BLACKPINK Jennie Kim - SOLO (Color Coded Lyrics/Han/Rom/Eng) (With M/V Teaser)

  • Published on Nov 9, 2018
  • Jennie Kim - SOLO (Color Coded Lyrics/Han/Rom/Eng) (With M/V Teaser)
    Yayyyyyyyyyy!!! Waitinnnnnnnggggggg :D
    Took me time to figure out the lyrics, if she was saying 'bitch' or 'bich' XD

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  • 한윤숙
    한윤숙 11 months ago +1

    제니 게세끼 블랙핑크 더러운년들 가슴에 사마귀나 나라 그리고 죽이고싶네

  • Zahid Khan
    Zahid Khan 11 months ago +1


  • Yoon wathan
    Yoon wathan Year ago

    Go jennie go jennie 🔥 shine bright my jennie ruby jane 💘

  • Yoon wathan
    Yoon wathan Year ago

    NOW It's out Go check out guys annnnd dun forget to give a big thumbs up to our Jennie babe Mv ❤❤

  • Jason Wu
    Jason Wu Year ago

    Yes, it is “bichnaneun Solo” because it was confirmed by YG himself on his *insta?* post. It may sound like “b!t

  • seungwoo's tattoos

    now we know that it was bich😂

  • IceWolf Gamingz
    IceWolf Gamingz Year ago

    I thought she's saying bitch I'm Now solo she is a true savage I luv her 😂😂❤

  • kpop is life
    kpop is life Year ago

    Jennie my bias

  • Manoban Filha
    Manoban Filha Year ago


  • Kpopareapong
    Kpopareapong Year ago +1

    Dang and I thought she said "Bitch runnin solo"

  • Luv Luv
    Luv Luv Year ago

    i couldve sworn she said "bitch now im solo"

  • Archie A
    Archie A Year ago

    OMG today is november 12 Amazing. Good luck Jennie

  • StAn KpOp FaT hEaDs
    StAn KpOp FaT hEaDs Year ago +1

    I’m thought she said Bitch running solo

  • Nada Sivan
    Nada Sivan Year ago

    Its Bitch 나는 solo

  • yxrely _
    yxrely _ Year ago

    Does anyone know what time it will be released???

  • m a r l e y
    m a r l e y Year ago

    when is this coming out

  • joss jecr
    joss jecr Year ago


  • Jasmine Ziegler
    Jasmine Ziegler Year ago +1

    Who else thought it'd be her solo song. LMAO I am an idiot.

  • Adeline Wang
    Adeline Wang Year ago

    Instead of “shining solo” it should have been “bitch shining solo”

  • S E A
    S E A Year ago

    Mi princesa hermosa Te Amo Jennie 💖

  • I L A I N A L A
    I L A I N A L A Year ago

    i thought it says 'its naneun solo'

  • Ethereal Vibes
    Ethereal Vibes Year ago

    Lol,a user posted the WHOLE song and i downloaded it before YG take it down XD

  • Finnish YT
    Finnish YT Year ago

    I wanna lisa make solo song! Sry my bad english😅

  • Xiomara Aguilera
    Xiomara Aguilera Year ago

    I hate yg cause they blocked all the solo performance fancams..

  • I GOT7
    I GOT7 Year ago

    "It's" not "bitch"

  • Nobu buya
    Nobu buya Year ago

    How tf this video get 190k view??!!!!

  • hoBi
    hoBi Year ago

    it was
    "itch naneun solo"
    "im shining solo"
    edit: i only wrote that bc there no b when i heard it so there's no bitch in it😂

  • 포비Phoebe
    포비Phoebe Year ago


  • Ismumu
    Ismumu Year ago

    "Shining solo"
    Aaahhh she talked in spanish!

  • yeseulcho
    yeseulcho Year ago

    I thought she said “It’s running solo” :/

  • koreena.
    koreena. Year ago

    Thank goodness I found this video, at first I thought she said "bitch now I'm solo"

  • _C O M M U N I S M_
    _C O M M U N I S M_ Year ago +1

    I thought it was the actual thing *AAAAASDFGJKLHKJS*

  • NoSprite Speakue
    NoSprite Speakue Year ago


  • imran abbasi
    imran abbasi Year ago

    I CAN'T WAIT..

  • bangtanic who?
    bangtanic who? Year ago +1

    lowkey thought she said ‘bitch im solo’

  • Insignificant Person

    Lol i thought she said "Bitch Solo"

  • yex miko
    yex miko Year ago

    yall im deaf thought she said "its another solo" ughhfhfhfkkdksk

  • chaeng gguk
    chaeng gguk Year ago


  • fitri aulia
    fitri aulia Year ago

    I thought it was bi**h naneun (my) solo

  • Ece Nur Dikmen
    Ece Nur Dikmen Year ago

    bitch i'm solo

  • Slam funk
    Slam funk Year ago

    jenchulichaeng dont go philippine...
    they killing many koreans
    watch this and comments

  • Princess kim Dela cruz

    Jennie is the best female group

  • Lol You th0t
    Lol You th0t Year ago

    ʙʀᴜʜ ɪ ᴄᴀɴ'ᴛ ᴡᴀɪᴛ 3 ᴅᴀʏs ғᴏʀ ʜᴇʀ ᴄᴏᴍᴇʙᴀᴄᴋ

  • stel Pew
    stel Pew Year ago

    I saw this and i thought the song was already out and i was like, didn't they say the 12th?? And why didn't i get a notif from vlive??
    Lmao i clicked on this video so fast its scary

  • costa luna
    costa luna Year ago

    "Bicht nothing solo"????? Yo escuche eso😅😅😅

  • Ava Cantu
    Ava Cantu Year ago

    I still hear "Its My New Solo"

  • Sez Dj
    Sez Dj Year ago

    Everyone is waiting 😂

  • Nadezhda
    Nadezhda Year ago

    to be honest I think it’s “it’s 나는 solo” which means “it’s my solo” which would make more sense djhfjfhfjs

  • Ju Ne
    Ju Ne Year ago

    I think "It's naneun solo"


    At first I thought she was saying,
    *"Bitch (something in korean) solo"*

  • Tenten blossom
    Tenten blossom Year ago

    It will be BADASS when she says bitch! In this SHINNING SOLO😂😍😍😍.

    사랑해요 젠니 아~~ 😍😘

  • bts grammy
    bts grammy Year ago

    *Its runnin' solo*

  • 예원
    예원 Year ago

    저는 이제 나는 솔로라고 들었는데... Now I'm solo 맞나...? ㅠ

  • 딸기
    딸기 Year ago

    Hey I am Korean. 빛나는 = shining

  • _OTAKU ;3
    _OTAKU ;3 Year ago


  • Kuz
    Kuz Year ago

    How to be Blink Trash:
    Create a COLOR-CODED lyric video for a solo song TEASER.
    I can't with y'all but I'm here for it.

  • A V
    A V Year ago


  • sunshine
    sunshine Year ago +1

    I thought she said 'bitch naneun solo'. Lol. So it's actually bichnaneun solo?

    • sunshine
      sunshine Year ago

      @VEMx oh really. Hello right there armlink

    • VEMx
      VEMx Year ago +1

      BlinkArmy hahaha true, YG wrote it was shining solo as the lyrics, but the Korean word doesn’t sound like that pronunciation so I was confused 😂 can’t wait for it to be released though ! I’m a blink and army as well ❤️

    • sunshine
      sunshine Year ago +1

      @VEMx Jennie was like dissing her haters. In silent 😂 we'll wait for the mv and lyrics and we'll find out later 😂

    • VEMx
      VEMx Year ago +1

      I think it really is 'Bitch Naneun solo' because the romanization 빛 of shining looks like it would sound like "bich" but in reality it sounds like "bin"

  • Grace Reyna
    Grace Reyna Year ago

    i though she say its 나는 solo😅

  • Kamryn
    Kamryn Year ago

    I thought she said "Bitch runnin solo"