I spent a day with SUBSTITUTE TEACHERS (Secrets Exposed)

  • Published on Jun 17, 2019
  • I spent a day with substitute teachers to find out if all the rumors are true.
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    🧨HUGE thank you to:
    ▸ Ms. Mora (substitute teacher)
    ▸ Mr. Rosier (substitute teacher & actor)
    ▸ Mayes (substitute teacher & musician)
    (Shout out sertifiedcasting.com for helping me find these educators)
    ▸ Director, Creator, Writer - Anthony Padilla
    ▸ Assistant Producer, Co-writing & Research - Cade Huseby
    ▸ Director of Photography/Gaffer - Zach Zeidman
    ▸ Editor - Mike Criscimagna
    ▸ Assistant Editor, Assistant Camera Operator - Robert Butler III
    ▸ Stage Manager - Cort Maclean
    ▸ If you are part of an under represented subculture with a way of life you feel is not widely understood and would like to be interviewed by me in LA, email ispentadaywith [at] apadilla.co
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  • AnthonyPadilla
    AnthonyPadilla  7 months ago +6723

    stoked you’re enjoying this new series. come back next week for I spent a day with famous ASMRtists. i’ll also be releasing the pilot for my new cooking show real soon.
    luv, anthony padeelo
    ps: shout out to the ~padingdongs~ who turn on notifications and see these videos immediately. if you aren’t a ~padingdong~ you’re a SHAM. 🔔

    • Bangtan Queen
      Bangtan Queen 21 day ago

      Anthony where do I find Mayes music video???

    • Conchita G
      Conchita G 2 months ago

      High schoolers are easier co deal with

    • Sandra Luansing Viray
      Sandra Luansing Viray 3 months ago

      My sub teacher was teaching us about money n then she started flexing about how many 500 euros she had n I was soo confused

    • Akuma Teaでもn
      Akuma Teaでもn 3 months ago

      Mayes was my substitute once!!! Hey bro!

    • Gabriel Clifford
      Gabriel Clifford 4 months ago

      AnthonyPadilla my best friend’s mom is a Substitute teacher

  • hiddenhero9457 •
    hiddenhero9457 • 23 minutes ago +1

    Most forced laughter I’ve ever seen at 12:44

  • Ezra Durbin
    Ezra Durbin Hour ago

    Miss mora and the musician guy would hate another

  • Simão Malvar
    Simão Malvar 2 hours ago

    In my country sub teachers doesn't exist

    KEVVYMETALL 7 hours ago

    wait is that ginger guy weed willy from cherdleys

  • Arela Sifuentes
    Arela Sifuentes 20 hours ago

    Ms. Mora's words really touched me. When she talked about that 10 year old struggling to want to live, hwr words were so beautiful and comforting. I started crying, real tears streaming down my face. I started having suicidal ideation around 4th or 5th grade and I developed depression in 6th grade. In 7th grade I planned to take my life at one point and then started cutting. In 8th grade I continued self harming and developed body dysmorphia and different eating disorders. I'm in 9th grade now and I still struggle with self-harm, suicidal ideation and body dysmorphia. I wish a teacher saw me and adored me. I wish there was someone at school to talk to that could make me feel wanted and cared for.
    Anyway, again, I just really appreciated Ms. Mora's words--even though they weren't meant for me--they were so sincere and I couldn't help but feel comforted.

  • Cynthia Rangel
    Cynthia Rangel 20 hours ago +1

    Wheres all my people that are silent in class even when sub is there?

  • Sans Himself
    Sans Himself 23 hours ago

    Dude one of them was no joke my sub on a day in 9th grade!!!!!!

  • TheAsianCanadian Gamer

    bro Mayes would be the best sub ever bro

  • Love Kenzie
    Love Kenzie Day ago

    such a famous line 12:13

  • J M
    J M Day ago

    This definitely changed my perception of substitute teachers for the better. Thnx so much for the content ✨ *subscribed* ✨

  • Pinkest Floyd
    Pinkest Floyd Day ago

    I would’ve appreciated mrs. mora so much in school omg

  • Science Project 99
    Science Project 99 Day ago +2

    I love that guy's chess dance.

  • MisfitToy
    MisfitToy Day ago

    I swear I saw that red haired guy on predictor poachers anyone else?

  • Finally People
    Finally People Day ago

    I was such a ass hole in school i made 2 teachers quit I was soo bad I hate myself for it now

  • ilikecheeserrr
    ilikecheeserrr Day ago +1

    I'm a middle schooler and I agree we are very annoying and disobedient

  • Super effective
    Super effective 2 days ago

    One substitute teacher bullied one of my friends so much he considered suicide.

  • bustedtailight
    bustedtailight 2 days ago

    I am a kindergarten teachers aide who had to sub a 3rd grade class with kids who had severe behavioral issues. It was like being in a zoo with nowhere to get out. I was cussed at, the place was a mess, and 5 of the kids did whatever they wanted in the class. I was told that basically I had no choice and they were unable to get an intern this semester to do a lot of the subbing so I would be pulled more in the next few months. Subs do not need a background in teaching or even a degree in my school.

  • Madison Allen
    Madison Allen 2 days ago

    i’m in love w mayes

  • Ana Paula Cruz Chavolla

    Ms. Mora is the type of substitute teacher that would have scared me.
    She seems like a really sweet person though.

  • Just a bug
    Just a bug 2 days ago +1

    If I was a substitute teacher I would spray all the sleeping kids with silly string

  • Slamthulhu
    Slamthulhu 3 days ago

    Anybody else recognize Rosier from Cherdleys?

  • Bueno Loco
    Bueno Loco 3 days ago

    Step 1: Love your kids and have proper manners at home.
    Step 2: Don't fuck up as parent, pay attention how your kid acts and listen the teacher.
    Step 3: Love your child and support how ever you can. And don't run away

  • Vomitance adopted you.

    who else clicked to find a way to annoy their teachers

  • everybuddy
    everybuddy 3 days ago +4

    Mr. Mayes is that one teacher that you’ll miss forever when retiring.

  • Yeeman
    Yeeman 3 days ago

    One day in first grade my substitute fell asleep reading the newspaper. Me and my friends were trading Pokémon while the rest of the class was playing tag.

  • Adriel P.
    Adriel P. 3 days ago

    Does anyone else crack tf up when Anthony begins these types of videos with such a dramatic intro ahahaha?

  • Life Cereal
    Life Cereal 3 days ago

    im not gonna sucribe because I goong to alredey faile hahaha

  • Forwarded
    Forwarded 3 days ago

    He’s so high lol

  • Yolo you only live once

    Substitute Teachers in Australia - it is the students holesome duty to make them at least cry or give up. 🤗

  • • Mirae •
    • Mirae • 3 days ago

    the guy with the denim jacket is actually attractive as hell wtf

  • F0XER 18
    F0XER 18 3 days ago

    I wonder were he gets this peopla

  • Soapyy
    Soapyy 3 days ago

    Here we observe the three different types of subs

  • Gracie Herr
    Gracie Herr 4 days ago

    that girl with the blue shirt looks like she is the type of teacher to start crying at the front of the class and then starts uncontrollably screaming

  • •strawberry milk•

    Honestly, substitute teachers- are amazing. I remember in Primary school. .SO many times our teacher would keep us in during break, this was often because more popular students would take advantage of the sub. Messing around, throwing places etc. The class had to be reminded the sub. .was a human, feeling, a life, children. It was so stupid, they were so mistreated.

  • ReeseGacha
    ReeseGacha 4 days ago

    we have a shiobhan in our class and everytime a substitute teacher messes it up, she gets all whiny and gets an attitude with the teacher and it ticks me off

  • Armi Diamonds
    Armi Diamonds 4 days ago

    So, Offset from the Migos is a substitute teacher now?

  • Beasty_PLAYZ_16
    Beasty_PLAYZ_16 4 days ago

    i dont think my grades can get worse then all f

  • Ana Truqui
    Ana Truqui 4 days ago

    Dude whenever I got subs it would just be a free work block. I never had subs that taught me anything

  • Paul Vizcarra
    Paul Vizcarra 4 days ago

    9:05 that part got me good

  • Blazing Scorpiez
    Blazing Scorpiez 5 days ago

    We actually had a substitute teachers we were so so hated by the teacher

  • Chris Mich
    Chris Mich 5 days ago

    Subs are totally misrepresented

  • ?¿苦い少年
    ?¿苦い少年 5 days ago

    with highschoolers n middle schoolers if the subs cool were cool with them lol

  • Roxanne Älskad
    Roxanne Älskad 5 days ago

    My first name is Siobhan and I literally called it as soon as I saw how confused they were 😂😂😂
    Sat there thinking how tf do they not know by this point, its like the most popular Irish name 😂

  • James
    James 5 days ago

    The ginger guy is an amazing actor, he's in Cherdleys videos so often. He's great.

  • Daniel's Animation
    Daniel's Animation 6 days ago

    My uncle was a substitube teacher for my class exam once
    Someone try to cheat and my uncle tear their paper

  • Ren Amamiya
    Ren Amamiya 6 days ago

    I had a Karen for a sub

  • • l e m o n s •
    • l e m o n s • 6 days ago +7

    “ *aren’t you that teacher who was on Anthony’s video?* ”

  • The Omy
    The Omy 6 days ago

    The reason why kids don't like school at all is because the educational system tries to teach you things that will NOT apply in your life. Kids needs to learn how to socialize with others, how to run a business, basic financial stuff, what taxes are and social security, laws about taxation, laws in general. I mean, this system is garbage and kids will never like school if you keep teaching garbage

  • Taki NicalaTea
    Taki NicalaTea 6 days ago

    she's like sandra bullock lmao i love her energy

  • Madison Lee
    Madison Lee 7 days ago

    aha ed sheeran and the 4th member of the migos

  • Grace
    Grace 7 days ago

    that’s great and all that ms. mora talked with the girl who had suicidal thoughts for an hour to make her feel a little better but i sure hope she talked with administrators and the counselor afterwards about getting her proper help passed one day of a substitute teacher

  • Victor Chico
    Victor Chico 7 days ago

    I had an crazy awesome sub in school, he was loved by all the kids at my school. His name is Mr. Hesh, he wrote a book called “A crazy diet for a crazy world” and had a talk show in Hawaii. Every time he was our sub, he would just tell us jokes and life stories. Rn, he’s in his 70’s but looks soooo young, he looks like he is in his late 40’s.

  • edgelord mcedgy
    edgelord mcedgy 7 days ago

    Damn I wish Mayes was my substitute teacher

  • Nerdstradamas
    Nerdstradamas 7 days ago

    Mayes can gimme some lessons anytime...

  • Alison uwu
    Alison uwu 8 days ago

    when u didn't do homework for that one class u hate then u get a substitute teacher.

  • Kook Cooked
    Kook Cooked 8 days ago

    The lady seems like the sub everyone hates

  • Lonly1
    Lonly1 8 days ago

    All I can think of when I watch this is the sub I had in middle school who had to ask a student to change tabs on a computer for her, then proceeded to try and shove a paper into the computer's DVD slot to make the paper appear on the projector.

  • — joleen
    — joleen 8 days ago

    as the quiet not so important girl in any of my classes i just wish i could voice my thoughts when students are just so disrespectful for like no reason at all like they barely are respectful to their homeroom teacher so like its just so annoying but i dont really like to talk ever in school

  • Teodora Patlejh
    Teodora Patlejh 8 days ago

    As a European, I've only heard of substitute teachers from American movies and the internet. Whenever we had a teacher who was sick or had to go to the doctor or whatever reason there may be, they would switch classes with another teacher and rearrange the schedule, or the class would be cancelled that day and then we'd have an extra class next week or something like that. Seems easier than to have a whole system dedicated to substitute teachers? Idk, englighten me if I'm missing something