• Published on Nov 19, 2019
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  • Ayoola Adedayo
    Ayoola Adedayo 14 hours ago

    AJ has already won the fight. No more no less, no going back AJ is determine.


    Oscar Rivas would of been a good sparring partner for Joshua

  • Ananse Qweku
    Ananse Qweku 5 days ago

    What.... did he just say molten is no where near Andy Ruiz 🙄🙄 that guy is way more quicker with his hands than ruiz why do u think AJ brought him in? This guy is paranoid

  • Kalven Jones
    Kalven Jones 6 days ago +4

    Please get this idiot from England of youtube. Joshua is a bum and will be laid out again.

  • jjosephdubya
    jjosephdubya 7 days ago

    David Tua was quality sparring.

  • Jonathan Waightman
    Jonathan Waightman 10 days ago +1

    Or Daniel dubui for Andy Ruiz

  • The SuperBike Tour
    The SuperBike Tour 11 days ago

    Brendan Ingle has his boxers spar everyday with amateurs to world champions. Leading up to a fight they would different boxers in for open sparring but not a lot, mostly it's just body sparring daily

  • Angel 773
    Angel 773 11 days ago +4

    At the end of the day Joshua has taken down giants n for him to be dominated by a man like Ruiz is amazing... that Mexican style outmatches AJs style. It’ll be very hard to change these facts around in such a short period of time. “And still!!!”

    • john dollar
      john dollar 9 days ago +1

      I totally agree, Joshua doesn't have stamina no head movement really low ring iq and a chin yet so that mexican style!! Like ggg said it

    • Ice man
      Ice man 9 days ago +1

      We will see come bk when AJ does Ruiz!

  • Metalartin _
    Metalartin _ 15 days ago +2

    @HatmanStrikesBack Interesting points made about the level of sparring not always being important. I think Ruiz has had less useful sparring too but lets not forget Ruiz is pretty much the finished article and AJ is learning on the job. One started boxing at 5, the other 18. AJ needs to get his prep right for each fight, moreso than Ruiz does.
    Which is possibly why AJ was out of sorts for the first fight. Besides the concussion, that happened after he knocked Ruiz down, which he never recovered from in the fight for me. Maybe he went in recklessly(almost like he was punching with his eyes closed) when he did put Ruiz down, because he wasn't comfortable going into the fight. It could have been that he was concussed in sparring and or that people were seeing uncertainty in his body language on the night before the first bell(I genuinely commentated that he looked nervous). Maybe he felt they didn't have enough time in camp to prepare him for the type of fighter he was up against. He saw his chance to end the fight early, got sloppy and the rest is history.
    The rematch should be interesting, the haters wont admit it but they are more excited for the fight more than any other scheduled HW bout.

    • Metalartin _
      Metalartin _ 12 days ago +2

      @dygi vision I don't believe I gave a prediction as to who will win. In your triggered AJ hating haste, you've ignored some very valid points made in my post. The excuses by AJ haters for Ruiz not having as long a training camp were flawed. He had fought recently which as Freddy Roach highlighted was an advantage for him, because he is better when he is more active(less time to get out of shape). AJ is always in shape so the important part is the preparation and gameplan for the actual opponent. Miller is nothing like Ruiz, not in stature or style. This time AJ will be so much better prepared for Ruiz, he has a good team around him and a good trainer.
      I still don't know how this fight will turn out though as I expect both fighters to make adjustments from the first fight. I just believe AJ had more room for improvement of the two from the first fight. How much of a difference that will make, or whether Ruiz really is just AJ's bogy opponent, time will tell. I just think most of you haters no very little about boxing if you think AJ had fluked that many wins against so many top ranked opponents until Ruiz.

    • dygi vision
      dygi vision 12 days ago

      Or maybe it was just he couldn't handle the pressure when Ruiz fired back in front of the whole of New York. He was expecting a walk in the park. Ruiz will do it again, in case you have any doubts go look Ruiz up and how he will never give up. If it was a fluke Ruiz would have got knocked down more than once like Dillian. But no Ruiz got knocked down made the adjustment and Blew Joshua to another Dimension.

  • dygi vision
    dygi vision 15 days ago +3

    When people train pitbulls to fight. They will bait rabbits and other dogs and there is a good reason they don't put the dog against another dog and that is because of one reason. The pitbull has the natural instinct of fighting so when put in against another dog the pitbull will die fighting like wise the mexican fighter has the instinct to fight and will die before he loses.

    On the latter AJ has always put on a fighters persona, he has never really been that fighter ready to die while fighting hence he lost hope in the first fight.

    With that said based on the previous mentality of AJ the result will be exactly the same. Once a quitter allways a quitter.

    • Yoᴜ'ʀᴇ CooL
      Yoᴜ'ʀᴇ CooL 10 days ago

      Why is everyone tryna act tough in yt comments 😂😂

    • I feel sorry for your mum!
      I feel sorry for your mum! 12 days ago

      @dygi vision come meet me at Streatham common or inbox me you're number! I'd happily spar you, you little prick. Be careful what you wish for

    • david moon
      david moon 12 days ago +1

      Oooh Scary !!

    • dygi vision
      dygi vision 12 days ago +2

      @I feel sorry for your mum! If both of you dickheads had ever experienced even a 6 round fight you will know how draining a knockdown is. When you get concussed continually it breaks your will, some fighters keep going like Ruiz and some guys just stop and give up like AJ. If your both in the UK inbox me your numbers we'll arrange some sparring for you then see what comments you come up with in person.

    • I feel sorry for your mum!
      I feel sorry for your mum! 12 days ago +1

      @Joseph Dale exactly what I thought. Il be back here on the 8th to see how smart this muppet really is

  • Ky Patrick
    Ky Patrick 16 days ago +10

    Tabiti - good sparring partner, slick boxer, good hand speed, similar height to ruiz
    Chisora - very good sparring partner will bring the pressure, bring the power and grit
    Jennings - decent sparring partner, experienced fighter will have cause AJ a few problems
    Moten - good hand speed and has similar build and size to Ruiz, not a bad sparring partner
    German guy - good hand speed which will have caused AJ problems
    Tom little - not great but tough guy so AJ will have had to wear him down.
    Washington - has the size and build of AJ has decent power and boxing ability so I think it's good sparring
    Hunter - nothing like AJ, but a good fighter so will have given Ruiz a test
    Martin - only sparred because he's trained by Manny Robles, nothing like AJ
    Personally I think AJ has had the better sparring. His sparring prepares him better for Ruiz then Ruiz's sparring partners for AJ

  • PSA Marketing
    PSA Marketing 16 days ago +1

    sry but bryant jennings,del boy and andrew tabiti ain't inferior.

    • jjosephdubya
      jjosephdubya 7 days ago

      Yeah I don't understand that either.

  • skyengeh
    skyengeh 17 days ago +11

    ANDREW TABITI, 6'1" Cruiserweight Is reported as giving Joshua "major headaches" in sparring, very similar height to Ruiz, just as quick as Ruiz. Great that Joshua is getting that sort of pressure from sparring.

    • skyengeh
      skyengeh 6 days ago

      @bombflo1 Remember he was training for a 300lb man last time, who pulled out last minute with a PED's issue. Now he's getting real pressure from smaller men, so he can hopefully make all his mistakes in sparring and be rock solid for the fight.

    • bombflo1
      bombflo1 7 days ago

      Its great he still cant beat his style in sparring for Ruiz. If he doing bad a sparring lmbo

    • Luke Furlong
      Luke Furlong 8 days ago

      skyengeh not great that he’s giving him major headaches

    • skyengeh
      skyengeh 15 days ago +6

      @mustafa yaqub Measured him yourself have you?
      OK Mr Mustafa measuring man, Boxrec have him at 6'1" sorry for the one inch difference, I hope it didn't upset you too much. Peace be unto you.

    • mustafa yaqub
      mustafa yaqub 16 days ago

      Andrew mate not 6 ft 1

  • Yah Best
    Yah Best 17 days ago +4

    Aj chance of winning is only if he Avoid getting hit on the TEMPLE/DOM.
    Impossible mission for Aj

  • Vincent Crowley
    Vincent Crowley 17 days ago +2

    Muhammad Ali sometimes sparred with his brother Rudy a journeyman boxer, as did Jake LaMotta with his brother Joe

  • M squared
    M squared 17 days ago +2

    Haha was you dying for a piss or realised u had left the oven on at the end of the vid ? it’s like you tried to end as fast as possible

  • YouQuo2
    YouQuo2 17 days ago +1

    Hatman "the snowbunny slayer" StrikesBack

  • Ben wishton
    Ben wishton 17 days ago +3

    I superior race sparring with infirior sparring partners a? Tut tut tut aj.

    • Russell Bell
      Russell Bell 16 days ago

      This comment is as irrelevant as people using the "grab them by the pussy" in a Trump argument

    • scarface 38
      scarface 38 16 days ago +1

      There is no superior race that's a myth there are weak bitches in every race

    • Dave Smith
      Dave Smith 17 days ago +2

      @YouQuo2 As far s I'm concerned, the man's in love with himself. That's AJ by the way, not Eddie Hearn. And he's going to lose again because he's got slow feet and a defence built almost entirely on the catch and counter

  • Shower G
    Shower G 17 days ago

    Logan Yoon v Ohara Davies what you guys pick?? can't find anything on this Yoon lad

    • Shower G
      Shower G 17 days ago


    • Twatman
      Twatman 17 days ago

      Davies then. Unless it's a cherrypick gone wrong but we'll see.

  • James Wood
    James Wood 17 days ago +8

    I have AJ to win a unanimous decision in this one. So long as AJ is switched on he will get it done. Level of sparring partner is irrelevant

  • Chris Smalley
    Chris Smalley 17 days ago

    What does quote on quote brother mean?

  • oH yEaHyEaH
    oH yEaHyEaH 17 days ago +1

    I wonder how Tom Little would feel if he saw this thumbnail

  • macanoo muriidi
    macanoo muriidi 17 days ago +8

    Joseph Parker would've been ideal.

  • John Wall
    John Wall 17 days ago +1

    Chisora was actually sparing with aj yesterday coogan was intervewing David haye at the gym having intervew David haye actually said they are sparing wile we are speeking now

  • ed china
    ed china 17 days ago

    good video,spot on

  • J Shine
    J Shine 17 days ago +3

    AJ gonna get his ass whipped again.

  • GOD
    GOD 18 days ago +4

    I’m sure Andy Ruiz’s Sparring Partners aren’t on AJ’s Level either.
    Sparring Partners are never the same thing as your Real Opponent

    • jjosephdubya
      jjosephdubya 7 days ago

      @James Wood Most champions do not work as sparring partners. That's just unrealistic.

    • GOD
      GOD 17 days ago

      James Wood
      They can’t because Wilder and Joshua are two of the best, theirs not a Level above those guys

    • James Wood
      James Wood 17 days ago +1

      Broner not true actually.
      If you are upcoming then you could be sparring a champion in preparation for your fight against a low ranked guy.
      Do AJs or Wilders sparring partners face opponents better than them?

  • Harsha Sankar
    Harsha Sankar 18 days ago +5

    If AJ moves diagonally and laterally, jabs and grabs, use long right hands when mid-distance, and exercises patience, AJ will be fine!

    • Ayoola Adedayo
      Ayoola Adedayo 14 hours ago +1

      You are a genius. Let's go champ

    • Harsha Sankar
      Harsha Sankar 9 days ago

      @john dollar AJ should not go on the backfoot!

    • john dollar
      john dollar 9 days ago +1

      He doesn't know how to use the back foot tho

    • Harsha Sankar
      Harsha Sankar 17 days ago +1

      @Dave Smith We shall soon find out!

    • Dave Smith
      Dave Smith 17 days ago +2

      AJ barely knows how to slip a punch. Asking him to incorporate lateral movement into his game is more than a little premature. Then there's the question of defence. You're right about the clinch - AJ has no real inside game, and certainly nothing of the calibre that Wlad had and Fury has - but his more pressing concern is his feet - he can't move in and out of range effectively without getting tagged and because he can't pivot or roll he'll get tagged on the way in and tagged on the way out. Ruiz knows this, which is why he turned it into an inside dog fight in No. 1. And AJ doesn't have the time to incorporate this kind of fluidity into his game, which is why he's going to lose No. 2.

  • Check Mate
    Check Mate 18 days ago +6

    AJ did well against Povetkin,what makes yall think AJ wont beat Ruiz if he fights from the outside..

    • Harsha Sankar
      Harsha Sankar 18 days ago +2

      Chisora stated that AJ was doing great in sparring!
      The idea for the rematch was for AJ to spar fighters who would cause him trouble.
      The fact that AJ has been taken out his comfort zone is a good thing!

  • Matt Evans
    Matt Evans 18 days ago

    @ Sa Ra Garvey

    JFL- Headz FACTSQUAD 18 days ago +1

    AJ 22-2 stop fooling yaselves ajstans

    • Ade Alabi
      Ade Alabi 16 days ago

      @shawn newton Boxing put ur money where ur mouth is

    • JFL- Headz FACTSQUAD
      JFL- Headz FACTSQUAD 17 days ago

      @shawn newton Boxing I'm no Casual unlike actually think AJ will outbox Ruiz? Yes or no..plz no Casual rethoric paragraph..go listen to buster Douglas..on this Ruiz vs AJ..& come back

    • shawn newton Boxing
      shawn newton Boxing 17 days ago +1

      Let me guess PBC fanboy!

  • punchesinbunches
    punchesinbunches 18 days ago +3

    Ajs sparring partners are on the money for the rematch. You can't fully replicate your opponent but each brings something. He will be facing amateurs also high output fighters. At end of day the blueprint to beat ruiz is lewis vs tua. Work off the jab, lets the shots come and don't allow him to work inside. Grab hold push back and repeat. Everyone needs to realise ajs prep for ruiz was the worst situation he could have been in. Massive pressure to go to states. The miller saga then replace him with a smaller much faster better boxer. Aj now has a full camp and if he is mentally ok he can do the job.

    • Dave Smith
      Dave Smith 16 days ago

      @punchesinbunches I didn't say it was easy. Boxing, by definition, isn't easy. What I said is that the heavyweight division is weak by historical standards, and by the standards of other divisions today. If you could have the skillset of any boxer competing today, would you pick a heavyweight? I certainly wouldn't!

    • punchesinbunches
      punchesinbunches 17 days ago

      @Dave Smith what you are saying about ajs path being easy is just silly mate. And why keep bringing browne up he is not even a journeyman he is a guy who has been lucky to get a win or two off the back of a big punch. Aj beat klitchko who yes was 40yrs old but he stopped a better shape version year after fury. Then parker who is probably one of the best pure boxers in the game he outboxed. Povetkin another top level dangerous brawler of today. He hasn't had an easy path and has a lot to learn. He isn't a pure boxer like lewis but for someone with his resume at 22fights thats impressive. And ruiz isn't some monster of the divison aj had the fight going his way and made a mistake and got caught from 3rd round on its non existent he was concussed at 3rd. Dec 7 irons it out.

    • Dave Smith
      Dave Smith 17 days ago

      @punchesinbunches I've been in and out gyms since I was 14. Never had the discipline to compete, but I can hold my own in sparring against guys my size and bigger, mostly because I've got good feet, fast hands, and a decent chin (though I cut easily). I can spot a world-class boxer when I see one, and AJ isn't one of them. Lewis was. Holyfield was. Wlad in his prime was, though I always preferred his brother, who was more naturally talented in my opinion. Bottom line: I'm not contesting AJ's resume - it's the best in his division hands down - but I am contesting the quality of that division. In no other weight class would someone in Ruiz's shape be able to do what he did to the number 1. guy. In no other division would someone like Fury be able to trounce the (then) lineal champion in his back yard. In no other division would a doorman like Browne, who literally picked up gloves for the first time when he was 30 years old, be able to win a world title. Pound for pound, none of the current heavyweights get close to the skill level shown by the likes of Crawford, Lomachenko or Inoue.

    • punchesinbunches
      punchesinbunches 17 days ago

      @Dave Smith how much ring experience do you have??i have half a lifes worth and a small man who is used to fighting guys ajs size and literally fought someone 6"7 1 month prior isn't a major adjustment his whole career he has been fighting long guys yes he wasn't 100% but if you think he couldn't perform against a 6"6 aj 24/7 you don't know anything. I'm not saying aj is ali but for someone who is learning on the job and has as few fights as him he is up there with the best of today. You say doormen but look at ajs record show me another heavyweight today who has faced as many top level guys as him none of them have.

    • Dave Smith
      Dave Smith 17 days ago

      How about Ruiz's prep for AJ? He got what, two weeks' notice? And he still beat the breaks off a lineal champ who should slaughter anyone who comes off the couch to face him. AJ couldn't because he's actually not that good a boxer, and because he had the good fortune of rising to the top of the heavyweight tree at a time when doormen like Lucas Browne were fighting for and winning world titles. In no other division would that ever happen. AJ's strengths are his size and athleticism, but if you put him in the body of a normal-size man he would struggle to win a UK title. And if he can't deal with the pressure of fighting at MSG, he shouldn't be fighting for titles.

  • rory josh
    rory josh 18 days ago +1

    aj should have got joey dawejko.the man responsible for sending aj into that ruiz fight with real insecurities. if u want to improve put yourself in uncomfortable positions.maybe then josh could rate himself now to where he was before the last fight.but hey its only the biggest fight aj will ever have,why bother going all out to prepeare in the best possible way...penny pinching greedy and dumb.thats aimed at hearn n josh's team not his head coach who probaly dont have as much input as he once did.when he guided aj to the top as a novice amateur.n im just a fan from england who studies and boxing.

  • Tresfaye Williams
    Tresfaye Williams 18 days ago

    Mike Tyson have way more smart Partners in that Mike Tyson sparring Carl the truth Williams and he also sparked Lennox Lewis and knock him out

  • sj z
    sj z 18 days ago +1

    Would you talk about Joshua’s weight loss

    • GOD
      GOD 18 days ago

      rory josh
      AJ and Wilder are taking the opposite approach for their next opponents. AJ has Slimmed down while Wilder looks like he’s putting on Mass for his Ortiz fight.

    • rory josh
      rory josh 18 days ago

      u mean that dramatic weight loss bro.u see the ksi aj looks like a teen again.but it tells us all his gameplan.stick n move.he dont want that fire inside.i see aj winning comfortably IF he learnt from last time.i think he did but why dont he give ruiz credit.cos he drawed with parker(lost but didnt).i mean look at the mans record and hes been fighting taller stronger opponents since 7/8 yrs old

  • Diogo Pereira
    Diogo Pereira 18 days ago +1

    Joshua is gonna lose the rematch to ruiz. You heard it here first

    • theonlyJigzopm
      theonlyJigzopm 18 days ago

      erm no you, didn't your pretty late to the party bro

    • rory josh
      rory josh 18 days ago +1

      no.he wins on points.i seen it in the face off in just after when they face the cameras and aj raises his hands(number one signal).that moment right there made up my it bro pls.tell me what u fink

    • Diogo Pereira
      Diogo Pereira 18 days ago +1

      @MR SR20 😆 ok buddy i guess your the exception

    • Diogo Pereira
      Diogo Pereira 18 days ago +3

      @Gareth Everitt Honestly i dont see aj winning hes not going to ko andy and hes not going to outbox or outwork andy. I guess his only chance is to outsmart andy so well see

    • Gareth Everitt
      Gareth Everitt 18 days ago +4

      Hahaha we will see Anthony Joshua will retain his title watch this space guy's both fighter are good but AJ going to prove to the world what he's made of FACT AJ All the way

  • El Gato
    El Gato 18 days ago

    Chisora does not have better head movement than Andy. As for slow feet, that was started by Fury’s dad. Andy has good footwork, and I dare say, he has quicker feet than Chisora. But more importantly, no one in the heavyweight division has a chin like Ruiz. But I agree, Chisora is probably the closet to Andy’s style. Joshua should get as many rounds as he can with Chisora.

    • Ollie Woods
      Ollie Woods 17 days ago +1

      El Gato ruizs chin has only been tested once you cant say he has the best chin

  • Jacob Tanswell
    Jacob Tanswell 18 days ago +1

    Joshua also sparring Bryant Jennings

  • Judge Dreader
    Judge Dreader 18 days ago +2

    I think that Hunter and Ruiz may end up benefiting more equally than Hatman suggested, because stylistically, AJ is expected to turn up much lighter in this fight and therefore Ruiz needs a mobile sparring partner who's got good footwork, quick feet and is elusive (Hunter will bring the aforementioned attributes to the sparring sessions). Now I know the dimensions do not line up between AJ and Hunter, AJ is bigger and so offensively can be more difficult if he boxes tall and uses his height and reach advantage. However as a target Hunter being a smaller man (therefore less to aim for) will be more elusive and this is where Ruiz benefits in sparring Hunter presuming AJ turns up lighter to try winning by points/hit and not get hit approach.

    • rory josh
      rory josh 18 days ago

      well put bro.aj gonna stick n move.he will win for sure.could be ko rnd 6-8 when andy becomes frustrated at not landing or it could be a unanimous decision.from boxing like a pro behind the jab.although joshs footwork is very robust he is actually light on his feet and has the best reflexes in hw.his punch speed is exceptional.obviously not when hes swolen but he's not swollen.he has trimmed down so much it scares me to think how hard hes been working.✌

  • kaz B
    kaz B 18 days ago +3

    Hatman check out joesph parkers Twitter looks like a dillian whyte rematch

    • rory josh
      rory josh 18 days ago

      id be very very surprised if whyte goes anywhere near joseph.whyte would prevail once more but these no gain for just needs a few wins(maybe 3 by dec 2020 and then no governing body will deny him a title shot

  • Jon Saxby
    Jon Saxby 18 days ago +1

    Being a top level fighter doesn't make you a top level sparring partner, as an example malik Scott has achieved very little as a pro but he's always getting work with world level fighters, if he was just as mediocre in the gym theirs no way he's getting hired by the likes of usyk, Parker and whyte

  • a girl called sally
    a girl called sally 18 days ago +6

    Can Hatman break down Boris Johnson's pad work today......

  • Toereed Shittu
    Toereed Shittu 18 days ago +4

    9:33 that victim joke lol

  • Yak Cutter
    Yak Cutter 18 days ago

    McCline was a top contender for a while, c'mon.

  • James W
    James W 18 days ago +5

    Imagine sparring charles Martin to help you prepare for AJ😂

    • GOD
      GOD 18 days ago

      James W
      Wilder is the closest thing both are around 6’6” and both have Similar Power

    • Anthony Sharpness Jay
      Anthony Sharpness Jay 18 days ago


  • grey ray
    grey ray 18 days ago +2

    This will be ruizes biggest payday for the rest of his career because Joshua's fans are bringing the money , facts and dont think Joshua wilder will ever happen!

  • Olanrewaju Desmond-eke

    Has AJ Platoed?

  • Kings
    Kings 18 days ago

    Sorry I’m off!!!!!

  • Championship Boxing
    Championship Boxing 18 days ago +1

    Michael hunter looks fat 😂😂😂🤢 he isn’t no heavyweight

  • Solomon Ultra
    Solomon Ultra 18 days ago

    I think that the sparring partners benefit more.
    Look at raheem sterling. He's getting tough now that he's been sparring with Ruiz. 😆

  • John
    John 18 days ago +6

    AJ - Povetkin was an omen of AJ's defeat. Just too many flaws. I hope he doesn't just win the rematch, but he works on his fundamental boxing flaws. Else, it wouldn't be long before he suffers another loss.

    • Mark O
      Mark O 18 days ago

      @Visio He never even said that, Joshua fans are fucking weirdos

    • Richard Repper
      Richard Repper 18 days ago

      Agreed: those first 2 or 3 rounds against Povetkin had alarm bells ringing big time.

    • Visio
      Visio 18 days ago +1

      John wishing downfall on a fighter is really bad of you

    • Mr ClassicMetal
      Mr ClassicMetal 18 days ago

      Good point. He was lucky that Povetkin is at the tail end of his career.

  • Aerobie Pro Dog
    Aerobie Pro Dog 18 days ago +1

    One of your better videos, Hatman.
    No TheXvid channel is below praise -and above criticism ;-)

  • Tom Houghton
    Tom Houghton 18 days ago +1

    I thought Del Boy was a good preparation for RUIZ

    • Aerobie Pro Dog
      Aerobie Pro Dog 18 days ago

      I think he did 1 session before his fight with Price. That's it.
      David Haye also said AJ doesn't do "proper sparing": he does "technical sparing".

  • Solomon Ultra
    Solomon Ultra 18 days ago +1

    If I was AJ I would say " I heard your girl is has superior testicular development to your father but that could never make her more of a man, brah." 🤔

  • B PM
    B PM 18 days ago +7

    You missed Bryant Jennings is same height as Ruiz, has good handspeed and has freakishly long arms which will benefit AJ sparring.

  • Nuril Ahmed
    Nuril Ahmed 18 days ago

    Joshua went in too nice last time, he needs to go in with the same meanness he had with jarrell miller, he looked ferocious then.

    • jjosephdubya
      jjosephdubya 7 days ago

      @Ira Powling Press conferences. It's not that hard to figure out.

    • O GEE
      O GEE 18 days ago +1

      @Ira Powling was thinking the same thing 🤔

    • Ira Powling
      Ira Powling 18 days ago +4

      How could he look ferocious against Miller when they never fought lol

  • Dale Sterky
    Dale Sterky 18 days ago

    Didn't Tyson used to spar Glenn McCrory? Sure I heard that before

  • Pete
    Pete 18 days ago +1

    I wondered if Ruiz would get in Dubois

    • GOD
      GOD 18 days ago +1

      Dubois will take over the Heavyweight Division in the Future

  • Ben Lowe
    Ben Lowe 18 days ago +1

    I posted a comment on boxing squared that is basically the same opinion.

  • Mr James
    Mr James 18 days ago +3

    He scared of getting knocked out in sparring again