Doing My Makeup In An Escape Room

  • Published on Aug 9, 2019
  • HI SISTERS! In today's video, I'm combining my two favorite things: Makeup, and ESCAPE ROOMS! I'm a self-proclaimed escape room pro and I wanted to challenge myself and see if I can do my FULL FACE of makeup while solving an ESCAPE ROOM! Enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up and SUBSCRIBE!!
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    EDITOR: Louis Gargiula
    GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov
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Comments • 13 656

  • I'm Back
    I'm Back 9 hours ago +1

    Pause at 00:24 lmao that's a mood

  • its PandaFox 424
    its PandaFox 424 2 days ago

    Anyone else think he looked like Michel Jackson before you push the video? 😂

  • Chas Davis
    Chas Davis 3 days ago

    James: •gets strapped in• "ooh~ this is nice and kinky"
    That part killed me XDD lmao

  • Lightning Gamer
    Lightning Gamer 4 days ago

    The escape room looked fun

  • My cat is fat :3
    My cat is fat :3 5 days ago +1

    Imagine being a employee in a escape room, and seeing somebody applying makeup-

  • Abby Hawking
    Abby Hawking 5 days ago

    I’m a big sister. I have everything of yours your pallet makeup brushes and stuff

  • joseph ventura
    joseph ventura 6 days ago

    do you have a tattoo

  • Brittani Atwood
    Brittani Atwood 10 days ago +1

    Hi sisters and welcome to my you Chanel

  • The Arch Girls
    The Arch Girls 10 days ago +1

    Yasss get it gurrrrllll

  • Stacy Trueshot
    Stacy Trueshot 10 days ago

    Are there sisters in a escape room?

  • Official S.T.K
    Official S.T.K 11 days ago

    U are orange

  • Alyssa Kinser
    Alyssa Kinser 14 days ago

    I loved your makeup and can you do more videos with your family ( Dolan twin and Emma )

  • XxEllie gamingxX
    XxEllie gamingxX 14 days ago

    I wanna do an escape room now but I get scared easily so maybe I shouldnt

  • Sarah Al-shourbaji
    Sarah Al-shourbaji 15 days ago +1

    Louis always adds comedy to the videos 😂 like if u agree

  • Rose Cat
    Rose Cat 15 days ago

    I can’t be the only one who thought the lady said this was Adidas training camp !? 😂

  • taylor ward
    taylor ward 15 days ago

    i love your vids

  • Hunter Harris
    Hunter Harris 16 days ago

    Looks great but I can't really say until I can get a first hand experience with makeup

  • Keyuri Mezzy11
    Keyuri Mezzy11 16 days ago

    Lol i did a escape room yesterday!

    HARLI STANFORD 16 days ago

    pause at 2:26... lol

  • B Real
    B Real 16 days ago

    If people have time to hate... that's embarrassing. They are envious because their lives suck. Truth.

  • Kid Person
    Kid Person 16 days ago

    Hold up, can I just say. Hi!! I luv ur videos, 🥺✌

  • Leana Perry
    Leana Perry 17 days ago +1

    james in a dungen 'see's makeup : "ooh more makeup products

  • Minecraft Memes
    Minecraft Memes 17 days ago

    That shade looks good on you

  • Michaelson Family
    Michaelson Family 17 days ago

    WOW! James you are incredibly talented and pretty! I'm 11 and you are a huge inspiration! My friends make fun of you all of the time, but little do they know that I watch you every single day! Luv you sister! :O

  • Catsand Glitter
    Catsand Glitter 17 days ago +5

    James touched his face after touching everything in the room such as metal which other people touched 😷🤢

  • Madison prim
    Madison prim 17 days ago

    To be honest it's now 2020 and I'm watching this and I see the difference. he was in a bad place

  • Deima Taurinskas
    Deima Taurinskas 17 days ago +37

    People: trying to be safe in ww3.
    James: “Let me do my makeup real quick”

  • poison plays
    poison plays 17 days ago +1

    why did i think he looked like abby lee miller in the beginning lol

  • Crybaby _222
    Crybaby _222 18 days ago +1

    Why do you look like Michael Jackson in the thumbnail?

  • Eilish Doyle
    Eilish Doyle 18 days ago

    What happens if you don’t make it

  • nicole pastica
    nicole pastica 18 days ago

    his intro is SSSSSSOOOOOO oofing weird

  • Petunia Dijourno
    Petunia Dijourno 19 days ago

    he looks really good at the beginning like slay sister

  • superfialshows gaming
    superfialshows gaming 20 days ago

    Can u do more singing with people

  • Katie K
    Katie K 22 days ago

    Ohhh, that spray tan is on fleek!!

  • Jaslene Graciano
    Jaslene Graciano 23 days ago +1

    james in the box of death: hriiiiiiiii gEt Me OuT oF hErE

  • Louise Walace
    Louise Walace 24 days ago

    your so PRETTY, ur Amazing at this stuff your so creative

  • Ruby Price
    Ruby Price 24 days ago +1

    What happens if you don’t get out :(

  • Aleena Janie and trey P

    Your make up looks good love you so much 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈

  • Scout G
    Scout G 25 days ago

    That’s not the only thing they do in escape rooms......

  • Nicola Scullion
    Nicola Scullion 25 days ago +1

    Omg James I love u so much you keep doing what you think is right you get then sister your beteauful the way u are ❤❤❤

  • Jayden Cruz
    Jayden Cruz 27 days ago

    Damn I can imagine him saying stop riding me rider lmao I love you james

  • Georgia McRae
    Georgia McRae 27 days ago

    Ok!! Why is no one talking about how bomb his makeup looks in the intro! He is hands down the most creative MUA ever!!

  • Acoustic Brownie
    Acoustic Brownie 27 days ago

    I’m upside down W is an M

  • Ben Baggins
    Ben Baggins 27 days ago

    no none:
    absolutley noone:
    not even my fellow sisters:
    james chalres: hEy SistErs

    hope evereryone is having a positive day im making beatuy videos soon my firstvideo will be tommororw so please subscribe and like my videos please have great day!!!!!!!!!!

    BYEEEEE Sisters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • David Hernandez
    David Hernandez 29 days ago

    Charles and me really really big as fine as you can believe my name is lovekennia to buy sister your TheXvid channel but I can say I wanted to say hello to you and

  • Emhpfan #1
    Emhpfan #1 29 days ago

    Such a great fun video well...BYE sisters!

  • Ilayda Kara
    Ilayda Kara 29 days ago

    Out of topic but i would love to see James In season 5 of escape the night....just me? Oke

  • Keeli Turner
    Keeli Turner 29 days ago

    How are your teeth SOOOO perfect! I'm jealous.😁🦷

  • Bridget Lean
    Bridget Lean Month ago

    “Can you go any slower?” “Umm... Excuse me” HAHAHAHAH 😂

  • princess_ alexius
    princess_ alexius Month ago +1

    This is what he said word for word "hey sisters welcome to my you channel"LMFAO 😂😂😂

  • DIY-Life Everyday
    DIY-Life Everyday Month ago

    James: does amazing makeup and escapes room
    Me: can’t do makeup for the life of me and never escapes the room

  • Chuck E Cheese
    Chuck E Cheese Month ago +135

    2019: James Charles did makeup in an escape room
    2030: James Charles did makeup on the moon

  • Poppy McNamara
    Poppy McNamara Month ago

    Why are u so gorgeous? 🤩❤️

  • Mckenzie Tarr
    Mckenzie Tarr Month ago

    I love how the lady had to say if James makeup was good or not

  • imogen taylor
    imogen taylor Month ago

    Hbhbhbhbhb hows my make up
    James- 2019

  • Isabella Baker
    Isabella Baker Month ago

    ohh then you will love my social stubies and sience class 4th grade we do one almost ever week come see me at my school i go to wpa in north carilona its in wilson

  • Mustafa Taze
    Mustafa Taze Month ago +1

    When i was watching James Charles I got dream that james charles kiss me😥😥😥😱😱😱🤢🤢

  • Carole Belford
    Carole Belford Month ago +1

    Flashback Mary coming through

  • Englishcream cakes
    Englishcream cakes Month ago +1

    At 7:04
    James: Maybe we.. have to shoot this door open..?
    *shoot,shoot, Shoot, Shoo-*
    *Drops and everything goes black*
    James: GAAAH!! OHH MY GOD

    Oh My Gosh I love James Charles he is the best influencer out there!

  • Lindsay Willis
    Lindsay Willis Month ago

    I love ur make