The BEST moments of the 2018/19 Premier League season on Sky Sports!

  • Published on May 13, 2019
    Sit back and watch reminisce about the 2018/19 season with the Sky Sports season review.
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  • edwardd
    edwardd 9 days ago

    4 minutes and 16 seconds of footage and only 19 seconds include a Manchester City player in the frame. Now that is what you call favoritisme.

  • Football Data Visuals

    Great moments

  • p0kerViK1N67
    p0kerViK1N67 10 days ago

    Jesse Lingaard is still being paid by manchester united to "play football"........

  • avinash jaiswal
    avinash jaiswal 11 days ago

    What an end to the season, wonder goal by Kompany and unbelievable competition

  • Vythz
    Vythz 12 days ago +1


  • Jay Njoroge
    Jay Njoroge 12 days ago +1

    They should just give the trophy to Liverpool and make one for this season already because it's been over 😴

  • Robbie Omahony
    Robbie Omahony 15 days ago

    1:34 omg 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Hawkmoon McGee
    Hawkmoon McGee 19 days ago

    Carra absolutely nailed the dele wave

  • Simon Mulholland
    Simon Mulholland 22 days ago

    Neil “Brexit Means Brexit” Warnock

  • SamiBoy07
    SamiBoy07 25 days ago

    I love how the theme tune is the PubG music

  • Freddie Hall
    Freddie Hall 25 days ago

    ‘a little taste of what it’s like at sky when the camera’s aren’t rolling’
    *films everything in the video*

  • Stud Muffin
    Stud Muffin Month ago

    Song name?

  • Thy_Asylum
    Thy_Asylum Month ago


  • EAExtremeGaming
    EAExtremeGaming Month ago

    1:46 banter

  • karim karimmm
    karim karimmm Month ago +1

    3:25 thank me l8ter 😜

  • Haroon Nadim
    Haroon Nadim Month ago +1

    Kelly was so proud of herself when she walked out on Gary and Jamie😂😂😂

  • odora Allan
    odora Allan Month ago

    It's two yards😂😂😂😂

  • Hun124ter _zzz
    Hun124ter _zzz Month ago +1


  • Macker
    Macker Month ago +1

    2:44 - 2:48 has to be a GIF

  • Jamal Waqar
    Jamal Waqar Month ago

    I love what Kelly did
    Absolute banter 😂

  • 5/10 Cricket Countdown

    We know the trio- Carra, Gary and Kelly.

  • Shipping Time
    Shipping Time Month ago

    Jamie Carragher ruins sky sports

  • Dogger Games
    Dogger Games Month ago

    1:36 Lady: am I a joke to you?

  • Adam Khan
    Adam Khan 2 months ago

    Where is kelly this season??

  • Carolle Regnard
    Carolle Regnard 2 months ago +1

    Football is really nice. awesome video. :)

  • MADMACWarrior Youtube
    MADMACWarrior Youtube 2 months ago +1

    At 0:58 Zabaleta looks like he doesn't want to be there.

  • William Selman
    William Selman 3 months ago +1


  • Matthew Marinella
    Matthew Marinella 3 months ago

    3:44 probably the best premier league moment ever

  • Petezz Soccer
    Petezz Soccer 3 months ago

    Song plz

  • Beardy Ry
    Beardy Ry 3 months ago

    Fair dooz pissed myself when she walked away from Gary haha

  • Tirumala Venkatesh Akula

    MO Salah : he scorud hiz firust gol since 20 games

  • Tirumala Venkatesh Akula

    Gary and Carra made the video more loveable

  • Saminbound
    Saminbound 3 months ago

    Damn Alex Scott is so attractive 😍

  • Willy C.
    Willy C. 3 months ago

    3:45 😂😂😂

  • Nathan B
    Nathan B 3 months ago

    HandsUp Aniki we miss you PepeHands

  • Greg Allen
    Greg Allen 3 months ago

    Shame they used the wrong version of this song

  • Dan O’Neill
    Dan O’Neill 3 months ago

    “Gary, Gary, it’s two yards, man!” Cobh’s finest 🇮🇪 🇮🇪

  • Mohammed Naguib
    Mohammed Naguib 3 months ago

    Name of the opening song plz

  • Metehan Dur
    Metehan Dur 3 months ago +1

    FIFA:Here are the financial fairplay rules.
    City: 3:45

  • awesome1ru
    awesome1ru 3 months ago

    3:43 hahahaha

  • Said Ali
    Said Ali 4 months ago

    Man I miss Kompany

  • RyanGorham
    RyanGorham 4 months ago

    1:28 Where’s Gareth Bale

  • Sunrit Roy Karmakar
    Sunrit Roy Karmakar 4 months ago +1

    Although season was painful from my perspective(utd fan) what an awesome season it was

    • Follia
      Follia 4 months ago

      I’m a Liverpool fan sooooo

  • Esa Zayd
    Esa Zayd 4 months ago

    What about Jurgen Klopp running on the pitch

  • Life As Archie
    Life As Archie 4 months ago

    So video

  • Life As Archie
    Life As Archie 4 months ago

    This video

  • Life As Archie
    Life As Archie 4 months ago

    So just

    I AM A TWONK 4 months ago +2

    3:45 my favourite moment of the season

  • pokemaniac2702
    pokemaniac2702 4 months ago

    legend has it that neville is still picking the ball

  • Abigail Jones
    Abigail Jones 4 months ago

    Kompany goal good but when u got ruban neves who only scores outside the box it isn’t that great 😂😂 but still great goal

  • Ellis Leonard
    Ellis Leonard 4 months ago

    “But I’d got a back four that couldn’t pass water”.

  • Louis Williams
    Louis Williams 4 months ago

    Still don't show all the matches!

  • MagickMaxX
    MagickMaxX 4 months ago

    definitely so much better than those idiots they hired at ESPN

  • Hun124ter _zzz
    Hun124ter _zzz 4 months ago

    "No Vinny don't shoot"

  • Kev Irl
    Kev Irl 4 months ago

    Drop Alex Scott please, awful pundit, unless she does it next season in the nip.

  • Davinator
    Davinator 4 months ago +2

    Football is truly the greatest sport on the planet. 💯💯

  • dogs aren't dangerous
    dogs aren't dangerous 4 months ago

    Carra's right foot was back on the ground by the time the ball rolled on to it.

  • David Redgrift
    David Redgrift 4 months ago

    Redknapp and nolan showing that they've still got it

  • Noah Jones
    Noah Jones 4 months ago

    1:07 oh thanks

  • Olly Nathan
    Olly Nathan 4 months ago

    Jamie was wicked this season