• Published on Sep 22, 2019
  • Hashtag Harry, Shawrey and the boys with crazy reactions to their first pack opening of FIFA 20! Our new signing is revealed when we pack a walkout...
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    esports FIFA Team:
    Hashtag Harry: hashtagharry__
    Hashtag Shawrey: HashtagShawrey
    Hashtag Tom: HashtagTom__
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Comments • 57

  • Uh oh poopy
    Uh oh poopy Day ago +1


  • Callum Norris
    Callum Norris 4 days ago

    It is Tom Lesse

  • The Mighty Roast
    The Mighty Roast 18 days ago


  • Keynan Daud Ahmed
    Keynan Daud Ahmed 22 days ago +1

    Hey spencer kan i join your esport team i am great at fifa

  • Pro Koopa Taker
    Pro Koopa Taker 24 days ago

    Tom Leese

  • Darren Smith
    Darren Smith 25 days ago


  • Taylor Wescott
    Taylor Wescott 26 days ago


  • Ed Bilton
    Ed Bilton Month ago


  • Ronbob13
    Ronbob13 Month ago


  • Anthony Leatherland

    Gotta be Jesse

  • The DaRk BOxer
    The DaRk BOxer Month ago +1

    I think the person under the mask is Devs hashtag manager

  • zGifty
    zGifty Month ago +1

    Did hashtag Ryan leave

  • Joanne Hogan
    Joanne Hogan Month ago

    Is it hashtag tommy

  • Will B
    Will B Month ago


  • Keiron Birch
    Keiron Birch Month ago +3

    Should of just seen his tag in the description 🤞🏼

  • Tyler Wildberg
    Tyler Wildberg Month ago

    F2 Tekkz

  • DFA Sammy
    DFA Sammy Month ago +2

    Is Ryan at hashtag anymore

  • Lewis rigg
    Lewis rigg Month ago +1

    Thought it was tekz 😭😂

  • Falcon
    Falcon Month ago +1

    things you love to see

  • Fin Regan
    Fin Regan Month ago

    Now that Ryan has left Hashtag ain't gonna win shit

  • Rookie gamer
    Rookie gamer Month ago +3

    Finally a trophy will be coming to hashtag united esports

  • Matt Khaleel
    Matt Khaleel Month ago +3

    I heard that Ryan decided not to sign a new contract stating he wanted a new challenge and that honey badger was let go apparently but I hope not. 😕

    • Qassim Higginson
      Qassim Higginson Month ago

      Are they still in esports

    • Hashtag United esports
      Hashtag United esports  Month ago

      It’s always more complicated than you hear on social media. We wish the guys all the best, and they’ll always be a huge part of what we’ve done 👌

  • Juan Max
    Juan Max Month ago +1

    Sign tekkz

  • Hourida Ten
    Hourida Ten Month ago +1

    Lmao the new signing is clearly tekkz

  • Sammy
    Sammy Month ago +12

    Anyone know what happened to Ryan and Honey Badger?

  • Freddie Sweeney
    Freddie Sweeney Month ago +24

    What happened to Ryan and honey badger ??

  • Alex
    Alex Month ago +1

    Rip Ryan

  • Jack FC
    Jack FC Month ago +1

    Do a Tour of the Headquarters!

  • Elias Gallegos
    Elias Gallegos Month ago

    Sign tekks

  • Mani Mesagan
    Mani Mesagan Month ago +1

    Futwiz Tom

  • V Hurren
    V Hurren Month ago +1


  • Hashtag Shawrey
    Hashtag Shawrey Month ago +37

    Next time I’ll get to do that round the world

    • JQ RIDES
      JQ RIDES 23 days ago +1

      Hashtag Shawrey love your content keep it up⚽️

  • Jessica Herring
    Jessica Herring Month ago +1

    Futwiz tom

  • lewisr7020
    lewisr7020 Month ago

    Also can’t wait to see spencer back making vids

  • Wilson Lee
    Wilson Lee Month ago +28

    Go sign tekkz

  • lewisr7020
    lewisr7020 Month ago +1

    Did the game not pre download before? Mine did on Xbox so all I had to do was just start fifa 20 up

  • Joseph Roche
    Joseph Roche Month ago


  • lewisr7020
    lewisr7020 Month ago +1

    Also any chance of letting viewers play some pros in maybe a game acadamy type thing? Or just for a fun seriers? Would love to as last year had a 194 div 1, and packed tots Neymar. Just a thought...?

    • Dan
      Dan Month ago

      lewisr7020 stfu nerd

  • lewisr7020
    lewisr7020 Month ago +4

    Can’t wait to see how the guys do this year! 🤛great addition of Futwiz Tom!! Don’t forget to # it

  • Rory Barrett
    Rory Barrett Month ago +2

    I think it’s FUTWIZ Tom

  • Monna Gram
    Monna Gram Month ago

    This channel still exist ? Welcome back

    • lewisr7020
      lewisr7020 Month ago

      Well the season ended without them doing much...

    • Monna Gram
      Monna Gram Month ago

      Hashtag United esports fair enough

    • Hashtag United esports
      Hashtag United esports  Month ago

      Nothing doing at the end of the season...boys have to have time off!

  • Rhys McAuley
    Rhys McAuley Month ago +34

    Loving the consistent streams boys up the tags and shawrey the tory

  • The Life of Nicholas

    Follow Tom on Instagram

  • Ollie Powell
    Ollie Powell Month ago

    like if hashtag are the best #

  • Marcus Stamp
    Marcus Stamp Month ago +18

    #WelcomeTom BUZZING to see how far these boys can go this year for #FIFA20 💪🏾

  • Kaden Watson
    Kaden Watson Month ago


  • The Life of Nicholas
    The Life of Nicholas Month ago +2

    Welcome to #, Hashtag Tom!