GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS on Britain's Got Talent 2017 | Got Talent Global

  • Published on Nov 1, 2017
  • Watch all the best world records on Britain's Got Talent 2017. Who was your best world record?? Let us know in the comments below..
    ▶︎ Ryan Tracey:
    ▶︎ John Gough:
    ▶︎ Hagrid the Dog:
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  • HarleyEFI
    HarleyEFI 3 days ago

    I laughed so hard at this! 3:14

  • Helen H
    Helen H 3 days ago

    Why did they do that to him? Second guy. You guys can’t even shut ur mouths for a minute. What are you 3 year olds? Cmon I’m pretty sure the audience was 99% adults. So immature. This is the reason I’m embarrassed to be an American because of all these people. He probably would’ve been able to break he world record for his second attempt if you people didn’t distract him.

  • Sara's DanceVlogs
    Sara's DanceVlogs 3 days ago

    Hahahaha David goes well she's a barrel of laughs and she glares at him hahahahahha

  • Wilson Aitan
    Wilson Aitan 4 days ago

    Everyone : •dresses nicely•
    Simon : •uses t-shirt and jeans•

  • Gamer Games
    Gamer Games 4 days ago

    Maybe next time 30 second

  • Cameron Parr
    Cameron Parr 7 days ago

    A few years later someone beats it

  • BiTaNo
    BiTaNo 7 days ago

    Happy amazing

  • Project RBXGT
    Project RBXGT 9 days ago

    6:14 I'm not the only one Trying to revive the DAB

  • Thepoor Kid
    Thepoor Kid 9 days ago

    Hahahahhahahahaha everyone was with wide open face like they are gonna get the dog food hahahahahahahahahhahahahaah

  • prasanth dalayi
    prasanth dalayi 10 days ago

    My reverse English alphabets record is 3:65

  • JDZ Reacts
    JDZ Reacts 10 days ago

    World record for first human commented this. Kajsbsjakasbssaajsbsjakasbssaajsbsjakasbssaajsbsjakasbssaajsbsjakasbssaajsbsjakasbssaajsbsjakasbssaajsbsjakasbssaajsbsjakasbssaajsbsjakasbssaajsbsjakasbssaajsbsjakasbssaajsbsjakasbssaajsbsjakasbssaajsbsjakasbssaajsbsjakasbssaajsbsjakasbssaajsbsjakasbssaajsbsjakasbssaajsbsjakasbssaajsbsjakasbssaajsbsjakasbssaajsbsjakasbssaajsbsjakasbssaajsbsjakasbssaajsbsjakasbssaajsbsjakasbssaajsbsjakasbssaajsbsjakasbssaajsbsjakasbssaajsbsjakasbssaajsbsjakasbssaajsbsjakasbssaajsbsjakasbssaajsbsjakasbssaajsbsjakasbssaajsbsjakasbssaajsbsjakasbssaajsbsjakasbssaajsbsjakasbssaajsbsjakasbssaajsbsjakasbssaajsbsjakasbssaajsbsjakasbssaajsbsjakasbssaajsbsjakasbssaajsbsjakasbssaajsbsjakasbssaajsbsjakasbssaajsbsjakasbssaajsbsjakasbssaajsbsjakasbssaajsbsjakasbssaajsbsjakasbssaajsbsjakasbssaajsbsjakasbssaajsbsjakasbssaajsbsjakasbssaajsbsjakasbssaajsbsjakasbssaajsbsjakasbssaajsbsjakasbssaajsbsjakasbssaajsbsjakasbssaajsbsjakasbssaajsbsjakasbssaajsbsjakasbssa

  • rijju rdggg
    rijju rdggg 12 days ago

    Vicky is focking hot

  • Murr4y
    Murr4y 14 days ago

    Where was the adjudicator for the second one

  • Daði Fannar Hlífarsson

    I love how he says he’s 35 years young (not old)

  • Hanabi Nin
    Hanabi Nin 19 days ago

    I need to mute the balloon guy. Too squeaky hahaha

  • go for it
    go for it 21 day ago +1

    So Ron left Hogwarts and started to set balloon making world records🤔🤔😅

  • RBL Chan
    RBL Chan 22 days ago

    The Crowds broke
    The concentration of the old man..
    That's why he forgot the jokes..

  • Trickygamez
    Trickygamez 22 days ago

    I like the first one, he is kinda fancy 👑💥

  • Cash Felipe
    Cash Felipe 23 days ago

    Vicky is savage loll

  • Sabeer shah
    Sabeer shah 23 days ago

    He looks like England cricketer Johny Bairstow..

  • Burger King
    Burger King 23 days ago +1

    On the first one I cried due to the song. When i was in year 6 we had a leavers assembly and my best freind died from a heart attack while singing this.

  • Zamira Campbell
    Zamira Campbell 27 days ago +1

    Y’all are disrespectful you didn’t have to boo him like that 🙄 and y’all distracted him so it’s y’all fault

  • 09robber192 Yt
    09robber192 Yt 29 days ago

    The worse enemies in doing something new on stage are the audiences

  • Akshay Patil
    Akshay Patil Month ago

    1st time on stage ever and got guiness world record ! This man is a legend !

  • Initial 1890
    Initial 1890 Month ago

    Ive never seen a man been so intense over balloons

  • Smreeta Shrestha
    Smreeta Shrestha Month ago


  • Chimichang6
    Chimichang6 Month ago +2

    In the second one it wasn’t his fault the audience was being so loud and annoying

  • Shelby Decker
    Shelby Decker Month ago

    2nd one sucked

  • David Bowser
    David Bowser Month ago

    And the same fake guiness rep the 2nd time with storm troopers? Yeah totally not legit.

  • David Bowser
    David Bowser Month ago

    I believe that the balloon attempt guiness representative is legitimate person from Guiness, a whole zero percent.

  • Heath Williams
    Heath Williams Month ago

    Balloon guy crushed Aussie’s boo

  • Quyen Quyen
    Quyen Quyen Month ago

    8:29 kevin de bruyne???

  • PEPPER 29
    PEPPER 29 Month ago

    3:30 👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽

  • yuiki Jr
    yuiki Jr Month ago

    Vicky gf material 🤤

  • Saroz10 Vlogs
    Saroz10 Vlogs Month ago +7

    He look like Rupert Grint👌👌👌👌😎
    Ron Weasly
    Like plzzz

  • Sub for sub ISub to me I’ll sub to you

    Lol 35 years young 😅

  • The Devil
    The Devil Month ago

    Darth Vicky

  • ItsMeAlly
    ItsMeAlly Month ago

    poor ol John🥺

  • Dua Black
    Dua Black Month ago

    The Balloon Man looks like Ron Weasley. And I love Hagrid. Doesn't all of it makes sense!?

  • Heisenberg Regis
    Heisenberg Regis Month ago

    10:00 That was TOO GOOD😂

    256M views Month ago +1

    I barely can't even read the alphabet forwarded in 10 sec and he did it backwards in 5sec. Good job

  • Srap Harutyunyan Walker#32102

    The subtitles
    Instead of Congratulations.

  • Marcus Lee
    Marcus Lee Month ago

    Davids worst nightmare is the storm trooper queen ,viki

    TYPO QUEEN PRO Month ago

    What did australia do to you?
    This hurts me
    Just kidding but still 😒

    TYPO QUEEN PRO Month ago

    Rip australian balloon guy

  • I love Roblox And Minecraft is shit

    The first guy was dabbing ughhhhhh...

  • M E M E S
    M E M E S Month ago

    I can do a world record for playing fortnite in most time I 🤔

  • Konstantin Ivanov 8C

    I didnt know TimTheTatMan performed in AGT?😂🤣

  • xXDatMasterXx Games

    My friend can say the alphabet backwards faster than the guy

  • RussianBoi14 JustMe
    RussianBoi14 JustMe Month ago +1

    Love the backstage dudes

  • the entertainment company entertainment

    He looking like Johnny bairstoe

  • jp_dragon
    jp_dragon Month ago +1

    Checking if a balloon animal looks like a certain animal just comes to interpretation. So if you get lucky enough basically any judge could say that a straight balloon looks like a worm or a snail.

  • HAZEX shigameh
    HAZEX shigameh Month ago

    Simon: Where u from
    Guy: tells where he live
    Simon: i know
    Ummm. Wha?

  • Valident Gaming
    Valident Gaming Month ago

    There are too many word record beaten in 1 day

  • Dopeño's Vlogs
    Dopeño's Vlogs Month ago +1

    I cant even do an abc backwards

  • Political Channel
    Political Channel Month ago +1

    Guys from Star Wars on 14:00 is also participating in the show

  • gacha river123
    gacha river123 Month ago

    My dog would win the sausage eating dog

  • Daniel Brady
    Daniel Brady Month ago +1

    6:14 was that supposed to be a dab?

  • kethan gatty
    kethan gatty Month ago

    jim carrey can do faster than that

  • Yogi
    Yogi Month ago

    The first man gets two mangoes in one stone.....

  • Daily Dire
    Daily Dire Month ago

    Was that boogie storm

  • Gia SK
    Gia SK 2 months ago +2

    Okay, so nobody's gonna discuss about how the hell Rupert Grint came onto the stage to show balloon stuff.
    Come on! The guy looks JUST like Rupert Grint!

  • Demian Canavides
    Demian Canavides 2 months ago +1

    quisiera saver q disen xdxd

  • Snoozy Diego
    Snoozy Diego 2 months ago

    Lady: *Its 1 minute...........and 1 point-*

    I love how everyone interrupted her 😂

  • GamesMetMiles
    GamesMetMiles 2 months ago

    Hes ally LAW from parkour

  • Lil Hat
    Lil Hat 2 months ago

    I can say the alphabet backwards faster than him

  • mlbb legends
    mlbb legends 2 months ago +1

    All i understand was zyxwbvnslshsiayajapaoaksxvxns
    Edit:i forgot the CB *A*

  • Steven's YT
    Steven's YT 2 months ago

    I would smash vicky😍

  • Griddalgrill 86
    Griddalgrill 86 2 months ago

    Ryan is my uncle

  • Gusion Fanny
    Gusion Fanny 2 months ago

    Simon sucks

  • Guste 'R'
    Guste 'R' 2 months ago +2

    How long have you been married?
    Ten years
    That got me.. 😂

  • ssonicr1
    ssonicr1 2 months ago

    Cringe level 💯

  • Angel Ibarra
    Angel Ibarra 2 months ago

    9:46 😂😂😂 that laugh after they said they been married for 10 years had me dying😂😂

  • AnnettePCAT
    AnnettePCAT 2 months ago

    i can make a world record for most sad life