The Lost World: Jurassic Park - Tamara's Never Seen

  • Published on May 18, 2018
  • Tamara checks out the second movie in the Jurassic Park series, The Lost World. Is this movie worth a watch? Find out now!
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    The Lost World: Jurassic Park is a 1997 American science-fiction adventure film and the second installment in the Jurassic Park film series. A sequel to 1993's Jurassic Park, the film was directed by Steven Spielberg and written by David Koepp, loosely based on Michael Crichton's 1995 novel The Lost World.
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Comments • 479

  • Adam Watson
    Adam Watson 12 days ago

    You fucking annoying amateurish frump

  • CrudeConduct666
    CrudeConduct666 17 days ago +1

    Surprised there aren't a bunch of comments about how gorgeous Tamara is in this episode. Just saying.

  • Jason Santiago
    Jason Santiago 4 months ago

    2:44 "Then, poor little Cathy died from dinosaurs …" This line absolutely killed me. I had to pause the vid for a good 3 minutes until I regained my composure.

  • 011 Eleven
    011 Eleven 5 months ago

    Fallen Kingdom is the best one SINCE The Lost World. To me, The Lost World is the absolute greatest sequel ever made.

  • Cynthionic
    Cynthionic 5 months ago

    10:01 nice one Tamara

  • lsvtecb18c1
    lsvtecb18c1 5 months ago

    Tamara you get more beautiful with every movie you make. Honestly since I first saw you do the Alice in wonderland nostalgia critic when it first came out you have continued to enhance your appeal on the Male eye. So whatever you are doing (even if it is nothing at all), it is working 10 fold. Love this videos and I have clicked "the bell" lol so keep up the awesome content and I will continue to watch and support!

  • AzureVI
    AzureVI 5 months ago

    My favorite part of the whole movie is when the hunters just arrive and start capturing dinosaurs. The overall scene is pretty cool.

  • dancepiglover
    dancepiglover 5 months ago

    The rich family wasn't at Jurassic Park. It was a different island.

  • Drew Kane
    Drew Kane 5 months ago

    I hate that you watch the movies before the video intros. I would like authentic opinions instead of rehearsed.

  • DK Chin
    DK Chin 5 months ago

    If you read the book the guy gets eaten by velociraptor in

  • generalsnaz
    generalsnaz 6 months ago

    It has flaws, (many, many flaws) but I still love it. And If you don't think a T-Rex rampaging around a major city is awesome, then your inner child is dead.

  • nightpulse
    nightpulse 6 months ago

    Girl, you are working that red wig. It suits you really well.

  • Wraithflaire
    Wraithflaire 6 months ago

    The girl in start did not die she was just maimed.

  • 23zombieking
    23zombieking 6 months ago

    Life uh uh fines a way

  • Samuel Blondahl
    Samuel Blondahl 6 months ago

    The rich beachgoers in the opening are from the first chapter of the first book by Micheal Crichton. He also wrote The Lost World, but this movie is nothing like the book, they are like apples and... Sasquatches.

  • MDK22420
    MDK22420 6 months ago

    Vince just acts like he would if he were in whatever situation written for his Characters.

  • The Man With No Name
    The Man With No Name 6 months ago

    i liked it just as much as the first one

  • maxman1602
    maxman1602 6 months ago

    Way to bronze it up at gymnastics, Tam.


  • Twitch
    Twitch 6 months ago +1

    I hated almost every character in this movie, almost no one had the qualification to be on this island and no one had the sense to refuse to go on the island. I do respect the use of practicle effects, and still having the concept that you cannot contain or control life (unlike in Jurassic World). Jeff G was ok, still way more serious than in the previous movie, I actually liked the T-Rex's character more. Oh who's gonna forget that one dumbass who gets a snake in his shirt and runs out of the waterfall to run right into the trex again,like wtf use your sense, take your shirt off or something, there's a bigger danger he must be worried about right?

  • UnlicensedOkie
    UnlicensedOkie 6 months ago

    You were trying to make fun of rich snooty people
    Yet you just ended up making fun of British people
    Am I wrong?

  • MrAdrenaline1982
    MrAdrenaline1982 6 months ago

    Aside from the marketing for it (BK watches, roaring cereal box contests, etc). I never cared much for the Lost World. It's just pretty boring compared to the other movies in the series (yeah I'm in the minority who likes part 3).

  • Zodia195
    Zodia195 6 months ago

    Fun fact, my dad took my youngest brother to see this movie in the theaters because he was in love with dinosaurs at the time (was always watching his Land Before Time Movies), but my mom got furious with my dad because my brother was still a toddler at the time lol.
    Me this movie is guilty pleasure with the best part being the leading actor here. I personally can't stand the 3rd movie and so I NEVER saw any of the reboots because the concept annoys the hell out of me.

  • good old-fashioned family Christmas

    She kind of looks like Catherine Ohara

  • Zwordsman
    Zwordsman 6 months ago

    I am so sad about the guy who was watching the daughter in the "high nest" who gets eaten trying to pull up the RV? SUCH A NICE GUY. AND HE DIES AND NO ONE BLINKS AT IT!
    Also... The implication from the crew slaughter was that it was eitehr Ingen or the folks who tried to get the DnA in the first movie, trying to sabotage the whole thing. (either to discredit hammond (if ingen) or to bankrupt ingen) if the other company)

  • Brave Joxer
    Brave Joxer 6 months ago

    Yesterday was the first time I watched the whole film. It's funny that Tamara also got to him in may 2018)

  • greenquartz
    greenquartz 6 months ago

    You're just a stupid little man- child! 😁That was great!

  • GeekDetritus
    GeekDetritus 6 months ago

    She needs to watch Willow if she hasn't already

  • Kevin Sorbi
    Kevin Sorbi 6 months ago

    Have you never seen or have too much add to focus..they legit say in the film she didn't die lol

    • Kevin Sorbi
      Kevin Sorbi 6 months ago

      And other stuff im sure u missed

  • Jackalope
    Jackalope 6 months ago

    So also since its horse tranquilizers, how did they know it would even work on the dinosaurs? I honestly wanted to see it not work, just shoot them, nothing happens and bang eaten.

  • Jackalope
    Jackalope 6 months ago

    But the girl didn't die? She just got horribly maimed and packed at. She lived, and they even talk about this?

  • captainjd02
    captainjd02 6 months ago

    Boomer will li.. .oh, we'll get you a new Boomer.

  • John Wozniak
    John Wozniak 6 months ago

    Just one little tidbit -- from what I can tell, that attack on the girl (which was from the _first_ book and had the girl survive) was actually on the mainland. They never quite explained how a compy got off the island and swam that far though.

  • Helgali
    Helgali 6 months ago

    How could you not get the beginning? The island from the first movie was abandoned with the animals by themselves.

  • ekahnoman
    ekahnoman 6 months ago

    Doesn't bat an eye when people die left and right from dinosaurs in Jurassic Park. But then a dog appears and she becomes appalled.

  • Kevin Mecham
    Kevin Mecham 6 months ago

    Watch "Clue (1985)" if you haven't already seen it!

  • Jack Faire
    Jack Faire 6 months ago

    *sighs* Kids like food. There is no magical age at which kids start liking certain foods. It's always bugged the shit out of me whenever someone says "kids don't like (insert food item)" I had fellow parents telling me my kid wouldn't like Chinese food because kids don't like it. Made me wonder if kids in China just starve.
    I also realized over the years that the "tastes change" thing is bullshit. I liked spinach. Then I hated spinach. Then I liked it. the only thing that changed was the way it had been prepared the times I ate it. My tastes didn't change I just didn't like how it was cooked.

  • Ryan Ozog
    Ryan Ozog 6 months ago

    8:08 Toothless Perfectly summarizing his Netflix series.

  • Robert Behnke
    Robert Behnke 6 months ago

    you should do john wicke next

  • spklvr12
    spklvr12 6 months ago

    This movie is the only movie that has given me nightmares, and it was about the t-rex eating my dog.

  • happybeejv
    happybeejv 6 months ago

    texting did exist, we called it paging and we used a pager to send them, and they sucked so they were only used at work for work related things

    MEDIA TOUR 6 months ago

    8:30, why didnt you green screen the white part out of that "YES" button picture?

  • Grisel Tellez
    Grisel Tellez 6 months ago +1

    Jenny and tai lung

  • Sir Ravix of Fourhorn
    Sir Ravix of Fourhorn 6 months ago

    Don't go into the long grass!

  • 2wingo
    2wingo 6 months ago +1

    If you want a movie where you DO believe Vince Vaughn's performance, I suggest "Hacksaw Ridge."

  • DeathPrevails 713
    DeathPrevails 713 6 months ago

    I think tamara is lying about some of these movies she has ' never ' seen.

  • samorozco2002
    samorozco2002 6 months ago

    i think the movie is ok, but their are parts of the movie really pisses me off. Mosty it's the good guys that get me so angry. I don't really think the bad guys are really doing anything that's bad. It's their property, and they created them and they can do anything they want with the dinosaurs. Most of the deaths in the movie you can blame the good guys, due to their sabotage.

  • Ryan Hartwell
    Ryan Hartwell 6 months ago +2

    "Now, why couldn't that little creature have been more friendly?"
    *-Gene Siskel*

  • Manuel Martinez
    Manuel Martinez 6 months ago

    This movie is still my favorite in the franchise. It's severely underrated if you ask me.

  • TheRagingwerepanda
    TheRagingwerepanda 6 months ago

    The only gaping holes I shame are plot holes.

  • ZekeStaright
    ZekeStaright 6 months ago

    I think that if they hadn't been messed up by Vince, the San Diego park would have been fine until 2015 when they needed a new attraction...

  • Segageek Navarre
    Segageek Navarre 6 months ago

    so youre an actress and never seen any movies so what made you want to be an actress again?

  • Captain CJ 97
    Captain CJ 97 6 months ago

    I remember watching this so much when i was a kid

  • Buffy8Fan
    Buffy8Fan 6 months ago

    Like #3 but hates #2? Something's wrong there.

  • Antonio M
    Antonio M 6 months ago

    I am glad you felt the same way as me, but I can't wait to see how you handle the Mighty Ducks!

  • Arisu Cheddar
    Arisu Cheddar 6 months ago

    I liked prawns as a child.Also it's intensely ironic you said this movie got Godzilla-y at the end, when most of us who saw things in order thought Godzilla got very Jurassic Park-y at the end.

  • Caleb Lee Decker
    Caleb Lee Decker 6 months ago

    I’m glad someone else has issues with Vince Vaugn too. So much overrating when it comes to him.

  • Tot Macher
    Tot Macher 6 months ago

    Vince Vaughn is garbage in EVERYTHING he has ever done except Brawl in Cell Block 99, which may be too much for you Tamara but it almost redeems him for all that crap he has done. Srsly tho that movie is amazing once it gets going

  • logan callahan
    logan callahan 6 months ago

    Please do Se7en

  • anthony ward
    anthony ward 6 months ago

    if you didnt like the monster movie vibe of this one your not going to like JW2 haha

  • James Conlon
    James Conlon 6 months ago

    Sadly, theres a deletesd scene where the raptors got on and off the boat while they were taking off, they killed the crew, not the rex

  • nypinstripes
    nypinstripes 6 months ago

    Marley and me will kill you.

  • hellsingmongrel
    hellsingmongrel 6 months ago

    The Lost World is the perfect example of "The Book Was Better." I loved the movie as a kid because I was a MASSIVE Jurassic Park nerd and I didn't even care that they'd butchered the story for the movie, but the older I get, the worse I realize it is. 😥

  • Jantzen Bruce
    Jantzen Bruce 6 months ago

    As funny as what you said was, Vince Vaughan wasn’t calling the T-Rex a son of a bitch. He was yelling at the bearded guy who gets eaten because of a snake because he was moving around in the waterfall, pushing the other characters closer to the Rex. I think the subtitles made it clearer.
    Though I don’t blame you for thinking that. I did for years until I got it on dvd. Lol

  • Savage Kvang
    Savage Kvang 6 months ago

    Please watch the movie FACE OFF with Nicolas Cage and John Trivolta

  • zanzaro18
    zanzaro18 6 months ago

    I hate when they hurt the dogs too

  • zanzaro18
    zanzaro18 6 months ago

    The girl didn't die

  • Kimberly
    Kimberly 6 months ago

    So I tend to enjoy your Never Seen videos...but you're entire part on how unrealistic it is for people to try to bring the dinosaurs to the mainland for money was rather out of touch. Have you read up on any of the major disasters or even minor tragedies that have happened in recent history. Most of them have to do with people doing stupid things for money. Hell, the entire situation with Deepwater Horizon will make you feel dirty when you read about it...and that boiled down to greed. At the end of the day, that part of JP2 was the most realistic for how the world works.

  • MatthewOfGilead
    MatthewOfGilead 6 months ago

    Is it just me or have you not seen any movie ever?

  • wakeangel2001
    wakeangel2001 6 months ago

    they made a HUGE point of saying "the little girl will be fine" at the beginning, though the Compsognathus DID get a real kill later in the movie, just to prove a saurian the size of a chicken can indeed kill a man in large enough numbers.

  • Henry in NorCal
    Henry in NorCal 6 months ago +1

    Hey girl. Nice seeing you. Glad you're still around.

  • Amanoob105
    Amanoob105 6 months ago

    I liked prawns when I was six. HA!
    Had gone off them by about age twelve though. No idea why.

  • They Live We See
    They Live We See 6 months ago

    last great JP movie, yea I said it

  • TGHibiki
    TGHibiki 6 months ago

    Boomer will.... oh. Uh never mind.

  • Jaime Veloso
    Jaime Veloso 6 months ago

    Yep, I agree with most of what you said, but I must say, If you read the books, you will understand some of the scenes they put in this movie...Th first scene is based on the beginning of the original Jurassic Park book which is much darker than any of the movies and has some amazing moments... I still wish a close adaptation from the book was made to see Dennis Nedry being gutted out, and grabbed by the head by a properly sized dylophosaurus until all turned dark. Or Ellie Sattler kicking velociraptor ass, or even better, the T-rex river chase scene... and i'll say nothing else :)

  • Paul Fletcher
    Paul Fletcher 6 months ago +1

    Tamaras Never Seen is becomming my favourite CA series...

  • Purple Epic Icon
    Purple Epic Icon 6 months ago

    Loved this movie when I saw it had hated the third one. I guess that's because I'm one of the rare people who got nightmares from trex instead of Jason or Freddy or something.

  • Doublediamond92
    Doublediamond92 6 months ago

    The little girl didn’t die in the film, it’s mentioned by John Hammond that she survived. Also Pete Postlethwaite was the best thing in the film.

  • joeriveracomedy
    joeriveracomedy 6 months ago

    Are you wearing purple tights in this video? Please watch the last purple tights

  • LeeLee 34
    LeeLee 34 6 months ago

    The book sucked too. In the first book spoilers Jeff Goldblum's character dies at the end but upon starting The Lost World Michael Crichton wrote these words "Malcolm had, in fact, been reported dead in several newscasts.....'but it turns out that I was only slightly dead.'" I felt like Kathy Bates in Misery talking about the cheat that the hero you saw go over the cliff in a fiery crash die but in the next instalment he got out just in time. "HE DIDN'T GET OUT OF THE COCK-A-DUTY CAR!!"

  • Haohmaru HL
    Haohmaru HL 6 months ago

    anyone else didn't notice "lost world" in title at first and almost had a heart attack that she didn't see JP?

  • Logan Bills
    Logan Bills 6 months ago

    You didn’t see Jurassic park 1&2 but you saw freaking Jurassic park 3?!
    That’s like seeing the Star Wars prequels but not seeing the original trilogy or the new ones

  • mumygirl1890
    mumygirl1890 6 months ago

    This is the worst of the Jurassic series and makes the least sense.

  • Joshua Pracchia
    Joshua Pracchia 6 months ago

    A movie critic who has not seen the vast majority of popular movies.

  • nigerianprincess101
    nigerianprincess101 6 months ago +1

    I just watched this for the first time yesterday!!

  • Johan Öberg
    Johan Öberg 7 months ago

    I think this movie is decent, I didn't hate it at all. Except Julianne Moore. Why does she always play bitchy characters? She does it well though I guess, very well cast in the Carrie remake. The only movie I've seen her in where I actually felt sympathy for her was Boogie Nights.

    • rangers94ism
      rangers94ism 6 months ago

      I loved her in the Big Lebowski. I didn't think that she was bitchy. She just played a character who wanted to cut through all the bull crap that was obviously going on.

  • Stephen Malovski
    Stephen Malovski 7 months ago +1

    What can I say about Jurassic Park 2 that hasn't been said before...
    It can be a fun movie if you completely turn off your brain.
    JP2 The Lost World novel had a much smaller but better story which was less spectacular!
    I always found that screenplay weird! I mean Nick Van Oven and Sarah Harding were presented as the good guys and yet they were directly responsible for every single death in the movie including what happened in San Diego.
    They were complete idiots to take that T-Rex baby when they perfectly knew that its parents will track them and that got their friend killed.
    Sarah Harding was supposed to be the expert but her character was written so badly that the impression was totally different...
    early in the film she talked about how they should avoid all contact with the dinosaurs yet she started petting one the first chance she got.
    Later on the mentioned how strong sense of smell the T-Rex has but still despite that she wore the baby T-Rex blood soaked jacket during most of the movie which made her responsible for many fatalities.
    The Ingen team on the Island was there to catch mostly herbivores for the ZOO but they were forced to change their plans after that stampede that "the good guys" caused when they opened the cages which destroyed all the communication equipment stranding everyone on the island.
    Roland wanted to kill the T-Rex but his bullets were stolen by Van Oven and was forced to tranquilize it so the San Diego incident wouldn't have had happened if those bullets weren't stolen by what the screenplay presented to the audience as "the good guy"

  • Ryan The_Adjuster88
    Ryan The_Adjuster88 7 months ago

    The baby T-Rex killed the people on the ship.

  • Richard Herkert
    Richard Herkert 7 months ago

    Watch Wiener-dog next.

  • Paulfry Galmon
    Paulfry Galmon 7 months ago

    Tam you bae a.f

  • Stoneysilence
    Stoneysilence 7 months ago

    Read the book, it was excellent. The movie, not so much. I think the scene with the guys hand all that is left is supposed to suggest that raptors are on the ship if I remember right. And greed will always win out. Haven't you ever seen a movie where the rich guy demands what they want no matter the cost?

  • Randomzstuff
    Randomzstuff 7 months ago

    Nostalgic critic would disagree with you tamara. It was funny to see how much he hated Goldblum and then watching this and you loving his performance. (I think Jeff was one of the better characters in this movie)

  • Dom Menace 226
    Dom Menace 226 7 months ago

    Yeah, this movie was definitely the worst one out of all of them.

  • Fist Full of Popcorn
    Fist Full of Popcorn 7 months ago +1

    Love that shirt Tamara!

  • goldenage
    goldenage 7 months ago

    I think that there were velociraptors on the boat which killed the crew, but it was never explored again.

  • Jai-R Sutton
    Jai-R Sutton 7 months ago

    Hey Tamara, Kathy, the little girl was injured, she's not dead.

  • Aaron Jones
    Aaron Jones 7 months ago

    This is such an underated movie, i love JP2.

  • James Miller
    James Miller 7 months ago

    wasn't there a line at the start where they said the little girl was alive or something? Could of sworn there was.

    • Stephen Malovski
      Stephen Malovski 7 months ago

      I think that they planned to kill the girl of but probably they added the she's OK line later on

  • DA Perez
    DA Perez 7 months ago

    You know why it didn't make sense... it stopped following the book right after the title. Do yourself a favor and read it or use audible or whatever. I don't normally read but I really enjoyed it and so much more so after watching the movie.

  • Lonewolfjedi
    Lonewolfjedi 7 months ago

    The movie made no sense from the start

  • North Dwarf
    North Dwarf 7 months ago

    Mighty Ducks!