Testing Mystery Objects (GAME) Ft. Jack Black


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  • Jessica Ross
    Jessica Ross 5 months ago +5098

    Great having Jack back with the GMM pack...sorry had to finish the rhyme. Love watching three grown men scare and shock each other with unknown device!

  • Henry K
    Henry K Day ago

    Hey, this jack guy seems pretty funny, he should make a TheXvid channel

  • The StopMotion Nation

    😮! I watched that movie and I couldn’t sleep for 7 days...

  • Angel Torres
    Angel Torres Day ago

    Watch from 11:00 on 2x playback speed.

  • Jake Bruno
    Jake Bruno 2 days ago

    No gaming videos this week :(

  • Pandabro 021
    Pandabro 021 2 days ago

    When they never start with link feelsbadman
    Oh wait erm uhm uhh sorry i watched the rest and for the last round they let link go first lol

  • Chynna Johnson
    Chynna Johnson 2 days ago

    That's not what you were thinking Jack that's not what you were thinking at all mwahahaha

  • Tomo jpeg
    Tomo jpeg 3 days ago

    9:16 N-Norwega?

  • Brandon Jennings
    Brandon Jennings 3 days ago

    Love this episode . How’d I miss it ! Jack is the best

  • JDM Gemz
    JDM Gemz 4 days ago


  • Alek Ć.
    Alek Ć. 4 days ago

    10:10 This is a two porno... what, exactly?

  • powerbricc6000
    powerbricc6000 5 days ago

    what's jablin jables

  • kcuF dniM
    kcuF dniM 5 days ago

    Link: *examines item and passes to Jack* Stick your tongue in the hole
    Jack: *Does so* That seemed wrong, I was only doing what you told me to. *attempts to pass to Rhett and drops it*
    Link: It's unbreakable...

    I don't think Link knows what that word means

  • Ri0z
    Ri0z 5 days ago

    12:51 Blurs genitalia to please all genders. xD

  • Gabriel James Eramian
    Gabriel James Eramian 5 days ago +2

    i used to watch school of rock as my favourite movie

  • tony reynoso
    tony reynoso 5 days ago

    I’m in tears

  • The Seb Of Awesome
    The Seb Of Awesome 6 days ago

    what's jablin jables

  • Stu_F Twitch /Fortnite/ and more

    Jablinski’s bacc

  • TheAntiSamsung
    TheAntiSamsung 6 days ago

    Treat him like a TheXvidr now

  • Cody Riddle
    Cody Riddle 8 days ago

    What's jablin jabels?

  • Irvin Mateo
    Irvin Mateo 9 days ago

    7:28 But... Eggs are plants right?

  • Ewok Nasty
    Ewok Nasty 10 days ago

    garsh darnit, I jumped like crazy......I now prefer Link

  • Cpt. Obvious
    Cpt. Obvious 10 days ago

    Jack could be the third member of GMM. They all clash so well.

  • fah gut
    fah gut 10 days ago

    i love how he'd rather play with a bunch of useless shit than watch the premier of his own movie

  • BranWheat
    BranWheat 11 days ago

    If only Jack had his own channel where he did stuff... like some day play video games or I dunno, keep making videos saying he's going to play video games but he's never really going to?
    That'll never happen. :D

  • Hawkatonics
    Hawkatonics 11 days ago

    He looks just like Jabilnski.

  • Ethan Keast
    Ethan Keast 12 days ago

    10:37 change the speed to 0.25 your welcome i know i know

  • Ethan Keast
    Ethan Keast 12 days ago

    this has got to be my favorite episode, i will never leave this video , EVER

  • Atmosfear
    Atmosfear 14 days ago +2

    Jack should be an actor! He would do great

  • Dr4ke0fth3c0ld
    Dr4ke0fth3c0ld 14 days ago


  • KingDreams 101
    KingDreams 101 14 days ago

    Before the creation of jablinski games

  • BoOniEDoTsShOw
    BoOniEDoTsShOw 15 days ago +1

    12:11 The "Mine?" seagull face.

  • 1k subscribers No videos???

    Who’s here after Jablinski Games?

  • yhs 098
    yhs 098 15 days ago +3

    He looks a lot like Jablinski gaming

    • Plohka Plohka
      Plohka Plohka 5 days ago

      yhs 098 huh, yeah. you’re right

    • Ethan Keast
      Ethan Keast 12 days ago

      omg thank u, you don't know how much....gggffffdhfhd

  • CAN WE GET 100 SUBS?
    CAN WE GET 100 SUBS? 15 days ago

    Btw that was a green screen, Big Ben has been covered in scaffolding for easily a year now

  • Prone2Shadows
    Prone2Shadows 15 days ago

    Would have been way more fun if you didn't give us the answer right away

  • Eric Enloe
    Eric Enloe 16 days ago +2


  • Zachary Taylor
    Zachary Taylor 16 days ago +1

    0:38. god dammit every time.

  • GrissomTV
    GrissomTV 16 days ago

    Whats mornins mythicalin jables

  • LiveYourLife229
    LiveYourLife229 17 days ago

    you should get jablinski on your show

  • Jako Be
    Jako Be 17 days ago

    Before jablinkski

  • Redstone Active
    Redstone Active 17 days ago


  • Monygy _
    Monygy _ 18 days ago

    Anyone else get the ad where the guy was beating it to frozen food????

  • Jackichu The awesome
    Jackichu The awesome 18 days ago

    Dude how did they get jablinski games on the show before he existed?

  • maximilianmus fan #943

    oh yeah yeah this is great

  • Antispaghetti God
    Antispaghetti God 20 days ago

    That plant pusher uncle joke was probably the best weed dealer joke I've ever heatd

  • A sophisticated intelectual.

    I feel like Jack should like be a part of this forever. He was so good on it! XD

  • CK 03
    CK 03 21 day ago


  • Linkin Welin
    Linkin Welin 21 day ago

    Jack yeaaaaaaa

  • McToast
    McToast 21 day ago

    What’s Jablin’ Jables?

  • Estefan Luna
    Estefan Luna 21 day ago

    This is pretty much every product at the “as seen on tv” store.

  • Shane Obrien
    Shane Obrien 21 day ago

    Link is immediately disqualified for saying the phrase "shocker for kids"

  • Toolkit SeventyOne
    Toolkit SeventyOne 21 day ago

    I haven't laughed so hard on the final item...wow.

  • Ludicrous Rat
    Ludicrous Rat 21 day ago

    *says a name that sounds german* IT MUST BE NORWEGIAN .....

  • Atomic
    Atomic 21 day ago


  • Medical Doll
    Medical Doll 22 days ago

    I dont usually spend money on movies but I had to rent this movie on dish after seeing this! And it was really good!!

  • Voldi
    Voldi 22 days ago

    Ive got somethings to shock.

  • Voldi
    Voldi 22 days ago

    Norweiga god damn Rhet

  • Little neromancer
    Little neromancer 22 days ago

    Don't press read more

    U pressed it now u have bad luck, like to undo press

  • RogueSoulYT
    RogueSoulYT 22 days ago


  • Ryan Terwilliger
    Ryan Terwilliger 22 days ago

    This reminds me...Rhett and Link’s next celebrity guest should definitely be Jablinski! He reminds me a lot of this guy Jack. He has a gaming channel where he hasn’t played any actual games yet unfortunately, but don’t worry he plans to very soon! X)

  • Rylee Ferguson
    Rylee Ferguson 22 days ago

    I've been watching your channel for years and I watched it with my brother I watched your channel since I was 3 now I am 9 so 6 years I have been watching you

  • Hawk_ish
    Hawk_ish 23 days ago +1

    Yo, is that Jablinki Games?

  • My Wifes A Doctor
    My Wifes A Doctor 23 days ago

    Rhett is such a dad. My dad does this: 10:39

  • William Grady
    William Grady 23 days ago

    Norwega? Wut?

  • Bennett G
    Bennett G 23 days ago

    What’s jabling jablers

  • Haz3
    Haz3 23 days ago

    Excuse me. Don't mistake Norway for Germany. Thank you.

  • Editing Paper6
    Editing Paper6 24 days ago


  • Ricey Eyes
    Ricey Eyes 24 days ago

    This new Jablinski video looks interesting

  • The Regret Man
    The Regret Man 25 days ago

    2 porno...pointer. Let's bring it in.

  • Eddy Elezovic
    Eddy Elezovic 25 days ago +1


    Jablinski games

  • Lil Sloth
    Lil Sloth 26 days ago

    He was a very good guest, he really matches Rhett and links humor and energy

  • Donovan Redd
    Donovan Redd 26 days ago

    How have I not seen this yet

  • Samuel Dugas-Beaurivage

    Can't believe they invited jablinski games

  • Commentary fly Csiki 2.0

    Wow yes yes

  • Kaylee McElveen
    Kaylee McElveen 26 days ago

    Acupuncture lazer? I thought it was called a tinge unit. We have one, my dad uses it for muscle pain

  • Nie Mand
    Nie Mand 26 days ago

    We did like dozens of insect nests (wr call them hotels or homes but...well, we were kids) in our childhood. Seriously, preschool, these strange bio-öko mums (how do you even translate this? Mums who are a bit too worried about climax change), just with siblings, I swear, it's so common in germany. Americans are strange. Reaaally strange.

  • mr.
    mr. 26 days ago

    Its the guy from jablinskys. Games

  • Fluffbutt The great
    Fluffbutt The great 26 days ago

    What is jablinski games doihere

  • Rebellious Robot
    Rebellious Robot 27 days ago

    This dude looks a lot like Jablinski.
    All jokes aside, this is quite amazing to see unusual devices.

  • Callee Self
    Callee Self 28 days ago

    7:49 he means shneebly obviously

  • Rhodie Koshik
    Rhodie Koshik 29 days ago


  • Spaghetti Roll
    Spaghetti Roll 29 days ago


  • deideos
    deideos Month ago


  • izzy bee
    izzy bee Month ago

    my uncle is also a plant pusher wow

  • Ashtõn
    Ashtõn Month ago

    *What's Jablin Jables?*

  • Pearson Wilt
    Pearson Wilt Month ago

    That shirt is like his uniform lol

  • Ken Wojnarowski
    Ken Wojnarowski Month ago

    Rhett could have died lol

  • Taylor
    Taylor Month ago

    6:15-6:24 had me rolling

  • Daniel Eusebio
    Daniel Eusebio Month ago +1


  • Logan Crum
    Logan Crum Month ago

    Kind of upset that Jack didn’t say, “Get that corn outta my faaaaace!” during round one.

  • Joe Hersedt
    Joe Hersedt Month ago


  • Prnce Thekidd
    Prnce Thekidd Month ago

    The movie was pretty good ngl🥴

  • Xtal Marcuccio
    Xtal Marcuccio Month ago



    Dang. How did they get the legend named jablinski.

  • Steven VanDyke
    Steven VanDyke Month ago

    Jack seems drunk

    • Eve
      Eve Month ago

      He always seems drunk

  • sadira
    sadira Month ago


  • Caffeindo
    Caffeindo Month ago +2

    *_Family Friendly Show Jack..._*

  • Sinner For Brendon
    Sinner For Brendon Month ago

    Rhett and Jack both have beards. Link and Jack both have glasses. They're all hilarious. They all seem to fit together perfectly.

  • Eltsyr
    Eltsyr Month ago +3

    that guy looks alot like Jablinski Games