Final Thoughts On KSI vs Logan Paul 2

  • Published on Nov 11, 2019
  • True Geordie gives his final thoughts on KSI vs Logan Paul 2.
    True Geordie is delighted to have partnered with SikSilk for his coverage of KSI vs Logan Paul 2! SikSilk is a UK brand that offer the latest sports fashion for men & women, combining sportswear meets street wear with huge inspiration from top athletes around the world.
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  • Domenic Tronnolone
    Domenic Tronnolone 2 days ago

    Logan posting a letter
    Shannon Briggs: LeTs Go StAmP
    Edit: sorry if It doesn't make u laugh I just thought it was funny to me

  • Matiewos Medhanie
    Matiewos Medhanie 2 days ago +1

    Stop with the memes

  • Ziggy Stardust
    Ziggy Stardust 4 days ago

    To be honest when you said I would have AJ on my side in a fight you did look silly! Yes swing punches hit nothing!?!.. Hmmm you deleted. My last post.... Question.... In a fight... One person throws 10 punches hits 8.... The other throws 50 lands 2... Who gets the job!?! .... I'm an old man from 18 to 50 years old knows the answer..... Clue.. USA on this one! Old still working doorman!

  • Marcus Chan
    Marcus Chan 15 days ago

    The video quality is 🔥

  • RiskItAllForThePeople
    RiskItAllForThePeople 15 days ago

    Why did you delete the Rocky trailer I liked it😭

  • Ewan Gemmell
    Ewan Gemmell 20 days ago

    Geordie is a class bloke but he’s not a very good commentator tbh

  • Icelandic Cubicle
    Icelandic Cubicle 21 day ago

    Is there a date for Tyson Fury´s interview?

  • Brother Jo
    Brother Jo 22 days ago


  • GamingRfan
    GamingRfan 22 days ago +1

    I uploaded Shannon Briggs saying *LETS GO CHAMP* for 1 hour & 13 seconds .. watch it if you want inner peace....😤🔥

  • adam williams
    adam williams 22 days ago

    Would like to see you and Laurence's' thoughts on Slowthai and some of the antics he has been up to regarding certain UK politicians haha

  • Sja ind
    Sja ind 22 days ago +2

    Why is no one talking about how he is getting THE TYSON FURY on his podcast.

  • foopyu nooui
    foopyu nooui 23 days ago

    I just find it funny that ksi's knockdown didn't count and he still won🤣

    • foopyu nooui
      foopyu nooui 22 days ago

      Wya dude make a video on logan being a bitch sore loser after the fight

  • Google User
    Google User 23 days ago

    True Weordie

  • Jamie Boyle
    Jamie Boyle 23 days ago +1

    True Geordie is a total cock

    • foopyu nooui
      foopyu nooui 22 days ago

      Behzinga did a great job being neutral.....

  • gtoss chddy
    gtoss chddy 23 days ago

    Jake: Who tf is Gib. I’ll beat KSI after Logan finishes him KSI WINS Jake: I think Gib makes more sense now.

    • foopyu nooui
      foopyu nooui 23 days ago

      Hearing him say "Logan" makes me think I've mispronounced the name my whole life

  • Aidje
    Aidje 23 days ago

    Get Cillian Murphy on the podcast

  • Anmar Alharbi
    Anmar Alharbi 23 days ago


  • spIIzz
    spIIzz 24 days ago +1

    True Geordie have forgotten hes roots, and to be honest himself. Its comes thru that he just makes a video without Care and intusiasm.

    • gtoss chddy
      gtoss chddy 23 days ago

      Don’t understand how ksi fans can still watch Geordie after him kissing Logan’s arse right up untill the fight because he thought Logan was going to win and he would get

  • Bake Jull
    Bake Jull 24 days ago

    Apparently geordie had half a bottle of whiskey

  • Scott Moir
    Scott Moir 24 days ago

    The food reviewer is back!!!

  • lewis griffin
    lewis griffin 25 days ago +1

    KSI run his mouth already about Logan Paul so I don't think this is where it's going to end and there's going to be where are Dan and there's at least going to have one more fight I don't know if it's going to be a pro fight but there going to be another fight

  • jack twohig
    jack twohig 25 days ago

    Have Bandokay and Lz ofb on a podcast

  • Declan McCartney
    Declan McCartney 25 days ago

    Mate you need to get Ronald Bernard on the show. He was a big time banker for the old money families, claims to of been invited to satanic rituals that involved child sacrifice. Had to go into hiding for 10 years. Watch some of his stuff on TheXvid.

  • mino nin
    mino nin 26 days ago +2


    T'S REACTION 26 days ago

    Did use to be a heavyweight champ

  • Stevieee G
    Stevieee G 26 days ago

    Behzinga did a great job being neutral.....

  • Jaytay
    Jaytay 26 days ago

    Wya dude make a video on logan being a bitch sore loser after the fight

    • Bake Jull
      Bake Jull 24 days ago

      Jaytay not 100% but the way he was highly speaking about Logan before the fight and his reaction during and after the fight kinda seemed like he wanted Logan to win

    • Jaytay
      Jaytay 24 days ago

      @Bake Jull damnnnn if so makes sense

    • Bake Jull
      Bake Jull 24 days ago

      Jaytay he won’t he lost a bet that night

  • A&IVlogs
    A&IVlogs 27 days ago

    Box Bradley Martyn!! You're the only one big enough to do it!

  • Jake Taylor
    Jake Taylor 27 days ago +2

    Hearing him say "Logan" makes me think I've mispronounced the name my whole life

  • Daniel Poujol
    Daniel Poujol 27 days ago +1

    fight Shannon Briggs, that will be awesome.

  • Lean Bean
    Lean Bean 27 days ago +1

    wait so how much money did you lose?

    • Bake Jull
      Bake Jull 24 days ago

      Lean Bean too much, he 100% bet on Logan

  • T L
    T L 27 days ago

    anyone know what shirt Geordie is wearing

  • Kiey O’Connor
    Kiey O’Connor 27 days ago +4

    Don’t understand how ksi fans can still watch Geordie after him kissing Logan’s arse right up untill the fight because he thought Logan was going to win and he would get content from Logan afterwards, annoys me now that he try’s to play it out like he’s Jj’s biggiest fan😂

  • the one
    the one 27 days ago

    Logan should of won but the reff was a twat an sucked ksi dick

    • Bake Jull
      Bake Jull 24 days ago

      the one you’re clueless it’s so funny

  • Viggo’s Vakantie Vlogs

    Holy fuck tyson fury on the podcast? Well done m8

    • Bake Jull
      Bake Jull 24 days ago

      Viggo’s Vakantie Vlogs be ready for the same stories he’s told on other interviews ngl

  • Mathew Ball
    Mathew Ball 28 days ago +1

    I thought K.S.I had 2 legit knockdowns in round 3 not counted and in the 4th round Logan holds down K.S.I's head then uppercuts him knocking him down then Logan precedes to hit him when he's down! I honestly thought Logan was lucky they even scored his knockdown considering the illegal punches leading up to the knockdown!
    Should they have taken away 2 points away from Logan, maybe not, just don't score Logan's knockdown in the first place? For me I had it:
    Logan Paul - 10 - 9 - 7 - 8 - 10 - 9 [53]
    K.S.I - 10 - 10 - 10 - 8 - 9 - 10 [57]

  • Mitchell Robinson
    Mitchell Robinson 28 days ago

    Night and day what else does that mean other than... 😆😆👍

  • ciaran patten
    ciaran patten 28 days ago

    Shannon Briggs v true geordie

  • Marc Dunlop
    Marc Dunlop 28 days ago

    WWE next?

  • WConKill
    WConKill 28 days ago +1

    WKsi is the best

  • Bobby Bobby
    Bobby Bobby 28 days ago +1

    Please fight Keemstar

  • top shagger81
    top shagger81 28 days ago

    2 million subscribers and true geordie let's Lawrence slap him in the face lmao.

  • shakey mike
    shakey mike 29 days ago +1

    This podcast has really declined in the last 3 months, now its short, full of interrupting ads!

  • Diamond HD
    Diamond HD 29 days ago

    I haven’t been waiting for the Tyson fury podcast since your first podcast keep smashing it mate

  • pervian pepper
    pervian pepper 29 days ago +1

    Been following you forever Geordie but anyone that saw your livestream or your pre fight stuff knew you were Logan all the way. Everything from your promotion of the fight and interviews showed it.

  • Doctor Iron Fist
    Doctor Iron Fist 29 days ago +3

    What a fucktard this guy is..... He's got Logan's dick far up his rectum.

  • •Jesse xox
    •Jesse xox 29 days ago

    I wanna see Gibb and jake and after Ksi and jake

  • kaymal khan
    kaymal khan 29 days ago

    911 100% A Mossad Operation Dr Alan Sabrosky (Phd) US Army War College!!!!

  • XiXora
    XiXora 29 days ago

    Well said.

  • trever pitts
    trever pitts 29 days ago

    Question why didn't Logan Paul throw more than just a jab he wasn't really throwing a lot of combos

  • Siaosi Moimoi
    Siaosi Moimoi 29 days ago

    hey tyson fury. what does it feel like to knock someone out.

  • Millie Williams
    Millie Williams 29 days ago

    What does Tyson think about tommy wanting to fight ksi?

  • Hshsjwjwj
    Hshsjwjwj 29 days ago

    For any logangs (or whatever yous are called) saying that Logan would have won if he didn’t lose 2 points. Logan got 2 points deducted BUT his knockdown counted so they rule each other out. Ksi won either way and yous can’t do anything about it.

  • Nick M
    Nick M Month ago

    Stop talking like half a bottle of whiskey is a lot, for a man of your size. It’s about six pints of continental strength lager. Fuck all for a big man

  • cooldude69
    cooldude69 Month ago

    xo haven’t uploaded in four months

  • Miko
    Miko Month ago +1

    Geordie doesn't want another fight cause he'll lose some more racks

  • Alistair Freedom
    Alistair Freedom Month ago

    rematch, rematch, rematch.
    because of the penalty that was given to easy. but i guess if the guys agreed to thoes rules before hand - then the rules are the rules... And it is what it is.
    As u say Logan must be kicking himself for continuing after the bell

  • Matthew Withum
    Matthew Withum Month ago

    Yeah TheXvid was nothing before this fight....

  • Quinn Cooke
    Quinn Cooke Month ago +1


  • Rani Begum
    Rani Begum Month ago

    Why does geordie look hench