Destroyed My Corvette with THIS......

  • Published on Jan 5, 2019
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Comments • 83

  • John Paxton
    John Paxton 11 months ago

    That’s crazy mine is a 02 c5 rn with just longtubes and a 2step with some tire I’m gonna do a heads and cam like you

  • Steeler Nation
    Steeler Nation 11 months ago

    casting couch

  • Beth Masters
    Beth Masters Year ago

    Yee yee

  • Beth Masters
    Beth Masters Year ago

    Do you no. Kaith

  • Beth Masters
    Beth Masters Year ago

    I love you car

  • Stacy Reid
    Stacy Reid Year ago

    I don't know if you watch Goonsquad on TheXvid but they are rebuilding a Viper TA I believe they are outta Georgia. It's Orange with a tune and exhaust

  • Chris Bryan
    Chris Bryan Year ago

    Well heres a comment love your videos keep up the good work

  • Jordan Fearon
    Jordan Fearon Year ago +1

    Destroyed your corvette?Cleeter should pull you over in neighbour. 🤘🏻🇨🇦

  • austin bartoszek
    austin bartoszek Year ago

    Nice job....breaking stuff gets views.

  • Omar Zadjali
    Omar Zadjali Year ago


    DA CHAN MAN Year ago

    buy a viper and diesel swap and stick shift

  • Steve Cherrett
    Steve Cherrett Year ago

    Bet you guy can't get Cummins short block in the vet

  • Max Gardner
    Max Gardner Year ago

    Show the crack.

  • jason sloan
    jason sloan Year ago +2

    My couch pulls out but i dont.

  • Jose Trujillo
    Jose Trujillo Year ago

    Brother that’s one hell of a shop truck!

  • Jim Bob
    Jim Bob Year ago +2

    Gotta make some more of the videos you use to make, sending it in the Cummins or getting brad to rip it up in town , always a good watch either way though have a good new year Bruce !

  • Mitchell Holroyd
    Mitchell Holroyd Year ago


  • Joel Bennett
    Joel Bennett Year ago

    Do it too it my man! I’m a Chevy guy at heart and bought a Cummins! I found you’re channel and it’s kick ass!! You gotta switch it up now and then let the haters hate brother! Keep turning wrenches and having fun man! 🍻

  • Right Price 6.blo_anfriends

    Now there's 68.

  • Right Price 6.blo_anfriends

    Only 66??

  • alex rischmiller
    alex rischmiller Year ago

    I'm jealous it's like 10 degrees here

  • kaineleeabel
    kaineleeabel Year ago


  • ARednecksLife
    ARednecksLife Year ago

    Just think if you got into an accident how would you explain that, lol

  • Joseph Cummings
    Joseph Cummings Year ago

    HELL YEAH MAN!! Mc Farland tuning for the WIN!!

  • Jordan Fearon
    Jordan Fearon Year ago +3

    Why so little subscribers. Wtf🤘🏻🇨🇦

  • Matthew Anderson
    Matthew Anderson Year ago

    You should get a viper pickup little bit of both worlds for 1/4 price

  • Dennis Pettibone
    Dennis Pettibone Year ago +2

    ziptiesandbiasplies could get more in the vette with it redlined for a good time

  • red93yj
    red93yj Year ago


  • Dustin Ellis
    Dustin Ellis Year ago

    Love the videos

  • Ethan 840
    Ethan 840 Year ago

    How did you get that transmission to fit perfectly in the Corvette??

  • American Standard

    Hey man, what was tuner yall put on ol girls 7.3? Im diggin the vette!

  • Wrecker '56
    Wrecker '56 Year ago

    I gotta check out your merch!

  • Charles Ortner
    Charles Ortner Year ago

    Hell yea love the content keep up the killer vids can't wait to see what's next!!

  • hutch17159
    hutch17159 Year ago +1

    Love the new content

  • Eddie Reichel
    Eddie Reichel Year ago +2

    400 Lb hitch? Just saying its probably not even 200

    • Eddie Reichel
      Eddie Reichel Year ago

      @DIESEL FANATIC Your the problem with this world. Prople running their cock suckers and know nothing about what they are saying. I DID USE COMMON SENSE YOU FUCKING MORON. Your the one arguing over yourself being wrong.

    • Eddie Reichel
      Eddie Reichel Year ago

      @DIESEL FANATIC which is exactly what the fuck I said dumbass. You are a special kinda simple bro. I really hope you dont recreate.

      DIESEL FANATIC Year ago

      @Eddie Reichel dude you're a cry baby snowflake. I didn't hear him say 700lbs my bad. He's wrong.when your behind a camera trying to make a video your mind is all over the place.

      DIESEL FANATIC Year ago

      @Eddie Reichel well it's obviously not. So get over it . Like I said use common sense did it look like he lifted a 400 pound hitch by himself no problem. No he did t. Maybe he thought it was heavier before he seen it idk.

    • Eddie Reichel
      Eddie Reichel Year ago

      @DIESEL FANATIC 0:46 "700 lbs maybe more if we can find something else to shove in this......"

  • Tim Leonard
    Tim Leonard Year ago

    I can verify that, in fact, the casting couch still exists. 😂

  • TRD_SR5
    TRD_SR5 Year ago +1

    Get rid of the bump stops. So your rear end don’t get slammed like your girlfriend on prom night

  • Kris Marshall
    Kris Marshall Year ago

    Love your content brother, keep the videos coming. I'd love to visit your shop next time I'm in Florida and take a ride in the flatty!

  • Preston Anderson
    Preston Anderson Year ago +1

    You should put a train horn on the flatty

  • Marcus Hert
    Marcus Hert Year ago +3

    Bruce when's the 5600 going to be in?! Can't wait any longer!

  • Preston Anderson
    Preston Anderson Year ago

    Love the videos

  • Paul Iannello
    Paul Iannello Year ago +1

    New shop truck

  • Shane Goldman
    Shane Goldman Year ago

    So what was all the cracking sounds from in the vett. Didn't break anything serious.

  • James Atkins
    James Atkins Year ago

    Do u work on other people vehicles or only ur.Nice Corvette

  • Duane Hallgren
    Duane Hallgren Year ago

    Two step will be useful for launching being it's a stick shift you can always leave at a set rpm.

  • Eric brown
    Eric brown Year ago +5

    Need to get Sendit Steve down there with you!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣💯

  • Nathan lizzot
    Nathan lizzot Year ago +1

    I can't wait for spring break up for peg to say something about your new car

  • Joshua Tisdale
    Joshua Tisdale Year ago +2

    told you to get the viper

  • Daniel Snelling
    Daniel Snelling Year ago +2

    Haha that plate on the viper says z68 dew, mt dew must be florida thing lol

  • Jerry fab
    Jerry fab Year ago +2

    Casting couches 🤣🤣🤣

  • Josh Thayer
    Josh Thayer Year ago

    I like how you use the Vette as a truck

  • Jordan Williams
    Jordan Williams Year ago +4

    Next video what happens when I put diesel fuel in my corvette will it roll some country?

  • T-Man KI5BEZ
    T-Man KI5BEZ Year ago

    Garret has a viper?? Hmmm

  • NorthEast Diesel
    NorthEast Diesel Year ago +2

    Bruce killin it, as usual

  • Jason Boyer
    Jason Boyer Year ago +4

    New work truck

  • Ryan x
    Ryan x Year ago +1

    Second this time.... Keep the vids coming Bruce.

  • Jennifer Wilson
    Jennifer Wilson Year ago +27

    Mom is first again! 😂😘

    • Dilbert 69
      Dilbert 69 Year ago

      Jennifer Wilson not to bad im comeing to Florida in a week you should show me around ;)

    • Jennifer Wilson
      Jennifer Wilson Year ago

      Dilbert 69 I’m good honey! How u doin?

    • Dilbert 69
      Dilbert 69 Year ago +1

      Hey mommy how you doin

    • Jennifer Wilson
      Jennifer Wilson Year ago +4

      You’re just jealous because you move too slow.

    • Steve Izzi
      Steve Izzi Year ago