any chance of a 38year-old guy keeping up with faster and younger guys year-after-year. they're all on steroids!!!!

  • trashkwekwe
    trashkwekwe Month ago

    How he's switching from English to French, German and Schwitzertitsch... like a boss!

  • Desmond O'Reilly
    Desmond O'Reilly Month ago

    He really transcends his own sport. He is manners, humility and dignity personified. An amazing player...but so much more besides. Feel privileged to have lived during his reign.

  • Johnmate johntell
    Johnmate johntell Month ago

    Wow this man is the best tennis player so far no doubt . Love u Roger

  • Ananda Amno
    Ananda Amno Month ago

    just imagine, put 'Sir' in front of his name .. Sir Roger Federer ...

  • KiKiChRiZ
    KiKiChRiZ Month ago

    18:06 uff

  • Zo Karim
    Zo Karim Month ago

    PLEASE add closed captions so those who don't speak multiple languages or all the languages (myself) can understand the back half of interviews. Especially for Roger and Rafa. These are two of the greatest sports competitors in the history of humanity.

  • me so what
    me so what Month ago +1

    What a legend! I think he'll win the title if he keeps the same level he had against Rafa.

  • Basil Carpenter jr
    Basil Carpenter jr Month ago +1

    Just think top 3 alltime tennis players playing at same time when all three leave damn it will hurt tennis plus stan the man one my fav. Leave soon to

    BAZXXXBEST Month ago

    Roger give up it’s time man

  • B V
    B V Month ago

    2003 u and Serena won.. 2019 she lost and will too

  • B V
    B V Month ago

    Joker is gonna win in straight sets Roger 😂😂

  • Kevin Scholfield
    Kevin Scholfield Month ago

    Roger Federer, the Peoples' Champ!

  • barryschwarz
    barryschwarz Month ago

    I've known he speaks several languages/dialects, for a long time, but never seen him do it all in one session. He is a Renaissance man. Reaching out across cultures, but not exceeding his grasp. Effortlessly available to so many, yet not arrogant in his knowledge that he can. A good guy. A brother. An elite human being. So many things at once. Whether he wins this year at Wimbledon or not, it doesn't matter. He leaves the world a better place because of the way he is. Many might do this in a local sphere. There are more saints among the milieu than we realize (I say after many decades living and querying our species), but he managed to be one during that single-minded pursuit that usually comes from those who are not saints. Bravo, Federer. Good life, brother. x

  • Richard Laurente
    Richard Laurente Month ago

    Come on Roger

  • Hugo Zupan
    Hugo Zupan Month ago +1

    Who here loves the voice of Italian journalist 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♀️?

  • Ifmusicbethefoodoflove Egc

    I have great admiration & respect for Federer's tennis, but his language skills are also pretty impressive!

  • Sam Arshad
    Sam Arshad Month ago

    13:50 Samosa
    15:07 Superman

  • Dragan iz Doma Ludih

    Gee I really respect this GOAT veteran, he's only 4 months younger than me!😄
    May the better player win, look forward to this one👌

  • Xacber26
    Xacber26 Month ago

    Merci Roger. Je te regarde écrire l'Histoire demain.

  • Elisemckenna
    Elisemckenna Month ago

    Revenge finally for 2008 final

  • Vo Vanh
    Vo Vanh Month ago

    God he's so smart

  • This Ordinary Life
    This Ordinary Life Month ago

    There is a reason - a very good reason - why these two playing against one another (or together) are absolute Box Office viewing and this match showed it. Such polar opposites and yet so close in ability to one another. Just joyous to be part of this era...

  • Boris VBWilliamson
    Boris VBWilliamson Month ago

    Federer Forever

  • Alex Wainaina
    Alex Wainaina Month ago

    I am so jealous at how Fluent he is in multiple languages.. any one would pass as his first language! Very well spoken.
    Tennis: He's the unofficial King of grass. Nobody glides as easily as he does on the centre court at Wimbledon. He knows every corner every spot, easy work against Anybody who does not play at their absolute best - all things constant. Novak will have to play a perfect match on Sunday to beat him. It will be quite a cracker, and looking forward to it - All this coming from a heartbroken Rafa fan😔

  • Marvin Odhiambo
    Marvin Odhiambo Month ago +5

    ''he hits those long rallies in his sleep on clay.'' vintage lol

  • lapland 03
    lapland 03 Month ago +1

    wheres the flower guy?

  • Elmo.
    Elmo. Month ago +2

    The elegance of this man on and off the court. Plays with unrivalled style and grace and then sits down and answers questions in three different languages in his press conference. Federer is the James Bond of not just tennis, but of the whole sporting world.

  • Lucia Sithole Taylor

    Best players Rafa and Roger, very respectful. They made me enjoy this game , l don't mind who wins when the two are playing. All the best Roger 💪💪💪

  • Dennis Kumar
    Dennis Kumar Month ago

    when Roger Federer retires, I too will retire from my job. He is the motivation for me. When he wins a match , i work more than 8 hrs at office. When he loses, it will be sick leave for me the next day...

  • Dana B
    Dana B Month ago

    Congrats, Rog!

  • Alex casey
    Alex casey Month ago

    He will have a press conference in Serbian on Sunday beside English, French and German. Cheers !!!!!

  • shikha b
    shikha b Month ago

    I wonder if simona has time to see this interview 😇

  • Margi Noser
    Margi Noser Month ago

    Roger Federer Transvestigation

  • Michael
    Michael Month ago

    who else is working on sunday? :(

  • doculam
    doculam Month ago

    The way he just switches so effortlessly between languages. #GOAT

  • Siamak Afshar
    Siamak Afshar Month ago

    Rafa's analysis of Roger's success , complete and concise: 'He is able to make difficult jobs easy and he takes the ball earlier than anybody else'.

  • Domantas Norkus
    Domantas Norkus Month ago

    132 Nole's fans disliked this video :/

  • Luke Eaton
    Luke Eaton Month ago

    The unequivocal and unarguable GOAT

  • A Who Snackbar
    A Who Snackbar Month ago +2

    Sampras retired at 31 for a reason. He'd shave before the match and by the 3rd set, he'd be tripping over his beard.
    He couldn't take it anymore.

  • Mohamed Abuelgasim
    Mohamed Abuelgasim Month ago

    The Legend ! What a humble man with a brilliant mindset and sportsmanship!
    Much respect to the legend

  • Vito Abbate
    Vito Abbate Month ago +1

    Federer-Djokovic 6-4 6-7 6-3 6-4