Top 10 Scariest Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

  • Published on Aug 7, 2019
  • These are the SPOOKIEST stories from the classic Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark books. Whether you're at a sleepover or sitting around a campfire, telling scary stories in the dark just makes them that extra bit creepier. We've all heard a few as kids, or told them, so now we are ranking the best from this spooky book series in anticipation of the release of the film version! Join WatchMojo as we rank our picks for the Top 10 creepiest scary stories to tell in the dark. Which Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark traumatized YOU as a kid? Let us know in the comments below!
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  • Annabella Patton
    Annabella Patton 2 days ago

    my fav is the scene of the pale lady :D

  • Itz Lina
    Itz Lina 3 days ago +1

    "Stinky uh oh! Stinky uh oh! Stinky uh ooh!!

  • Jennifer Rumberg
    Jennifer Rumberg 5 days ago

    I justed watched the movie

  • Jurassic Blaster
    Jurassic Blaster 5 days ago

    I knew Harold was number 1

  • BadAss Racoon
    BadAss Racoon 6 days ago

    This da adult version of goosebumps stories

  • Roblox Dr_who123011
    Roblox Dr_who123011 8 days ago

    The pale lady just wants a hug

  • JaeKiDd 1k subs I will restart channel up again

    I remember this now this is one of the books that was on the summer reading list 😂man how times was different when I was in school

  • Gabriel R. Johnson
    Gabriel R. Johnson 9 days ago

    What's crazy that a book like this would end up in a elementary library. This first horror story I have ever read and man it really made you scared to look back becuase this book really put me on edge when I was a kid!

  • Olivia
    Olivia 13 days ago

    I don't think those stores would be scary if they dint have the pitcher's.

  • Sorly the weird
    Sorly the weird 13 days ago

    8:22 so you're a woman of colture as well

  • SophiaAsme내보며늑대

    I read all of these books cause they have it at school for KIDS. @~@

  • Adam Buentello
    Adam Buentello 15 days ago

    The big Toe is kinda dumb

  • TimeToChange121
    TimeToChange121 17 days ago

    The "not quite at the end yet, please subscribe" stuff with constant reminders to change notification settings is a real turn-off for this Channel and I honestly think it's insulting for Rebecca and Phoebe and others to have to do it. I'm here because I enjoy your content and because I'm subscribed and most of all of the other people watching this video are in the same boat people on TheXvid don't need to be told that they should subscribe or that they should change their cell phone settings we already know and like the material just let us watch it.

  • Khloe Baker
    Khloe Baker 17 days ago

    The dream. I HATE that lady

  • Geminite
    Geminite 19 days ago

    wheres my horse shoe

  • Rust in Peace
    Rust in Peace 19 days ago

    The drum is amazing

  • l i a m Kearns
    l i a m Kearns 19 days ago

    Why does it look funny

  • taco cat655
    taco cat655 20 days ago +2

    I am LITTERALLY watching this in broad daylight

  • Diana Segifili
    Diana Segifili 20 days ago

    Thumbnail: when you finally look in the mirror

  • Leigh Fletcher
    Leigh Fletcher 20 days ago

    ive read some of these

  • Jessica Romero
    Jessica Romero 20 days ago +2

    1:28 happens all the time

  • Mr. Man
    Mr. Man 21 day ago +1

    The spider one is actually possible. There are spiders that lay eggs in the flesh of hosts.

  • julirox
    julirox 22 days ago +1

    Thanks for putting me in the thumbnail.

  • ProfessorExxotic
    ProfessorExxotic 22 days ago

    I expected Harold, The Dream, The big toe, and for some reason Oh Susannah

  • GABBY 24046
    GABBY 24046 25 days ago

    Mines is the big toe

  • Nigga
    Nigga 26 days ago

    The book is better than the movie of course but the movie almost costed me a broken hand from the thousands of pounds of pressure my girl put on them every jumpscare

  • honeylver
    honeylver 27 days ago

    I remember watching “Scary Stories To Tell in The Dark” I remember the main character the girl. She said “WHAT IS THAT”
    Me: a hoe

  • Alabama 100
    Alabama 100 29 days ago +1

    You forgot the one where a lady's mom died of the plague in Paris and they tried to erase all of the evidence of her visit. I don't remember the name but it scared the sht out of me for some reason

  • xXShadowWolfXx
    xXShadowWolfXx Month ago +1

    I’m sorry but...


  • Ryder21
    Ryder21 Month ago

    The one that stuck in my head for all of these years is “The Red Ribbon” That one has stuck with me and I read every single short story in the books but that one, it just made an impact on my life.

  • Julissa Macias
    Julissa Macias Month ago


  • Inksterwiz
    Inksterwiz Month ago

    This was like goosebumps but more creepier

  • Maddy Kugler
    Maddy Kugler Month ago

    omg i LOVE these books. i cant find them in the libary at school so i might have to buy them

  • yourpinkitydrinkity

    the red spot is a loser

  • YahuHanan ObadiYah
    YahuHanan ObadiYah Month ago

    I think i read these stories back in 02 ...i think i was in 2nd grade .damn!!!!

  • Toxic Avenger
    Toxic Avenger Month ago

    guy on phone: have you checked on the children?
    me: *halfway across town* nO thanks cOwboY

  • RC Hunter24
    RC Hunter24 Month ago

    u guys do know this is a movie

  • Andrew Starkey
    Andrew Starkey Month ago +1

    Hmm I didn't see Mi Ti Do Ti walker, the story about the girl who was in a dress and the main character brought her to prom but it turns out she was a ghost, the girl raised by wolves, and the witch that gets turned into a horse

  • Jared Chinchello
    Jared Chinchello Month ago

    Man door hand hook car door.

  • Kr 887
    Kr 887 Month ago

    Moonraven was here!!

  • Midnight Crackers
    Midnight Crackers Month ago

    How was "The Sausage" or "The Black Dog"not on here?

  • Jude Fenwick
    Jude Fenwick Month ago

    Were the two men in « The Thing » a couple? I always wondered that as a child when I read the story, two men living together for decades... said story helped me to realize I was gay somehow.

  • Lexi lol
    Lexi lol Month ago

    in library class in school everyone wanted these books but were terrified to read it but me and others liked it. maybe that’s why i’m messed up now.

  • Holly Wingate
    Holly Wingate Month ago

    (Looks at thumbnail) is that a chicken nugget with hair and eyes?

  • Θανος Καραθανασης

    It's not even scaryy

  • Imelda Castellanos
    Imelda Castellanos Month ago

    Omg I use to read this in elementary

  • red_crusad3r
    red_crusad3r Month ago

    High beams was the best story

  • Nevaeh the wolf aayyee :P

    OMG my school has the book

  • It's Brooklynn
    It's Brooklynn Month ago

    Okay we heard the 10th one right ?

  • HeatherKirsten Aubuchont

    one of my favorites was the mass though. f***ing nightmares.

  • prettyoddvirtues
    prettyoddvirtues Month ago

    why am I always watching scary videos at freakin night- I have school tomorrow morning gosh

  • Your Average Otaku in Training

    I read some of the stories in 2nd grade and I was terrified

  • zerexe
    zerexe Month ago

    Bro how is jangly man not on this list

  • kamakura kamakura YAS QUEEEN

    That thumbnail is me when I tell me my mom I threw up

  • • S U G A R U S H •

    Who else came after they watched the movie-

  • Snickerdoodles
    Snickerdoodles Month ago

    just saying you have to include the ellen story. it goes like this, ellen goes to sleep and hears, ellen im on the first step. it goes all the way to her hallway but when her parents come nobody is in her room. it scares me and our friends

  • Arkham 241
    Arkham 241 Month ago

    I remember these from the book when my 3rd grade teacher read them to use I’m in 11th rn

  • Galactic Bacon
    Galactic Bacon Month ago

    My oh my, what a beautiful... toe you have.
    Demon: bitch wut

  • Chris Grey
    Chris Grey Month ago

    this should have made scary to tell in the dark a anthropology TV series. but the movie was pretty good.

  • ꧁circus Spider ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ

    I got a scary story to tell in the dark add